Snowscape: Six Weeks In Winter

Janie Holcomb is a thirty-nine-year-old mother with two grow-up children who’ve just left the homestead to find their new lives at university.

John’s been her loving and loyal husband since high school when he put his hands to work to provide for his beloved but unexpected family.

They raised two smart and capable kids, ran a homestead, and built up a valuable snow plow business.

Young strangers in their home is nothing new; they’ve hosted teenagers from all over the world—offering room and board in trade for farm chores. It helped their kid learn first hand about foreign cultures and they forged friendships around the globe.

When their son finds a Home Exchange program through his school, John and Jane are all for it. Evan’s going to spend six weeks in Italy—he’ll be swapping bedrooms with an art student from Rome.

It’s nothing new for the Holcombs—except this isn’t a kid staying with them this time, it’s a twenty-year-old man.

Maceo DeSanctis is an artist. He’s tall, striking, talented. He has smoldering dark eyes. Their daughter and her friends notice. Janie notices, too, but Maceo is half her age.

John drives plow, and when the winter storms come he’s away from the homestead sometimes as long as forty hours. Janie’s all alone with Maceo, and the young man is charming and thoughtful.

Janie dropped out of high school to give birth. There were things she missed, a promised part of her life taken away so she could raise her children. She wouldn’t have it any other way. But spending time with Maceo pulls the blinds from that part of her that is missing. She’s an artist, too, and there’s so much she can learn, and this amazing young man wants to teach her…

This is the first book in a series

In this book: Maceo arrives from Italy and greets the Holcomb family and arrives at their homestead. Janie shows him the way to his school and introduces him to rural American life. His charm and warmth bring something out of her. They begin painting together and she cherishes the lessons he has for her..



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  1. Just finished – interesting start, it’s definitely heavier on the more emotional/romantic themes over the eroticism of previous long form entries, as you’d been hinting at with your earlier thoughts on shifting focus.

    I think I say this every time but your ability to fully form and inhabit these settings is amazing and breathes pure life into these stories.

    1. Thank you!

      And: I do feel like I can move around in John and Janie’s house; thank you for noting it. It is the best part of writing (or the most fun), being able to make something real in your mind.

      1. This is also one of the fun parts about reading for me…imagining the scenes and locations as they play out on the page. It makes it more enjoyable that I have a good picture in my mind of what John and Janie’s house looks like, or what Cole and Maggie’s house does in Keely.

  2. A couple AM Musings …

    This is so good. I think KT does something really excellent here, showing how someone new and exciting sparks changes in people’s lives without even meaning to. Subtle behavior changes that only really seem to be noticed by other people who are used to the way you typically operate. Something they may not have ever even noticed, but something seemed off and now they are just realizing. Janie is picking up painting with a little more passion, hmm great for her! Janie got a new haircut, she looks fantastic! Janie went to bed really early tonight … must’ve been tired …

    I just love how well KT captures the micro-interactions of people’s relationships that makes it clear to you that she understands how complex they are. How considerate Janie and John are to each other adds so much more scope to the pain of falling prey to lust. Janie wasn’t some heartless slut who was waiting for the quickest screw she could find, she had a million thoughts that seem to weigh her down existentially eating away at the very fabric of what makes her put on airs …

    … Janie feeling a sadness that another child has left her home, feeling older because they’re gone, feeling oddly younger though because of the presence of another man, feeling hopeless when a woman of her age can’t compete in her artistry to someone so talented, and feeling lonely because her husband is gone so often to take away these feelings she’s been having. It all adds up to a vulnerable woman. Someone who knows what’s right and wrong, but let her guard down for a brief moment.

    Couple one-off observations – I think that dress that Janie is making will have some significance to the two of Janie and Maceo, just my two cents. The open concept interior of Janie and John’s home and the fact that there are two entrances to the bathroom that Maceo is using, colors me intrigued with hide-and-go-seek, inside-the-house games.

    Assuming Janie lets her guard down again, of course! 😉

    I’m particularly vulnerable to 90’s nostalgia, so the Verve and Oasis references dug deep. Somewhat related, but earlier in time, I concluded yesterday that Daniel by Elton John is probably the most depressing song you’ll ever hear on pop radio, lol. *Asshole Steven Crowder sign* Prove me wrong. Daniel has nothing to do with this book, just an observation, lol.

    I fucking love the power behind Janie’s flailing the first night that her to go the bathroom for no reason. 1) Her son is gone 2) Maceo is incredibly attractive and she sees him naked the first time, 3) her husband is too tired to give her the affectionate outlet she needs, so she stumbles into the bathroom … her body telling her that she needs to go relieve herself or something, only she doesn’t need to, she realizes now she is just overwhelmed, and she starts bawling. I just cannot believe how good this moment is. I love things like this so much.

    I love every character so far, I think they are all extremely well developed and have their own interesting angles that I want to learn about. I can’t wait to roll my eyes at John’s conspiracy theories. lol!

    I also want to mention how this is a different start to other KT series, where the hubby is aware from the beginning about infidelity. Aside from how the story plays out and the tenseness that each scene will be laced with the longer this continues, I just like getting things from the female perspective primarily. I think I know why I have that preference, but I know I do, and so we will get more of a perspective from the female as these acts are being committed as opposed to the hubby’s interpretation of events, which is something that I think KT has done a lot of, particularly recently. Especially during the physical act, she’ll devote the entire moment to mostly the MC’s perspective primarily, maybe a couple paragraphs in between from the FC. I get it, but I’m starving for more of the FC perspective.

    1. What is this sentence? “I fucking love the power behind Janie’s flailing the first night that her to go the bathroom for no reason.” I think it’s missing the word ‘led’

      So – “I fucking love the power behind Janie’s flailing the first night that LED her to go the bathroom for no reason.”

      Also, to start the last paragraph, I am trying to say this story is different because the husband does NOT know about the infidelity right off the bat, which is different than other series.

      1. Yes, I believe that’s the case…at least of the ones I’ve read. Though I guess you can argue Nia cheated on Geoff…though it happens before the story starts. I like the start of this and where its heading. And of course, Janie is going to fall again…otherwise there wouldn’t be a part 2 would there?

        I kind of see what I think the path is here, but I’m always wrong anyway so I’ll leave most of it to myself. I do suspect the daughter is going to play a role at some point as “competition” for Maceo. She’s his age, and she’ll have no idea of what’s going on between him and her mother. That could lead to all sorts of problems, particularly if she figures out what’s really going on while her father is away.

        Boy, I always wish for a happy ending…but this has the potential to get so messy. I do want to see what John does when he puts the whole picture together. We know what would happen in most KT stories…but is this like most KT stories? Will his excitement be in watching his wife cheat on him with her unaware that he knows?

      2. JL – The Marissa subplot is definitely going to be probably the most interesting one in this whole thing! I have to imagine Janie, if not Marissa herself, is going to want to at least try to make Maceo feel more at home with some friends his age, and boy howdy will that complicate things, especially if Marissa or one of her friends inevitably develops a crush on the young Lothario. Hard to keep anything under wraps when jealousy starts making people crazy.

        I hope it never gets this way, I’m not a fan of books like this, but I had visions of a harem scenario, with Janie, Marissa, maybe Roxy, and Adele, Maceo’s art professor. LOL!

      3. Regarding my point about this story and the FC. I made a lot of assumptions there, and it probably amounted to wishful thinking on my part, but I just think that if Janie is engaging in infidelity without John knowing, that would mean that KT would have to devote a lot more time being in the head space of Janie in those moments. Knowing it’s those times (and the aftermath) where the emotional gold of KT’s stories lies, it would be great to have it be directly from Janie’s head for a little bit of a change up in style. I think KT enjoys taking certain moments and making the observing MC be the voice of it from a distance, because then no one can really know what’s going since the opinion is indirect. That’s nice and all, but it drives me nuts not knowing. I guess that’s the point? Of course, there’s the added benefit of the later-in-the-series reveal in the story of, “What was really going on there?” But there are a lot of minorish moments in Maggie for instance that I don’t think we’ll ever know what they truly meant to Maggie.

        I’m rambling, I haven’t said much about my thoughts on that because I know more from that series is coming up, so I’m hopeful that more will be revealed about what happened, and what people thought during the series.

        The point is, I kind of liked when we got Jess’ perspective completely unfiltered, beginning in LHW, and that feeling continues.

    2. I’m laying low in the comments for this series because I don’t want to give away anything accidentally, but I’m reading them all and definitely appreciating! Also: thank you so much for the review. You know it means a lot to me already, but I just wanted to say when I open a book page on Amazon and see something like that, it is a thrill; one that I look forward to. Thanks for digging deep again and putting down a thoughtful analysis—I know I appreciate it but I’m sure there’s others out there in the reader community who also recognize your reviews and get benefit from them.

  3. Hey everyone.

    We finished the book at around 11:30PM last night. Before we post a review, we’re going to read it again.


    1. This isn’t our review, it’s not written. We just finished the second pass. We’re both struck and stuck. From what it looks like to us, the tears episode in the bathroom is, on the surface, Janie letting out all her frustration and struggle with her life. Almost like she was happy but now she realizes she’s missed out on so much, she surrendered so much, but she’s torn. She knows she loves John, deeply loves John, so to us, the tears aren’t about the superficial, they’re about fear. We hope we’re wrong.

      Then there’s John. John is an easy going guy. He’s worked hard, very hard, to build their lives. Yes, the hard work has taken its toll, but inside he’s still that kid who fell so deeply in love with Janie. He knows Janie made sacrifices, too. He understands. He understands the “crush”, but inside he knows there’s something more.

      Maceo, we feel, based on the phone call, knows exactly what he’s doing. He sees Janie as vulnerable and he’s right. He uses his art to seduce and for a twenty-year-old does a remarkable job. He is an opportunist. He understood Janie’s oversharing in the SUV while driving to school. He knew Janie got her hair done for him.

      In a way, this story is disturbing. In a short week nearly all the walls have been broken down.

      We suspect John will add things up–he already is–and not confront Janie. We wonder if he will catch them or even set up Janie to fail so he can catch them.

      Five more weeks to go.

      Parts of this might go in our review on second thought. Right now, we/I don’t know what to write. I usually try to find something to latch on to and go from there, but there is so much here. I mean, it almost feels like a potentially darker version of “Happy Endings” (based entirely of the pantry scene). It will be interesting to discover how KT continues with this. She has a challenge, though: There are a lot of “houseguest” stories out there, most of them are predictable. This story while we know more will happen, is hardly predictable.

      Ya done good KT. Real good.


      1. I’m trying to avoid commentary on the story but I love reading what you are all saying about it—the theories and conjecture is so much fun. And you’re right, this has the potential to get much darker. Happy Endings was practically a rom-com; it was supposed to be fun and relatively hurt free. The potential danger for Tommy seemed mild. The guy was too confident to be hurt. The Geoffs, Petes, Harrisons, and Johns of the world can be hurt and the fear of seeing them hurt is awful to endure.

        And thank you so much for the review. I say it every time but those reviews are everything to me when it comes to this writing thing. So I definitely love that anyone would read my book, like it, and want to let others know. It really does keep the fingers typing.

      2. DnD – I really love the character breakdowns. I realized I hadn’t really touched on Maceo at all, and I agree with you that he knows what he’s doing. Did anyone else notice how he spoke in English to whoever he was on the phone with who could speak his native language, until he apparently needed to switch back to Italian in order to finish the conversation. He must have known, or hoped that Janie was outside listening, hearing what he had to say about her. Then he was validated in that behavior by seeing her outside his door. He’s a player, Janie is already seeing through that, but god damn must he be a lot of fun to be with for her.

      3. KT,

        You’re welcome for the review. We’re hardly as professional sounding as Rudimental and I envy that, but we will review everything you write as honestly as we can–not that Rudimental is dishonest, far from it. Rudimental’s reviews are brilliant and ours, while honest, pale in comparison. We do our best. Like you, we will always do our best.

        We thought about holding back on reviewing until the series was finished, but then realized that would do no good. We love your writing, KT. The description of the light in the “studio” was awesome. We can see it. That’s just a small part. Another thing is your lack of mistakes. I don’t know how you edit, but never change. I can’t edit myself effectively until it’s “live”. Only then do I see everything wrong. You? I think you use software, I remember reading what you use somewhere, but if you could share that again, it’d be really cool. Still, software is only as good as the person using it. You’re a cut above. I do bet even something like “Word” barfed on Maceo’s word use! 😉 It was cool.

        Keep them fingers flying, KT. We have our eyes peeled (my mom used to say that… how odd to think of it, now. Then again, she was Canadian, too :-).


      4. TBTH,

        You’re right about Maceo switching back and forth from Italian to English. He had to suspect Janie was listening, but how? The question about the person he was talking to being jealous was telling. He’s an interesting character for sure.

        I also like your comment about Marissa being involved. Somehow, I think that complication might be too much, but it would be very different. Dare say, more appropriate, too. Maybe there is an HEA in here, but how? Does Marissa put her studies on hold and go back to Italy with Maceo or does Janie? Maceo clearly has a female accomplice back in Italy (the jealous one), so I guess we’ll see.

        But John, how does he react? We know the thought gets to him, but what about the fictional reallity? I hate to keep doing this, but I have experience. It sucks and it doesn’t all at the same time. Anger fucking is not cool no matter how much your partner enjoys it. So, the whole timbre of the story hinges around John’s reaction, as we see it. Therein lies the darkness and the light. One reviewer mentioned the “C” word. Do you see John as a cuckold? I don’t see him as a cuckold anymore than I see myself as one. Willing partner? Perhaps. Maybe I’m projecting, I don’t know.

        I do like these exchanges, though. Nice way to spend a lazy Saturday. I hope Lindsey Vonn survives tomorrow.


      5. Editing… “…reallity…” reality. Realy. Can I blame it on key debounce?

      6. Dave – Thank you very much for the compliment about my review (I’m Rudimental) though I wish you didn’t denigrate your awesome perspective in the process, I’m glad you don’t find me long winded on my reviews. It’d be fitting with this author, amiright?!? JK, KT you are definitely not long winded, that’s the second time I’ve made that joke at your expense and I don’t want you to start getting a complex. I read reviews like Libertyne’s in this genre and realized that it was lengthy ones like his that helped me determine what books to read, and I’ll be damned if this author gets deprived of that same type of person.

        The thing about Marissa is I don’t know necessarily if she’ll get romantically involved, but could possibly just develop a crush (her or a friend of hers) which would make things weird when they start asking, “Hey mom, do you know when Maceo gets out of class?” “Uh, 3pm, why what’s it to you!?” “Geez ma, just asking” haha I love the possible awkward behavior Janie might display when Marissa acts like a normal girl her age and flirts with age appropriate men.

      7. Don’t worry about it, KT. It’s all in a day’s frustration, right? 😉 It used to happen all the time on your old site, probably because of the anonymous posting mechanism there.

        It’s all good!


  4. Wow… third time through for me. I’m still torn on a lot of things. One of the things I’m torn on is my reaction to the story. As much as we thing we’re beyond certain things that have happened in our lives, it sometimes takes one seemingly innocent thing–in this case, this story–to cause it all coming back. Sometimes, I guess, wounds can only be mitigated. Either that, or once again, I have found myself getting too drawn in.

    I do hope John doesn’t do anything foolish–he doesn’t seem the type, though. He’s clearly excited and is fantasizing about what could have happened, not knowing, but suspecting there is more to Janie’s scent. Scent and subtle things like different nail polish, earrings, and in Janie’s case, a new hair style, her scent in bed, the dryer still being warm. He is thinking. He is wondering if she is covering up and it turns him on. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, but why does he react this way? The cheating thing bothers me deeply. I know it will be handled in the story, but I feel like a scab has been picked, it’s nobody’s fault.

    My wife and I do feel for Janie, too. She gave up a lot for her family. Not having an orgasm for a year? Ripe. Chores. Sad, too. She loves John, John loves her, but what’s love got to do with it?

    There’s a lot to be agreed with — a whole lot — regarding TBTH’s observations with the exception of the most depressing song (my choice is “Alone Again Naturally” but I’ve never heard it on the radio, even Sirius XM). Daniel? We have two copies of “Don’t Shoot Me…” on vinyl, booklet included. I’m wondering if “Teacher I Need You” or “High Flying Bird” are appropriate with regard to the story. TBTH, you’re onto something. I wonder if Maceo is truly the teacher. I hope Janie keeps her head.

    “… but I could never shoot down…”

    1. I love the details you pick out! And I’m sorry for any bad things a book like this might stir up. Recovery is always an important element in my books and I try to deal with it on the epic length stuff. Love and hope are always themes for me, strong themes, and even in my darkest books I think you can see them. All those bad things you pointed out that provoked John’s suspicions have awful feelings attached. But there’s an obverse to the bad: it can only exist with its other side. Its like a coin. A coin can’t have only one side. (Oh shit, what a terrible analogy: what if both sides are bad, KT? Huh, what then? For the sake of my analogy the coin has two opposing faces, okay? One good, one bad. The point is the hurt only exists because of the feelings of care).

      1. Never apologize, KT. That your story did that to me is ultimately a good thing. My wife understands. It’s not like I’m a masochist, it’s your story bringing real emotions to the fore. I’m going to overshare, yet again, but quickly so you’ll understand.

        Last night (well, this morning) after I wrote that, I listened to those Elton songs on Apple Music, then went back to bed. My wife knows, I mean really knows me. She was half-awake as I got into bed, next to her. She said, “I’ll never hurt you, again. You know that, right?”

        I kissed her good night. I know.

        This morning we had cinnamon toast and fruit for breakfast.

        So, don’t feel badly. You keep doing what you do. Your ability to expose feelings–sometimes so rawly–in your readers is what makes you great. I mean that so very sincerely.

        And thank you for details we find. You’re the catalyst, we’re merely the reaction.


      2. Dave – I just want to say I am so touched to read what you and Dar said to each other, that stuff is heartwarming. I really can’t say enough how glad I am you guys contribute on here.

    2. DnD – On John, I don’t think he truly suspects cheating at this moment. My impression was that he truly thinks she is just getting a “young person is around” recharge similar to what he had when the Ugandan exchange girl came to live with them. He never wanted to do anything with at girl, and he thinks she has the same feelings towards Maceo. To your point, he’s starting to notice behavior differences and so that will probably help prepare him for worse accusations in the future as evidence mounts, but right now he thinks it’s innocent. I don’t think we yet know his position on women cheating on him, though I have my guesses as to what it’ll be based on previous KT titles. But who knows, he could hate it, full stop. None of KT’s characters really “liked” their SO having sex with another man, it was always an extremely complicated feeling that also included liking it, but I think the jury is still out as to what John’s take is.

      1. Here’s my thought on John. You’re probably right on a conscious level. I think KT is a master at misdirection and foreshadowing.

        Subconciously, John knows. All the clues are there. He might deny it, but (and I hate to do it again) I’ve been there. I saw the clues from day one. Day one. No matter how much you want to deny them, they nag at you. They’re always there. I hope John handles the aftermath well, I really do. From a reality standpoint, it’s simply betrayal, it’s all in how the husband handles it–everyone is different. From the wife’s side, it’s fear and uncertainty.

        At this point in the story, she’s content in her ability to attempt a coverup–at least temporarily. The hard evidence has literally gone down the drain. The soft, more troubling evidence remains. We don’t know when Janie normally showers or does laundry, but something tells me it’s not late at night. I somehow doubt Janie will simply confess–where’s the fun in that? I do tend to think of the darkness that could happen from this scenario, but something tells me the “reality” is somewhere in between. Janie will be afraid of everything she could lose–her husband, her home, her life, her self respect–the list goes on and on. She is comfortable and in that comfort lies the conflict. Maceo is decidely a forbidden fruit. She wants to take a bite but she knows the cost.

        Conflict is what might make this story epic, but we don’t know if this is KT’s LHW third. It could be. She does love art. She’s daydreamed about a different reality. Will she take this opportunity to take a hiatus from her life? Will John allow that? One of our favorite authors has a story where the wife left for months to indulge her guilty pleasure. KT will be original, though. KT is always original.

        Tommy loved Sukie (who in hell name’s their daughter Sukie?) having sex with Dio. Honestly, I can’t get over “No condom, no condom” there.

        Damn, I like to type!


      2. Dave – Yeah you’re probably onto what will ultimately happen with John’s trust of Janie, I just don’t think we can know that yet because for all he knows, there’s nothing to really fear about this kid or his wife. He has an entire lifetime of being able to trust Janie, so there’s no reason to think that a little bit of odd behavior would mean she is guilty of cheating.

        You think John will walk past the office and find the crusty shirt Janie wiped with in the sewing room and think, “hmm must be some new paint!”? Haha. Janie should be glad that John’s too busy to do laundry when he wakes up!

        My question to you all, does Janie believe anything that this little shithead has to say? For me, I think maybe Janie might let herself buy into it, but quickly realize he’s only getting to her because she has her own things she is seeking out of life and he’s only a symptom of that. Any good points that he has to make will probably just be Janie letting herself hear what a part of her has been saying the whole time. At least that’s how these things typically go, and I might just regurgitating old plot lines of the past and forcing them into this storyline. Maybe Maceo and Janie are soulmates? Watch your back, John!

        I will admit it on this board, I have a double standard when it comes to age play, these older women, younger man plots don’t gross me out like the reverse. I have to imagine there’s some sexism involved in there that I am not comfortable with, but it’s some honesty for you on a Saturday night.

      3. TBTH,

        Here’s the deal with the shirt… it was washed–at least we hope it was. 🙂 Hence, the hard (crusty, yuck!) evidence went down the drain. The only evidence he has now is Janie’s scent in bed and the warmth of the dryer. That evidence got him. She’s covered her tracks. So, if Daria and I are right about the shirt being washed, the real interesting thing right now is John’s and Janie’s interaction when they’re awake around each other, next. If we’re right, she’s a sneaky one, that Janie. What that means for the story remains to be seen, if we’re right, of course.

        Your reviews are awesome, Rudimental. Completely so. When we first tried to review a story it came out something like, “Great book. Get it.” But yours are off the hook great. Don’t change, bro. We sit in envy of your style, sir.

        Thanks for noticing what was said this morning. I know I shouldn’t write about what happened with Daria and I here, but sometimes it’s appropriate to get a point across. That little extra was to let folks know we’re solid. Completely solid. I’ve written too much about Daria and I here, but I didn’t do it to fluff my feathers. By the same token, it makes me feel good to know it’s accepted and we are, too. We’re not going anywhere, but I do promise to try to keep on topic in the future. I’m not the overbearing ass I sometimes come across as.

        I have to make dinner. 🙂 I’ll do that in lieu of waxing about my experience as a younger man with an older woman. 🙂 Daria knows all about it, too.


      4. Dave – I feel like you have an enormous heart, it’s easy to see why Daria kept you around if your posts and insights are any indication. And you like good music, haha.

        I write reviews to get other people to read KT, because the more people that read KT, the more likely she is to keep writing. It’s all very selfish really, haha.

        Honestly, I also do it because I want KT to know we are paying attention. I’d hate for her to think she wrote 122 pages just to have people narrow it down to a couple sentences of “And then he came on her face.” Those are nice and all but she needed all 121 other pages that preceded it to make that moment worth a damn.

        Hope dinner was good, I get lazy on Saturday’s. I had a fling with an older woman once, I thought I was so cool being 18 and getting with a 24 year old with a job. It was almost a disaster too, and I had no idea it was happening until it was, but that was a grand old time.

      5. Dinner was great. A friend of mine on OHW turned me on to elk, so we had it again, the second time. It was great! Thank you! Word to the wise: Cumin.

        On the story… Daria told me something we’ve all quite possibly overlooked. This is an affair. In the teaser on Amazon, KT wrote as much. Perhaps John never finds out, but suspects. She might be right. KT said this was about emotions and relationships and not so much dwelling on the erotic. Daria’s smarter than me, anyway.

        Thank you for what you wrote about me, TBTH. It touched me.

        My older woman thing was when I was 19 and she was 29: I worked at a high-end restaurant in Washington, DC, while going to grad school; she was the owner’s wife. She was my first.

        So, now we wait. I hope we share more thoughts, though.


    3. DnD – On Daniel. Lol I know my position is ridiculous and probably based on something related to a moment I heard it, etc. But I think it has a lot to do with the tone of the song, the real spacey flute synth sound that’s all by itself, the lofi electric piano setting that EJ is playing and the fact that it’s such a low pitch. It makes me feel extremely lonely for whatever reason, and then you get into the lyrics about a Vietnam vet that can’t feel at home in the States anymore and how people miss him back at home. I don’t know.

      Another song about Vietnam that gets to me is Sam Stone by John Prine. Maybe I just have a weird soft spot for Vietnam Veteran’s struggle stories.

      1. TBTH, did you ever watch “Quarry”, short-lived series on Netflix? It was probably too dark to be a hit, but you will get your fill of post-VN angst.

      2. @Donk – When KT brought it up back in the late 2016’s, I got a prime free trial to see what the hullabaloo was all about, yep. I cant relate to vet angst, but I can certainly feel terrible for someone who sacrificed so much and come back to nothing or worse …

        That shit is devastating.

      3. Bro, your position is not ridiculous, it’s what you think of the song. I think you’re right about it being associated with a Vietnam veteran. The flute sound is haunting. Back in the day, they had to make do. It might be a mellotron, I don’t know. Listen, and I mean really listen to “Someone Save My Life Tonight”. Listen for the strings. That’s an ARP string ensemble synthesizer. It sounds “breathy”. Now, dial up a sample and you’re golden. Hell, I have Jordan’s MorphWiz on my phone! Daria says it’s annoying. I love it. 🙂


  5. Really enjoyed this first part. Quite a slow burn. Has KT previously written a book where there was no v/p penetrative sex? Having said that it didn’t take long for the wife to be seduced by our bull. Very calculating too. Don’t tell me he didn’t know she was on the other side of the door when he opened it naked. For me the test will be in what hubby does. Wife’s gone down the rabbit hole. Maybe he lets her have her fun it’s only 6 weeks and he has obviously dropped the ball on their sex life. However what happens when Macao invites JAnie to Italy to continue her painting. No kids to worry about now. With promise of hubby to follow once snow season over. Lots of possibilities. Can’t wait but there has to be a price for betrayal.

      1. I think there will be sex, but I don’t know about a lot of sex. If we consider this a true affair, that means John is out of the loop and won’t know. That causes problems for Janie and Maceo in terms of scheduling. Literally, they won’t know when John will be home or back from plowing.

        Daria is of the opinion that the story doesn’t need lots of sex to be powerful or even erotic. She’s thinking in terms of stolen moments, glances across a table, a touch while painting, a quick kiss, etc. (My words, not hers.)

        If it is truly an affair, I’m thinking of John. We won’t know much more until book 2 comes out, but what happens if Janie is consumed with guilt and confesses? I don’t see that happening if Janie did wash the shirt–I’m thinking that was obvious, but I/we could be wrong. The coverup will take a toll.

        In a curious switch Daria doesn’t want the story to go dark, but I do.


      2. @Dave – I like that KT picks her spots for the sex, personally. To Dar’s point, I feel like its moments like when Maggie walks back hand in hand with Cole to Altieri’s (unbeknownst to Max, having just getting Cole to break up with Jay and getting a face full of Cole in public) that matter a lot to making these stories unforgettable.

        In this story, to your joke yesterday (Friday?) the Pantry will probably never be the same for Janie, KT doesnt let things like that slide. Other authors might. It might not literally be that example, but KT will come up with something memorable.

        I think that the hint in this story is pretty strong that John’s hands are going to be tied down for much of the day time handling snow removal because of a lot of snow, which I think has a coinciding issue of keeping Maceo and Janie stuck inside. I’m sure they’ll get careless, but there will likely be alot of regularly scheduled alone time for those two.

        And I am going to assume that Janie is not going to confess, in this next part, considering her efforts to conceal. Knowing KT (or thinking I do), it may take being caught before she admits anything.

        I like things to go dark, not distractingly so, but I suppose that’s subjective where that line is. Not edgy for edgy’s sake, I guess. Edgy that was handled with grace.

    1. *pushes up KT Nerd glasses* (apologies if you have to wear glasses legitimately)

      Technically, I think this is the first story ever of KT’s with no conventional sex. All of her previous titles have always had at least MC and FC couplings with allusions to others getting involved. I don’t think she’s ever done it where the FC and the lover has fooled around (to completion) before the MC and FC do, either. John and Janie got close but life happened.

      This is all important trivia for the yet-to-be-invented Erotica Wiki.

      1. well, I think we’ll see lots of sex in the next installment. It’s all about the buildup

    2. Added to KT’s Wiki page (that I forgot to point out) is the innovation of reversing the typical dynamic when she said ‘White collar meets blue collar.’ I cant be the only one surprised that she actually meant that the hubby was a blue collar worker and the lover is white collar. That was a nice little bait and switch when she was laying out some minor previews for this part.

  6. For those of us who are terminally obtuse, reading all of KT’s ouvre yet learning nothing, I understand that she plans to publish a self-help book with the tentative (working) title: “How Not To Become a Cuckold: Eleven Essential Behaviours for the Modern Man.” This, her first foray into non-fiction, will come out right after the final volume of “LHW XXXIV.”

    1. Put down the beer bottle; you are 40 lb overweight and it ain’t pretty anymore;
    2. Put down the cupcakes and chips – ditto;
    3. Hit the gym; you’d be amazed what a couple of hours per week can do for your self image, strength, and how your clothes fit;
    4. When she wants to go dancing, dance with her, don’t let the “cool dudes” sweep her away;
    5. Stop whining – no one likes that, especially your wife/GF;
    6. Realize that your high school days are over; master the current reality;
    7. Learn something new sexually;
    8. Do your kegels; control of the pubocoxxygeal muscle is control of your sexual destiny. Ever notice how a lot of the cuckold husbands have PE problems;
    9. Figure out what your wife/GF gave up to be with you; make sure it does not become an enduring source of regret or worse, yet, loss for her;
    10. Enroll in a hot yoga class. Not only is the practice beneficial to your strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, the scenery generally is not too bad either. Your wife will become jealous of the time you spend with sweaty, barely clad girls several years your junior and it will show up positively in the bedroom; and
    11. Spend a little money on her, even (especially) if it is just for “stupid fun stuff.”

    Success is not guaranteed, just ask John, Geoff, Tommy, Harrison, Max . . . . But as the lady told us ” . . . . nothing stays the same, and if you’re willing to play the game, it will be coming around again.”

    BTW, for those of you who have been wondering about Carol Becker’s Hong Kong back story, “White Dragon” on Amazon Video is pretty informative.

  7. We have it on good authority that after KT finishes the last volume of “LHW XXXIV” she is going to turn to non-fiction. First up is supposed to be a self-help book for men with the working title “How to Avoid Becoming a Cuckold in Your Thirties: Ten Rules of Many Behaviours”

    1. Put down the beer bottle; that extra 40 is not looking good;
    2. Ditto for the cupcakes and chips;
    3. When she wants to go dancing, take her dancing, and, damnit, dance with her;
    4. Hit the gym, you may not be able to put 3 more inches on Mr. Johnson, but you can shape up, increase your T and make your clothes fit better;
    5. Stop whining, nobody likes that;
    6. Try to remember that high school is over; master today’s reality;
    7. Learn something new sexually;
    8. Do your kegels! Your pubocoxxygeal muscle is the master of your sexual destiny; remember how many of KT’s cuckolds suffer from PE;
    9. Take a hot yoga class. Not only will you increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, the scenery is not so bad either. The jealousy generated by her knowledge that you are spending time with younger, sweaty, fit, barely-clad women will generally have a beneficial effect on your wife/GF in the bedroom;
    10. Spending money on your wife/GF for foolish fun is never foolish. But remember, the bulls never get wasted.

    Off topic: for those of you wanting to know more about Carole Becker’s Hong Kong back story, the new Amazon series, “White Dragon” may be informative.

    1. This is awesome—so sorry we all missed this but it ended up in my website’s spam for some reason and I was just checking that folder when I found this gem! I do sometimes consider the non-fiction side.

  8. A line that was repeated twice in this part has been nagging me since I read them, and I don’t quite know exactly how to interpret it. “She wants to learn, but doesn’t want to be taught.” A very interesting line, and makes me wonder what it means about Janie.

    I wonder if it is sort of a blunt description of Janie’s personality before meeting Maceo, a way of saying who she is now so you can note of any changes to how she acts as the pages mount. She’s a self-made woman so to speak, and has never had this kind of temptation and intrigue fascinating her in her life.

    Another way to interpret it is that Janie won’t take Maceo’s shit lying down (maybe a little bit of that), and might use her time with Maceo as a way to learn more about herself and what she wants out of life.

    I am wondering how others are reading that line.

    FYI, Winston Churchill apparently said something similar in his lifetime, though I imagine that word playing learning and being taught in such a way would probably be easy to do so it’s coincidence. I wonder if Janie will be victorious in her battle of wills with an Italian, lol.

    1. Aw! C’mon TBTH, you know you knew that all the time! Something had to trigger it in your mind enough for you to have to look it up.

      I went back and read the sections where the statement showed up. Turns out Janie is a bit obstinate. She doesn’t like being told what to do so Maceo breaks that wall down by having her touch him to learn. What a smooth thing to do. Janie fell for it hook, line, and worm. I’m taking this at face value. It’s who she is. Now, the twist.

      The twist might be, Janie is a closet submissive. Her not wanting to be told what to do might just be an unknown psychological barrier to protect her from herself. I believe many people who come across as hard-asses are really submissive internally. Bravado is often a great cover.

      I think this shows up when she’s sitting on the bed wondering and in the shower where she thinks about Maceo coming in and just taking her, almost wistfully.

      There’s a lot we don’t know about the sneaky vixen, Janie Holcomb.

      1. TBTH,

        I’m going to take you at your word regarding the Churchill statement… Yeah, I am. Really. 😉

        Yep, I agree with you on the first interpretation. Maceo is Janie’s teacher. She may resist, but that has already fallen away. If, or when Janie and Maceo actually consumate their tryst there is likely to be massive fallout, but again, it’s only speculation based on interpretation of KT’s characters. That such speculation is happening so soon, both Daria and I hope it’s gratifying for KT and that it doesn’t influence further installments past the second (if there is a third, and we already hope there is). These characters came to life almost immediately in this book.

        In the lightly darker interpretation, I can see them painting naked in Janie’s studio–Daria thinks I’m nuts for that. I can see Janie painting a nude of Maceo with John not knowing. Hiding that canvas is going to be difficult. “Paint me, Janie!”

        The darkest interpretation is the one where Janie does leave John, for a period, to go back to Italy with Maceo to study with him. What we don’t know is KT’s vision for these characters so that’s what makes speculation fun. Someone is going to be right or close to being right. John would have to know exactly what is happening and be on board for Janie to leave like that, though. The problems with that scenario are many and start with having to explain Janie’s leaving. Marissa doesn’t seem naive at all, so she’s going to know. Evan? It’s juicy.

        Believe it or not, we’ve never seen “Unfaithful”. There’s a lot we’re in the dark about so please excuse our ignorance in this. We do like Diane Lane, though. We’ll have to look for it.

        Daria hopes that John and Janie stay together and survive the turmoil with minimal disruption in their lives. Me? I think Maceo is a catalyst for the destruction of all John and Janie (JJ) hold dear. I would like to see it go dark, but not at the expense of their marriage. Marriage is just too deep to destroy over a twenty year-old, no matter how handsome and/or well equipped. In my opinion, they will be tested, deeply. I just don’t know if KT has the time or even if that is in her vision. She clearly agrees the story can go dark, though.

        KT, you should be proud of yourself, seriously. This story rocks the shit, big time! Johns nose will be the key. Too much foreshadowing in that regard. John has a very accurate sniffer! His abililty to capture packets and interpret the results might put all wire sharks to shame.


        Yeah, I had to go nerd.

      2. @DnD –

        One of the things that I find interesting about KT during these series (and I hope I’m right because I’m not even sure she will swoop in to correct me here even if I wasn’t) is she has said in the past that she has a direction that she wants to go, and she usually has that before she starts releasing stories. Where we could possibly come in is how that path is shaped, I guess. We do have an effect on her as she’s writing her stories, but they won’t be any major plot developments. She was accused, at one time, of changing her ending because too many people were becoming upset about what might happen (I can’t remember if that was the exact scenario) while she was writing Cherry Blossoms, but she had already had the ending written before speculation started, so that was wrong.

        I do know she’s said to us that sometimes she uses the comments to clarify what she is trying to accomplish.

        I am not sure why Dar finds your idea about Janie wanting to paint Maceo so crazy, Dave, it’s practically foreshadowed, haha. “I can’t paint figures” and all that jazz. I think it could be significant moment for their ‘relationship.’ Maceo proves to Janie that she is capable of doing something she thought she wasn’t, it could lead to something pretty hot, lol. And to what you see as darkness ahead Dave, it might lead to the question of, ‘what else can Janie do that she didn’t think she could?’ … *ominous ellipses* …

      3. TBTH,

        Daria said she’s playing the fear angle with that. Kind of along with me but I’d like it to happen. After John showed up right after the pantry thing, Maceo said, “Close.”

        I think a lot is going to depend and our thoughts solidified when we read how J and J react to each other in the light of consciousness. (I was going to write “day”, but it could be night. So…

      4. Ah, I see. I’m convinced that the two of Maceo and Janie will eventually take for granted how long John will be away, Janie will likely have a good idea how long John is away from home during this time of year. Remember time got away from both of them that day as they both focused on working on their paintings. Next time, me thinks Janie will be mindful of their time when they decide to use each other as their Muse. *wink, wink* *nudge*

      5. I hope J and M get sloppy, in more ways than one. I wonder, yet again, how John would react if he caught them? The slick, sneaky vixen gets caught.

    2. No, for real, I didn’t know that quote even existed. This is what KT makes me do. I took that phrase and looked it up on google to see if maybe it’s in reference to something, to get some kind of clue where she’s going with this story. That’s when I saw that Churchill said something similar in history.

      I fucking love your take on Janie, Dave. Is it safe to say you’re kind of taking that first path then? The Janie likes the idea of Maceo, the teacher path (the first interpretation in my initial email)? And wow, I can see what you’re saying about Janie ruminating over the possibility that Maceo could walk in any minute when she goes and showers, or goes to bed. She might like resisting Maceo and wanting to let him best her in mind games. That’s exciting to think about.

      I also really, really like your point about Maceo, using Janie’s own willingness to learn as a way to convince her it was okay to do what they were doing in the studio. I get this Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez vibe from Unfaithful in this part in that very way you’re describing. That movie so foundational to my enjoyment of this genre though that I’m probably just fitting it into that box because everything usually gets compared to that in some way, always.

      At the same time in all of this discussion, I can see where Janie takes the reins and looks at Maceo as a conduit to a different life (that’s the other path read). She gets a youthful boost to try to become a different person through him somehow, to try different things, like a midlife crisis kind of thing I suppose we can stereotype it as. Maceo and her explore painting, play in the snow like she’s a kid again (he wouldn’t know what snow is being from Rome so that’s gotta be kind of energizing), oh and possibly try positions her husband could never think of or achieve even if he had thought of them. What? You were thinking it too, lol.

  9. What is interesting is we have very little insight into just what was the passion level of John and Jane relationship at the start? There is a sense of frustration there from her teen pregnancy and dropping out of school. Will be interesting to see where this goes.
    I’m wondering if her son Evan will possible be having similar adventures in Italy? The international DNA exchange program?

    1. From where I am at it looks like John really let himself go and needs to get in shape. I am left hoping that John does motivate himself and starts working out more instead of living like he does. Feeling kind of bad for both characters in different ways at this point.

    2. RCH – I feel bad for them both too, and I love it so much. #SomethingWrongWithMe

      I say it everytime we get into the think of a series, KT has this incredibly beautiful and agonizing way of making you feel like the decisions that both the MC and FC make are understandable but flawed; justified and wrong at the same time. I mean can we really blame John for letting himself go working so long in the winter? Or not being in the mood/physically capable on some nights? At the same time, man is that depressing. I had a vision of John (this is well into the story I imagine), he knows about the infidelity but Janie doesn’t know he knows, trying to work out and being absolutely dog tired because he is working so many hours but he is flailing, because he is trying to compete with Maceo, knowing he needs to work on himself might help him win her back. It’s fucking terrible to think about …

      I don’t get the sense that Janie has landed on being bitter about her life choice, in fact, I think she really takes pride in how she was able to achieve so much on her own and that part of her mindset wins out when she thinks back on things. But, to your point, she mentions she has some “what-if’s” that she thinks about and it might take someone like Maceo to get her going down a rabbit hole of wanting to try out a different life. He might even work into her head so much that she becomes convinced that her life has been stunted in it’s current situation and even resent John for his role in it, I am going out on a limb and assuming that that thought won’t stick. It’ll make for some fun drama when it’s happening though, get your popcorn. Watch me be wrong and Janie moves to Rome.

      That’s hilarious about the DNA exchange program.

      1. I really hope John and Janie stay together, although you never know with KT. Maybe they break up and find each other again. I really don’t think Maceo is a good idea, he reeks of immaturity and probably is kind reckless.

  10. 2B2H
    I agree with you and we’ll just have to wait for KT as she unfolds her tale.
    U.N.D.N.A.X.P. (United Nations DNA Exchange Program). I’m an expert in international DNA exchange. Wife is from Japan :). I have a VERY twisted sense of humor.

  11. I also can’t see Janie leaving John for a twenty year old. Although she can’t seem to stop she is racked by guilt and I’m sure doesn’t want to hurt John. I can see John however giving her limited licence to pursue her fantasy with Maceo b/c he loves her so much and knows what she gave up. Still where does it end? Hard not to see people getting hurt. I really like Janie and John. I hope they don’t end up ruining their lives.

    1. To me, the worst thing I can see happening out of this story is that Maceo introduces a host of problems that are irreconcilable between John and Janie. I also doubt that a woman Janie’s age would end up with Maceo, but I can imagine that her experiences with Maceo, the things that will probably come out between Janie and John while he’s there, and obviously the fact that she already has broken her trust with John and who knows what’s going to happen soon, could lead to Janie and John to have to split. Janie won’t probably leave John for Maceo, but she might choose (or be forced!) to break it off with John, because of what happens in the story.

      Again, watch me be wrong and Janie goes Demi Moore on everyone and marries Ashton Kutcher (Maceo).

      1. LOL! I don’t think she’d leave John for Maceo, either… even temporarily, but it’s fun to speculate, no? I wonder what kind of family Maceo comes from? Are they well off? I’m hinting at something. I just don’t want to write it.

  12. It will all depend on how John views things and how fragile his ego is. Could go many ways. Not going to spell it out but why did KT put in the John’s dream about 1/3 of the way in to the story? I find it pregnant with possibilities…

    I know KT suffers when things turn dark but to keep things fresh and interesting it is necessary to rough up, kill, or maim characters both physical or physiologically from time to time. A WW2 novel “Goodbye Micky Mouse” by Len Deighton is just such a book! I was in tears, physical tears running down my face. That is the power of the written word. To evoke such emotion in a reader is profound. KT don’t hold back we’re here because we want our emotions played with. The majority of us have pretty calm lives, that have consistent patterns and rhythms. It’s boring but few of us would want to truly live a “interesting life”. Think of living the life of Alexander the Great, Caesar, Queen Victoria etc. It was shit compared to our lives now. But through authors like KT we get to live interesting exciting lives. No real persons die, get pregnant, suffer broke ribs or get VD. Story tell is the most profound thing humans have and writing turned it viral. Oops, got on my soapbox again…

    1. RCH,

      I forgot about that waking dream sequence. Interesting possibility. John’s been clipped. Janie’s ripe, too. It’s a bit of a standard thing, no? I do wonder if John actually finds out how he’s going to react, and if he doesn’t leave, will he ask if they were safe? I wonder, too.

      Both my wife and I agree. Feeling what you read is a good thing. I sure felt this story.


      1. So… wow. I wrote a review of this book and in it mentioned I intended to read this over several days and finished it REALLY late one night in one setting (yeah, thanks for making me drag ass at work the next day KT… but so worth it!). So, I’m trying to figure where this is going. At first, it seemed much less like hot wife / cuckold fodder and more “wife having an affair”. BUT, plot twist, John comes home and those cuckold images suddenly stirred up right at the end of the book My biggest curiosities as to where this is going are; there John (is he a cuck? does he want / encourage Janie?), there Marissa (does she get involved?), there her friends (does she tell them? Does Maceo pursue them?). Janie is obviously very vulnerable. But how far will she go? And I don’t think i know enough yet about Maceo to know how dominant / devious / alpha he ‘really’ is. But I can’t wait to find out…

        KT… one request, don’t leave me “caged up” too much longer in finishing Reza! 😉

  13. I just want to say that I really like the newly improved progress bar. It’s almost too detailed! Be careful being so detailed, KT, you don’t want to be setting a lofty precedent.

    I can see myself now in two weeks. WHY HASN’T THE WORD COUNT INCREASED BY AT LEAST 1,634 WORDS IN 48 HOURS, HAS SHE PERISHED!?!

    I’m not that bad, though, I don’t think.

  14. Another line that has been nagging me, “Look at me.”

    It was stated in this moment after Janie has come and is finishing Maceo that she had a sadness in her, and I’ve been trying to understand fully why. The answer is obviously that I’ll need to read more to fine out in future books(!!), but I want to at least bring it up. I think it mostly goes to what has already been said about Janie feeling a tremendous loneliness being by herself in these winters of separation. (Incidentally, I wonder how things are in the summer time between John and Janie ….). Part of me is thinking that what is happening when Janie is asking Maceo to look at her is this feeling of, “I just did something awful, you’re not really the man that I want to be making me feel this way, but give me the decency of at least looking at me and giving me that connection so I can feel less terrible for a second.”

    I can see that, but then I don’t think that’s the only thing that could be going on when she had an intense release of feelings when he kissed her shortly after. To me, I think this goes back to Janie getting a youthful energy from Maceo, like he is fulfilling some itch that hasn’t been scratched in a while, or maybe never has. I can see Janie’s post-orgasm emotional state in this moment as the result of years of having to compromise her purest joys in life in the name of being a family member and housekeeper, but also as a woman finding some kind of rebirth, maybe even just a birth, from Maceo’s presence in her life now. Maybe the sadness is the belief that she has been missing out on something, and she really needed that connection with the person that helped her realize it.

    I think it’s probably a rebirth of some kind, because so much of Janie’s actions with Maceo appear to be her retreading past behaviors, the motherly wake up of Maceo the morning of Maceo’s orientation, or the haircut that makes her look like she did back when she was younger, or the approval seeking that Janie had with John about her hair cut that reminded him of how she acted when they were a new couple. These seem to indicate a woman reaching back to find something she really enjoyed out of her life, through Maceo’s presence.

    However it’s also possible that the kind of behavior Janie is exhibiting is just a vulnerability to something new that she doesn’t understand (about herself the people in her life). That maybe the way she’s been acting, which seems to demonstrate some kind of regression, is really just her trying to put her strongest foot forward as she confronts these intense feelings she is having with Maceo. She’s learning, with Maceo, you see? She’s trying to put herself into a mindset where she is more open to the world, when it had numerous possibilities and no limits, the best way that she knows how.

    KT’s at a frenetic pace of releasing stories (especially if she holds true to Keely next week) with so many other story lines that have their own intrigue, but I hope the next one of this series is soon!

    1. That’s a great analysis. I remember that line. Incredible that a phrase like that can be so deep, right? When I read it by myself I kind of glossed over it. Daria said you’re right. I think so, too. We’ll re-read that section–it’s hot, wonderous, and sad all at the same time, but we think you’ve found the key to the sadness of the moment.

      KT’s brilliance just shines so brightly. Her books just do it.

      We can’t wait for the next installment, as well.

      Meanwhile, I’ve just finished listening to “Passive” a few times for another post. KT’s books are some kind of therapy, if not just for me, for Daria, too. “Passive” while fitting our past, might just fit this story, as well.

      Your analysis is brilliant, sir.

      1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that coming from both of you! And you are spot on about KT, this is why I love her series. It’s the speculation that comes from knowing there’s more to the story that absolutely eats at us. The fact that we have so much to go on too?

        And honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to do early morning Saturdays. Eggs, waffles, coffee, speculate on the latest KT series.

        And Passive is one of those bangers that gets the blood flowing given the subject matter. Its definitely on my playlist for the gym! I dont want to speculate on what the song means to you but my heart goes out to both of you.

      2. You’re welcome, TBTH! Sincerely, bro… you nailed it.

        This story has gripped us, too. Not just because of our past, but because of the little things like “Look at me!” Janie’s scent in bed and John’s reaction. The list goes on and on. It’s the reason it took two passes to write a review–there’s just so much there.

        Honestly, without the kind of nuggets KT leaves for speculation, we’d likely feel cheated. Through that, I think I get the ending of HE better, too. It doesn’t change that I’d like it to continue, but it does make the epilogue easier. 🙂

        Passive is a great song. How it relates to Daria and me is likely explained to a degree in my thread on OHW, but not specifically, if I remember what I wrote there. If you read it and have questions, feel free to PM me there and I’ll be glad to answer. (I do wish we had PM’s here, but hey, we’ve got this much and KT responds so it’s truly appreciated.)

        You should hear what we workout to. You’d be disappointed… CNBC, usually. 🙂

        Breakfast today: Unfrosted Strawberry PopTarts. Yeah, they’re bad, but sometimes bad is good, no?

        BTW, did anyone notice this site looks like it’s going E-Commerce? KT must be bustin’ butt big time!

  15. KT,

    You’re bustin’ it big time! The layout of your site has changed several times in the last few days, yet functionality is still there. That’s impressive! Keep up the good work!


    1. This is such a great point, not enough is said about how hard KT works to make her blogs the best possible! I love how nice everything looks on my phone too!

      And Keely 1 is growing too if you guys havent yet noticed.

      1. KT sets the bar. It’s awesome!

        I’ve noticed the progress bar, too.

        All this effort KT puts in–and I’m certain we only know only a small portion of what it takes–is truly appreciated.

        We’re not on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or whatever), Daria has an account on Tumblr (we translated a book from Spanish to English for a couple there), so really, KT’s site and OHW are it.

        Thanks, KT! You rock so hard! It’s incredible!


    2. KT,

      You are all up in your site! Another format change, e-Commerce is back. Damn! No, I don’t live here, but I do visit a lot. 🙂

      About a half hour ago, mobile was stellar. The switch to full site worked perfectly, too. That’s with Safari on an iPhone 10sx Max. I don’t know what you’re using for testing, but whatever it is, it works fine.

      One thing… the hover over likes is recognized, but does nothing other than highlighting the star. Is it in the plans to show who liked what as happened last week? Just wondering. It’s not a biggie.

      Like the “X” for cancel reply, too.

      You are kicking ass sublimely here, KT!

      1. You might not live here, but I do, so it’s really awesome to see others camping out here, especially as cool as ya’ll. I kind of liked knowing who was digging my responses too, but also agree it’s not biggy. I appreciate the insider baseball talk from you, I would recognize some of the things going on otherwise.

        Cant wait for Keely!

      2. On living here: I just have our DnD E-mail address notify us. 🙂 Sometimes, we get to them quickly, other times, not so quickly. It depends on what we/I/she are/is doing. Right now, I’m just sitting here playing with my laptop.

        Thanks, TBTH. Sincerely. We just have opinions. Whether we’re right or not depends on what KT writes or has written. It does have to be cool for KT to see what people speculate, though. This is not at all like the xleglover controversies on OHW. It’s friendly and that’s important. Over there, not so much. We’re just grateful we are welcome.

        I keep thinking of the Keely cover. Daria often dyes her hair…hmm… Na… I’m not that guy from “Private Benjamin”. We watch a lot of old movies. She’s never been that red, though. LOL! I’ve got it bad for her.


      3. It’s like crack seeing email notifications from here. I love these folks, theyre a great and dirty lot. You guys are great, it’s nice to get more female opinions, even better it’s a couple that’s been there, done that. I hope that doesnt offend because I know you felt pretty strongly when you realized you were asking what sex KT was, I just think it’s nice for the ladies to get in a word about these stories. DW is out there, but she probably has better things to do with her time, haha. Main thing, we’re all readers of KT.

        I’ll start the word count chant 38k! 38k! 38k!

      4. Not offended at all. Unless Daria is off buying stuff or asleep, we’re probably sitting next to each other when I’m typing–it’s the one thing I do better than she. 🙂 So, when I type “we think” or something like that, I’m conveying what we think, together.

        To be certain, our experience as a hotwife/husband was fun, but I think we did it a bit differently from most. I know we started differently from most.

        I’ll surrender the keyboard more to Daria, if she so desires.

        About KT being female, honestly, it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to know at the time but realized it was an invasion of privacy to even ask such things. KT’s anonymity, like ours, is clearly very important and that’s cool, we understand completely. Though, I have it on good authority that Canadian bills are plastic! And the speed limit in Canada is too slow.

        Oh, yeah…I’m male. Daria is female. 🙂 Androgeny is a good thing, but at times the KT-bot really shows. 🙂 Just kidding.

      5. The messages accept html tags see interesting. Didn’t know that until Daria smacked me. I typed “I just got smacked” which didn’t show up because I used “” and it was interpretted as an itallic tag. I should have known because links work. Fun stuff. 🙂

      6. I think it’s pretty great that it’s a couple thing you all are doing, it’s like there’s a committee meeting before a post gets authorized and the final product shows, you’re on the ball as a unit, lol!

        Ok, that’s enough about that. Nothing really else to add, just in that holding pattern, watching that progress bar.

        By the way, it’s two months before I see Dream Theater for the first time ever, still havent listened to the whole new album, but I have seen a lot of debate about Portnoy versus Mangini. I am torn.

        Maybe Daria won’t be taking that keyboard from you just yet, lol.

      7. LOL You can tell when I post unapproved stuff. I apologize after. 🙂 My wife is a good filter; she claims I have no filter. I have a filter, it’s just different. 🙂

        Yeah, holding pattern here. Dunno what KT is going to do with E-Commerce stuff that’s on the front page, though. Holding on that, too.

        I haven’t even listened to the newest DT stuff. I got so turned off by “The Astonishing” I was flabbergasted. I’ll probably listen to the new stuff soon, though. I miss Portnoy even though DT got two Grammy nominations after his departure.

        Have fun at the concert, bro. I love DT live. But, be prepared for an assault. They don’t let up. You will be tired after the concert. I think it’s the lack of 4/4 music that is exhausting, seriously.

      8. You guys make a great team, for sure. Ok, that’s the last thing I’ll say on that.

        Dream Theater – the last album I bought of theirs was Octavarium. I love them but they can be so corny and sometimes their music is just too technical for some moments, but man my body is ready for a night of non-4/4. I was in a metal band in high school where we deliberately tried to make music that, although followed a pattern, wasnt 4/4. It was probably really pretentious to some, but we were all too nice of people that we only ever heard good things about us. The nicest metalheads you’ll ever meet, we probably just grew on people the more we played.

        FYI, we all watched ‘Live at the Budokan’ as a band, DT really was a major influence.

        That and Mountain Dew.

      9. The thing about music that’s not 4/4 time for me is this: I got so used to it that a lot of other music began to sound boring and lifeless. Not that it was boring and lifeless, there’s a lot of 4/4 music out there is far from boring and lifeless. it’s just that I found changing time signatures more stimulating.

        What did you play when you were in a band? Me? Guitar. My dad played guitar so it was kind of natural to go that way.

        Mountain Dew has fueled many things!

        On E-Commerce. Despite the obvious upside of cutting out the middle man, there are downsides. Customer service being the biggest one. I did a couple of E-Commerce sites (using 3D-Cart–I have zero experience with WordPress) for friends a while back and found owners only saw the upside. Site maintenance and customer service, depending on activity on the site, really becomes a job.

        I’m not saying KT is going to go E-Commerce, it just looks that way based on site updates/experiments. Only KT knows for sure. Regardless of direction, I wish KT nothing but the best.

      10. Dipping in to say you are absolutely right!—the site isn’t going to e-commerce, it just sometimes looks that way. The products I have will all have store links not buy buttons. And the reason is customer service (but also handling taxes for so many regions and being responsible for that). Anyone I know who has tried selling their books from their website becomes embroiled in instructionals for how to load books onto different programs and different devices and all sorts of troubleshooting, working one on one with customers. These retailers have their end down to a science so it’s best letting them handle that!

      11. TBTH,

        You ought to get “Chaos in Motion”. It’s a fantastic live recording. The versions of “Lines in the Sand” and “Surrounded” as well as the cuts featured from “Systematic Chaos” are all really well done. Also, get “Score” it’s awesome. If you can, get the live DVD’s or download them from your favorite provider. Dream Theater live is truly a “Night(mare) to Remember”.

        Can’t wait for Keely to come out. 🙂

    1. I wish the reviews we put down on Amazon would appear in her bibliography on this site, though theres obvious reason why. Lots of things have been said about KT, but you wouldn’t know it if you paid for a book through this site. Which, you can do that right?

      1. I think you can now leave reviews on the product pages on this website. You can cut and paste your own reviews from Amazon if you’re so inclined (also want to say that wasn’t a hint, ha ha, I really am just trying to figure out how this website thing works and just noticed that).

  16. I was about to comment again how glad I am that KT never runs out of things to write about as her word counts climb and climb, when I see she’s now in editing mode! Made it to 40k, too!

    Absolutely love it, and I’ll bring it up every time because that’s what I do.

  17. Dave – I will have to check that out! Thanks for the rec!

    I like prog rock because of all the changes in tempos/time signatures, I’m with you there. It’s why we like KT. She’s like the prog rock of erotica, LOL! And I was the frontman for that high school band i was in, I even think you could compare me to a lower register James Labrie, despite me making fun of him. If James LaBrie met James Hasta (of hatebreed) you’d get my style in that band. My name is also James, so apparently I’m obsessed with singers of the same name.

    I’m super ecstatic that KT has already made it to proofing stage.

    1. That’s very cool, James–much nicer than TBTH. Daria says, “Hey, James!” She’s in the kitchen, so I have to leave. If she cooks dinner, I have to wash dishes (our agreement) and she makes sure to use almost everything. Seriously. She was like that when we were dating and didn’t have an agreement, either. So, I’m not being gamed.

      Proofing is a good thing. Someday, maybe KT can tell us what software she uses because whatever it is, it’s awesome. I will even buy it.

      Labrie and Hasta, eh? I can’t sing. I wish I could. I probably could do cookie monster vocals, though… Na…

    2. Nah, you right, anyone with a functioning diaphragm can cookie monster. To be more accurate in my style choice of a singer – picture a kid who’s balls had only recently descended and with the assuredness of a baby that just learned to walk finding out their favorite toy is on the other side of the living room trying to sing a combination of Labrie and Hasta, and you have what I was doing in the band I was in. It was fun as hell, though.

      Dinner tonight was left over Chicken thighs with carrots, celery, corn and a side of potatoes and salad. Holding this bachelor pad down like a mofo.

      Snow expected tonight, I am hoping to be stuck indoors again with a KT book tomorrow …

      Or not, can’t rush beauty, as they say.

      1. I’m glad you had fun singing, bro! It sure sounds like it. Struggle to get your toy, and all.

        Left overs are great, James. We had chicken and tortellini soup. It’s our favorite soup and is really a great dinner because of the pasta.

        Hope you don’t get snowed in. If so, get on your favorite music service and listen to tunes! Music brings life.

      2. KT’s back at it! Love the layouts you’ve been testing. I’ve been trying on several platforms (iMac, iPhone, Alienware laptop–latest version of Windows 10) with various browsers (using Chrome right now on our old iMac) and all look great! 🙂

        KT, the Keely cover picture is mesmerizing! Great choice!

  18. Just got Finding Keely. 🙂 Now we’re on a mission, too… guess what? Daria is out at the store. It happens. Thanks, KT!

  19. You know, you blink once and come back to see KT is getting comfortable with where book 2 should be ending (of course that means 10k more words than she expects, but still!), love that! KT are you thinking next week?

    1. We saw that, too. This is going to be a wild installment. We can’t wait to see what happens when Janie and John see each other. Will Janie be honest (we don’t think so, after all this is a “dark affair”)? We’re really interested in John and how the affair plays out with him, or without him. Would it be an affair with him being “in the know”?

      And KT, I REALLY like ProWritingAid, using it with Word. HemmingwayAp, not a lot, but the Grammarly Plug-in seems to work great! Thank you, again!


      1. I’m getting that feeling about PWA. It’s pretty complete and I did get the full version–from what I know about it.

        It’s going to be a while before anything sees the light of day, though. I have major rewrites to do on both things I’m doing and they’re both going to be long–like hardback novel long, I think.

        And to think, one starts with a visit to the vet!


      2. I agree…she’s going to have to go further with Maceo before she ever confessed it to John. She has no idea it might turn him on, she’ll be afraid of losing him. But her desire is too powerful now to escape having sex with Maceo.

        I do think we get to where John is involved and likes it. Or at least, gets off on it (we know now the unique pull between liking and hating that cuckolds have). I don’t know whether he stumbles onto the affair or Janie eventually confesses it. But I do think she will go further alone with Maceo first.

      1. KT,

        Being that book one covered one week or thereabouts, are there going to be six books for this series? Just wondering if you’d thought that way or are you going to keep this a surprise? I mean John could find out in book 2 and throw both Janie and Maceo out on their ears.

        Which brings up another point. What marketable skills does Janie have (getting too real, or is that something that Janie would think about)? Daria brought that up a while back but we forgot to ask.


      2. No, not sure how many books there will be yet. I initially thought it would be neat to do each week as a book but it could be a little gimmicky (or not) and shape events in ways that the characters should be determining. Or it could work, ha ha, I don’t know. You know what? Yeah, maybe a book for each week, lol. I didn’t plan it that way, but it may happen!

      3. Hmm, I think her most marketable trait might be seamstress? She technically did sell a painting too so an artist as well, maybe?

        She seems like a jack of all trades type.

      4. Just wondering about the “skill” thing because if one of the scenarios we’ve all mentioned happened, she’d need a way to support herself. Don’t really think that’s going to happen in the book, but in reality, I would guess that’s a huge concern.

      5. Lol, KT! I didn’t think about the gimmicky angle. I’m actually laughing while trying to respond.

        So, on another note, big clues. No dinner, shower, laundry, combined scents, new hair style, and Maceo’s painting. Wonder if Janie broke out the air fresheners for the pantry?

        While every clue is going nag at John, one might throw him for a loop: His friend noticed Maceo is a man.


  20. Now that release is happening next week, I have a question for everyone and it might be more fun speculation.

    If Janie decides not to tell John what happened and John asks about doing laundry and showering late what do you think Janie will use as a reason?

    We thought about it and have two responses:

    One: I slipped and got paint all over me. We worked through dinner, then I slipped.
    Two: We worked through dinner and I just decided to do wash a load.


    1. This is an interesting thought. I dont think Janie dares say anything, it was just a moments weakness, it won’t happen again! (oh wait, it will? my bad lol). As for John, for me I’m of the mind that John will brush the events of that evening off, but a seed has been planted, the question might be how many days of odd behavior will it start to sprout. I think John has way too many years of everything being fine with Janie to suspect one day’s somewhat odd behavior. Maceo is just a kid, okay maybe a grown man, but he’s twenty.
      John thinking back to the Ugandan girl is his ad hoc rationalization explaining away Janie’s youthful recharge. He’s too busy to ruminate on it beyond that, and the clincher was Janie snuggling up to John in her sleep, at the end of book.

      I think that’s all he needs to think everything is perfectly fine, John, nothing to see here.

      1. I agree, he won’t suspect…yet. I still think the payoff here is that he will slowly discover more evidence that something is happening between his wife and this young man staying in his house, and discover he’s excited by it. Then the trick will be convincing Janie he’s OK with it. But we’ll see…maybe I’m completely wrong.

    2. First, earlier, I wasn’t lying about more tequila. It is time.

      Second, I see what you’re saying, James. You make a good case for John not truly suspecting. Perhaps his reaction to the presented clues was wishful thinking on his part? Perhaps he is waxing in his memory of the Ugandan girl and transferring that memory to her recent changes? It’s a good case. It really is. Snuggling is a good thing, too. Confusing, no?

      Perhaps in my desire for this story to turn darker, say around 10PM in the winter instead of 2AM, I am not processing the clues correctly? You’re probably right, James.

      I think part of the confusion stems around Janie having been a doting wife and mother. People don’t like it when bubbles burst sending wives to scrub away guilt and do laundry in the early hours of the morning. I don’t like it either. But it is why we read. It’s fun to speculate. Frankly, I’m jonesing for the second part to be released, seriously. It’s probably even more nerdish to admit that, but it’s true.

      I often wonder if I could follow a Reeses Pieces or some other type of crumb trail through the woods? I do wonder and hope that after everything has transpired and the dust has cleared that Janie and John emerge from whatever carnage ensues, stronger and more in love than ever. It is possible.

      KT’s head is probably shaking while thinking, “If only you knew, you fools! Hoo man, y’all bitches gonna be in for a huge beat down!” 🙂

      DT is getting closer, bro!


      PS Now, I think as you alluded to, that really nobody needs to say anything. It will make the tension much better. Not knowing is why we do this, right? 🙂

      1. The origin of all lines of inquiry, tequila.

        Have I said we shouldn’t say anything, did I read that right? I hope I never have given that impression, it would be pretty bold coming from me … Haha

        No, I think you’re right that he is suspecting something at the subconscious level, and maybe he asks the very question you mention, I just think it won’t be in the next book. Right now it would seem weird to me for accusations, probably even in a joking way.

      2. James,

        You and JL23 are right. KT needs to build tension, but in the meantime, I bet there’s at least one occasion in book 2 where Maceo and Janie take it to the next level.

        I do wonder how KT handles any coverup, though. I want to see if the standard psychological effects of having an affair regarding relations between the wife and the husband are used. I can say this, if the wife is really sneaky sharp, she won’t do anything differently. Their sex will be exactly the same. That’s extremely hard to manage.


      1. LMAO!!! Satisfactory!!! Too funny!

        KT… thanks! Now we get to find out more! Guess what?


      2. What was… My wife went to the grocery store when book 2 went public. That makes your timing and recent record nearly perfect for frustrating me! Keep up the good work, KT! I won’t read without her. It’s tempting, but I don’t.

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