Mary’s Pledge

There’s only one thing Jack Kingsway has ever told Mary he wanted: to be an Omega Man. To be a member of the most prestigious and ancient fraternity, one with its tendrils in every place of power in the world.

He’s legacy. Except for one knot in the rope: his father rejected them. And it ruined the man’s life. Jack swore he would restore to Omega House the Kingsway tradition.

But when Jack finds out there’s a price he’s not willing to pay, he knows he’ll have to suffer the same fate as his father. Mary knows Jack can be a stuffed shirt, but he’s a man the way she dreams a man will be.

The top men of Omega House are rich, and powerful, and handsome. She’ll pay the price for Jack. She’ll do whatever they want…

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    1. *Giggles with Glee*

      Patience DnD! KT will put out these posts for the hype, but Amazon (assuming that’s where you’re ordering from) takes their sweet time actually uploading things! I am going to assume based on prior experience, that she submitted the story, and now we wait!

      I’m so hyped!

    2. Well, I feel disgustipated. KT, that’s not a bad thing… it’s all about carrots. Dangling… Spangling… Taunting… Haunting…


    3. Haha! The plight of the Carrots!

      To us it’s a harvest, to them it is … The Holocaust.

      Haha, now that I know you are a Tool/Dream Theater fan I dont think I’ll ever close a post without referencing either of the bands.

      1. Okay, I’ve been sitting here hitting refresh on Amazon for the last hour. Then I saw your post TBTH and started laughing. Daria comes in the kitchen and says, “Dinner?”

        “Oh!” I laugh more.

        Then she looks over my shoulder and reads your post, TBTH. “You fucking nerds! You’re everywhere!”

        “Hey, you like Tool! Besides, I have a surprise for you, tomorrow.” It’s her birthday.

        So, she goes off and all I can hear right now is “Christian Woman”, again and again. LOUD.

        So, it’s time to hit refresh, again. Refreshing has become my Opiate.

        Where’s the book?


      2. Dar – Who are you to wave your finger?! You must have been out your head!

        Lol this is fun.

        I am currently jamming to Christian Woman, that definitely has the makings of a Goth Girl Anthem.

        Dude looks like a roided up Tommy Wiseau.

      3. LMAO!! She loves that song. I like it. Dude had a DEEP voice. Wagging! LOL!

        Anyway, dinner’s done. Blue crabs. 🙂 Still hitting refresh like a patient in (the) hospital on a morphine pump. Seriously, tomorrow’s no good. As much as we love your work KT, ain’t no way we’re reading on her birthday. It’s your fault, again! 🙂 Na… you got peeps with your back here.

        So between refreshes, I’m watching Syfy. Constantine. The wrong song played. Bad memories. It’s cool. A Perfect Circle “Passive”. We’re stronger. So. Strong! Keep hitting refresh.

        Kind of fitting, though. Tool? A Perfect Circle? How much of a coincidence is that?

        Dave — Crab shells are like old Battlestar Galactica (Lorne Greene — Canada, yo!) Cylon fighters. Play with them sometime. You’ll see.

        Glaucon… you got the pump, too?

      4. NP! Sorry on the publishing, it just isn’t live yet. Could be an hour or could be tomorrow, I have no say anymore. When it’s live I will post the link here…

        And Happy Birthday to Daria!

      5. Looking out for it! – I think something weird’s happening on this site for me – all of my comments have to go through moderation now apparently.

      6. Not all, but sometimes, yes… I don’t know why, but it isn’t just you. I thought once I approved your user name future posts should be fine.

      7. KT,
        Thank you for the birthday wish and for putting up with my pet nerd. He really means well.

      8. @David – Passive is a good song, too! It’s a bummer that the song has a negative connotation like it seems it does. More power to you!

      9. TBTH… I’ll tell Daria of your birthday wish! For her, thank you in advance.

        Don’t get me wrong, “Passive” is a great song–GREAT, even! A Perfect Circle filled a void in more ways than one. Maynard is brilliant. He used to communicate on a site called “Toolshed” at (if I remember correctly–I was a kid). He sold a car there. I think that ended with the recording company dispute. I’m not completely sure.

        I like the new look, too. I hit refresh.

        Big day today! Looks like the book has to wait for a bit: Amazon. Maybe Jeff is trying to figure out what to do with Amazon? He should just go to Whole Foods and get some organic ice cream. Monumental. Oops!


  1. What the what??? who saw this coming? I’m doing the same thing as DavidnDaria… refresh. refresh. refresh. sigh. refresh. damnitamazon!

  2. Well, we broke our rule. We read the book on our flight. Great work, KT! Quick read. We loved how you wrote the dialog, it’s very period appropriate (from what we know). You captured it perfectly! Everything was so vivid. We both stared at each other when we read your description of the rail. Beautiful work.

    I can’t say how much I liked the writing. I wonder where language such as you used went? When I was a kid, I was a huge Civil War buff. I read letters from soldiers to their wives. The proper, formal, yet very heartfelt language they used was nothing short of wonderful to behold. Again, you’ve captured it. Some may think it’s over the top, but it’s not. One look at movies from 1954 or TV and they’d know: You know. Perfectly executed. I don’t know if they used “maths”, though (I had to get that in there).

    Congratulations, KT. You have a hit.

    Now, back to the birthday girl! She has been especially, um… tolerant.


    1. So crazy: I was absolutely channeling exactly what you’re talking about with the Civil War letters! Maths might be old Brit/Canadian…

      But… what’s the rail?

      And thank you so much for the review! No whiff of tequila at all (only New Orleans Hurricanes!)

      1. KT,

        You’re kidding me? You thought about that stuff? Wow. So cool!

        Here’s the line that really got me:

        “…palm over the carved upside down acorn that formed the newel post at the bottom of the dorm house’s staircase.”

        Not a rail, my bad. I confess to being hurried. To some, it might be a throwaway description, but you using your language skills as you do paints portraits and this was one that neither of us will soon forget: Almost regal. You do that all the time, but it’s just one thing that makes your writing stand out.

        You’re more than welcome. We hope the review will help in some way.

        I had a sip of one of Daria’s Hurricane’s but I’m not much for mixed drinks. Well, Long Island’s, I’ll do (too much of). I guess I’m a ‘Nawlin’s bummer, huh? We did eat at Brennan’s and GW Fins, though (lot’s of snacking as we walked around, too).

        That guy. Again.

      2. Ah, thank you! I can practically see the staircase so I’m excited to tell you about it. Details are fun.

        And reviews always help. Really, really help. I can’t thank you and the others enough who take the time to flesh out some really careful thinking and iterate it to the masses. It does many things that are positive; helps with my morale, builds a sense of community, lets others know they might like my books if they’ve never heard of me before, and armors me against the readers who don’t get or respect what I try to do and drop a bomb on me instead of thinking ‘hey, that wasn’t for me.’ Once again: thank you!

        NO bummer, or NO savvy? Too many hurricanes has led to some terrible Mardi Gras stories. (I suppose some pretty good ones, too, though.)

      3. Forgot to add: I love those Civil War era letters, and yes, that’s what I was thinking of when I wrote Mary’s letter

      4. KT,

        It’s always a pleasure to leave reviews; especially for your efforts. We talk about what we’re going to leave, too. We haven’t written many, but each review has been honest. On community: Do you know how rare you are? Seriously. From what I can gather, your taking time from your life to communicate with us here is rare among authors. For us, I don’t have the words to even _adequately_ express our gratitude. It’s special beyond words for us (and I’m sure everyone else here, too).

        I’m blown away you’ve read civil war letters, too. Reading Mary’s Pledge made me want to connect to our media server back home and watch “Gods And Generals” and “Gettysburg” for the 1000’th time–I think those are the two best, very accurate, Civil War films. My Dad and I used to go to battlefields a lot when we lived in Northern, Virginia. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to Gettysburg. We’d go in my parents Winnebago. Gettysburg is powerful. Sorry for going overboard on that.

        I know this isn’t the place to write this, so please accept my apology, in advance. Maggie. It does seem everyone (Max, Keely, Cole, and Maggie) seem “adjusted” to things as they are there. Now, that I’ve finished the story, Daria and I agree that Keeley is good for Max in that she loves him. What transpired was handled well, but I couldn’t help feeling I didn’t want what happened to happen. Done in the name of love, it’s cool.

        It kind of reminded me of a thread by Subguy80 on OHW and almost anything written by Ares there, too. Those, as I see it, are real (there are others, too). They’re examples of loving hotwife/cuckold relationships. Some may get queasy at what happens in their writing, but I believe it’s done with love. Can I do it? Nope. It’s not me, but I am fascinated by the cuckold mind. Maybe that’s why I got so challenged by Maggie–it’s not me and while I understand it intellectually, I don’t understand cuckolding emotionally. I don’t consider it a limitation, rather I think it’s just who I am.

        So, back to the fun and music! 🙂

        Thanks, KT!


      5. Thank you, I do my best to be here, but I’m prone to long absences and mood swings, and Lord knows what it’s like to try and get me to answer an e-mail. But I try!

        And… Gettysburg is indeed a very powerful place.

        Maggie: Yes, that end is important because of the time jump—it’s the reason you feel emotional, because you’re stepping through a portal. Once you read Finding Keely you will feel much better about that ending and will hopefully, obviously, be entertained!

      6. Sorry for the typos in my last…. Keely. I’m challenged by the reply system as well as language, in general. 🙂 Still, don’t stop!

      7. I really enjoyed the letter Mary wrote to Jack, too. It did bring to mind old civil war letters to me as well, as a sometimes war history buff. I read Gods and Generals in grade school. Cant remember a thing about it, and I chose to read it, but I did … lol

        By the way, since we’re taking about Maggie, in my other post, I dont include Maggie as a “hard hitting” story, but that was only because KT left it out when describing the stories have an edge to them. I feel like Maggie has that edge. Maybe it’s a softer landing that differs between them is her reasoning? Anyways any stories like Maggie down the pike I would be looking forward too, as well.

        Just wanted to make sure the person that runs this whole shebang saw it.

  3. What a great setting surprise, KT! And you do such a good job of making the characters and background evocative of the time. Another powerful display of your range.

    That does it! I’m going to push myself to write a full story this year. Your books have inspired me. I can’t be sure of the end quality, but I’ve got to try.

    1. Do it! Write ten stories! Don’t stop! (Seriously.)

      Start with one, and let me know how it goes…

      As far as the setting, I’m inspired by the old late-fifties early-sixties erotica of Nightstand Books and other publishers of that ilk who hired writers who would later become some of the biggest names in crime fiction. Lawrence Block, Robert Silverberg, even Harlan Ellison and Donald E. Westlake wrote some top-notch sleaze (under house pen names). One look at their prose and you can see that the books are quality (check out the Look Inside of Man Hungry by Westlake! ).

      I had the idea for Mary’s Pledge and it was modern day and it was going to be a series but I don’t know how this happened instead, I just got an idea and went with it!

    1. No, looks like they’re just still awaiting moderation… what kind of internet crimes did I commit to deserve this?

      1. And a moment of silence for a great gal: “Verna Bloom, Dean Wormer’s cheating wife in ‘Animal House,’ has died at age 80.”

  4. I’m torn. This one has a virgin heroine which is my thing but it also involves multiple sexual partners which is not my thing.

    1. Kinda 50/50 then? Oh well, can’t win em all. Some people are the other way—they like the menage thing. Tell you, though, later this year there is a book which you will like!

  5. The light switch thing…

    We’re back. Went to New Orleans, first time. OUTRAGEOUSLY wonderful time. Food to die for and with many other little deaths along the way.

    Here’s the thing about a light switch. In erotic romance, there are a lot of stories where a once prim and proper wife/girlfriend/woman suddenly becomes promiscuous as if switch was closed, a gate made, or some synapse connection suddenly fired. Can it happen in real life? Yep. But here’s the problem with it in erotic fiction: It’s seldom handled correctly. It’s like, “Hey honey, have sex with another man, please.”

    “Okay.” And now she’s sex addled with no backstory or build-up.

    In this story, we have something similar to a lightswitch scenario, but there is backstory. KT handles it wonderfully. In the scenario, Mary has been frustrated, yet loyal. Extremely frustrated. She loves Jack dearly (no kissing) but really wants what happened, perhaps not to the degree it really happened, but once the ball got rolling, it picked up speed.

    So, the lightswitch scenario is really a matter of how it’s handled, because there is seldom a true lightswitch scenario–there’s always backstory. Thanks for that KT. 🙂

    I can’t believe we’ve read enough erotic stuff where we notice things like that and know the solution.


    Oh… I finished Maggie. 🙂 Bring it, KT. I’m ready. LOL!

    1. Thank you!—I tried pulling back on the reins on the ‘switch’ so I wouldn’t overstate it, so I appreciate you pointing it out. Mary’s not some feral nympho, she’s just a girl who found out she’s orgasmic and really likes sex.

      And if you finished Maggie (yaaaay) then I would say the worst of the Maggie story is over for you; the Keely story is fun and sexy!

      1. Then, Mary is normal. Interesting hazing, though. 😉

        Here’s something else. What was great was the evolution of Jack. During his ordeal, you made it look like it would turn out differently. Way differently. The veneration displayed by his brothers and the fact that Mary was a goddess in their eyes–and not doing anything wrong–really helped him out. (At least I think so. Daria thinks it was his only real option given his place in the frat.) It might even be both or a little bit of both. Who knows? You knows.

        Swear! I did finish Maggie. I’m ready for Keely, now. My wife is ready for Keely.

        Dat guy

      2. HEA? That’s what was worse for me. At least they all accept each other for what they are.

      3. The HEA comment was in regard to finishing Maggie. Just to clarify.

        -7(F) tonight, at home. We chose wisely. Jack did, too.

    2. I like to think of this kind of story with Mary as an example of sexual energy being like boiling water. We all know you can’t do as much with your recipe with water that isnt hot enough to be at a boiling point. When you look at water before it gets to that boiling point you might not assume anything is happening, but its heating up. And boy howdy (50’s references) when it gets to that boiling point, there’s no telling what you can do. Jack never acknowledged that Mary’s pot was heating up. It was there, under the surface, but he never let it boil over.

      Now that he knows what happens when he does, Jack is a happy camper.

  6. It was such a romantic era, the 50’s.

    “You want the moon? You just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso over it and pull it down.”

    “Only death can part us now.”

    “That’s sperm inside you, you know what that means?”
    “It means, Mary, that I’m going to make love to you now and come inside you.”

    This generation just doesn’t understand love like the olden days.

  7. I haven’t had the kind of time I would have liked to share my thoughts about this story, but I think what sticks out to me is a strong desire to put us all in the exact setting that this story takes place. I really enjoyed having to grapple with the rules and protocols of 1950’s college Greek culture, particularly at an elite institution with huge historical namesakes.

    The interesting tact for this story is that the idea of going outside of the relationship was for the MC’s sake, almost exclusively, and for a completely non-sexual goal. It sure seemed like Mary grew to enjoy the concept with the men involved in committing the act, but the only discontent that Mary had with Jack is he maybe didn’t read that she wanted him as quickly as she would have liked. She respected his decision throughout, though. And at the end of the story, the gloves are off.

    Throughout the entire event, Mary defended Jack’s honor and never thought less of his manhood at any point. She even had the traditions of the fraternity to defend her Jack from being insulted by other people. It’s a Trident (now Quad) tradition for wives to give it up to the others. Jack comes away stronger in this story because of the bold action of his future wife, isnt that what a good wife does?

    Ok, it’s all very nice. Virginal girl becomes fearless vixen in one day, and her equally virginal future husband becomes a super sayan of command and manages his jealousy, pleasant.

    We have the touching Keely story next, SS2 might lean more towards the good feels from what has been said, but that’s just my reading of her comments. Really hoping to see the return of KT the Destroyer! She must have been anticipating this type of reaction because shes already put out the idea that she wants to go back to the hard hitting stories of LHW and Cherry Blossoms, are we talking summer time for something like this?

    1. I do so hope the phrase “Party Store” shows up in SS2. I mean, they are going to Michigan State!

      You write really cool stuff, TBTH. You never cease to impress. You don’t lie, cheat, and steal.

      1. Haha, or they should make it a point to hit up a Meijer’s!

        I really appreciate the compliment and return it back to the sender, I cant help but feel like enjoying KT’s stories is somewhat more validated by having a real life couple enjoying it as much as I do. And the fact that you’re cool people, too? (Leaving aside Daria’s taste in music 😉 ).

        I appreciate the Tool ref again, haha. Fyi, seeing Dream Theater this spring. First time ever! Too bad Portnoy isnt in the band anymore!

    2. And make damn sure Meijer is plural, too. Kroger’s, Walmart’s… using the plural is so regional. It makes home special.

      Compliment accepted, bro. You rock!

      We were going to come back home to see DT in April, but decided not to. Same thing: No Portnoy. Portnoy was so cool with them live. (I’ve seen them a lot. Since meeting my wife and marrying her, we’ve seen them three times… last time was at Pine Knob (DTE).) But what a foolish thing for him to do. I like Mangini. He’s probably the most technical rock drummer alive–fastest, too. Anyone who can play 64th note rolls with one hand while eating a hamburger and have it sound unbelievable, wins! It’s just not the same, though. You never knew the setlist when Portnoy was there.

      Unless Daria reads this, she’ll never know about your comment about her taste in music. That’s on YOU, bro! I know better! I think TON’s version of Cinnamon Girl is blasphemy, especially since we had Mr. Young’s playing at our wedding. Whoops! I’m in trouble, too. Serve The Shame. (She liked Drain STH, too.)

      1. @ David – This tour is being billed as a new album tour AND 20th anniversary of Metropolis Pt. 2. I will be interested to see if Mangini can hold his own during ‘Dance of Eternity,’ it won’t quite be the same without Portnoy though. It was probably weird seeing a drummer with only one drum kit on stage too, I imagine, with Mangini on stage, ha.

        Cinnamon Girl on your wedding? It’s so touching! I love that. I’ll give the TON rendition a college try.

      2. TBTH,

        Go to around 12minutes in: Mangini’s audition.

        He can play anything. He won’t disappoint you, but he’s not the showman Portnoy was with the band.

        Maybe we’ll go. I dunno. I’d like to hear all of Metropolis PT2 live like on Live From New York. Home, especially.

        Yep, Cinnamon Girl. All because of cinnamon toast and fruit!


      3. We were just settling in when this thread/post popped into my head. It would seem I don’t know plurals from possessives. I know the difference (keep thinking that), I just didn’t show it. So Meijer’s is fine because it’s a noun. OCD, maybe?

        In my former life I used to say, “I make more mistakes than anyone, but I correct them before anyone notices.”

        I’m a post, proof, edit person. This site… no edit option.

    3. Thank you, 2B

      Yes, MP is a fun romp, hopefully well-written, but meant to entertain and not annoy. It keeps the lights on here at but I’m just having fun with those stories like those. I will write more, too. I like them. As far as what you’re looking for, how does, like, ten days from now sound? Can’t see the new progress bar?—what are you on mobile, or something, sheesh?

      I’m starting what’s a LHW3 (but will not be billed as such) in about ten days. It will run concurrently with a Keely series, which I figure is a MFFM romance menage kind of story meant for Maggie fans and not really necessarily what everyone else might be interested in…

      1. @KT – yes, and in my defense, I had come to find taking the extra second to load the task bar unnecessary, checked it yesterday … lol

        I always feel guilty whenever I ask these things and get an answer, it’s a very weird state of being. It’s always because I know you’re already aware and it’s all part of your grand plan as a writer (as to what gets released and when), so I really try not to annoy as much as humanly possible. I feel like you probably field enough people chomping at the bit for every morsel of an update. And so, as the impassioned reader, I say to myself, “Patience!” I wait, knowing more is coming. It’s a testament to how good you are at anticipating your audience that your foray returning to the darker writing was already available to one person who was at his wits end waiting for an update in that regard!

        At the same time, I have this weird need to always have some level of a critical eye to levy here, if I didn’t it would just be an endless supply of brown nosing to the point where it’s annoying in THAT way. Who cares to hear how good someone is if they can’t ever seem to have a critical word for anything!

        I know you probably don’t care, but I’m sorry anyways, at least you know there’s a battle going on in my mind even posting that comment! You can at least appreciate someone explaining their neurosis as entertaining.

      2. Of course! And I didn’t find anything you said critical at all (when I said MP was meant to not-annoy I didn’t mean annoy you, but you the plural, the masses that sometimes get mad at me for writing mean girls)

        And never, ever feel guilty for asking questions here! Please ask! It would suck if no one bothered. Thank God you bother. It’s the people posting on the site literally keeping me writing. Literally.

        You guys are the best.

      3. Oh, and I realize now my original post may read snarky, but it was def not intended so. We’ve been doing this long enough, it was kind of my subdued, ho-hum kind of way to incite the opposite energy. Sorry if I sounded rude there, I was smiling and kidding. This is the response I intended, saying I was doing a new LHW series:

      4. Never change, KT! The guilt that I felt is entirely self-induced, but damn is it appreciated to see you trying to read over what you wrote looking for what the source might have been within it. It’s enough about me though, the new story has my attention already! Cannot wait for this!

        Apologies for the density of the question, but is it a series like LHW too, or is it only like LHW in that it pulls no punches? If you’re asking for votes you know mine …

      5. A series, and it is an LHW I’m just not calling it that. I’ve already written the first two books, and I know what I want from the series but i don’t know if the characters will take us there. I want to post the episodes fast, get feedback here, and write them on the fly. I planned this for the fall but I kept wanting to work on it and then realized I ought to just go for it and now I’m so glad I did. Feel on fire with this one.

      6. Please disregard my question, KT! I’m seeing that number right next to the story. Can’t. wait.

        And again, I am failing to be grateful here. That was very nice to read about how you utilize this board to continue as a writer, that’s a hell of a compliment to us. Thank you for that!

      7. @KT – That is so amazing to read (that you are really inspired for this story). That makes it all the more exciting. So glad to hear you have a direction and a goal already. I will be ready!

  8. Last comment for the moment! I cannot believe I failed to see that Cay Pro and (my personal favorite of the unfinished works …) Obsessed are on the radar, too! You have a lot of writing ahead of you, KT! I can only hope it’s not like every other New Year’s Resolution! 😉

  9. Upcoming release explosion! VERY curious about this Winter story. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming.

  10. Ohh Keely is going to be multiple parts it looks like? And 6 weeks in Winter? Looks awesome! Excited now!

  11. File this under, “What else do I have to talk about?”

    I think you said that you wrote the upcoming title in a matter of a week or so, but does that mean you birthed the idea that quickly too, or, without telling us which ( 🙂 is it on the below list from you about your future plans?

    And yes I’m keeping tabs on your stated writing plans, however futile it is …

    1. a book about wife with multiple partners, a novella in similar structure to Watching Natalie Cheat. – Apres Ski
    2. a Black Mirrorish (or as I call it Twilight Zonish) book that takes place slightly in the future. – Inconceivable
    3. a reluctant fiancee book, where a young woman is being seduced away by an old flame. Probably novel size.
    4. One that has characters I love and hot scenes, but I won’t describe the scenario. Don’t want you to see it coming, ha ha Also novel size.
    5. Husband bullied by wife’s sort-of-co-worker (a celebrity athlete)
    6. fiancee with rowdy sorority sisters who illuminate her on the exciting things that are out in the world. Novel size.
    7. Guy on university campus who gets involved in a sorority’s game. Ex is part of sorority. Novel size.

    I imagine it wouldn’t be the story about the couple going into the Jungle in the 60’s either …

    Knock once if I’m warm, or twice if I’m cold.

    The hype is building …

    1. I think #1 was Mary’s Pledge, and this would be #4. Pretty sure. I did some stuff on #5, too, which will be later this year, and was the one Glaucon wanted the most. But after 6Weeks and Keely I want to knock CayPro off the to-do before I start a new series.

      1. We can’t wait to see the conclusion of CayPro (assuming that means Cayman Proxy). About the only thing I’d have suggested earlier on was F1 instead of F3, but F3 fits better with money scraping, though F1 has that, too…

        We’ll just be patient… what ever this way comes.

        And to prove a point: “The Cayman Proxy” = “TCP” = network stuff and I’m frightened.

      2. That’s the racing categories, right? Honest question: Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about in Cay Pro when it comes to the car stuff?

      3. KT,

        You did great. F1 = Formula 1 (the top series in the world, my addiction). Formula 2 (Feeder series for Formula 1; it’s a spec series to keep costs down). Formula 3 (Feeder for F2, spec series, mostly young–way young drivers, limited budgets). Then there’s other racing that really doesn’t matter, unless Fernando Alonso is racing there, like this year at the Indy 500–nice guy, really tiny (height 5-5’5″ or so… dunno), though. Might make a good model for a future character. Daria thinks he’s hot. I think he’s the best driver in the world, right now. Bad choices limited him to two World Driver Championships early in his career. Bad luck further limited him.

        About the only thing I can think of is the driver you mentioned, but you did it well enough to all suspension of disbelief. F3 drivers are generally kids,

        Track stuff was great.

        Sorry, I got carried away. If you want more, let me know. I’m only too glad to help.

      4. No, that’s great, I love it. I researched it and really enjoyed doing it. But only spent as much time doing it as I figured made sense for an erotic novel.

        I didn’t go F1—because I thought they would practically be celebrities—but figured if Omar ran a hot little garage in Frontignan where he souped up euro hot rods, he could do F3 on the side, hot on the dream of moving his way up to F1. Then with a little Mitch cash he could go wild and flavor up some of those dreams… I figure Prospero the driver has a day job, like working the French UPS or whatever, and they’re all super-macho and act like they’re F1 even if they’re F3. Plus it seemed like a good place to hide cash if you’re a guy like Mitch…

        (jeez, why did I ever pause CayPro, I loved that story!)

      5. *raises hand*

        It gets lonely waiting for KT books with no one to talk to, you start searching for authors in mediums they have no business being in. Lol, that or I think you referenced it in an old blog post back in the ‘no comments’ days.

      6. Seriously, what was I looking for? Your interview with “Cuckold Monthly?”

        You’re not hinting at a multimedia trailer for anything upcoming are you?

      7. Something tells me if you did that today you’d have more of a real time reaction…

        I don’t blame you in the slightest.

        What’s the song in that?

      8. It’s listed at the end, part of the rights agreement. I didn’t check but I think I remember it comes from bensounds or something like that.

      9. Sadly, no. We didn’t see your promo’s. CayPro came out over two years before we started reading erotic literature. We have corrected that oversight. We think the estranged wife and her hubby are unhinged. It’s sooo juicy!

        You have F3 nailed, then. It’s a bit of a business now, but other than driver age, you’re spot on. I would imagine any sleaziness is very appropriate. F1 is so sleazy it’s wonderful! F3 might not have the slick business sleaze of F1, but it’s gonna have sleaze, too.

      10. Haha I won’t pretend I didn’t have my own list too… I actually had #4 pegged as Separate Schools but I guess KT’s got more story seeds than we can easily track.

      11. And yes, there is a certain dynamic that I’m partial to – and that #5 looks like it might possibly lean that way.

    2. Ah, duly noted on #1!

      And I was afraid you were going to say it was #4, as there is nothing to go off of, haha. Ah well, I will continue anticipating!

      I love that, even in the very basic outline of each story that you provided in that rundown, you were still so excited about the theme of this story that you couldn’t even divulge that level of detail.

      Can you promise us a blurb at least the day before launch?

      1. Sure! I think it is your kind of story because it’s about a couple who receive a houseguest who is living amongst them for six weeks.

        There is more to it, of course, and larger tropes than just hotwife because there’s a cast of characters with intertwined relationships. I feel attached to these characters already, and want to know them deeper.

        I will say the KT usuals will be there. Food, blue collar meets not blue collar, Mediterranean guy… I guess I follow a pattern, ha ha, but still this story is unique and the characters firmly unlike some of my other peeps.

      2. Oh, I love the house guest angle… This has been a long standing fantasy of mine for some reason.

  12. Question for you, KT.

    When you’re writing a story, do you exercise restraint when a subject appears that you’re really fond of? The subject can be architecture, hotels, food, anything.

    I’m asking because of the racing thing, earlier. If I were writing a story–and I’ve tried–it would likely go off the rails if one of the characters or scenes were something I was really fond of.


    1. I think I’m lucky in that my favorite part of the story is the people and that’s what I can’t wait to talk about. If a topic I’m versed in or excited about comes up I’m happy it’s there but I don’t think I dwell because I’d rather talk about the characters. And I’m also happy that I don’t have to research something.

      1. Thanks, KT. See? That’s why you’re accomplished.

        Me? I have two stories I’ve been playing with… one so far, is 32000 plus words of nothing. The other has potential, but I’ll mess it up. I do learn from you, though.

        Thank you again, KT.

      2. Don’t let yourself get in the way; write like you’re swinging a weapon around you to ward off the bad. Grit your teeth. If you finished those two stories you could be writing your third right now, dreaming of your fourth. Perfection is the enemy of completion.

    2. To DnD’s point though, it really means a lot that you care more about the relationship, even if it is central to your interest in your stories.

      I’m so SO glad that people are the focus of your detail work because that matters more than any other thing. And because of how creative and gifted you write, KT, it shows a lot. I tried to commit myself to untangling the webs of Maggie, et al. (and previous to that, Nia, et al.) and gave up trying to comb through it all, opting instead to letting out my thoughts on the fly, however incomplete they were. It was just too much work! It became a game of ‘Well why did that happen? … Well because of this. Ok, well why did that happen? … Because of that.” Your books become work understanding actions and their complexities, in truly the most excruciatingly amazing way. Anyways, this stuff is all stuff you read before.

      To DnD’s point though, the fact that you look into the inner workings of an international mining industry, the interior of a 1950’s prestigious university sorority house, you name the country’s cuisine, fucking Elder Scrolls … It matters. It’s this feeling of, “Oh, I’m not just reading dirty stories, these are people, in the same world as me, just dealing with an incredibly morally taxing scenario.” I have images in my mind that only exist because of good writing. I have it in my head the homes of Pete/Jess, Geoff/Nia, Rocco’s houseboat, the bull fighting arena (way back machine), the Massage parlor (Atticus and Amy), Schroon Lake.

      That was kind of fun running through places KT has taken us

      1. TBTH,

        You nailed it. That is EXACTLY our sentiments. Suspension of disbelief is so vital. The pictures KT paints make it easy to picture the events unfolding. It’s so, so vital and KT does it like Petrucci and Rudess in unison–absolute fluidity.

        KT’s description of the St. Regis in Atlanta was spot on. So much so, that if they’ll allow us to bring our dog, we’ll visit it. I’d be lying if our trip to New Orleans wasn’t at least partially inspired by events in “Training To Love It”.

      2. You’re more than welcome. I have no words to describe how much we enjoy the pictures you paint in our minds.

        With the exception of the New Orleans trip, our dog has gone with us everywhere. We decided to board him at a vet for that trip and were heartsick/way guilty over that choice. He’s diabetic and needs insulin and a special diet twice per day on a tight schedule. He’s family.

      3. Thanks, KT!

        Back on topic… do you know I had to lookup the word you used to describe Keely’s eye color? Troof. That doesn’t happen very often. Daria knew it. I claim Thesaurus use. 🙂 I can do that, you know? It’s in the rules.

        Seriously, I never knew that word. Now, I don’t know it again. A mind is a terrible thing to tweak like this.

  13. Just when I thought I could catch KT in a pedantic trap, making factually inaccurate references,, her thorough basis in Canadian commercial history comes to her rescue:

    “Canadian Inventors Harry Wasylyk & Larry Hansen
    Harry Wasylyk was a Canadian inventor from Winnipeg, Manitoba, who together with Larry Hansen of Lindsay, Ontario, invented the disposable green polyethylene garbage bag. Garbage bags were first intended for commercial use rather than home use, and the new garbage bags were first sold to the Winnipeg General Hospital.

    Coincidentally, another Canadian inventor, Frank Plomp of Toronto also invented a plastic garbage bag in 1950, however, he was not as successful as Wasylyk and Hansen were.”

    “Glad” garbage bags were first offered for sale in the 1960s

    1. Made it on that one by the skin of my teeth! Ha ha, when I wrote that line I remember thinking I better check that one for authenticity—but I forgot to! Mary’s up on her technological breakthroughs apparently…

    2. Consider this…

      I believe Canadians invented milk in plastic bags, too. Put the bag in a little pitchers, cut the corner, pour. How nutty is that? Inventive fuckers, no? How they get the milk in a sealed bag is mystery, clearly solved by them.

      I like jugs.

      For the record, my mom was Canadian (born in the wonderfully isolated metropolis of Melville, Sask). So, I see a chain, I yank it with impunity.

      1. “….is a mystery…” I’m not Russian. I just have a bad thing about leaving out words because… I don’t know. I’ve been that way since grade school. It doesn’t happen writing technical junk, though. Must be like people who stammer being able to sing flawlessly, or something less wonderful.

    1. Da.

      Rossiya – svyashchennaya nasha derzhava,
      Rossiya – lyubimaya nasha strana.
      Moguchaya volya, velikaya slava –
      Tvoio dostoyanye na vse vremena!
      Slav’sya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye,
      Bratskih narodov soyuz vekovoi,
      Predkami dannaya mudrost’ narodnaya!
      Slav’sya, strana! My gordimsya toboi!
      Ot yuzhnyh morei do polyarnogo kraya
      Raskinulis’ nashi lesa i polya.
      Odna ty na svete! Odna ty takaya –
      Khranimaya Bogom rodnaya zemlya!
      Shirokii prostor dlya mechty i dlya zhizni.
      Gryadushchiye nam otkryvayut goda.
      Nam silu daiot nasha vernost’ Otchizne.
      Tak bylo, tak yest’ i tak budet vsegda!

      I had to look up. Could not do myself, Comrade. Still, must say, “Sex hot Ukrainian way!”

      Now must do bourgeoisie thing. Must have meat. No potato. Na Zdorovie!

      1. The phrase that strikes fear, uncertainty, and doubt into the heart of every American marriage: “My Russian interpreter . . . . “

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