Watching Natalie Again

It’s that time of year again! Nelson and Natalie are back, and who knows who else…

This is another one of my favorites and I don’t know why. These characters are just so much fun to write and I had a blast on this book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

A year ago Nelson Stacks secretly watched his wife cheat with another man. A man she can’t stand.

The guy’s got something, though.

Renny. Renzo Bulgarelli. In college all the girls called him Renny the Bulge, and Natalie Stacks couldn’t have cared less.

Fast forward a bunch of years and now she’s married and settled. Key word: settled. Renny shows up on their snowy doorstep like the Ghost of Christmas Past, one thing leads to another, and…

Ever since she had her awful fling with The Bulge she’s done everything she could to forget it and love her husband the best she can. This year they’re no longer couch potatoes. In fact, they’ve gone into the wild. A sugar shack in the wilderness for two love birds.

There’s no one around for miles and miles…



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  1. Can’t wait to read it! Unfortunately I’m tied down with college and have a host of other things to do. I wont be able to read it till probably the break.

  2. Got it! Why do you always release books when my wife is out shopping? This time, it’s Christmas shopping. LOL! Your timing (or hers) is impeccable! 🙂

      1. Haven’t started it, yet. My wife got home about an hour ago so I think we’re going to read the first “Watching”, again and continue through with the new book.

  3. I really enjoy the “fights” between Nat and Renny. The hate fuck between them is hot and entertaining. Would love to see more of the couple again.

  4. There really is something about this cast that I absolutely adore. Hysterical. Natalie and Nelson are adorable to each other, and Natalie and Renny are ruthless in their banter. I can’t believe how nice it felt to read this story, I mean in a pleasant way you nasties. It’s the kind of feeling you only get when you know that the book you’re reading is good, that the author knows how to really write well.

    Natalie and Nelson at the cabin in the beginning, was god damn precious. How angry and desperate Natalie’s situation was when she realized who was at the restaurant was excruciating. Natalie’s disdain for Renny, Renny’s indifference, Nelson’s flame-fueling, it was some Christmas magic, haha.

    I like how Natalie was caught in such a bind having to embrace that of course Renny would go back with them. She could have probably used the, “but this trip is supposed to be about us” line, but I’m glad she didn’t press too hard *wink.* I love Natalie’s fight throughout, and I especially like her feigned fighting. I kind of felt like she was being talked over in the last scene with all three of Nel, Nat, and Ren, and the holding her down kind of bothered me a lot, but when when you get to see in her head and know how much fun she was having despite all the struggles, and the love she has for Nelson, I could look beyond it.

    I feel like she should be a little bit more mad that she lived with guilt for an entire year only to find out Nelson was okay with it, but I guess it’s a case of what grounds does she have to be mad about that? Haha.

    Tobetohave gave the basic outline of the story, so I won’t. As painful as it would to wait a year, this has the making of a good perennial “Christmas Story”. Next year Natalie and Nelson will be parents. Natalie will have a postpartum, lactating mom body, Yummy! Love the characters! Renny is a lovable rogue, Natalie had options but she again gives in to her baser instincts. Looking forward to more adventures of Nelson and Natalie.

  6. KT, jukes right, stick handles around center ice. Far boards, evades a poke check, lead pass off the boards to KT. Splits the defense, dekes left, the right, shoots! Five hole! Scores!!!!!!

    What a great read! What a super, sweet ending. All-in-all a favorite!

    We read the first Natalie book before we read this one last night, needless to say, we were up late and were not disappointed in the least. I do have to say, blurring the lines of “No” means “NO!” was hot and a bit disturbing, but still none of parties were to be denied. Everyone got what they wanted and it was handled in a very, very erotic way.

    The ending was super, too. Yeah, they’re good people! It’s a damn shame for us Christmas comes once a year. Merry Christmas? Indeed!

    Thanks KT! Now, when is your next book due?


      1. You’re very welcome! That’s a really nice thing to say, KT. I’ll tell Daria when she wakes up!

  7. When Natalie said the line, “Stop smirking at me, Nelson!” did anyone else hear a laugh track in their head afterwards? Maybe a cut to Nelson looking at the camera shrugging?

    This got me replaying the whole story as it were a 90’s sitcom.

    Start with a montage of Natalie and Nelson rekindling their passion for each other over the course of the year.

    Natalie locks Nelson out. Laughter
    Natalie – “That tongue of yours is wagging yet my pussy is strangely dry …” laughter

    At the restaurant –
    Nelson – “Brain freeze?” Laughter Natalie sees that it’s Renny on stage – ‘ooo’ track
    Woman in the bathroom – “The water’s not even running anymore.” “Huh?” Stupid motion sensing taps … laughter
    Renny – “Don’t matter, Nat … I’m a man” followed by ‘ooo’s’ then smack …. cheers
    Nelson – “Tell you what, dude – no arguments, you’re staying with us tonight. More ‘ooo’s’

    Back at the cabin –
    Renny – “I check in the seat I’m going to see a bacon strip?” laughter
    After the pinky swear – “Aw, you guys call a truce?” laughter
    Natalie – “You’re going to fuck twenty-year old groupies when you’re forty, sitting on that stool with your sagging mantits and turkey neck?” laughter

    After the romp
    Renny’s accident – “I didn’t” …. “I did? Like, maybe a little?” laughter, this could also use a cut to Renny shrugging for the camera, haha.

    Honestly, I hope this doesn’t come across as me shitting on this story, I loved it, you could really tell our homegirl loved writing it, it really showed. Those moments are just some of the funny shit that really stuck out to me. I left out the oodles of double entendres since those were low hanging fruits, but I definitely snorted throughout seeing those.

    On another note – Seriously, we need to tell the women in KT’s world that they need to watch the alcohol when they are aware of their own pregnancies, LOL!

    1. Holy shit, I love this so much—it had me howling! It’s almost as if I’ve watched a lot of sitcoms…

      But!—you need to re-read; Natalie drank not one single drop of alcohol in the whole book!

      1. @DnD – there is definitely a time to be serious with KT, those times are my favorite. She knows how to write some intense drama. This story had that at times, but it was mostly really lighthearted in my opinion and meant to be fun. She’ll throw stories like that out every once in a while.

        Within the confines of a genre that you would think would box her in to the point of stifling her, she has incredible range. She would probably disagree that there are confines within this genre though, calling the emotions she can sift through in these stories an “endless playground.”

    2. This is brilliant! We have to lighten up when we read stories. We’re always so engrossed that except for the first three “Happy Endings” books, we miss a lot, apparently. Great stuff!

    3. I don’t think it was possible to laugh much at Cherry Blossoms or the first in the series (Maplethorpe). In fact, I almost didn’t finish the Maplethorpe series–it got to me almost as badly as the last Maggie book.

      I just think we tend to get too wrapped up in the eroticism to appreciate humor sometimes. I mean, we’ve never read erotic scenes like KT writes. Seriously.

      It’s great that you brought this light TBTH, though. When we read those scenes you mentioned (with the exception of the strip show outside) we kind of got into a place where we felt how we imagined Natalie felt. The trash talk was great, but we took as serious. So, thank you, TBTH. I think you’re right!


      1. I will say this, I felt really bad for Natalie throughout this story. What was going through her head at the restaurant, wow. She’s a cheater and should feel bad certainly, and she didn’t do herself any favors by not coming clean about her fuck up, but still that had to be really rough! She was in some kind of hell having to grapple with having to hide her situation and be the accommodating wife.

      2. @tobetohave

        Especially knowing her second secret. Imagine knowing that and having Renny appear? Wow. But you’re still right, the sitcom thing doesn’t lose its luster because as readers, we didn’t know.


  8. Great fun, KT. Sometimes a good read is just like that Cyndi Lauper song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

    TBTH, is that song part of your sitcom soundtrack?

  9. I’m almost done with this and LOVE it so far. I’m 80% done, Nat is begging, my “emotions” erupted and I had to come up for air. Looking forward to finishing this over the weekend and hoping this has part 3 on KT’s Dec 2019 radar! 😉

  10. I am in the minority as usual that prefers standalones. The first one of this is good as it is. It doesn’t need this. It’s basically the same story with some added variations and a twist – which is usually the case for sequels.

    1. well the bummer aspect of being in the minority in this context is your opinion really doesn’t matter much. What the overall fans like is to see sequels.

      1. I found standalone books boring. Once and done, you forget them. KT got me as a fan because of long series, the characters and stories are memorable.

      2. I agree about standalone books. They are incredibly boring and it’s hard to enjoy them much when you know that there isn’t going to be a sequel.

    2. @Ebook – I think it’s already been stated by KT (although she said something recently which seemingly contradicts that) that her standalones are more popular than her series. She does what she wants, but she knows this and it affects her writing plans.

      There is a certain emotional impact that we’ve come to crave (that comes with cheating or seeing cheating for the first time) you and I, but there are other motivations to writing these stories. Maybe being exploratory, a love of the characters, or just a change of pace.

      I love this story for what it is and how it fits in KT’s library. Do I love how it affected me compared to her other stories, no, but it was great writing and knowing that KT is still KT can allow me to enjoy this story within it’s own context. Especially given the fact that she has the ability to write with depth and range. She never gets stale.

      1. Emotional impact? Yep. I’ll be the first to admit that while I understand the intellectual parts of cuckolding, I do not and apparently cannot understand the emotional aspects of it. I know when I read KT’s stories I get angry at the characters sometimes (Max, especially–and I will finish that series). My wife says it’s funny, but to me? Nope. It’s a tribute to KT’s writing that it happens. I guess I project myself into the situation and how I would react, then stomp off. So, yeah… emotional impact.

        That almost happened in this story, but it was because of what Natalie was going through. My wife was antsy, too. It’s quite honestly one of KT’s best because it can be taken on different levels.

        Which brings me to another thing… and I don’t know it’s any of my/our business. Is KT female or male? I think in a book, probably a forward that KT was female, but I can’t find it, now. It doesn’t really matter at all. It’s just when I was writing that hockey thing, above, I wanted to write “…KT passes the puck to her/himself off the boards…” but didn’t know what to write and had to scrap it. 😉 Okay, I’m odd. Then above, TBTH and earlier writes “…she…”. Like I wrote, it doesn’t matter and it’s really none of our business. I just had to ask, though. Feel free to not answer. We’re still fans!


      2. I regret asking what I asked. Please ignore that request. It’s rude and inappropriate. My deepest apology.


      3. @DnD – lol I wouldn’t sweat it, KT is a female. At that’s what she claims, she could be a super advanced erotica/romance a.i. conscious that it needs to appeal to us with humanity in order for us to be interested in it’s writing, for all we know.

        Or the alter ego of Stephen King, which would explain why KT constantly mentions his work when asked to let us know what else she/he/it is reading.

      4. Thanks TBTH. I do feel badly that I asked, though. I hope I didn’t offend KT. What triggered it was something xleglover mentioned in his latest story thread. By-the-way Daria and I don’t read stories on OHW together; since we stopped hotwife stuff, she doesn’t understand why I’m still there–there are some folks I write to there. One, in particular, shares my passion for Formula 1 racing. But I digress, yet again. In that post, he mentioned KT was a “he”. So, I was confused as xleglover is a huge KT fan and like another person here, is responsible for turning Daria and I on to KT. My dad always told me to ask questions, but this is one time I think I overstepped.


      5. @DnD – A little bit more about the mood and tone of the story …

        I guess I never really felt to angsty about this story because A) Natalie and Nelson really have a tangible connection you feel throughout this story, even as Natalie is getting the Bulge Specialty. B) Renny is not a threat, he’s all package and no substance. Did anyone else catch that Nelson had to tell Renny that he didn’t impregnate Natalie in the minutes after he had his accident? Not the brightest, just a guy who has made a life out of finding the fun out of every conceivable scenario, appropriate or not. Not to mention he doesn’t want to steal Natalie away anyways!
        C) Nelson was in complete control over the whole situation, really he was kind of the maestro of the story. I think it’s hinted at pretty strongly that the only reason they ran into Renny is Nelson’s doing. “Oh wow, imagine that, of all things to happen one year to the date of that crazy night, look who it is!?” The moments of leaving Renny and Natalie alone, going to bed, inviting him over to the cabin.

        If Renny was a more mature/respectable personality, I would be rooting for that to backfire on Nelson, but you knew it wasn’t going to happen in this story. Ergo, I just enjoyed the ride for what it was. There were things that were gut wrenching, but even when Natalie called out Nelson’ manhood you knew, A) she really didn’t feel that way about him when it’s all said and done and B) Nelson was enjoying watching his wifey struggle.

        Now I’m working, go away!

      6. No! I’m going to pester you! Ha!

        I agree on all points with the exception that I don’t get angsty–I don’t know what it is, seriously. I think I felt angst one time but that wasn’t because of a story, it was because I had to confront my wife about something that I wrote about in my OHW thread. It wasn’t because because of sex; it was because I didn’t really want to be right even though I was right and knew it. I guess it’s weird, odd at least.

        What we both felt about Natalie’s situation was a sense of impending doom simply because she didn’t know for sure that Nelson knew. She also wanted to get the hell out of there at almost all costs. Damned if I do. Damned if I don’t.

        We did love the way Nelson and Natalie teased each other about the previous Christmas after the fact ; all while being good people!


      7. Ah, my apologies, I mistook you’re anger for angst. Not to be confused! You’re making a great point about Natalie and her conundrum. I guess I took solace in the fact that I knew Nelson’s opinion on the situation, so you can feel bad for Natalie, but since I knew that Nelson was more than fine with whatever Natalie has done or will do, I didn’t feel that bad for her. The truth was going to come out and everything was going to end up okay.

        As I said though, I was kind of half-expecting the opposite reaction though, “You mean you knew the whole time and never said anything?! I killed myself over this for over a year!!” Nah, that’s not what happened though, they love each and it strengthened their love. No harm done!

      8. I’m constantly mixing up your and you’re, it’s embarrassing … too bad this doesn’t have an edit feature, KT!

        Get on that! 🙂

      9. TBTH,

        No apology necessary. I’m just wired funky.

        I think we look at erotica differently. When the writing is great and we’re reading parts out loud (AirPlay is a great thing) we really get wrapped up in the story and the characters.

        Having re-read the first Natalie book before the second really gave us a jolt from the start. So, we were innundated with what Natalie felt. So, perhaps it was natural to concentrate on Natalie, think Renny was an ass, and that Nelson was just messing with Natalie. Part of me actually thought Nelson would attempt to stop Remmy given what Natalie was saying (we don’t know if Nelson could see what she was doing until later in the scene). You know he had to be awake for the whole thing, though. It’s likely just me being me and wanting “No” to mean “NO”, or maybe a damsel in distress thing. Thinking back though, Natalie could have easily just got up. After the first protests, it is now clear she wanted to be taken.

        I think that we all have different reactions is a great thing. You can’t beat that!


    3. I also prefer the standalones, for whatever that might be worth, for much the same reasons as you point out.

  11. KT’s definitely a she. Feel like I’ve known that forever, though I’m not sure exactly where I first had it confirmed. But for something other than my say-so, I note that her page tells where to find “her” on Twitter.

    1. The more I think about how I asked that question, the more creeped out I get. It doesn’t matter what sex anyone is. I can’t justify it, I can only apologize and prostrate myself, pleading for mercy before the fan-base, and of course, KT. I’m serious.

      I have this thing about following my inner voice and I’ve tried to live by it. The only times I didn’t follow it, things have turned sour. I have a long way to go. No, I’m not Opus dei, hmm…Corporal mortification ahead? I’m not THAT far gone.

      It’s the holidays, so may you, your families, friends, and everyone, have happy, joyous times.

      David and Daria

      1. No worries! What the heck, DnD, why would I be bothered!? No need to feel so poorly about it, honestly, it’s not even a slightly big deal.

        A long time ago when I first started out I revealed way too many personal details and it created discomfort, so now I keep myself out of the picture. I’m just my characters—they’re the voices you read, not mine, anyway.

        I’m quiet these days because of holidays, et al, so sorry if I let this fester for you, I haven’t been around to really check! But thank you for being so mindful that you’re affected by it. Shows character!

        And Happy Holidays to you and everyone else as well!

  12. Am reading Watching Natalie Again and have to say I love your writing more than ever and disagree with notion that stand alone are better than a series. I think they both have their drawbacks as a series takes longer and can have issues such as the same thing over, etc. On the other hand I really don’t like stand alone because I feel I get way less of a story and I want to see more… This depends mainly on the characters and making them complex though, if they are overly simple I feel like a stand alone should be considered.

    That being said I think KT does better series than stand alone stuff. That’s just my opinion however and to each their own.

  13. does any one knows why amazon dont send me a notification about this new book?? becuse i follow kt in amazon and should receive kt news book but its send me nothing what happen to amazon does any one knows?

    1. I always get my notifications like a month later or so. Their notification system is crappy.

      1. I follow several authors on Amazon, and I’ve noticed that I don’t usually get new release notifications until some time after the actual release date. So yeah, it’s a crappy system. I’ve also noted that, even though I signed on to KT’s mailing list a looooong time ago, I have gotten a grand total of ONE email from her. That one was very recent, a notification about either Natalie or Inconceivable. It’s possible they got caught in the spam filter, but I’ve looked through the spam box several times and never saw anything there.

        Strange days when we’re complaining about a lack of advertising emails 🙂

      2. Ha ha, I’m not big on sending out emails. I’m not big on reaching out at all, for whatever reason. I’m sorry about that! I always post the new stuff on the website so if one were to subscribe to the website they will be notified of posts, and really, anything I send out to the mailing list is a re-hash of the blog post. Someday soon though the mailing list subscribers will get some free content so there is that added benefit. Subscribing to an author on Amazon is an unreliable way to stay in touch with any of your favorite authors; they may send a notice or they may not, and when they do it will be a month after the date, in my experience. But still do it!

      3. Are you the Parker Pascal who wrote “The Cuckold Who Came In From The Cold”? In any case, it’s brilliant. My wife and I, read it over the last two days. It could stand alone as a spy novel. We hope work on the second book is going well.

        David and Daria

  14. Okay I finished it and have to say that although I liked the first one more this one was great as well. I suspect that we wont be getting a part 3 which I am just fine with as it seemed that this couple had a very happy ending. What a hot story with two people that hate each Renny and Natalie and at the same time lust for each other in ways that make Natalie hate herself.

    Can’t wait to see what else is cooked up.

    1. Well said. I like the first one more because there was more risk involved, the second story seemed safer to me. Everyone felt more comfortable with the situation, even Natalie. She had Renny chipping away at her incredulity that Nelson would ever want her to cheat, not to mention watching him let Renny touch her with her own two eyes. Nelson was okay with it all, not at all insecure about the situation or about Natalie’s love for him, and Natalie is completely comfortable with Nelson exclusively, no doubts about their future from her perspective either. I’ve already mentioned Renny wasn’t a risk to steal away either. For me, these stories, it needs that element of risk to the relationship to really pile on the heartbeats. Short of that, it’s typical human drama that, as an observer, I can take in stride and read in peace.

      Part 2 was hot, and heartwarming, Nelson and Natalie’s love that is. Something about the timing of this story just kind of makes me want to hunker down with a blanket and enjoy with a warm beverage. It’s nice, pleasant. I want cold sweats and shivers though, blah, blah stuff she already knows and we all know they’re coming down the road, in another book and another time. Always fun talking about though.

      In terms of the possibilities of another story in the Natalie saga. You don’t think a third book is possible? I very much think it is. I’ll throw my two cents and say one possible avenue worth exploring is having Natalie seek out Renny for once, now that the lid has been opened. The old ‘no turning back now’ situation …

      Tons of avenues to explore in 2019! Please keep Renny though!

  15. I notice that the next books are the sequel to Maggie and ‘Open Hearts’. What’s that one about? And what’s happening with the next Reza book?

    Thanks for the writing KT…and a very merry Xmas to everyone on here!

  16. i buy it the book today and just finish it.its awesome like first one. tnx a lot KT your awesome.i like this book Because its happy endy and give good and happy emotions.i like this kind of book. and also i hate books about loosing wife and Humiliation of husband Becauseit make me sad and mad .so if any one can help me and say too me INCONCEIVABLE is a happy ending book like watching NATALIE AGAIN or bitter ending like Learning Lessons
    ??? i want buy INCONCEIVABLE but i dont know what kind of is it so pls guys help me . thank you for your book KT i realy enjoy of this NATALIE series. and i want to introduce me this kind of your books tnx a lot dear KT.

    1. I don’t think you’re reading books the right way if you are asking to know in advance how its going to end, but hey, to each their own I guess.

      I’ll play along, it’s a happy ending.

      You should take a look at the threads of her blog, or the reviews to her books if you are looking for more information about how it’s effecting people.

      1. thank you for your help.but dude i know all of them mostly is happy ending.thats not i meant.i dont like Tragedy cuckolding books like Losing His Wife or somthing else like this one.all i ask for ou guys is the Inconceivable book is a Tragedy book or not is not?

      2. Sam, sorry if I sounded like a dick. Look, you even got a ‘heads up’ direct from the source!

        Happy and/or tragic reading! 🙂

  17. tnx a lot KT .i love your happy book .im sorry for ask that iran we have alot Stress and i cant take any more ..all of your book its masterpiece because you can Feel all of human emotion and your awesome.i read your happy book because its help me have good time and i dont read tragic book because its make me sad .your work its awesome both tragic and happy iran life its sad because of our shit goverment and islamic rules and i risk my life to read your book and if the found that i read your books probably the hang me in public so i choose your happy one to feel happy in my life.thats why i ask Question about tragic or happy so sorry if i make you sad .thanks again for all of your work. i love you KT and i love your books and iam a big fan of your happy books :))

  18. Speaking of Canadian TV shows, the new season of Travelers, a time travel series on Netflix, has begun. It is blindingly obvious that “Cat” McLaren, wife of the male lead, “Mac”, is an incipient hotwife. The script cries for KT’s touch. I don’t understand why they have not approached you. Just today the Washington Post was praising the Starz show “Outlander” for all its onscreen sex.

    1. Just watching season 2. Dunno about the hotwife thing, though. Mac’s estranged, yet somehow closer wife is pregnant right now.


  19. DnD, as the season develops and moves into #3, it will become clearer. Kat is ripe for development by some passionate, but apparently sincere, bull.

    Sam, the show is “Travelers.”

  20. Whatever you celebrate, where ever you are, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to everyone, everywhere! May the joy and love of the season fill your hearts.

    Davd and Daria

  21. Blast from the past, KT, because I was randomly thinking about it. Since you won’t be revisiting this story, think back into the deep recesses of your mind, what was the ‘Incident in 2013’ from this story that was a tiff between Renny and Natalie when they were living together. Was it juicy? It didn’t seem like it considering how many sexy things were new to Natalie when it came to Renny. Was it just that Renny didn’t take out the trash enough times and she got made at him for it?

    1. Ha ha, it’s hard to remember what I’d intended without reading it again to jog my memory. But it wasn’t sexual. I think I imagined it as a big argument a la Devlin and Kimmy, but not ending up on the floor dry humping. Probably one of those nights for Nelson where he had to tiptoe around Nat because she was so mad at Renny she might take it out on him.

      1. tnx .to bad ): . i wish change your mind because this book is one of your best and its masterpiece. i hope some the change your mind and we can read this book again.or writeing something like this.

      2. I’m not saying never!—I just know I have some other loose series ends to tie up before I would ever go back to them…

      3. Sam – she has already said she won’t the only reason it’s being brought up is because there was an aspect of the book I was wondering about.

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