Sean York’s been approved for his reproduction license but it doesn’t change the fact he’s a Citizen G due to a distant genetic glitch. He and Carly can have their baby but The Administration offers a solution for young couples just like them…

Many Stars is a social diversity program awarding credits and stipends to young couples looking to start a family with surrogate genetic material. Their future baby’s seed will be selected from donors providing the most complementary genetic match to the mother.

Carly will ask the doctor: And what donors are in this blue folder?

Even in the age of science there is an admiration for the old ways and some of these potential gentlemen aren’t against the old-fashioned methods if young Carly is willing…





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120 thoughts on “Inconceivable

    1. No, I do now. Oh well. Tame cover, tame blurb. Whatever. Looks like they don’t like the subject matter anymore, no matter how tactfully one may write it.

      1. Sorry about that. Not a data point I would usually look for, but I got curious when I couldn’t find it no matter how I searched, even after 24 hours, unless I used the direct link from here. I’m sure the issue is not the cover, but that the subject matter is sex explicitly for breeding purposes. I don’t see how the blurb could possibly be more tame while still giving the reader any clue what it’s about. It’s capricious, as you know (if Joe at the Amazon review desk had called in sick yesterday, his fill-in Terence might have let it slide — or, maybe Joe did call out, and Terence was the problem). But if it helps, I bought a copy :-). No way this Blade Runner fanatic could pass it up. Can’t wait to see Sean Young … uh, I mean York … squirm.

      2. It’s actually not a “tame cover” and may very well be the real reason for the adult dungeon instead of the topic. Amazon doesn’t like pantyless woman on covers.

      1. Adult-tagged is a hidden marker that means no one will see the book in searches unless they have the filter off.

      2. Feeling a little like Khan in Star Trek II….”where’s the override…..where’s the ovdrride…?!” I looked for a means to turn off that adult filter thingy. But I don’t see it on my settings…..???

      3. The adult filter is a form of enforced censorship and it makes me question Amazon and the way they conduct business. It’s especially bad if there is simply no way to turn off these settings, their whole user experience design is heavily flawed.

    2. Further research shows it is the subject matter. Insta-dungeon, regardless of race, tame cover, tame keywords, tame blurb, an actually sweet surrogacy story…

      Oh well, back to the epic soap operas!

  1. DnDya…

    It’s a quick read. It has a start, pace, and an ending. It’s very well written and shows a future world that at first seems a bit disturbing, but in the end, seems altogether okay. Great work, KT. You’re the master!

    David and Daria

  2. Kt, are these the scenes from “Continuum” that Canadian censors we’re afraid to let us see?

    1. Ha ha, I had to google it. Just like every good Canadian show I’ve watched—I think, How come I’ve never heard of this show before?

    1. Tried this but all I get is a list of books that have “cuckold” in the title… it’s a head scratcher for sure. Why would those pop up but when I type in “Inconcievable” I get how to or how come not, and one aliens stranded on earth books..

  3. tnx KT your awsome.
    Im buying your book from a iranian man who likes cuckolding stuff Especially With Good and Happy ending.Buying your book its very hard here because for our goverment shit rules and us govement Sanctions.if the take me im gone be jail or punished.but i dont care and i love your book and always i find a way to buy your books.
    thank you for your good story its help me to have my dream Especially books with good ending.

    1. Thanks so much, I’m so glad you enjoy my books that much! But please be careful; governments make my palms sweat, and I live under what others might consider a benevolent one…

  4. can anyone help me about this book?if any body read this book i have a question.?this book have good ending or bad endig? i mean is that like Learning Lessons or Cherry Blossoms with bad ending and losing wife or not?

      1. i mean losing wife to another one its bad cherry blossoms he losse his wife to other guys like lerrning lesson .but i just to know about this book i mean inconceivable dose it about lossing wife and geting Humiliation or not its just another hotwife story?

    1. @ glddraco – it might not he wrong to define Cherry Blossoms as a bad ending, its vague enough to find darkness in it. I personally agree with you that it seems to be net positive, but there was plenty there to think it was a net negative.

    2. No one really answered your question. To answer it – Spoiler alert, this one has a happy ending. And as usual, a room to a possible sequel.

      1. TNX for your help dude its help me alot. Actually i donnt care about spoil and if i know what happen in story steel i read book. but tnx dude.

  5. Funny enough, if this were a Black Mirror episode it would be the one feelgood episode they get per season.

  6. What an absolute joy it is to know KT exists to this very specifically perverted weirdo that I am. Perverted, but dammit if I have standards and want them playing out on paper, please! Or screens … whatever the digital equivalent to paper pages is called.

    I love that she is somehow a humble person too despite being able to muster really incredible writing in seemingly no time, and (I’ve said it before but it never ceases to amaze me) has a day job. I’ve entered year 3 of my obsession and it has not waned at all, despite the fact that I always want more. To a lot of things that I enjoy, it is difficult to sustain the level of excitement that I have for KT’s stories on a constant basis. She does it routinely.

    I’ll never know who this person truly is, but there’s something so connective to them that makes me feel like I’ve known them my whole life.

    Maybe I’m Canadian, and I just never knew …

      1. I wish we got CBC here, donchaknow? Wait! That was too much like Sarah Palin… Seriously, I do wish we got CBC here. Just too far away. I got AMPS, too.

  7. Been busy and haven’t gotten to the story yet..hopefully after Thanksgiving when I’m done working for awhile until then I thought I’d stay connected and share a song that makes me think of certain women characters from certain books I read ..

    (But I still love’m)

      1. One of my all time favorites. I love Harry Nilsson—specifically this album. A total fuck you album, and who can’t get behind something like that?

      1. Lol! yea Wheeler got anger issues. But you know the minute that girl crooked her finger at him, he’d be wrapped right round that little finger again. The guys to watch out for are the quiet ones. We’re both mischevious and devious….did I say we I meant they ….as far as you know. Lol

  8. Careful for spoilers.

    One of my favorite things that happens in a KT story is when things go farther than any of the characters expect and they have to have to gauge and challenge themselves, “is this what I signed up for?” As Sean does throughout this story.

    What happens when Carly wants to talk dirty? Or Hollis gets a little rough? What happens when Hollis would rather try something else besides procreation?

    I feel like that’s where the story takes on it’s most powerful weight and KT loves her characters to run around in.

    I like the sweetness displayed throughout this story though, you knew throughout how much Sean and Carly loved each other. This story is not supposed to be a heartbreaker. That said the throes of passion are always a little jealousy inducing, but i think that was the extent of hurt that KT wanted to explore in this one. No more, no less.

    KT’s characters know good food, Indian is one of my favorite styles of food. A little tikka masala, aloo gobi, and cleaning up the plate with a slice of peshwari naan.

    Finally, kudos to Sean’s Swimmers. A true David vs. Goliath story. Over’coming’ the odds.

    1. Even though I haven’t read it yet…I’ll agree
      Whole heartedly with this.
      Only I was the one wondering what I signed up for in stories like Maggie. Particularly the wardrobe scene…. that absolutely blindsided me.
      Pete in LHW1 most certainly got more than he bargained for…

      1. This ? book was already scheduled and doesn’t have anything to do with the flop of Inconceivable. It’s been on the schedule for a long time, and it looks like I’m going to finish early, but probably won’t publish early. Look for it around the 26th. After that it looks like Keely’s up next, then another ? book, then Separate Schools 2, then another ? book, then the final Reza…

        Like you said though: DON”T HOLD ME TO IT!

      2. My bold predictions for the mystery book.

        It will be a book … with pages.

        It will have a male and a female character, maybe a second male character.

        And there will probably be food.

        Did I nail it?

      3. The food thing, ha ha…? Dead on. Everything else dead on, too, of course. But the food: uh, yeah. Now the question: what kind of cuisine?

      4. I’m sorry that happened to what was a (relatively) tame story. Keely and Separate Schools better not fall trap to whoever is blacklisting shit!

        Is ? at risk do you think?

        Got that nun stock photo handy, just in case?

      5. Ah, it’s my own fault. I really do want to concentrate on long form stories like Maggie and Cherry Blossoms and Pete and Jess (I always forget what it’s called now, Lesson Learned or something), and to stay away from short and dirty. I like doing them short and dirty, but I have to remind myself that there may not always be a market for books like that. Sure, Maggie and CB had lots of sex but there is a lot more to it than that. Man, you should read the next Separate Schools, lots of theories and conversations… yes, there’s sex but it’s way, way more than sex. That’s where I want to be…

      6. This is interesting, it really bums me out that you can’t feel comfortable writing whatever you want without fear of some draconian gatekeeper looking out for skin. I don’t know what you know about how the market works, but I thought that you concluded at some point that it was the one-off’s that were keeping things afloat? That would seem to point to a rather strong market. I think you should take a poll of your audience to see how they came to your stories and what’s keeping them. I’m in the polling industry so maybe I might be biased about that approach, ha.

        Things like:
        1) What was your first book?
        2) What kept you reading?
        3) What format would you rather I write?

        I came on from a one-off, but it was because it was a good length (SCB). But I think I stuck around because I was predisposed to enjoying authors that write multiple part stories, which was LHW1. LMAO that you forgot how you titled that series. To say nothing about what you actually write. That helped, haha. Taking a step back and looking at what constitutes your library though, the fact that you write a lot per book and write series is a draw for me. Whatever route you go taking in all these factors of the markets and you’re personal asperations, I will follow!

        You better believe I’m excited though with how you’re describing Separate Schools 2. I hope Taylor, Harrison, and Kelsey dig REAL deep. I am so game.

        I love how you slip in that Natalie and Nelson (and I imagine Renny) are coming back! WNC was easily my favorite one-off. Maybe we’ll finally know what happened in the blow out of ’13, LOL!

      7. KT, honestly that makes me very sad to hear. Your short and dirty stories (like Taken While He Watches, Size Curious Brat, and Watching Natalie Cheat) are amazing and despite hunting around, I can’t find anything quite like them. It’d be a shame if the genre lost your singular talent. I wish there was something I could do to convey my level of support for these books. Of course, if you plain want to write something else that’s what you gotta do.

        Obviously, I don’t have access to the sales data on your side (and maybe it is as simple as Amazon will structurally tank anything to sexual) but I don’t know if I’d draw any conclusions about an entire style if one book doesn’t perform how you’d like. There are many other confounding factors that could throw things off.

        Of course, you gotta write what you want to write! I know I’m somewhat in the minority here regarding preferences.

      8. I don’t think Inconceivable was a flop. It was different. You took a chance and that’s something any motivated person will do. We liked the book. Yes, it was a very quick read, but that’s okay, too. Don’t ever let yourself get boxed in based on audience reaction.

        As you have written you like longer stories. We do, too. You can have the same kind of character/scenario development in shorter stories, though. Your shorter stories are great! I think we’ve bought everything you’ve published. We’re going to continue.

        You have a gift.

        We just wish you’d continue with Happy Endings. 🙂


        1) What was your first book? Purchased? The first Maggie book

        2) What kept you reading? Lots. The scenes. The descriptions of events were very vivid. Even walking around they made us feel we were there.

        3) What format would you rather I write? Do what you feel. Follow your inner voice. (I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve never gone off the rails when I follow that niggling feeling.)


    1. @DnD – Without putting words in KT’s mouth, I dont think she considers it a flop based purely on reader’s reactions. I think she considers it a flop because it won’t be able to be easily searched by the lay reader since its been dungeoned. It reaches us who go out of our way to actively seek KT work, but not the general user.

      1. Well, the category couldn’t have helped. I don’t know why KT considers it a flop, but I gathered KT wasn’t entirely wasn’t entirely happy with the book. So, both Daria and I wanted to encourage KT to continue to take risks.

        There’s a dearth of well written erotic novels out there. We’re becoming more and more selective with our reading. If a book doesn’t have characters in it that are realized (realised?;)) we stop when we recognise (recognize) it. 🙂

    1. That was very nice.

      You know what my favorite little moment was in totally the dirtiest of senses (without divulging what it is to keep this forum civil)?

      “squeeze it”

      Something about that, even though it was the intention. Just, phew …

    1. Yeah, boo! It’s a Monday. It’ll be a great Monday here in the now frozen tundra. “The cold never bothered me anyway…” my ass.

      On another note, since we started reading erotica, I’ve always thought one song lended itself to set a romantic theme, “Still You Turn Me On” by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Hotwifing to split, split to reunion, renunion for life.

      1. ELP! Welcome back, my friends. To the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend. Come inside! Come inside ….
        Yes the pun was intended.

      2. Karn Evil 9 is a blast! The whole thing!

        Here’s another song for a hotwife story: Dream Theater’s “Home”. Apart from that, I really like the music in it. At the beginning, it’s all about “Surrounded” by Dream Theater, then “Home”, and then, then…it’s an exercise for the writer.

        I remain,
        That guy, or Davd, or David, or perhaps Scott. Someone choose. I’m lost.

      3. David – You just name dropped one of my favorite bands ever ‘Dream Theater’, I know exactly the song you’re talking about. You’d think I’d more into that song considering the theme therein. Very dramatic album about revenge, ‘Home’ being a very important part of that revenge plot.

      4. TBTH,

        We have something great in common, then. Dream Theater is my favorite band. Well, maybe not as much now, but up until “The Astonishing” they were. So much so, that for our wedding (and renewal last year, around this time) we used “Surrounded” as the entrance music. It’s such a happy song! If you like Type O Negative, Daria will hunt you down! She’s into gothic type stuff. I usually hear “Christian Woman” a few times a week.

        Thanks for letting me know you like Dream Theater. That’s so cool!

        Dave (wearing an “Escape From The Studio” T-shirt.)

      5. Oh, TBTH,

        One more thing.

        How do you tell you’re talking to a nerd? The nerd’s wearing an Apple Watch and a Dream Theater T-Shirt. Like now.

        That guy

      6. I love Dream Theater. I was just literally listening to ‘In the Name of God’ yesterday, which is one of my favorites songs of there’s (as well as any song with little James LaBrie, sorry, dude is over the top to me, haha!). Type O Negative I haven’t really listened to, sorry Dar, I’ll need to check them out if they are recommended so highly.

        Me, my favorite Prog band (with a bullet) is Tool. Really excited about the prospect of a new album of their’s this year. Even if they hate each other.

      7. Yeah, I know what you mean about LaBrie. He blew out his vocal chords a long time ago. Live, it’s painful at times.

        Tool? I really like Tool, too. I think this is the number… Track 69 got played over and over just for the rhythm. Also, the lyrics. 🙂

        So, if you’re the man…


  9. According to Amazon, we started reading together December 17, 2017–that’s when I bought the first Maggie book. Oh, and I read half of the last Maggie book tonight. I want to kick Max in the ass so badly!

      1. I will finish it. Your hard work shows! It shows up in everything you write, seriously. There is so much crap erotica out there–we’ve bought some–that when you come out with a new story, they’re bought immediately: No preview reading is necessary.

        There are few authors out there we trust like that. We know we’re going to get character development–that’s the most important thing to us. Another thing is length. We seldom buy books less than one-hundred pages long; if we do, they’re from authors who pack bang with each word. We’d buy a ten page book from you. Your bang per word is off the scale. Typically, with less lengthy books, we don’t get the feeling we know something about characters. We don’t get the build-up.

        So, there you go. I’m gonna finish it. I’m at a point where I know I’m gonna stomp some. You have me suspending disbelief like no other writer in erotica. Like I wrote before, my wife thinks my reactions are funny.

        I’m no masochist. Please, bear with me. It’s your fault! 🙂

      2. You’ll maybe finish it just in time to jump in to Finding Keely—perfect timing!

        And thank you for all the kind words!

      3. Just an FYI… I’m actually into the Epilogues, now. I still want to kick Max’s ass, now Maggie’s and Cole’s, too! Thankfully, he’s not real. 🙂

        Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving here in the States, so Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here and really everywhere–it’s always a holiday when you celebrate and are genuinely thankful for everything in your life.


  10. As much as I agree that the futurism and dystopian themes are similar to Black Mirror, I don’t think this story is dark enough to be a Black Mirror story …

    Maybe if Hollis actually knew who Carly was, and for months leading up to the appointment had been manipulating what shows she was watching to see images of him, or what’s in his profile. All of a sudden there’s a commercial for CNN’s upcoming segment on war heroes, etc. stacking the cards in his favor when she finally takes a look at what’s in the blue folder.

    Or take it a step further and make Hollis a timetraveler. He bumped into Carly a long time ago (in the present) and he remembers her, but she doesn’t remember him, and besides, she’s married. He wants to get his opportunity, so he goes back in time to when Sean’s family is conceiving him, and he mutates his genome so he’ll be relegated to Citizen C status. Now he’ll stack the cards against the other competitors to finally get his chance with Carly.


  11. Hi KT, huge fan of your books, especially the darker emotional netorare series such as LHW and Landlord. A while back you mentioned a potential series with a heavier dose of trauma, something like a married couple and a pro athlete (can’t remember which sport)- is that still in the pipeline?


    1. Thanks, DLZ! That story is still in the pipeline. I’ve already written a fun intro scene to that one and some other things for it too. But as it stands, it is on my schedule for August 9th, 2019. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that means only one thing: it will not come out on August 9th, 2019! Maybe before, maybe later… I’m trying to commit myself to a reliable schedule in 2019 and to finish the ‘hanging’ stories like CPro. But also not getting too anxious over deadlines because then it becomes like homework and I think some of the deep character exploration gets diminished. Gotta find that sweet spot!

      …and it was baseball (but that might change too, you never know!)

      1. Regardless if you actually make that schedule I am so fucking ecstatic to know you have THAT much writing lined up that you’re projecting that far into 2019. You are something special, Momo.

      2. I have until February 2020 planned. We’ll see what happens though, that’s a long way away and lots can happen between!

    1. Yes, sorry—it’s actually done! It’s somewhere around here—kicks reams of typewriter paper—but I have to edit it and get it together. It will be free for the newsletter subscribers. I wish writing was my full time job! I’m deep in the Max/Keely deal right now and can’t divert attention (only a few free hours a day!), but once I’m clear I’ll try and clean up SCB2 and put it out there for my subscribers…

      1. This is very good to know. Wish I could work on my writing more as well but I also have to get some big design projects finished.

        Just thought of something I didn’t like about the otherwise hot cover for Inconceivable was the typography. I could see the colors really meshing and being hard to read, also the colorblind? Depending of course on the type. Otherwise it’s perfect.

  12. Hi KT, can we get some insight into what inspired this story? The ‘Many Stars’ program?

    Was it as simple as, “How can I get a couple to agree to let wifey get knocked up by a 10/10 without angering hubby?”

    1. It’s sort of along those lines. I’d written more about the program, but balked when I came back to finish the book after a long break; it was too convoluted and got in the way. Some people get upset about the subject matter and I wanted the book to be a little more fun than confrontational.

    1. I hope that Natalie becomes a KT Morrison Christmas tradition, haha! Everybody gets a Christmas tree, hugs loved ones by the fire, and reads about Natalie’s escapades with Renny. Ah, traditions … lol.

      Seriously, the anticipation I have for this one is so high, she is uniquely able to manufacture that kind of excitement because of the richness of that first story. That makes the concept of a sequel just so heart throbbing.

  13. I am so looking forward to Watching Natalie Cheat Sequel. I’ve been looking forward to this and remember wondering myself if it was going to have a sequel. I had a feeling that it had more stuff going towards this possibility as she’d probably do it again. Not sure if it will be with Renny or another this time around, all I know that I’m excited to see it come out.

    Having this feeling today.
    I like to say I fired my employer. Put in my two week notice and today is kaput day…
    Black Friday and blue Saturday is over…
    Hmm sounds like the title to an interesting novel. Looking forward to reading this story, tonight if possible.

  15. I discovered KT when I read a comment while reading something from xleglover on ohw. I liked the longer format books, where there is a build-up rather than short, sweet, wham-bam thank you ma’am , though a good story is a good story. If the story is well written, I enjoy 1 parters as well, e.g Inconceivable! I just find that there is a lot of crap out there and so a good barometer is to look for longer stories (but again its still hit and miss).

    What I like about KT’s writing is the relationships, I like that there is a deeper connection between the wife and her bf. I like there to be a bit of danger to the main couple’s relationship. Most authors flirt with a bit of danger and then pull back, KT is one of the few who has followed through and will do what is required for the story and not worry about reader reaction. I would urge her to keep writing what feels right for her, and not worry about reader reaction. I know its easier said than done but that is my personal opinion.

  16. Hopefully the next book will be out today. Is it going to be on kindle unlimited or? I understand some of the reasons authors don’t use it, but it makes things a little easier on the wallet to do it. At least for a limited time.

    1. We’re spoiled, she posts that she is just now getting to a point that she is proofreading a 35,000 word novella with a day job and there are people saying, “so … tonight then?” lol

  17. Friendly neighborhood anticipation speculation. Does Natalie find out Nelson has been watching her the whole time, or does Nelson successfully keep Natalie in the dark even though you’d have to think Natalie would find out?

    I hope she doesn’t, but that might not be realistic based on how the previous story played out.

  18. Sorry this week has been a circus of interuptus. Finally got to the book but my inner fire got the best of me so I haven’t finished yet!
    Amazon kept sending me the same offensive email offer. Something I am not interested in and told them so. They continue to send it. So I deleted my kindle account. I’ll find another way to get the books but for now I’ll be out of it for a bit.

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