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  1. Ohhhhhh damn! I’m thinking this might be that book that was being compared to a Black Mirror-esque story! Also cool new site!

      1. You know, strangely enough, an inordinate amount of Black Mirror episodes focus on infidelity. Maybe ol’ Mr. Brooker has a fixation.

    1. Thank you! The book’s name hasn’t been revealed because the title is a giveaway of what the subject matter will be. Too many smarty-pants around here who’ll have the whole plot line figured before the book’s out, ha ha…

  2. I’m in some weird dystopian future where I’m posting where no one else has posted and KT Morrison is writing Sci-fi.

    Hello? Hello!?!


    1. Ha ha, I can’t keep churning out the same books (though you know I will!), I need to change it up once in a while. Plus this isn’t really sci-fi per se, no wookies or anything. Unless you use wookie as a nickname for something dirty.

      1. Lol! As long as there isn’t a lot of green people and tentacles (which are a thing I’ve noticed), I’ll be wooking over here just fine.

        Whatever that means.

  3. Congrats, KT.
    Does this mean that your cuckolds will be turning to new technology as their ladies leave them behind for the big boys?

  4. Love the new site.
    The mysterious surprise book reminds me a little of the video clip you had from the Maggie series with the Asian chick in the hotel room..then the knock at the door in the end…
    Other then that. …I got nothing.
    But i do love surprises… unless its my wife going down on her boss or something then not so much….ok maybe a little.

  5. Putting the pieces together:
    1) geisha swallowing a pill.
    2) hot fembot puffing away on a cigarette.
    3) a somewhat subdued Harrison waiting.

    1) she’s on the pill, she’s doing a drug, she has a cold.
    2) she’s in command and is making Harrison wait outside or she doesn’t know he’s outside. Is she a voyeur in That clip.
    3) Harrison is waiting outside but isn’t happy about it.
    My second guess (there’s no limit right?)
    “Natalie cheats”
    First was maplethorpe short..

  6. one more thing fembot exhales a cloud of smoke and one rises from the bottom of screen in Harrison’s frame. I needed a hint for the hint. Still doesn’t help with the guessing lol..

    1. I think its a sequel or a story related to a previous KT tale..mainly because it IS a surprise…if it were just another story then no real surprise there. Unless the story is totally out of this subject area. Which would be a big surprise and interesting.

      1. I guess we got that mystery wrapped in an enigma thing going on. Lol

        Typically, the hints are referring to something we (the fan base) are familiar with…not always and I’ll not set this in stone..but personally its where my head goes. Too many possibilities for me to contemplate otherwise.

      2. It’s a Black Mirroresque one-off! No previous characters at all…

        The surprise was it wasn’t listed on the progress bar till it was practically done. It surprised me even. I wrote it a year ago and never finished, then picked it up recently and thought it was kind of good…

      3. Thanks for clearing that up…. looking forward to reading it.

        I’m almost done with KW “training to love it”. I thought it was a really good piece a very nice twist in the end and yet somehow it left me wanting. I think you spoiled me KT. Ruined me for other writers. There wasn’t any real conflict until the end and then, it was not about the sex. I didn’t fall in love with the characters like how I do in your stories. Still it was very good but not KT great. Sorry to you guys who liked that story I know bunch of you did.

      4. @John – Yep, KT is the standard bearer. I laugh at the conflict in what used to be my favorite in the genre for a time (the Training to Love It series you mention).

    1. Hmmm I guess I’m strange because I didn’t like Training To Love It as much as some of his other books. I like all kinds of books and have always been a Horror and Fantasy buff. I have something that’s very different than the standard where this couple land in a Conan like world/dimension. Thus far I’m just working on the outlining. Refuse to stop writing just because I’m not in so and so’s standards.

      1. I agree I liked his joint book with Kirsten Mcurran
        Ian’s obsession the most. I think he doesn’t do hurt feelings very well.which is why he doesn’t do arguments, spats, or separations in his stories. At least not at the level that KT does…which is more real to me. Shalamara jax is the opposite end where her stories get down right violent but still manages reconciliation endings.

        Good luck with your writing!

  7. Interesting that it’s going to be black mirroresque which makes me think horror or sci-fi in a sort of Outer Limits or Twilight Zone genre. Love to see you do more hotwife/cuckold elements in this genre. Something to consider exploring I think.
    I am looking forward to Separate Schools book 2 possibly the most at this point besides the Reza series and I don’t know why. I was thinking each book after Separate Schools would be a year of school. (Freshman Year, Sophomore Year, etc.) But I take it that this isn’t what is planned? Have to admit this is the best format that I can imagine at this point in time but then again I’m pretty tired so I could be wrong.

  8. Since we maybe delving into a bit of “scifi-ish”. It got me wondering about space exploration and “5 year missions”. About the future of hotwifery on an vessel with out
    Too many chances to involve strangers for privacy….
    In a long term star trek pre holodeck like world. I’d think the wife would eventually become the village bike….. than again wife sharing might be the norm by then and monogamy the new kink.
    Side note: I wonder what a sex toy will look like in 23rd century.

  9. John C, many scfi writers have woven differing marriage practices into stories. Robert Heinlein wrote of polygamy starting in the early 1960s possibility late 50s. Larry Niven is a another that comes to mind.
    When disease and pregnancy are under control group marriages of various ratios and flavors will be common. Economics and living space usually dictate the family unit anyway MF, MFM, FMF, MFMF or MMFFMFMF… you get the idea. I think Heinlein’s “Friday” had group marriages and the big reason was economics. One of the group would find a likable person and they had a good job or some skill the group need cooking, child rearing, repair skills etc. They would get interviewed and voted into the family. It was a shifting thing people joined and then were free to leave when they desired. Sex was part of it too but not requirement.
    We’ll see things change as the old religious morals fade and we may even see a time when gays can marry! Oh wait that is already happening! See the times they are a changing.

  10. I was just going to say that I remember Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman had some form of cuckolding in it with the main characters fiancé getting seduced by his dad who happens to be the trickster god Anansi. Just an odd thought.

  11. @ RCH….TV series called “ascension” deals with long term space flight (total scifi). They once a year do a sort of lottery and the computer picks who will get married as determined by the best genetic match ups. Solely for procreation and crew replacement. While it had several cucky relationships and some interesting aspects(Trisha hilfer swimming nude) The show was a total flop and was mercifully put down. Battle star Galactica also had some cuck scenes. On new caprica the XO’s wife was slurping one of the cylon clones. Then of course there was the multiple copies of boomer who made every man fall in love with her.

  12. In the realm of goofiness.
    When I got my first email notice relating to guessing about the nature of the surprise book. I saw this note at the bottom of a “somebody liked your comment” notification.
    “You might want to go see what they’re up to! Perhaps you will like their blog as much as they liked your comment!”

    My first thought was that this was a hint from the liker that there was an update on another Maggie or maplethorpe blog….. until I realised it was just a standard doodad added to the notification.. as homer would say “dooh!”
    Dont ask how long I spent before logic side caught up to creative side….

    1. Is that why? I thought she was dropping hints when you look at the top of this page and the three blogs that are related to this one are related to the Reza series, LHW2 and (to your guesses) LHW1. I dont know if that is indirectly related or directly.

      Could be of interest … 🙂

  13. Obsessed Series
    Atticus the tortured artist with his host of kinky couples. The young and innocent Amy and the naive husband JJ. Please let them live again! You are working on other series but when you get time please revisit. Other fans let KT know that you care!

  14. I’ve been rereading some of Kenny Wright and I have to say that I figured why I’ve never been a HUGE fan and wished that he would do more of. One is he always seems to play it safe, KT never does that. KT will spend a lot of time putting relationships on the edge and this builds a ton of excitement. Arnica Butler and Kenny Wright both have this tendency of playing things at the safe angle.

    Another thing is that KT is willing to take it to the cuckold angle, without going too far. A lot of writers also have a tendency of not to do something just because they are afraid to displease the reader. KT isn’t afraid of this which makes the reading a lot more fun for me.

    1. My spin is that the feelings KT generates within the charactors are genuine. They are a realistic response to a realistic situation.
      Which equates to not always being certain that the primary’s will end up together.
      Maggie series was typical of that. I was all in for team Max, until the armoire. I was never really on team Cole either so I just wanted Maggie to get who she wanted most.
      (Still think she should have gone with the more distinguished professor Charmichael) And Cole was the better fit.
      Even though the genre will have certain repetitive aspects each story is not a cookie cutter wash rinse repeat story. I personally get invested in each charactor much the same way I became a fan of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Once you start one of KT stories you got to see where it goes.

  15. It’s interesting to read everyone’s comments. We’ll be eagerly looking for the new book. I do wonder how KT keeps things straight. So many irons in the fire, yet so far, we’ve not been disappointed.

    1. Shh dont tell no one but……. It’s the hormy elves that live in the woods out back. Instead of making shoes they finish KTs stories…..

  16. Well it turns out I didn’t read the whole Training To Love it series like I thought I did which is ironic considering that I read most of Kenny Wrights stuff. So I’m going through it and find that I sort of like it actually. It’s good to tie my fixation over with other writers in this genre which is a smaller genre than other erotic ones. The amount of bad writers when it comes to this genre is staggering, I personally hate stories that are like 20 pages long. I appreciate Kenny in his own right and hope he gets back to writing soon.

    I think this is what I’ve liked about KT Morrison and most of the other writers I read. All the good writers that I like in this genre really know how to write a good plot with well developed characters. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of the bad writers in this particular genre really gloss over the small things that make reading it painful.

    I hope that this next KT book coming out will be out this week. Although I’m not sure how much time I will have.

  17. We really like Kenny’s work. Trainng to Love It is my favorite of Kenny “Can He Write” Wright’s work. I read his page the other day and discovered he’s got three works in the oven, one of which appears to be a huge novel.

    We really try to stay away from stories less than 100 pages in length because we get into writers who develop their characters in such a way that a reader gets to know characters. We definitely won’t read stories that are below 50 pages or so.

    KT is our favorite in the genre, though. KT can rip our hearts out and really knows how to set a scene and describes not only sex, but the surrounding areas–such as driving to Maggie’s house and leaving Maggie’s house–so vividly that the reader can visualize exactly what is going on. KT is a special talent. There are more reasons, but we are eager to read her next book!


    1. To be fair though, I think KT is just as capable of taking the heart that’s been ripped from our chests and safely putting it back with titanium alloy and sowing that shit up, making you ready to take on the world with an emotional fortitude that has you stronger than you were before you started reading. The point that I like of KT is that she writes stories where at some point she is holding my heart in her clutches and I’m at the mercy of her will.

      Her characters are just as capable of being benevolent as they are malicious.

    2. I had written that almost exact same thought but glitched the posting. I always check page count before buying and also read what other actual readers reviews are.
      Usually I look for the names of the folks on here since I appreciate their opinions.

  18. Can’t wait for the new release from KT. Hopefully it comes this week!

    Having already read most of the main authors in the genre, I just discovered Tinto Selvaggio and started reading his My Wife Reclaimed series. I wasn’t expecting much but its a good enough distraction to while away the time.

  19. Just in case I forgot my manners
    Welcome to KTs blog (or as I like to call it KTs group therapy room).
    To Dave, Pete, and golddraco…and anyone else I might have missed..
    Some of us have been on the blog for awhile and were happy to have new opinions and comments from a bigger crowd.

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