High Stakes

The sixth Reza book is now available!

Jonny and Charlie need to learn the lesson taught by the cage. Their landlord wants them to know that their love eats away at discipline. Discipline was what would save them. Don’t they want to be saved?

Reza moves his pieces on the board like a master, always one step ahead of his young opponent whose life is all about playing games. What better way to lure young Jonny into the worst move he could make than offering him the reward he craves?…


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  1. Hopefully she's not doing drugs… Coke in particular can be a very horrible habit that will eventually kill. My thinking is she does some weed and other softer drugs, but stays clear from other drugs.I think that she might be given a choice to spend the weekend with Jonny or with him (Reza) with Jonny serving them at their whim or Jonny's week without chastity. Maybe the offer will have something more.

  2. Extremely well summarized John! I for one forgot to acknowledge that Tate is a benevolent sexist bordering on hostile. It changes my view on wanting Tate to win when he's saying shit about wanting Charlie never to work again. I think that's the only line I focused on, haha. Apparently the other forms of benevolent sexism,' the 'I'll protect you' and the 'you deserve better' comments were acceptable levels of sexism to me, lol …To be fair to myself, women actually prefer benevolent sexism above male feminism, so …

  3. Me too. I hope Charlie chooses to be with Jonny. And Jonny chooses to let her be with a bull. And that Jonny chooses to let Charlie lock him up in a cage while she is with her bull. 😉

  4. So Keeley will be the next book. Can't wait to read it when it finally comes out which will hopefully be in the next couple of months. I would like to see how the whole Keeley and Max thing works out and their relationship blossoming.

  5. @lancer kind of what I was trying to say…Charlie is in the driver seat. She gets to choose who what when where and which positions she wants to try. Johnny let's her as long as he gets to soul stare in her eyes as she's getting it. End result they re still together but changed.

  6. @2b2h agree with your last statement on Sexism. I think women prefer it for us males to make the decisions so they can lord it over us the rest of days when shit goes sideways. I included the Part about Tate wanting her to cum because, she said she did but there was no evidence of that. She didn't even fake an orgasm she just said she had one. So what happend there..? Did his verbal smack down on Johnny kill her mood?

  7. I get the feeling that Charlie owns Jonny's balls and cock and we'll soon see if Charlie wants Jonny out and wants to spend the whole week with Reza while Jonny has to focus on building the game as I predict that hell be dealing with difficulties.

  8. I'm waiting for the curve ball …. will a third party refocus Charlie to her true love…..? I think that's Johnny but what if (we should just call these blogs the whatif blogs) Reza sidelines Charlie for a new conquest or Tate is provided for by a nordic supermodel brought back by reza.. will jealousy and lack of 8+ inches of meat a night strain their relationship.? What will Charlie do to get some of that big Tater? Will she have to leave Johnny to get what she needs? Itll be about xmas before we find out I think ….

  9. Well I really enjoyed “High Stakes”! One point that I did not see others comment on was the scene with Tate when he has Charlie arch her back to tilt her uterus away so he can get deeper HOT! That huge effect on Charlie going where no man has gone before! It also overwhelms Jonny too! I’m wondering if she’ll try this technic with Reza next time? Reza seems to prefer taking Charlie doggy style anyway. It would surprise Reza and shock Jonny if she did.There has to be some form of retribution for all the crap Jonny has put Charlie through. What is it going to be? More tattoos, piercings, pregnancy, performance problems, etc. I like the idea of Charlie getting too loose for Jonny, this will be a reminder that bigger men have used his Charlie. Perhaps Charlie seeks advice from Genesis. Be interesting what her advice could be. Genesis is a bit of a wild card in the story is she the devil’s minion or one of his victims? Enjoy the whole pregnancy play. Is it or is it not safe? There have been a few studies showing that being intimate with a man or men can actually cause a woman to ovulate earlier than normal. It was looking into why the rhythm method has such a higher failure rate when all factor are removed. So, lots of deep kissing and unprotected intercourse can lead to ovulation timing being thrown off. Jonny’s has to be going through hell for days after Reza or Tate have seeded Charlie. After her weekend with Tate, Tate will still be with her on Tuesday or even Wednesday? Perhaps Jonny, worried Googles this, just to see really how safe it is? Will he share his research with Charlie or keep it to himself? Something has to tarnish his weekend with Charlie. It would be ironic if their weekend is in a definite unsafe time and they are forced to take care! A note on Reza Iraq or Iran doesn’t matter he must be from a Coptic Christian or Arminian family because he is uncircumcised! He can’t be Moslem or Jewish! But ether way I agree he must be into other things give his life style.Best

  10. Good input RCH, thanks for sharing your insight. I was going to comment about Tate's technique to go “deeper” as well because (something we haven't mentioned yet), guess what it made Charlie do? SQUIRT! Whoa. Didn't expect that. She seemed pretty surprised, but it also makes me wonder if she'll have Reza try that position and technique with her as well. Or maybe she tries it with her dildo when she is solo.

  11. Thank's John and Lancer. Not totally a newbe here made a few comments “Separate Schools”. KT tells a good story and is very productive. Been going back and reading her older works. Just finished “Cherry Blossoms” great story too! When we were younger the wife and I started swing and then hot wifing. She had a young boyfriend(20) and she was in her early 50s at the time. So I have experience with this life style. What got me was a few day after I'd look at her and think that he is still with her.

  12. I loved Cherry Blossoms. What a heart wrenching tale with so much angst. I felt the most for the husband in that one as he had to deal the thought that his kid wasn't his. The wife made me feel a mix of love and hate as she was horribly manipulative.

  13. Hey, that sounds like a very interesting idea! Maybe Jonny's friend Shilamut is the one that Reza brings back with him. Here is where I would be interested in is that not only does she capture Reza's affections but also Jonny finds himself drawn to her but as a friend. Charlie gets massively jealous of course but to Jonny's depression finds himself thinking she's jealous of Reza and this other woman.Another interesting take is that this Israeli is employed by Reza to fool Jonny and she gets an attack of conscious. Can't wait to see what happens in the next book which will be a little bit because I think Keely and Separate Schools book 2 will be coming out before the next Reza book.

  14. Yea cherry blossoms was my favorite KT story and for this genre my overall fav.The shocking beat down by Rockos wife the cliff hanger did they get squished by the car. All the angsty stuff the first time in the hotel…omg just soooooo loaded with cuckold gold.My favorite short toss up between “pool party” and “Natile cheats”But for the rest of KT's stories… well, as the saying goes. I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed.@ RCH..lucky you…!

  15. I dunno about it being my favorite. I did enjoy the story but found I like a lot of others such as Reza and now Separate Schools more than Cherry Blossoms.

  16. Possible spoiler “Cherry Blossoms” Yes, makes you wonder if there hadn't been the question of who was Odele father would the couple have continued with the two brothers? Geoff seemed to be settling in quite nicely into the whole thing until the truth was reveled about Nia and Dino and the Question of Odele's father. It is my experience that Nia always loved Geoff and would never leave him. He left because he felt betrayed. I think things would have continued with Dino at least. Dino being married and having a family makes it complicated too. I suppose that at a later time Geoff may want ot open up the possibility again he got off on it and was finding his peace with the sharing Nia. Going to look into some the other older KT stories too. I enjoy the interracial aspect of the Land Lord Series grew up with a mother from the Southern part of the US with all the racial biases that came with it. It's Her love of the old trashy “Plantation Novels” that got me started reading erotica in the first place. These books weren't very explicated, but enough to get a young boy worked up! The usual stuff the frustrated lady of the plantation left alone in her bedroom while the husband entertains his bed wench in his bedroom. She out of spite and loneliness decides to taste the dark flesh of a strapping field hand. There is always drama and consequences that follow. Some will over react I'm not glorifying slavery and all it's horrors but relationships both willing and unwilling did happen between WMBW&WWBM it the taboo of it that makes it exciting.

  17. The main downside of Cherry Blossoms is that the wife was unlikeable from what I can remember. Although I grew to care about her some, I felt she always acted selfishly.

  18. So let me pose this question to the KT Cuck Club … which scene within the Reza series has been the most erotic to you / turned you on the most? There are 2 that really stand out to me:1- When Charlie and Reza returned from their Caribbean trip after Charlie was denied sex on the trip. Reza sending those pictures, Jonny not knowing what really was happening. and that culminating with Charlie asking Jonny to put the head phones on. Then she BEGGED Reza to fuck her, telling him how much she needed it, calling him daddy. 2- The scene when Jonny finally got released but wasn't allowed to have sex with Charlie. Instead Reza fucked her from behind while on top of Jonny and Jonny guided Reza in. Then Reza fucked her with Charlie “pretending” it was Jonny. And maybe the hottest “non sex” scene for me was when Reza took Charlie and Jonny shopping before their trip. Charlie had to try on all those clothes in front of the sales clerks, then went back into the dressing room, gave Reza a BJ, returned and was forced to kiss Jonny with cum on her shirt. All of this happening with the sales clerks knowing Charlie was married to Jonny. Which scenes have been your favorites?

  19. It's hard to narrow down because there are so many. It was an incredibly hot scene in a lot of ways because Jonny knew at this point that he couldn't give her what she craved. This is also all recent memory as we have a lot of books and scenes that I remember being incredibly hot. In the first book when she cums on Reza's cock that was simply incredible. I'm not sure whether I am with you on the shopping trip. I found myself feeling a little sorry for Jonny especially when Reza told her that Jonny wasn't worthy of her. If anything I think Reza isn't worthy of Charlie. Money isn't everything and although some will argue with me on this, I think Reza has yet to show anything good about him.

  20. From “Rezas Game”“You’re such an asshole.” Reza laughed. “You don’t know her like I know her. She’s a slut, and she’s looking to blossom. Those pink little petals want to open up.” Jonny watched as Reza held his two hands together in closed fists and he gradually extended his fingers, imitating Charlie’s vagina opening up for other men. The baseball bat was under the chair, only a dozen feet away and his mind leapt to it, flashed him a picture of itself, its steely weight resting on the hardwood. “I fucking hate you,” he said. “You should, Jonny, you should. Even if, miracle of all miracles, you get your wife back from me, I will have changed her.” “No.” “Oh yes, Jonny. If you can manage to win her back, you’re going to have a woman you will never, ever, ever manage to please. You’ll never fulfill her like I fulfill her. Even with ten million in the bank, little Jonny, you won’t have what it takes to scratch Charlie’s deepest itch. It’s me giving her that tickle, Jonny. It’s me putting that desire in her that you could never meet.” “You’re wrong.” “You can act confident, Jonny, but I can see through it. I know in your heart you see the truth.” Now he leaned forward and gripped Jonny’s knee. “Your little wife took some blow, but I think she smoked weed all day when I was in business meetings. Now that’s a depressed wife, smoking rope all day, all alone. She’s got stuff she wants to escape. I think she was so baked the coke didn’t work on her. Once those men …….”I liked this slightly better than the scene with Charlie playing with genesis clit piercing and Reza promising to get her one with a diamond.

  21. You know actually the most favorite non-sex erotic part was when Charlie locks her husbands cock away. Not sure why but it turned me on big time.

  22. @John C – this was definitely a highlight, no doubt. And how hot would it be if she got her clit pierced for Reza as well? @ Jeff B – it ALWAYS turns me on when she locks Jonny up as well. And then makes him watch. And listen.

  23. when it first happens in Reza's Game was really hot. I like how she gets impatient with Jonny and thus somewhat dominates her husband.

  24. I would have to say that it's those times when some line is crossed the first BJ, the first intercourse, the first creampie, the Tattoo, when Charlie realizes she is have less trouble taking Resa big cock etc. These all represent milestones that can't be revisited back, something lost. It's a moving target. Charlie and Jonny both think they can recover from this go back to the way thing were. Just like a tattoo is is forever so is the changes that are happening to Charlie's vagina as she regularly and repeatedly takes in those large cocks. I can attest to that happening. My wife had a regular love over the course of 3-4 months they would get together every one or two weeks, he was pretty long and at the beginning she had one complaint (she is a tiny lady) his length was uncomfortable. this was a problem until he (early 20s) decided to join the navy. He was all scheduled to go but there was a delay in his ship out time to boot camp it was pushed back over a month. he had already give up his apartment when I heard this I told my wife ask if he would like to stay with us. He did and that month+ My wife was serviced 2-3 times a day. He didn't what to be watched so he got her during the day 1-2 times and at least once every night before they went to bed. I work very early so I would hit the bed early she would wake me up for sloppy seconds latter. I spied on them a couple of times and she slept all night with him a couple of nights. The point of this is that after the first couple of week it stopped being uncomfortable for her lengthwise. You get very familiar with each others body parts after being together for 30+ years there was a permanent change in the position of her cervix in the past I could always touch her cervix with my fingers (she is tiny!) with ease. After that month+ of continuous deep penetration she had deepened to accommodate him. Still after quite a few years have passed I still have trouble reaching her cervix with my fingers. I'm fatter than average and a bit shorter than average as far as penises go. He was 8+ and average width. Wife has had bigger cocks from time to time but it was only after that daily long term pounding that I noticed any permanent changes. No BS here this is a true story! Sorry to be so long winded

  25. Hi, new here. I have a quick observation: anyone else think something’s up with the game? Shulamit found a flaw in Javed’s coding that Jonny missed. She dealt with it directly so we don’t know how it resolved itself. It’s not like Reza to leave a whole aspect of Jonny’s business uncontrollable- so maybe Javed is his inside man…?

  26. I loved all the hints at this story prior to release.Metallica, Kelis, the gif of the sexy pale redhead. It all fell into place while reading.

  27. Thanks TBTH. I’ve lurked for a while… Seems to be the perfect way for Reza to delay things. Imagine poor Jonny thinking he’d finally made it only to have the rug torn from under him.

  28. Welcome to the club house dan!KT is really good at the mysterious stuff. We also have that “urgent message” that has to be dealt with. Always seems to be another shoe that needs dropping.

  29. The urgent message from ( Javid?)Could that be about some problem with shulimet stealing Johnny's program? Or finding a bug planted by a reza operative? Either way the program goes bust and reza continues to own the couple

  30. It's almost like KT has a tree full of horny elves and dryads helping stitch these stories together….And as much as I appreciate the volume, quality and regularity of the work…I'm still looking for the next one like it's the last glass of water on the planet….

  31. No Jeff B your wrong it's not about Sea Pirates with a title “Coming Soon” it must be about a guy with a premature ejaculation problem! Maybe he is a Pirate with that problem…?

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