High Stakes

The sixth Reza book is now available!

Jonny and Charlie need to learn the lesson taught by the cage. Their landlord wants them to know that their love eats away at discipline. Discipline was what would save them. Don’t they want to be saved?

Reza moves his pieces on the board like a master, always one step ahead of his young opponent whose life is all about playing games. What better way to lure young Jonny into the worst move he could make than offering him the reward he craves?…


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  1. I'm guessing it's a maplethorpe sequel as suggested in one of KTs stories I think may be a Maggie if not then happy endings tale. But Only because I got so emotionally involved with Jess and Tyler and Peter Peter the cream pie eater…I loved Tyler so much as a bad guy it made me wanna mentally and physically jump into the book throw my punches swing my fists and then take my beating like a real pussy……

  2. As Charlie begged for it while Johnny wore the headphones, I’d like to see her get into the submission, to take Reza as her permanent Dom with Johnny’s acceptance, it becoming an everyday normal.

  3. I’ve a little more time to write. Like others, I have thoughts about what I would like to see happen going forward. However, I’m not clear that would serve any purpose but to vent my own lecherous wants. Instead, here’s what I might do if I was writing this story.

    First, I doubt that I (or KT) will rip part Jonny and Charlie. There just isn’t enough space to do that effectively. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t create threats and challenges. Despite Charlie’s analysis to Jonny that Tate was simply another version of the other “takers,” I still find some room for redemption for the character. While he only knows what he knows about women, he does have it bad for Charlie. He is capable of change, and Charlie does seem to respect (long term).

    I might start the next book on the day following the end of Book 6 with Tate picking Charlie up for work, trying to apologize for his disrespect of Jonny. Charlie tells him off again and points out his character flaw to Tate. Tate then vows he will “work hard” (he is a boxer) and change. Charlie dismisses Tate’s vow up front, but remembers it long term.

    Reza is an interesting character. He is arrogant. And, while his arrogance works for him when the world is on his terms, he is blind to the realities that he is dealing in a world he knows nothing about: video game creation. Both Charlie and Jonny keep Riza in the dark about just how close Jonny is to finishing or how good the game really is. Reza, however, assuming he is still on complete control, continues to play the same game (not understanding the reality or implications of how the rules are about to change).

    Reza will have all sorts of wicked things to do with Charlie to torment Jonny in the quest of proving just how big a looser Jonny is in the confidence that Chrissy will be as big penis crazy and self absorbed as he things women to be. However, Charlie is already turning the tables in Reza. Slowly it’s becoming her and Jonny’s game to play. And, she will use her looks, her lust, and Reza’s arrogance against him.

    Charlie is learning she likes big cocks and good hard fucking. No, it’s not what she will build a life with, but it certainly adds to the flavor. Gradually, she is coming to the realization not only of her own voracious sexually, but the power it brings her as a female. Whatever, Reza has to offer, it will be enjoyed for what it is, while feeding her growing disdain for her “master.” In the end, she will tell him just what she thinks of him.

    Along the way, Jonny will have to put up with still more degradation at the hands of Reza and whoever he bring into the scenes to attempt to demoralize and distract Jonny. Will they get their weekend? That’s to be seen. However, in the end, Jonny not only finishes his game, but sells it for a big check so that he can not only pay off the debt he owes, but the 5 % cut he has agreed to with Reza.

    Genesis would play a key role as the guide for Charlie and Jonny into their new sexual awareness. Charlie will both help Charlie come to accept and treasure her new found sexuality, she will also put that diamond stud in her clit. Genesis will also help Jonny come to grips with both Charlie’s sexual appetites, but his own as well. The stage will then be set for the final show down.

    The culmination will take place between Reza, Charile, and Jonny in the presence of Tate. By now, Tate has gotten smart enough to understand that if he wants any part of Charlie, he has to change his attitude. He begins with sucking up to and befriending Jonny in full view of Charlie. Of course this renews both Charile’s interest in Tate, but Jonny’s cuck angst. However, when Reza explodes on Charlie and Jonny, it is Tate who steps forward to set his “boss” straight…straight on his back with a busted jaw!

    The story ends with a budding realization between Charlie, Jonny, and Tate that they will forever be tied together in their common lusts. Jonny the cuck. Charlie the hot wife. Tate the bull.

    By the way, I would think this story could then be set to continue into a second series, “Charile’s Game” in which Jonny is struggling to create a second game hit but unable due to his continued preoccupations with Charlie. Could Tate still have a chance?

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