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High Stakes

The sixth Reza book is now available!

Jonny and Charlie need to learn the lesson taught by the cage. Their landlord wants them to know that their love eats away at discipline. Discipline was what would save them. Don’t they want to be saved?

Reza moves his pieces on the board like a master, always one step ahead of his young opponent whose life is all about playing games. What better way to lure young Jonny into the worst move he could make than offering him the reward he craves?…


202 thoughts on “High Stakes

  1. I'm guessing it's a maplethorpe sequel as suggested in one of KTs stories I think may be a Maggie if not then happy endings tale. But Only because I got so emotionally involved with Jess and Tyler and Peter Peter the cream pie eater…I loved Tyler so much as a bad guy it made me wanna mentally and physically jump into the book throw my punches swing my fists and then take my beating like a real pussy……

  2. As Charlie begged for it while Johnny wore the headphones, I’d like to see her get into the submission, to take Reza as her permanent Dom with Johnny’s acceptance, it becoming an everyday normal.

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