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  1. Wow! This sounds very promising! I take it this means things are probably going to get very tough for Jonny. Can't wait to read it.

  2. First my theory that Reza is going to want more out of Charlie and it's going to put Jonny in a very humiliating and painful situation. I've noticed a trend of Charlie's mother coming into the picture which makes me think that she's going to get involved at some point. I hope to see Jonny's new friend, that Israeli girl to take a more active role in the book whatever it may end up being.Maybe Jonny has to deal with a smaller chastity device, his angst growing as he notices Charlie growing more attached to Reza and Trent. I was thinking since Reza owns a UFC training gym maybe he becomes a partner and has to deal with getting roughed up some while working on his game. Maybe Charlie grows more and more dominant and impatient with Jonny.Anyway just random thoughts.

  3. LOL!!! Thanks for the cartoon flashback and hint at things to come.Hilarious! It's hard to speculate as I think I'll just repeat previous thoughts on it. But what ever Reza's stakes are its gonna hit Johnnny hard and force a reaction of either fight or flight.Who knows maybe mom has a better idea of what's going on than we know. Perhaps when reza tries to use her as a pawn she reveals herself to be a queen.

  4. I saw this and my penis moved. And my penis CAN move because it's not currently in a cage, unlike poor Jonny. Oh, I can't wait! Any idea how much further out KT (we won't hold you to it). Well, not really, anyway.

  5. Upon deep thought and consideration of the Nell gif… Charlie is going to be tied up and Reza is going to do very naughty things to her. In front of Jonny. And she's going to beg. And Jonny is going to strain.

  6. Not really, reading the end of Away Game says that Reza is going to want something. I have a feeling that it's going to have to do with the gym or that UFC.

  7. I think at some point in the history the “pregnancy risk” theme its gonna be important. Maybe this time?

  8. I think Reza is going to find out about how Charlie and Jonny cheated on the chastity device and it's going to get very interesting in this next book.

  9. I bet he makes Charlie squeal……I mean tell him about how she and Johnny cheated….but I think there might be a significant amount of squealing in the revealing. 😉

  10. not sure about it. I gotta be honest this doesn't have the feel of a pregnancy risk type story. I could but I don't think Charlie wmata that nor does Reza…he wants to take Charlie totally away from johnny..just cuz he can. Wants to do it because he's teaching Johnny something about himself and Charlie. I think a pregnancy might mess that up…but on the other hand what does he care so he just might as well. I think of it was gonna be in this series Reza would have dangled that in front of Johnny by now. Instead he's focused on the taking her away and making her his.

  11. If you remove Charlie and the sex from the equation, this book is about a man who invests in a very gifted programmer with big plans and who's super motivated to succeed. And it's going great! Reza is portrayed as this guy that throws around money like he doesn't care about it, but to him I bet he views it all as an investment towards Johnny's motivation because he's set to profit much more off his 5%. I bet normally he's frugal! Doesn't mind living in a small, crowded apartment and has a killer credit score!..All that to say, I think Reza will do whatever it takes to keep Johnny 'motivated' but after he sees his money will move on to his next challenge.

  12. Yea I think it requires the right kind of circumstances maybe like the primaries want a baby and not just have one forced on them. That it's someone else's adds to the cuck soup.

  13. WA is probably right Reza already knows but making Charlie squirm to confess would be alot fun. Also once she does make her the subject of discipline for Johnny. “See Johnny she likes being spanked.”

  14. That's a cool take on it. I see your point too. If he knows Johnny's a cuck then feed Johnny cuck gold keep him happy. Problem is using Charlie unless she in on the scheme she may fall in love with reza or reza inadvertently falls in love with her.

  15. He's gotta be careful though, Johnny was down to murder him over a misunderstanding. Seems counter productive to be dead.. Or for his wonder child to go spiraling like that. Good thing he wasn't on that elevator.It's almost like he planned it all out.. *wink*

  16. Yea but only cuz he thought he hurt Charlie.So if reza can give him assurances that Charlie is only doing what Charlie wants….then no harm no foul even if there's whip marks, bruises and blood.

  17. For sure. Gotta keep him on the brink of despair without crossing the line. By ravaging the person he loves and dismantling her sense of morality for $$$. Quite a story.

  18. I have to wait to see how many more books there will be! (That's determined by the readers' responses and reviews) Right now I know there will be one more book at least after 6. If there's only one more then I will make a box set out of the ending. If there's two more I will do two more shorter box sets.

  19. Ok thanks for replying! Can't wait to read part 6, when do you think it will be out? Literally counting down the days!!

  20. I was thinking somewhere between 9 and 20. 🙂 Oh and by the way… 50k words and EDITING! I'm starting to schedule my work, school, and social calendar around this release… Just saying.

  21. I was thinking it would be interesting if the final book would be done as some kind of interview/interrogation format..maybe as a witness on the stand. Or a Q and A with mom. Just thinking out loud though. don't wanna FU a great recipe for success.

  22. YESSSS …. But I have so much homework to do. KT is going to make me fail my class (but it'll probably be worth it . It'll be a good pain… kinda like being in a cage? 🙂

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