1. WA – Hmm now that I think about it, I realize that all the rules you remembered pertain to what Taylor needs to do, and not Harrison's rules, you didnt mention the Kelsey rule.

  2. Then when she got caught being flirty with Colt, instead of saying, “you caught me” she had the lady balls to get mad at Harrison when he suggests breaking up with her as if she wasn't planning on doing that very thing later on.Found this interesting 2b2h…its ok for her to break with him but not him with her…rejection issues much??

  3. With Taylor we have a very complex character where I think she doesn't know what she wants and is going to be torn in much of the series. I don't think we'll be seeing the last of our frustrations with her and Harrisons apparent acceptance till he grows up some and realizes that there is no changing her. I'm still convinced that their relationship will deepen despite things and they'll still love each other despite everything.Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic.

  4. Glaucon's gender swap scenarios had me in tears. So funny! I'm imagining another one right now:Our happy young people are having a conversation on the beach. Connie, KC's friend from college, is having a conversation with Harrison about a local legend on Highway 17. Legend has it that the old highway is haunted by ghost and she's seen it! Taylor is nearby, poking at her hamburger that's covered in sand because Harrison dropped it. She silently observes her handsome boyfriend as he stands near the beautiful blond vixen. “Let's make a bet that the ghost is real,” Connie says with a smirk.”Oh, please..” Harrison says, shifting the bulge in his pants so it's plainly visible. He looks over his right shoulder to look beyond the lake as he pretends to scratch his head with his right arm. He tenses the muscles in his bicep and puts on a little show.Connie's eyes widen as she stares silently. Eventually Harrison puts his arm down, breaking her trance and she says “loser has to streak across the beach!” Harrison mulls it over in his mind for a few moments as Connie leans towards him. Her slender fingers glide across the exposed skin of her chest as she openly stares at the impressive bulge, now within arm's reach.”In front of our friends? I don't think so,” Harrison answers.”Nothing they haven't seen,” she said smugly, her attention on his junk uninterrupted.”Gross. Not my friends. Well, maybe when I was like, eight..””Ahh, don't be embarrassed,” Connie teased. “You're already almost naked, what's a little bit more matter?””Easy for you to say,” Harrison responds. He looks over the lake again, his expression blank. “Aren't you supposed to have a super tight, juicy pussy?”

  5. I don't really think it's hopeless. I would say the juice isn't worth the squeeze but if that's what Harrison really wants.. He's already gone this far.

  6. Why? Taylor fucked up a major decision in her life, but what about the three years and years more of friendship? I would think that history factors a lot in his decision.

  7. Hope ??? Harrison met a girl named Hope? I think the river that runs through Harry and Ta-Ta's life is a lot deeper than we give credit. It would be one of the key reasons why she couldn't cope with his leaving or deal with having to actually break up. Love will keep them together (thanks cap'n an Tenille). How much shit will harry have to deal with who knows. Will it be too much even with Hope on the side. And for those who know not C&T…https://youtu.be/_QNEf9oGw8o

  8. Whatever they become will be transformed into something where honesty is no longer assumed and trust is no longer given freely. So I'm crossing my fingers that they stay friends for both their sakes. But if Harrison can come to terms with that then there's Hope.@2b2hThe idea that their time spent together should mean something to Harrison going forward sucks. It's a bad idea to commit to a relationship with great potential for resentment because of a time investment. It's the sunk cost fallacy and Taylor already understands that.

  9. The whole weekend seemed schemey too me. Taylor planned to break up with HarrisonShe planned with Kelsie to fuck Brady(was she planning on being broke up with Harrison by then?)Kelsie planned to break up with Bradley. (Was that really because Taylor wanted a three/four way and once shared he would have no value anymore. ) Colt planned on banging Taylor. Stevie probably didn't plan it in advance but it became one of those short notice spur of the moment plan to get Taylor alone. Seems everyone had an angle except the guitar man…or did he??? Dun dun duuunnnn…

  10. WA – I'm not sure you're viewing my perspective well on that at all. I think that a person isn't defined by one obviously terrible decision, and that's only made clear by history … It's easy to judge Taylor in this story because we literally only have this one moment in time to define her and almost none of her perspective. That and we're reading a KT story of course, so I'll probably look terrible based on Taylor's future behavior, but the decision now to keep with Taylor isnt necessarily a bad one.So to play along, it's just as irrational to stop being invested in something (or someone in this case) that was rewarding historically because of one poor (even disastrous) outcome.John – it's clear that Taylor and Kelsey had an agenda that predated the summer party, but I think Colt's (and Stevie too probably) conspiracy is a general plan to sleep with anyone attractive that's giving him the time of day, and he seems like the type that not being given the time of day will stop him there either.Hmm maybe Colt was looking forward to the party though because he knew Taylor would be there and “this time I'm going for it.”

  11. That's perfect. I can also picture it on the soundtrack for an eighties move about waterskiing, summer, and love. With Elizabeth Shue and Ralph Macchio.I'm still listening to this one…

  12. No..I am viewing your perspective, we just have different standards for what we expect of people. It was one “decision” but it was a carefully orchestrated plan sprinkled with dozens of lies. I think it's a massive misrepresentation to describe what Taylor did as a single moment of terrible decision-making instead of the huge betrayal that it actually was.When that type of thing happens, it only takes one time to put into question everything you understand about a person. Anything they say is scrutinized. Maybe you're capable of rebuilding that bridge of trust with someone but I'm not and it's a bad feeling when in crumbles.This is so fruitless too…we all know Taylor's not done fucking up Harrison permanently. These stories can be worse than torture sometimes.. Noooo don't drive off the cliff, stop! NO NOT AGAIN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? AND AGAIN?!

  13. If you like their sound, check out another of their songs called “The Comeback Kid.” I like to think of Max and Keely with that one ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. WA – I guess thats fair to say I have different expectation of people, I dont like to think so. I mean I agree with everything you say here, really. I think you can find distinctions in what has happened and say they were multiple violations. And maybe I am diminishing the power of what shes done, or ignoring how it can effect trust, forever.I do think that for however orchestrated the plan to end things with Harrison was, it wasnt until she was finally forced to acknowledge what she was doing was harmful to Harrison, that what she was doing wrong seemed to have any impact on her. Any of the violations or lies by omission that Taylor committed surrounded this event she ignored it until she couldn't any longer. She chickened out because breaking up is hard. Now the tears she should have been shedding months before she hurt Harrison's feelings in this story terribly have been shed, and we can see where things go from here.Maybe it's just better to not acknowledge the elephant in the room that this is a KT story, and think about what's next, haha.

  15. Nothing seems to bring into question my own rule of ethics like a KT story. And they don't matter to anyone but me but I can't help myself but talk about them anyway. Because in the story, the only thing that matters is if Harrison can absorb the blow and accept a new type of lifestyle.Which I'm not convinced of yet. Everything just happened too fast. I think he was in panic mode, frightened of the sudden changes, and did and said a lot of things that might not be intrinsic to who he is. A quote I really like is “You can't love someone if you don't know them.” So… maybe that's where the next story goes. Harrison trudges along with this internal dialogue as Taylor does whatever she wants and we get that juicy angst until the affection fades away and with it the angst. And maybe that leads to other things..like other people who are more nearby..

  16. Would it be wrong to want a prequel short. When where and why she decided not to go to Harry's school and break up with him and plan the multi-partner sexcapdes. And who influenced these decisions. It would be cuck gravy to find out she and colt had been texting(sexting?) about it.

  17. I was thinking of something just now, hopefully you guys can help me make sense of it. So Harrison jizzes his pants without touching his dick because the scene of Taylor and Colt was so erotic. That seems to happen to frequently in these stories. Am I missing something and jizzing your pants is quite common in these scenarios or is it mostly just fan-service? If it's the latter then who's it for??

  18. I absolutely cosign this, maybe stick it in Open Hearts, Open Minds? I mean, she didnt apply to State, meaning she was thinking about a life after Harrison as early as the winter semester. That means Christmas she exchanged gifts with this on her mind. Valentine's Day, Senior prom …

  19. I just finished my reread and have an alternate theory which I feel is reasonably well supported by the text though some parts are less supported than others. I started writing a justification for it, but it was turning into essay length with supporting quotes and explanations and I don't have time to finish it at the moment.The Too Long, Didn't Write explanation:Trish was cuckolding Taylor's father on a pretty significant level for years and the kids knew about it. The Brooks children all responded in different ways. -KC sees a man who lets it happen as weak (see the insult about the father in the corner masturbating in chapter 26), hates any man who would take part in it (explains his reaction to Colt with his sister), and doesn't want Taylor to follow in the family path. (โ€œDon't turn into momโ€, ) -Riley was hypersexualized which resulted in her having sex at an early age (discovered flushed condom) and continued later on. -Taylor was hypersexualized as well, but her perspective on what constitutes a normal and healthy relationship was warped by the failed model of her parents. Combine that with the blow up over Riley's boyfriend's flushed condom and Taylor was both sexually active from a young age (before the 16-17 at which she claims to have lost her virginity to Harrison) and against condoms because she saw the blow up over the discovered Riley condom. She got pregnant and had an abortion.There are flaws to the theory. I'm basing it largely off unconnected thoughts of Taylor. She says and thinks things that contradict it. I say she's a liar to Harrison and others (we know that) and to herself (not a good one). She's inconsistently ignorant and knowledgeable and acts like she wants something and is at other times completely unaware of it. The serial lying covers part of that. Her conflicting desire to dump and not dump Harrison covers part of it.On another note, I really hope Taylor wasn't lying about going on birth control and that her calling Harrison Daddy in the bathroom was comparing him to her cuckold father rather than saying he's going to be a father. (Colt would be the father if she's pregnant because plot) There are reasons to think that it is possible (how she told Harrison about going on birth control, the agreement to only have sex with him without condoms, the onesie, the crazy uterus thoughts) though I can't imagine why she'd think it was a good idea at this point in their lives.

  20. It's a tough one…only thing I can say is for myself I've been over excited before and jizzed before the blood finished rushing in..so it was a soft ejack. Very rare but happens .

  21. Unlucky – I like a lot of deep thought in these stories, but you're not making sense.Heavily cuckolded and the kids knew about it? Failed parenting? Hypersexualized youth? You are making so many leaps in logic and they're unsubstantiated and overly dramatic. How is cuckolding corroborated in location 4596, where Taylor describes emotional infidelity at worst that's blame squared (potentially) on both parents' shoulders. An emotional relationship is not physical, and it was potentially both ways. These kids aren't depraved sociopaths here, mom and dad might have had their own struggles but I doubt they weren't parenting as good as any parent can. How these kids conducted themselves read as nothing more than normal teenage rebelliousness with no adult supervision, which is fine because they're all adults anyways. Certainly not nymphomania.Flushed condom = abortion? That's a huge leap! Is it possible that there was just a huge argument about having sex too young? Like every parent would have with their child?

  22. Unlucky – One correction I need to make, i assumed you said “failed parenting” when you actually said “failed model from their parents” of relationships. And actually, that is about the only thing I might get on board with, but I think that's only because they're too young to know how mom and dad probably tried to make it work.

  23. Do you think that Taylor would really tell Harrison that their parents broke up because her mom was cucking her dad who eventually got tired of it and had his own affair? (physical or just emotional) That would explain the situation as we know it and has parallels to Taylor and Harrison's situation with her not being ok with him having sex with others.Maybe I'm making too far of a leap, but Taylor repeatedly thinks she's an awful, awful, awful person plus she has bizarre views of herself, sexuality, and pregnancy. That's not a normal level or flavor of crazy. That's what happens when something happens at a young age. I initially thought abuse for that reason. Getting pregnant at 12 or 13 then having an abortion could be another. I also considered that maybe she said something which revealed the father's affair which caused the parents to split, but I don't know if that is significant enough, especially since she'd have had years to intellectually understand that it wasn't her fault.

  24. Location 1420. It would have had to been the summer of 2015. That's when it all went down with her dad. Personally I think whatever caused her dad to split was more concerning than either an abortion or a failed marriage. All the flashbacks of happy memories, so mysterious.

  25. “Four lovers” movie for the wife swap and cuck fans . Its French so you French Canadian types it'll be easier than having to read the subs….this one I found to be pretty realistic with the feelings and such..

  26. I had an epiphany today, and I have homeboy WA to thank for helping me piece it together. It involves that key note that he mentions about the Summer of 2015 being the start of Taylor's family troubles. I think it's at this crucial moment that changed how Taylor viewed Harrison, and it may hold the key to understanding how truly sustainable Taylor's romantic relationship with him is.Something happened that Summer that caused a rift in Taylor's family at the top, and my theory now is that instability caused by the emotional loss of her father, might have caused Taylor to start clinging to Harrison a little closer. The length of Harrison and Taylor's romantic relationship has me thinking that it was this moment in time that changed how Taylor viewed Harrison, from friend to lover. She might have needed someone desperately to be a rock for her, to help her through the tumultuous time that a divorce would cause. And guess who was there? The man who would keep Taylor on the straight and narrow, Harrison. Now all the little side comment jokes calling him Dad make sense. To Taylor, she's joking, but in reality that was Harrison's appeal to her in this time in her life. She needed a rock, a man in her life, and that is who he was.The question is now, as she has grown and is becoming more independent and the pain that is the loss of that stability of her father starts to become ingrained in her and she gets 'over it' as well as anyone can, will she need that type of figure in her life in a romantic sense, or was that just a childish clingy obsession, and she'll grow to realize she needs something different in her man.

  27. I'm realizing quickly that I've once again boxed myself in with a Oedipal complex type position. I'd like, rather, to say that what Taylor needed wasn't a father figure, but a constant, stable, positive male presence. I don't know if you can fully disentangle the Oedipusness of that position either, but I think it's a key distinction.

  28. It makes sense but what doesn't is why Mr. Brooks would just leave forever like he did. Idk, maybe I expect more from a character from a KT Morrison novel than I should, but from the flashbacks he didn't seem like the kind of father that would just suddenly leave his children without a father figure. There's a secret there and I can't connect the dots. Location 4331 talks about weird bullying that went on in 2013..idk maybe it has something to do with that. Why even bring up the thought unless it had some significance? Maybe Kelsey and Taylor were up to something and daddy caught wind of it a few years later. Who knows?

  29. Is it that conclusive that he was completely MIA for them? I dont think that Taylor's dad completely abandoned them, but I imagine the complexities of divorce shook the family dynamics such that every family tradition (like water skiing and singing Don McLean by the fire) became less frequent or tainted. And I imagine his absence is either the terms of the divorce or his emotional immaturity that he can't put aside for his kids because of the painful thoughts they bring to mind by association. Who knows … we'll find out.Maybe a reason Taylor doesn't want to go to State is she'd be even closer to her dad, and that freaks her out?

  30. That could be 2b2h at a subliminal level. She may have thought about going with Harrison and experienced some type of anxiety about it not really knowing why.I just want the next reza book…cuz this one will make me go blind or lose my mind thinking about it.

  31. It's entirely possible that I'm creating a narrative that isn't there. It was an ugly divorce and maybe his absence is a result of terrible memories re-surfacing. Maybe he's not absent at all and the Brooks kids see him all the time and it's just not mentioned.. It's just a gut feeling, really, that I think he's not in their lives anymore. It just seems to me that a person who would drive a boat from sunrise to sunset so a bunch of kids could have a good time would want to keep doing that. So I feel really bad for him..

  32. And I'm basing those feelings entirely off of the assumption that Mrs. Brooks was the unfaithful one because she quickly sought a replacement and because Harrison called her a MILF. I don't even know if it's true! I need more!

  33. A word on 'Cuckold meddling' – I think the important thing to note about this occurrence in these stories is that there is a residual meaning that needs to be confronted by the main male character. You're focused on the aspect that says, “This is not going to lead to anything good, turn back now!” while there's a reason that the male characters are feeling the way they do worth exploring to figure out its utility.I think it's fair to say we all have a default position of monogamy when it comes to dating anyone. So right off the bat, if anyone violates monogamy rules the pact has been ruined and the violator should be shamed. What if you liked it a little, though? What does that say? Was it really a violation if you kind of want it to happen again? What if she loves you and just couldn't bring herself to let on what she was feeling because she knew she was going to be a violator, but you really believe that she does in fact love you?Maybe it isn't so wrong afterall and this can be your new normal. Maybe the book on relationships has been wrong for centuries because of an imposed moral system of family that took us out of the fundamental socio-cultural dynamic that defined our ancestors' lives centuries ago and our minds haven't evolved to catch up with our current moral prescriptions.Or maybe the intuition was right and you should have trusted your gut.I think KT has an obsession with this crossroads, and I love her for it. We've seen it result in many different adventures, with different results.I feel like I'm having deja vu talking about all this, so I hope when I said it in the past it didnt sound as interesting as this time around.

  34. It is possible that the Brooks children aren't actually children of Mr. Brooks. They could be products of one or more affairs or children from a relationship prior to their meeting. In either case, he would have raised them as his children but he might not actually have any visitation rights.

  35. I always enjoy having this discussion. It's even more than just a crossroads, because it's not even just monogamy vs polygamy. It's also a combination of good feelings and bad feelings, and whether or not those combinations are satisfactory for an individual person who has to decide for him/herself if it's worth it. Our moral prescriptions are constantly evolving so I think it's futile to try to define a book of relationships. So then I look to the individual for permission instead..And Harrison never had a choice, which is the violation here. Not that she sleeps with other people but that she forced it on him. And to me, that violation alone, moral ambiguity aside, would not create the sudden urgency to revive the relationship and immediately fall in line even as Harrison comes to terms with your kind of enlightened thinking. Enter into the equation the 4,000 words of intense panic caused by exactly what he feared and I call a foul. It just happened way too fast for me.But I'm not Harrison..

  36. Whoa. Unlucky7 that might be gold you're digging thar.Could be in the heat of an arguement the milf let fly that his children weren't his. Subsequent testing and the betrayal was too much to handle ….seeing the kids not his own too much to handle… he bows out to preserve what little sanity he has left…Alternate universe:The mr tells the missus he got her drunk and knocked up by someone. The kids aren't his and she gives him the boot..Yet another alt uni:They both were swinging she gets knocked up by another. Either she lies or didn't tell him she was off her pill. He thinks baby is his all along until by accident he discovers there not related..This is a multi-verse so possibilities are quite plentiful.Dad's name isn't Mike and mom's name isn't jen by chance anybody recall a first name?Helluva crossover it would be.

  37. First, I'm definitely not enlightened, I hope you weren't taking a jab at my opinion there, because honestly I am in “actual real life” a lot like you when it comes to relationships.But I do think that a major fundamental issue that exists in these stories is, what if we've been living a lie socially our entire lives and it all of a sudden hits these characters in the face that they want to live a different life? The problem for them is there are very little amount of resources available to them to learn how to navigate this subject in a society of monogamy. So maybe the subject never gets broached, just forget you even had the thought. Then Colt walks in, and all the thoughts you knew you had to finally bring up are rushing through until you just have to act on them.Now it's out there, and the dialogue that didnt exist because there didnt seem to be a clean path for you has to be had. It cant be ignored. I hate platitudes but maybe it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission?I just think it's more realistic that the subject of sleeping with other people come from a disaster like this. Having it come organically as a result of some sort of dialogue or agreement seems to be more difficult to imagine.Doesn't make it right, but maybe the problem is that these thoughts of infidelity have no cultural pathway from which to grapple with and embrace its merits, it's just knee jerk denied because it's so wrong. So when people inevitably have these thoughts, people go crazy because they're SOL.I really hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I imagine there are people who are homosexual that could relate to the problems that are caused when natural urges are repressed because of a fear of cultural sanction.

  38. Yeah, Unlucky I want to apologize, I shit all over your opinions like a two year old learning there's the concept of …*gasp* sharing …I still think you reached a lot but you even said as much. I also think that you are expecting a much more extreme story than the one KT is willing to tell. She never roots her character's motivations in mental disorders or trauma.The concept of cuckolding between mom and dad Brooks is an understandable position now that I think about it more, and the concept of the 3 of the Brooks children not even being blood family is also really fucking interesting.

  39. 100% wasn't a jab. Typing out that sentence the way I started it, I just couldn't think of a better way to write what I wanted to without typing 'cuckold magic' again. You are enlightened because you understand concepts that most people aren't capable of understanding.It very well might require a disaster like this for Harrison to learn that he would be living a more enriched life having had it happen. I can see that. He almost certainly *will* come to that conclusion because otherwise the story would be over. Taylor is the one that failed to trace beyond society's dotted lines because she assumed Harrison would be vehemently apposed to sharing her and actually planned to break up with him even though in her heart of hearts she didn't want to. So instead, she forces it on him. With or without a cultural pathway in place, this is not ok. For the same reason it's not okay to rape someone even though they might like it. To hell with culture, forge your own path, one that doesn't risk life-long damage. And Harrison coming to terms with this thing being forced on him so quickly and easily, even if it was the best thing in the world that could have happened, is what I find unsettling.That's where I'm coming from ..and that took a very long time to relate into words. I would love to see it as a topic in these books.

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