1. In the previous thread, Unlucky & wrote:A man isn't solely responsible for a woman's pleasure. If a woman doesn't give feedback to a man, especially an inexperienced one, about what works and doesn't work for her, she's just as culpable for her lack of orgasms. But as far as Harrison knows, Taylor is just a sexually inexperienced as he is (I'm convinced she isn't but there is contradictory evidence on that and I aborted my reread) and women are traditionally more sexually closed off (Thanks, Puritan heritage!), so he would try to take the lead. That he hasn't accomplished it once in ~25 months of sexual activity however limited despite being cognizant and probably unhappy about it is an indictment of his prowess.That she immediately has amazing sexual experiences with 3 other men despite them being self-centered pricks who all things being equal should carry that selfishness over into bed and thus be shit no matter their relative experience is absolutely playing to a trope. That is compounded by Harrison's feelings of inadequacy. He might consider himself more responsible and thus more adult, but he specifically notes how they are MEN, not guys/boys. Harrison and Taylor have all kinds of other obstacles including some of their own making. I don't see why Harrison being sexually inadequate is a necessary one, especially since that's fairly low in terms of causes of female infidelity, even among younger individuals. If he gets better over time and is thus able to better satisfy Taylor, someone could say that her infidelity was at least in part a good thing because he wouldn't have changed without an impetus to change.I respect that you take pride in your works, but not everything is going to be for everyone. This story was well written, but I'm not sure I like it and want to follow it. In addition to the aforementioned inadequacy issues which are typically a hard limit for me as a reader, I loathe Taylor, especially since I can't write off her behavior as a product of a mind damaged by horrific abuse, so I don't want Harrison to make it work with her. When Harrison finally learns to respect himself, he's going to realize that friendship and love aren't nearly enough. Relationships are built upon a foundation of respect and we've seen none of that from Taylor at any time in this story so far. Yes, Taylor could grow to be that person, but that just puts him where he should have been after being her best friend for 9+ years. To continue with the building metaphor, that would be fixing the foundation, but wouldn't solve the fact that the house is still unlivable due to toxic black mold.I'm sure I'll like something else you've written better and maybe that will inspire me to give this a second chance. I've gone from hating to loving books before. The Blithedale Romance as I noted in my first post is one of those.

  2. You're still treating supposition as fact: Harrison and Taylor's sex life is complicated, and I hate to give away spoilers (don't read!) but I need to defend Harrison. It is not an indictment of Harrison's prowess at all. What if I told you were he to tumble into bed with someone else he would knock her socks off…? Once again, I'm saying Taylor is responsible for her O, and how she perceives her relationship will determine that. What you supposed–sexual abuse–may not be the root. There are other ways to be fucked up. I can say them but I hate spoilers. I like to reveal stories a bit at a time. I want people to make wrong assumptions then have their heart soar when they were wrong (or right!) or be crushed when they believed as the character did and now find out things are not that way. I've killed babies and I've killed mothers in these books. My hands are bloody. Like I said, I'd be better in Women's Fiction than erotica I guess. There is a lot more happening than sex.You will be happiest reading Happy Endings. I would not recommend Maggie or Cherry Blossoms, nor Learning Lessons. They upset me when I wrote them!

  3. Also: you say she had amazing sexual experiences with three other men? Did she? Those are mostly related through Harrison's eyes. You don't know Taylor's truth.Stevie? They made out and touched each other–hardly amazing. Colt? yeah, that was probably pretty good. Brady? You only have Harrison's perspective, not Taylor's. I write in third-person free indirect discourse. It allows me to lie to you because the character is lying to themselves or seeing more than is there. I think the experience she had with Harrison after Colt was profound and far more valuable than her experience with Colt. Can you see it?And as far as hating Taylor and not wanting it to work out–that's cool. That's exactly where you should be. That's why it's so complicated. He can't help loving her. Despite being lovers they are also best friends. It's meant to be tough. And it's going to get tougher, I have to be honest. What a dilemma for Harrison. But if he cares for his friend, can he see her through this? Should he? I want you to worry, I want you to not want to read it too, ha ha. Stay away from the Maggie series! You're right though, not everything is for everybody and I hundred percent respect it and your opinion too.

  4. Clarification: when I said “I don't want you to read it” that's the plural you, the royal you. Not you Unlucky 7. You I want to read it if you want. I merely meant I want readers to think about bailing on finishing because the reading is troublesome. I like emails from readers who said they had to put the book down for a few weeks because they were too upset to continue. That's a KT fist pump right there.

  5. John, TBtH,One of you was fearful that KT’s dedication and hard work would result in a certain phrase creeping into her work-related emails. I think the word “inside” was part of that phrase and it was used repeatedly in Sea Pirate. So, now KT’s autocorrect has that puppy in its memory. Should make for some interesting interoffice communications, KT.You know, KT, if you could manage a mention by one of the networks in some report on the USSC circus as “highly relevant to the current politically charged atmosphere that surrounds boys high school experiences”, “a searching look at the powerful interplay of hormones, alcohol, and the absence of adult supervision”, etc. you just might be able to quit your day job.

  6. Personally I actually want things to work out between them, otherwise what's the point really? I guess it's the hopeless romantic in me where I wish to see more happy endings than sad ones. I guess that Maggie ended happily, but not in the way I wanted it to. Still the ending was better than I felt about it initially. I like complicated, imperfect characters, not dull and boring ones.

  7. I can't imagine my reaction to the Maggie series wasn't the most severe of all your readers, but it probably wasn't. Real, physical changes in the way I would think for at least two months. I didn't even know I was capable of mental acrobatics like this, given my reactions when my mind revisits the thought of Maggie before I shut it off like swatting a bug. Given your last few sentences I hope you'll take this as a compliment, but I don't think I'll ever re-read Maggie 1-3.I admire how you defend your characters, but no amount of creative story-telling can stop the feelings of inadequacy when his significant other is longing for someone else to touch her. It doesn't matter if it was intended or not, it will be interpreted that Harrison was inadequate. Maybe this other mysterious reason for their problems in the bedroom that you hinted at is the real deal and is game-changing. Couldn't it still be interpreted as Harrison's inadequacy or at least Taylor's presupposed opinion of him lacking in some way to cause her to push him away and be unfaithful? As if he would be unable to overcome it? Surely that's not the case, but of course Harrison would think so!

  8. James Gordon Jr.: Batman? Batman! Why's he running dad?Lt. James Gordon: Because we have to chase him.Cop: Okay we're going in! Go, go! Move!James Gordon Jr.: He didn't do anything wrong.Lt. James Gordon: Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.alright guys i'm going in

  9. Woman's Fiction??? Well I guess I am a guy who love women's fiction and I'm a lover of erotica which can be SO much more than just sex. Fanny Hill comes to mind.I couldn't stop disagreeing with everything Unlucky 7 had to say btw. Just my opinion as I'm sure I've said plenty that many on here have disagreed with. I hope Taylor and Harrison work it out or find each other. Maybe not the same as they wanted it, because it's a better and more complete level than where they were.

  10. Ok, I've got some catching up to do but I'm not sure if I'll get around to reading the 200 something comments on the first one, so let me know of any recent discoveries.I've been taking notes as I go along and I think it's helped me to be more objective in my reading and less emotional. I think the premise for this story is very similar to the premise for Maggie. Where Maggie was a heavily sheltered child which spurred her sexual curiosity, Taylor's childhood was the opposite. Free living type of childhood, surrounded by promiscuous people. So instead of venturing forth in search of new discoveries like Maggie, Taylor's destiny was more of a foregone conclusion. To her at least, and I don't know why. I can put the pieces together with the slutty sister and unfaithful mother (I think), but I don't understand why she feels like that has to define her. It puzzles me how Taylor can say in the same breath, that Harrison will always be the best thing for her and that she “is going to” sleep around. Not because she has to, but because she wants to. These things contradict each other, sweetheart. I'm at the 56% mark, so I haven't gotten to the part where Taylor and Harrison make up and fascinate themselves over the possibilities because Harrison's dick gets hard when she's fucks around. And I'm not looking forward to it; as if blood rushing to his organ can magically dispel their problems away. Problems like her being a liar and deceitful and untrustworthy. This relationship doesn't deserve hope, it deserves to die.There's something profoundly dehumanizing about Harrison's circumstances. I get that that's part of the genre. But I find it dehumanizing when a state of arousal becomes the defining characteristic of a person. I don't like it because it's an acceptance of dishonesty and because it is at odds with the basic level of human respect that people should have for one another. It's the only way Harrison doesn't leave her forever. Maybe he does, but even him watching her, getting off on the idea that it's *his* girl. I find it denigrating and I don't mean cuckolding in general, I mean Harrison's circumstances and to a lesser extent Max's as well. I'm going to finish it, but not out of hope for their relationship. I'm mostly interested in what's going on with Taylor's dad and how it relates to water skiing. Why Taylor was a bitch to her dad for a year after she had to stop competing. So mysterious. Whatever that thing is cannot absolve Taylor but it's intriguing. Every memory so far about Mr. Brooks has shown him to be a nice guy. It's a steamy novel so far and I'll say KT Morrison touched on a concept that could be the anthem for every sexual fetish on the planet when Taylor was thinking: “It was no wonder she was doing this. If she *could* have this why wouldn't she take it?”

  11. I remember my late teens and early twenties. Didn't take much to get the blood flowing to the reproductive system.. as a matter of fact I think it was hard not to be hard. Harrison doesn't need to see Taylor and player X to get wood. But because of the distance it'll be sex by proxy. Which will keep fueling his need for her. On the other hand if kelsie becomes a thing. Taylor will diminish. So Bout the concern over Harrison getting his and Taylor not so much…let's face facts here Harrison was desperate for that cherry popping skin to skin event. Had to beg for it = had a raging hard on and a nutsack so full probably was uncomfortable. Anyone here ever been that horned up before? then when you got inside it was everything you thought and popped your cork early? That Taylor wants to experience different cocks while away well at least she is up front about it. Yea she made some big friggin mistakes I'd have left my car an just ran…but Harrison stayed. My brain is telling me to stop thinking as smoke is pour out of my ears ….I think Harrison developed im goa voyeurism watching Taylor and Taylor liked being watched which is her issue…together they compliment each other.

  12. @WA – Glad to see you're still reading, we'll await your remarks! I didn't remember reading anything about Taylor being mad at her dad, so that's interesting. I tried looking up where that might have been but didn't find it. I think a lot of people are focused on Taylor's mom's infidelity because it was alluded to early on, but Taylor eventually says that both were involved in emotional relationships with co-workers.I haven't let on as much, but I feel like your (and also Jeff's, which is similar) take about why Taylor might fall trap to infidelity, without meaning to be cruel, makes sense. Sort of a feeling of, “Well this was bound to happen, I might as well just admit that I'm going to do it.” I don't know, maybe that's too sad, but the way Taylor blames herself for how she handled the end of the summer party, it makes me think she's internalized being a bad person in some ways. I want to learn more!!!

  13. Oh boy, these long as posts again.The 'state of arousal doesn't justify her behavior' thing. WA you're up to your old tricks again! I think I see a little better your perspective with this new character, but I think you'll need to read more to get better understanding of what's going on here. That being said, it isn't just about the fact that Max or Harrison's dicks getting hard about their significant other. The way you characterize that makes it so objectionable that it's no wonder you believe Maggie (and Taylor) to be such bad people.Instead, it's about the behavior of Max and Harrison, likely because of the way they got aroused by the situation, which causes the conversations and actions between them and their significant others that leads to further depravity. It isn't just because of Max's boner that Maggie continued her foray which eventually led to her discovering she would rather be with Cole, it's because Max's boner led him to verbalize and sexualize the concept of being okay with Maggie trying stuff with different people, and putting themselves in situations where the events became bigger than the concept could even be expressed.I don't know if what I just said made sense so an example might help – Max staying in the foray the entire time was because he wanted to see Maggie let loose with Cole, innocent enough, but what he witnessed was a powerful experience that was probably fundamentally changing Maggie's feelings about Cole for good. A romantic date, fantasy man, good friend, kinky setting, doing exactly the things that turn her on, it all adds up to something bigger than could be imagined. And at no point in the time between the moment of that feeling and afterwards when those states of arousal diminished did Max (Maggie already fully onboard) stop to think they should discuss what was happening rationally.The real connecting piece in these stories, is youthful exuberance. It's a double edged sword, because it can cause things like the Arab Spring in one moment, and lead to alcohol poisoning or car accidents in the other. Young people taking the reigns on huge concepts like love, expression, and life experience and plunging full tilt with little to no understanding of the consequences, or maybe because the consequences aren't made clear since no one knows what the right course of action is, until they're either in a new reality that they never knew they wanted until they got there, or in too deep into one they didn't want that they can't turn back.The “you can't have it both ways” thing is a little too black and white for me, at least in the way you characterized it. Sex isn't necessarily love, although I want it to be, but people can parse that act away from love. It does get more complicated though when she doesn't avoid the concept that she might fall in love out West. Now all of a sudden Harrison being “her best thing” starts to become muddy. Hearts big enough to love two people is still a concept I can't necessarily grapple with, but then again, I'm not in that reality (bringing that up again), maybe it makes sense when you really love someone as much as Max and Harrison do.

  14. We agree on what their 'state of arousal' does for their relationships and what it leads to. That's not where my issue is.It comes down to choice for me. Max had more control over his choice of sharing Maggie. It's when the choice is ripped away that I distrust one these characters. For Max, his choice was that he wanted to be there. For Harrison, it was the basic agreement between lovers: don't cheat. I think my point of view would make a lot more sense to you if I told you that I would really, really like Maggie and Taylor if they weren't dishonest and didn't break the trust.I agree that it's more complicated than “you can't have it both ways,” but in that moment of their relationship, it should've been that simple. Taylor understood that it wasn't right because Harrison was upset and she was crying her eyes out. It's why she puzzles me. But she broke his trust with Stevie *before* that conversation. That's why I don't trust her. And think of precedent it sets when Taylor insists on a break and then fucks some guy an hour later. That's not really honesty. Imagine a scenario where they're finished with college and they're together again and Harrison wants them to be faithful and exclusive and Taylor agrees. Then they get married. Pulling out the 'break' card because a hot guy is visiting in this scenario would be dishonest, no? It's the same situation now, except it was assumed by both of them that they would be exclusive hence the rage and tears.Of course they actually ***can*** have it both ways, but not by sneaking around and lying. And this leads into my perspective (see dehumanizing rant above*) where it makes me tremble to think of a situation where that kind of dishonesty is acceptable despite established boundaries because of a 'state of arousal'. It's never directly mentioned, it's more like an unknown force that seemingly absolves the female protaganist of her indiscretions while pulling him in like a moth to the flame. As if his feelings of hurt and betrayal are brushed aside, pushed to the curb; as if his feelings and emotions are no longer of relevance. Like something greater than both of them is tugging their strings and guiding them to the places they are supposed to go and that makes it ok. I don't like that.Don't read too much into that paragraph, maybe I'm reading more into the story telling than what's actually there. The first two sentences, though, are how I feel and hopefully the paragraphs above it explain well enough why I feel that way. These long ass posts are the beeeeest, you know you like it

  15. The bit about Mr. Brooks is at location 1420 if you're using Kindle. There's clearly some details expertly omitted. Basically Taylor is describing her skiing competitions and then suddenly she stopped and was a bitch to her dad for a year. Why? Was it related? There's something there.

  16. 2b2h and WA. very entertaining ping pong.What we know.1) Taylor was planning to break up with Harrison.2) they are both fools in love with one another.3) kelsie is complicit with Taylor. But not with stevie or colt.4) Taylor did not like it when Harrison pleasured kelsie, but Harrison sort of liked watching Taylor getting her rodgering.5) KC is gonna kick somebody's ass eventually.6) Harrison is making tough decisions with only his gut to go on.. did he really stick up for colt…..let him burn baby…Incomplete list but I gotta get back on the ckock.

  17. Also I noted some boundaries that they established:1. Condoms with everyone but Harrison (location 3564)2. Their 'open relationship' closes off when they aren't separated (location 3815)3. Harrison wants to know who she sleeps with and what happens. Can't seem to find the location, but I know they talked about it at some point. Probably some lenience here. It's assumed that the earlier indiscretions, namely the parts where Taylor takes a steaming pile of shit on Harrison's trust, were grandfathered in because Harrison had no chance against the powerful cuck magic that washed over him.

  18. I was your safe boyfriend, here until you’re ready for better.” “No way, Harrison. You’re for real.” He nodded, looked a little sullen and couldn’t hold her gaze for long. He said, “I’m for real. I’ll be here for you when you come back to Michigan.” She said, “I like that. I couldn’t stand to lose you as a friend.” He made a soft scoff. “I’m your lover.” “You’re my lover,” she agreed. “If you’re okay with that.” His eyes steadied on her. “I am.” “I’ll always be your friend, Harrison. No matter what.” He said, “I want more than that.” “I do, too.” Harrison said in a shaky voice, “Can I come and sit with you?” Her sobs came back to threaten her, and she said, “Please, come and sit with me. I need you to, baby, I need you …” Harrison scooted up the bed, getting a hand on her knee and she gripped his arms. He said, “Would it be okay if I held you?” “Of course, Harrison. I want you to hold me.” Harrison took her in his arms, and she pushed her face into his neck and cried.Here comes the kick it's up and good Taylor puts one right in the middle of the friend zone.That dark and dusky sign post up ahead what's it say “Now entering the friend zone..Welcome Harry”The fun part will be the reconnect and how Taylor sees how Harry has grown.

  19. I don't like Taylor at all, but Harrison is the one in love with her. I think they have a chance if they stay within their boundaries but I'm hoping Harrison can learn what the emotional equivalent of a big dick looks like in a woman and move on from Taylor.

  20. I think of Taylor as troubled and disturbed in many ways. She doesn't seem that nice but later in the book you find that she deeply cares about Harrison way more than Harrison even knows. I also think that Harrison really under values himself and feels he's not good enough for her.

  21. We know taylor isn't done messing up Harry's heart. If she was thered be no next book. The thing is what form will it take. Will H find out thru the internet. “Omg is that T girl riding cowgirl on the cowboy on xvids!?.”What If she meets Jay..we know Maggie put the squeeze on professor Charmichael about Jay's behavior maybe he has to transfer school.. sad for him if he winds up with another girl whose gonna break his heart again..unless professor charmichael has to transfer and meets Taylor ….come on professor Geterdone.Sorry… flashback…

  22. Probably right John C as I think that this is a big part of the series where Harrison needs to find himself. Taylor will also get messed up though, especially if she falls for the wrong guy and ends up alone.

  23. Agree with that Jeff. The potential for emotional devastation on both sides is pretty dam high. If Taylor hooks up with the “in” girls beau, that's gonna be as Inigo Montoya would say”Suffering galore”. Same could happen to Harry even if he doesn't do the “in” girl that could turn into a snub and he could get labeled a non performer. If he does do her he could wake up missing a limb….(or maybe a twig.)Even If Taylor becomes the village bike at her school. She be labeled something and for sure someone somewhere will have some selfies or worse of the events.

  24. Just cuz I like it ….I can see KC telling this to colt when he realizes he's been duped and he did boink his sister….replace father with sisters proprietyhttps://youtu.be/6JGp7Meg42U

  25. @John C hahhahahaaahaIf I were to predict their future, I would predict that either Taylor crosses a boundary with severe consequence or Harrison discovers a person who causes him to re-evaluate his self worth. I'm not questioning the love Taylor feels for Harrison btw, wasn't ever a question. Their relationship could succeed but Taylor alone created the causation for her own destruction. Also, and this is completely speculative, but I wonder about Taylor and Kelsey Kay. At the beginning of this novel Taylor really wanted to re-create her 'first' time with Harrison and I was suspicions of why. Maybe she was sexually intimate with Kelsey way before she was sexually intimate with Harrison. Their kisses seemed to come and go a little too casually with a bit of familiarity. Maybe this is related to why she wanted a re-run of her 'first time' beyond not using a condom. Harrison remembers a thought just five years prior when Mr. Brooks was the joyous leader (location 1130) which times pretty well with the flashback from Taylor's perspective when Taylor and Kelsey co-bullied a girl into the toilet. I think this event is related to why she stopped water skiiing and why she suddenly didn't like her dad but I'm not smart enough to figure out why. Maybe Kelsey is involved, maybe she's not.

  26. @WA again – So I quickly realized after rereading your first entry yesterday that I misread how you were discussing your take on Harrison (and Max's) arousal as defining for the character. You weren't saying that it was merely a problem that he was getting turned on and so everything was fair game because of it, but that these characters are allowing that state of arousal to color their perception of everything to the point where they are even ruining their better judgment as a result. There's a case to be made that, in retrospect with Max for instance, that you're right. The better call was to drop his relationship with Maggie because he eventually lost her.I do think that how you characterize these male characters as 'dehumanizing' their SO is an interesting take, it's one that has been made about cuckolding or hotwifing in general. That whoring out your wife is mostly male-centric. That's the extreme version I suppose. But there's other perspectives, that of the belief that it's actually quite a sacrifice of male privilege to let one's wife sleep around, especially when it's a male of their choosing. For all the complexities of their emotional reaction to watching their SO sleep with other men, more on that later, one of the most common threads is the concept that they love their SO so much that they want to see them in ecstasy. It can be argued, as KT alludes to with Tommy's character in Happy Endings, that the experience that can be had with wifesharing in a relationship can be enlightening, dare I say, transcending or self-actualizing. There needs to be a lot in the relationship in order for that to happen, but ending a commitment to monogamy doesn't have to be a sign of disrespect for everyone involved, particularly in the KT universe.One word on the emotional complexity of wifesharing. It's important in these stories that everyone involved have a complicated relationship with the concept of wifesharing. The sexual arousal is just one of those feelings. We can talk about how central it is to each of these stories, but it's not all there is. There's also deep biological drives that know no relationship, and make us more animal than humans that marry people. There are realities that can't be ignored, like the one that makes men like Cole more desirable than Max, all other things being equal at least. Or the reality that Taylor has only ever known one relationship and she wants to spread her wings away from home. These men and women love each other, and just as we might sacrifice an arm that falls asleep when our girls rest on them, take that to it's logical conclusion, what about seeing them happy sleeping on someone else's?It's complicated as fuck, but you see the challenge here, and not every person is equipped to handle all the problems that arise when we listen to one part of ourselves to the detriment of another. But we know there's a benefit for us doing it or else why would we? So you listen to that part of your brain that says “you're hurting him” because the part of your brain that says, “I'll always love him” or “God this feels great, and besides he said he wanted it” until he's ripping his ring to you off your finger.

  27. Inevitable editing follow-ups – up above, I said wifesharing is an example of giving up male privilege 'especially if it's a male of their choosing' I mean of the girl's choosing, key distinction there!

  28. By the way, I missed the memo that we weren't supposed to be masturbating to these stories. I have an inverted relationship between that act and what types of books are meant to be masturbated to that constitute her catalog, apparently …

  29. I did have to put several of KT's books down for days. Not always because I was upset but also because I felt a certain excitement mounting and wanted to wait for that special moment to read it. I wonder if I am the only one who feels this way? I often go back to read them more as well.

  30. The question you raise as to whether cuckold/hotwife stories are misogynist or feminist, male-dominant or female-dominant, is interesting. I think part of the answer may depend on the reader's attitudes and perspective. Personally, I'm a sexually submissive guy, which is how I came to discover and enjoy the genre in the first place. I get off on the husband's/fiance's/boyfriend's position of being sexually secondary, of being implicitly or explicitly inadequate. And I get off on the heroines (and I do think of them that way) indulging their needs and desires “selfishly,” at the expense of their SO's. That is why I've said in some previous posts that I never blame or condemn the women in these stories — in my mind, it's a beautiful and appropriate (not to mention fuckhot) thing for them to take their pleasure as they will, and for their men to just have to deal.I'm sure there are some who would still find the above misogynist or dehumanizing — that I'm painting a picture of a submissive's fantasy object, not of a real person. And I suspect it's not the way KT would prefer her stories read; she works very hard and with tremendous skill to create emotionally and morally complex characters, and I imagine she wants me to dislike her women sometimes, or at least to be disgusted or disturbed or dismayed by their actions. And I am, on some level — those aspects are why I admire her work above any other writer in the genre — but there's another part of me that's just more masochistically thrilled the further they go.

  31. Resubmitted because god damn I suck at editing.@WA – Here I go again, I am once again having to edit my post about the topic of responding to your post. I once again realized I was reacting to a characterization of your post rather than what was exactly your point. The consequence of reading it and coming back later, I guess. Your biggest objection of all is the dishonesty displayed by Maggie and Taylor. Whatever rules are established, breaking them is the ultimate sign of disrespect, regardless of the type of relationship the characters are in.To that I think we will never have full agreement, I'm realizing. I think we actually agree with the post i responded with this morning and rereading what you said (again). The reason I don't think we can fully agree is that I am not ironclad on the rules or even the spirit of the rules. Not to say you necessarily are, but I think that I must clearly be more retroactively forgiving of these female characters, and the reasons for that are those things that I mention above about the complexities that transcend any relationship, and those that come from not everyone being able to handle situations as cleanly as possible, especially when they're young.Doesn't make anything any less wrong, by the way, just that why it happens can be more complicated and if the male character is true to himself, if he wants his SO to be truly happy, maybe being bitter about the betrayal to the point of cutting them out entirely is not the best way of improving himself or the relationship he wants. It's not necessarily clear in those instances if breaking up is the solution. And if it is the best solution, it isn't clear we can truly blame the failures of the relationship entirely on the male or female characters in the story, or if we just need to blame how the world/humanity works in general.

  32. Certainly not days, usually the only obstacle for me reading a KT story is when I absolutely do not have time to. The worst experience for me was the infamous 1am release of Recovering Maggie, I powered haphazardly through reading that with heavy lids and could not reread it with the proper amount of attention it needed for a few days. It is something where I attempt to exercise delayed gratification, but if a story is out, it's gon' get read … now!!It is hard lately though because the normal rhythm of reading a KT story has changed with her decreasing ability to write around 100 pages. It's becoming ever the greater time commitment. 😉

  33. Yea when I get a notice of a new KT story. It zips right to the top of my priority list. For me KT's stories aren't fap material as it is being a spectator to someone else's life. I get emotionally attached to characters. Which then allows me a voyeuristic view of the story.. also I'm still considering these stories therapeutic and KT my therapist (really KT you should charge more per hour).

  34. And finally, just for fun because you said the following rules were established, and it might help illustrate my point. The following are realities unique to the situation that make following these rules more complicated that just simply following what was verbally agreed too.First WA's rules for context -1. Condoms with everyone but Harrison (location 3564)2. Their 'open relationship' closes off when they aren't separated (location 3815)3. Harrison wants to know who she sleeps with and what happens. Can't seem to find the location, but I know they talked about it at some point. Probably some lenience here.Now for the hard truths – 1. Colt was a different type of experience that Harrison could not give Taylor and the other people involved in this inevitably come with their own agendas, which might lead to violations in Harrison and Taylor's rulebook.2. And more importantly, Harrison and Taylor are inexperienced and each other's only sexual relationship, it isn't strange that they explore others and learn what they like, and that sometimes they might need to bend what they don't like because they learn more about themselves and their SO.3. Taylor did not know Stevie or Colt were going to be at the party, and the willingness for her to explore probably became too overwhelming that it changed her time frame, “Maybe I should start doing this now?” In her words – “I was compelled to them.”

  35. For me, it's intrinsic that a deep level of love and trust exists before a person can explore these types of things and I think they're wonderful, beautiful things to explore. Where we venture off in our opinions (which is fine by the way I'm not trying to convince you, just explain myself) is the path towards that exploration. To me, it's sufficiently complicated enough that I don't believe it should be forced on somebody. It's a very complicated thing that everyone experiences uniquely that I think requires a great deal of mental preparation. It has a massive impact on the mind and body that's severe enough for me that forcing it becomes as offensive as rape or assault.And yeah, you're right, there's no way we actually come to some kind of middle ground because clearly the dynamic of cuckolding and wife-sharing is more complex than staying within established boundaries when those things only exist because we've discovered parts of ourselves that are at odds with the those boundaries. So as we test our limits in the ways that Taylor and the other girls do in these stories, we find the ways that make us unique. Ways we *know* about ourselves so absolutely that to try to explain it seems silly. But it's not at all. We all just have uniquely different definitions of what ok looks like.

  36. I feel like I need to further clarify my points earlier about what I find de-humanizing. It's not cuckolding/wife-sharing. I hold Taylor accountable for her actions. I don't believe that any form of sexual enlightenment on Harrison's part absolves her. You can find examples of this at locations 3252, 3284, 3326 and especially 3343 and 3385. In my notes, I called this the magical cuckold force meddling with human affairs. What I find de-humanizing is when those things redefine a person's principles so drastically that things that they found extremely offensive just hours earlier are disregarded. 4,000 words of Harrison's intense paranoia as he searches from room to room, swims the length of a lake in the dark, lurks around the docks like a sea monster, assaults a girl that might be a stranger just so he can know the truth. And it *was* intense. I even noted that I was concerned for Taylor in their relationship because it freaked me out how paranoid he was. For me, those two events don't negate each other, they can't. Harrison's transcendence, to go from that person swimming across the lake to the person fucking Kelsey fucking Kay, was god-like. It disregards his earlier standing on morality and oversimplifies the real transformation that a person would go through. That's what I find de-humanizing, not cuckolding/wife-sharing in general.This got a lot more wordy than I hoped it would be, I'm sorry about that. I really like the story and I'm ok with what happened because it's just a story. It's a lot more erotic if everything happens at the lake house and I get that.

  37. Still bothers me that kelsie and Taylor's “plan” was to break up with Harry..(did she intend to use the extracurricular sex as the point of no return?)After a couple of conversations where the issue was pushed “are we done?” Even when he had enough and would have bolted had the road been open. She convinces him to stay. Outwardly, this was pretty shitty thing to do. Inwardly the struggle she had with the break up must have been emotionally traumatic. The sex with colt or stevie may be the distraction tactic used for self defense. Orgasms are better than dealing with difficult emotions or people. It hurt both ways. But at least in the moment it wasn't painful but pleasurable. Do it enough times could become a pavlov reaction.Excessively stressful situation ahead ….do what ever needs be done to achieve orgasms as often as possible to survive the stress event. I'm pretty sure I stretched something and may have pulled a brain cell coming to this point so gonna take it easy for awhile and hope Reza comes out sooner than later.

  38. @2b2hI guess I don't understand why you feel like your hard truths surpass the importance of trust and honesty in a relationship. I hope I'm not misreading your meaning. Different experiences are important to have but not at the cost of trust. Without it, a relationship can't succeed. I want Taylor to experience everything she wants to I believe she can if she is honest and upfront because Harrison's experiences matter too. It's the pact she made when she committed herself to a relationship with Harrison and my terms are unconditional. I'm sorry I'm not more open-minded but this is just my limit.Maybe you're saying the urge to have these experiences is uncontrollable, like the urge to smoke a cigarette or scratch an itch. I would reject that completely from a narrow point of view that's biased and based entirely on my own experiences. I'd have nothing to offer you there.@JohnI thought that was weird, too. Taylor knew breaking up was the reasonable thing to do but chickened out because of her love for Harrison. And when confronted with the truth that having both things in her life would create conflict, she snagged both anyway. She's just very childish in that way. You might be onto something with the pleasure masking her pain idea but the onset of everything happening at the same time would make me think otherwise given Harrison's less than stellar track record. Kelsey is orchestrating something and I'm not sure what it is. I think she has the biggest impact on Taylor's decision making. The only bread crumbs I gathered were related to water ski competitions, Mr. Brooks, and the bullying incident. I don't know how they're related. Also in the scene where Taylor and Kelsey are kissing, I got the feeling that it was being intentionally described in such a way that it could be interpreted as their first kiss but not necessarily. So I wonder about them.

  39. WA – I realize now that you may not have read that I agree with the idea that Taylor fucked up royally, that was all stuff in the previous blog post. She ruined her opportunity to get Harrison to at least know what her actions were likely going to be by not even trying to apply to State, by going on the pill, by planning her big event with Kelsey, Brady, and Harrison (and subsequently Stevie and Colt). Then when she got caught being flirty with Colt, instead of saying, “you caught me” she had the lady balls to get mad at Harrison when he suggests breaking up with her as if she wasn't planning on doing that very thing later on.I guess part of what I'm saying is not everyone is so easy to pin down (in a personality sense, weirdos!) and relationships aren't always built the same nor is the way they are maintained always the same. Taylor did nothing to get Harrison prepared for the realizations she had and it led to a major challenge in the relationship. Now that all of the cards are on the table and the reasons for the indiscretions are out in the open, however shitty it came to be known, it's time for their next phase. That was Harrisons choice too, as you mention.Can they really know what to expect though? Is it as easy as saying, “he should always wear a condom?” or “You cant sleep with Kelsey ever again,” Maybe for infallible people, but bareback was a powerful experience for Taylor (probably mostly because of Harrison being the man with her at the time) and having sex with a good friend is deeply emotional. We can say out loud that you can't cross the road because it says, “dont walk” but what if no cars are coming and you really need to get to the other side?Ultimately you're right, I just have a knee jerk reaction to anything that I perceive to be too simplistic.And yeah, I do think some things that drive us are beyond our control and high minded concepts like modern relationships dont exist in a vacuum, it's always subject to human fallibility. And for me, if I understand the context for people's decisions, I am probably very forgiving when evaluating its component parts.

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