1. Idk WA he might be happier now and maybe with kids that he has no question about their lineage. Ok glass half full. Having been there…shit happens and you move on. Sucks that he isn't involved that we know of. But this isn't a story about the ms or mr, as fun as it is to speculate about them. This is about (striking my captain obvious pose). Taylor and Harrison. I don't expect to read anymore about mom and pop, unless taylor reveals something to Harrison or OMG she tells one of her lovers(colt) who then, “…Harrison she didn't tell you about this? Wow!? It so personal and shocking! That she shared it only with me? I must be something special to her huh?” As he snickers at Harrison and walks away .

  2. Bored just got off a grueling shift at work waiting for sleep to overtake me. Began thinking of some theme songs for cast members.Colt to KC: https://youtu.be/01-2pNCZiNkTaylor to Mom:https://youtu.be/SoZUQ0QC19cColt to Taylor: https://youtu.be/EZjevnnkA20Harrison to Kelsie:https://youtu.be/HQt6jIKNwgUTaylor to Harrison:https://youtu.be/1IdEhvuNxV8Harrison to Taylor: (can go both ways)https://youtu.be/RiKVjS3gR88For mikey: (lucky girl he sings this to).https://youtu.be/SQTHB4jM-KQFor harrison:https://youtu.be/FcOTExcE2dMFor Harrison and his first date: (go get her Harry)https://youtu.be/zks6NOR2zqYFor our group:https://youtu.be/zks6NOR2zqYOk it's old but the lyrics work….lol

  3. It's relevant to Taylor's behavior. If we don't read more about him then I'd assume creative choices were made to spare the readers..I think it's too relevant for that, though. I'm super happy to hear you were able to move on and there's hope for Mr. Brooks. I can 100% see that hypothetical situation you described happening.

  4. Yea the age old adage …”time heals all” works for reals. Back story on mom and pops would be a story in itself…just don't see alot of cheddar in it. I'm less concerned about the why of her behavior as I am about what she gonna do next and how is Harrison gonna deal with it. I think we have come to that personal choice crossroads. Which is the difference between us. I'm cool with that too. You wanna know what took place I don't care so much about this one. In Maggie the parents were quite a bit involved in the plot i just don't see that in this one…if KT includes them I'm gonna love reading about it though.

  5. I'm eager to see Harrison and Taylor more than a ton of backstory about Taylor's parents. It would be better to do it separately in my opinion. Maybe it comes in hindsight or something.

  6. I'm with you guys — I want to read about about Taylor and Harrison. Just a little bit, like a sentence, would satisfy my curiosity because then I can think about how his circumstances impacted Taylor's life so I can get a bigger picture of who Taylor is. Not asking for a backstory here.

  7. I get you.. I'm very curious about why mom ditched the gathering in favor of…..what? The last hurrah before colledge same as a sweet sixteen type event in my eyes. But than again if she had we might have read about mom and colt..Imagine KC….” Moooooom?!?!?.” As he ties an anchor to colts limp body throws him on the boat. “We're not done talking about this…I'll be right back!!”

  8. Thanks … I been wondering who Taylor's “Magic man” is gonna be. Will she become a valley girl or Surfer girl, or a surly girl.

  9. If, say, I would consider releasing this book on (Patreon) with a probably weekly chapter, is that something that would sound appealing? The alternative is waiting till I have about 50k before publishing. And that 50k is more likely 80k.

  10. Colt to Taylor: You went for a Kiss song, and it wasn't Love Gun? It was practically written for Colt and Taylor. It's like his internal dialogue, ha ha.

  11. Taylor to Harrison: there seems to be a real Burt Reynolds theme going her in the last few months. I made a Hooper ref in the comments a while back, used a Hooper gif for HE, then the guy dies, now this song? (Too lazy to google: didn't he do a movie called Hot Stuff and this song was in it?)

  12. I Want You by Savage Garden is such a great song for Kelsey/Harrison. Used to love this song, it's been a long time.Conversation has a time and place in the interactionOf a lover and a mate but the time of talkingUsing symbols, using words can be likenedTo a deep sea diver who is swimming with a raincoatCome stand a little bit closerBreathe in and get a bit higherYou'll never know what hit you whenI get to youPerfect!

  13. By “this book,” I assume you mean the “Separate Schools” sequel? If so, I suspect many of your more electronically oriented readers (meaning, everybody but old eccentric me) would love weekly chapters. For myself, I would hope only that a paperback compilation would follow closely on completion of the installments.

  14. I really likes this line from savage garden and I think it maybe appropriate for hay and Kelsie…”Ooh I want you, I don't know if I need you butOoh I'd die to find out”

  15. Well for whatever reason, I always think of 80's music when I think of coming of age and summertime stories, even though I grew up in the 90's and came of age in the aughts. The thing is I don't even like 80's music, just modern renditions of it. Go figure …I feel like M83 lives in this world of teenagers growing up, the invincibility of youth, feeling left out, all in that retro sound that makes you want to take a drive with your top down in your sleeveless shirt and stone-washed denim shorts even though it's fall …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5cgzcjqOtELife is good now, but you've got so much to learn kids …

  16. I picture the movie Dazed and Confused, Matthew Mcconaughey is Colt and Willey Wiggins is Harrison, except Harrison has more personality than that Mitch character, haha.

  17. I'm not a fan of the weekly drips and drabs I prefer to get lump sums. But thats just me. I'd blow through a chapter in minutes and be desperate for the rest of the week…plus I think we'd blow a hole in the blog-o-sphere, commenting on every chapter.. JMO

  18. About the same as being a freshman in high school who gets a surprise kiss from the hot chick then has to go to gym class and change into PT gear with a raging hard on…”coach can I take my shower before calisthenics…pleeease?”(Yea I said calisthenics… you younglings can Google it.)

  19. Hey KT,

    When the college kids in Michigan go to a store to get some booze, please consider having them going to a “party store”. I don’t know how much time you’ve spent in Michigan, but around here where we live, liquor stores are called “Party Stores”. When I first moved here, I thought that was odd; I was used to ABC stores in Northern Virginia. I expected to find funky hats, ribbons, masks, and party favors. Daria, not surprisingly thought the same thing. Nope… wall-to-wall booze and some really cool snacks. While booze can be had at a Meijer, Kroger, the better stuff is at a party store.

    Just some grist…


    1. One more Michigan thing: Sliding Glass Doors. In Michigan they’re called “doorwalls, or door walls.” We still call them sliding glass doors. The Michigan state plant is the orange construction barrel. Roads suck.

      1. Na, bro. Doorwalls at home in MI. When I first heard the phrase, I didn’t know what it was. There are commercials where they say doorwall, too. Wallside Windows, Majik (sp?), and others.

        When I was home for a day a couple of weeks ago, the road in front of our house was horrible. Truth–all the roads on the way home were horrible, too. It’s a racket at home. Patch the road until it can’t be patched, then strip it and redo it half-assed. No performance guarantee, no nothing. There is nothing good about Michigan roads.

  20. Hey KT,

    just wanted to say that I recently read this book. Its amazing and heartbreaking. I thought it was just one and done. But then I saw that you are writing a second part. Can’t wait to read the next chapter or semester.

    1. Thanks, Jerman. I want it to be kind of heartbreaking; that’s the way the characters seem to me (even Taylor!). The next book isn’t even a semester—I’m so long-winded—but it does show how this is going to work out between them…

      1. I’m still trying to figure out the embed thing, I got it to work before but I tried the iframe embed and it produced a link … hmm …

        I am glad you are in the next phase, KT!

      2. LOL! If you click on the link you can see the GIF. 🙂 That kid really celebrated! 🙂

      3. Yeah, but you have to leave the blog to look at the gif, I’m trying to embed it in the reply because I want to be one of the cool kids …. All the cool kids embed their gifs in their posts …

      4. Three times, three failures…I’m out. I tried to steal home…

        KT, you got a flag set that doesn’t allow mere mortals to imbed junk? 🙂

        One more time… different GIF.

        via GIPHY

      5. I’m betting that! Makes me feel utterly useless. I can’t bear it! Oh, the humility!

      6. I used iframe imbed. Don’t worry about it, KT. It ain’t no thang!

        Dave… not Daria… Dave.

        PS As someone who shall go nameless wrote, “Pay him no mind.” Or some other thing. She is right, I will get over it, though. For the record, I think you did an outstanding job on your site. I don’t know how you find the time, but it’s amazing.

  21. Not surprised that Seperate Schools won the vote. The book seemed very far along and it was my second favorite after Reza. So I am looking forward to it. Will be interesting, how much of an open relationship it will be. Whom will Harrison play with. Taylor will have an easy time to play around, but for him that will be a bigger jump.

    1. I agree it will be harder for Harrison. He is the loyal type. It will take him awhile to find his new groove. Ultimately I see Him and Taylor moving apart. She is already branching out seeking others. Distance and the bio chemicals involved with intimacy will do the rest. Haven’t posted in awhile work, work, work! Had to use my Kindle text to speech function to keep up with my KT reading no time…
      Thank You KT!!! Really enjoyed the last Keely story! I had to defend the complaint that it was slow. Your ability to draw the reader into the lives of the characters is astounding. You make us care about them!


      1. Thank you, RCH!

        And thanks for the Kindle text-to-speech tip. I proofed Open Hearts yesterday using it to read the book back to me while I was out walking. It was awesome.

      1. It’s done now, but word on the street is there’s a traffic jam at Amazon so it’s best for me to wait till Monday…

      2. KT, I dare you to reach 50k this weekend. 🙂

        I’m very excited, thank you for the update, KT! Sounds like it’ll be a busy weekend for Amazon I guess?

      3. I hear things are clearing up now, so I think we’re all good for Monday!

        No 50k—but I’m already into the next book…

      4. It’s all good, KT. We’ll just have to trudge through this weekend, castaways with no new words to read. It’s Tequila Time!

      5. Will there be a paperback for this one, KT? Those have been in short supply lately (“Watching Natalie Again,” “Inconceivable,” “Rachel’s Truth” … all nada), but “Separate Schools” got one, so I’m hopeful its sequel might as well.

      6. I will try! I had some trouble with Amazon messing up my ebook sales over a paperback complication. It kind of deflated my excitement about the print versions. But they are nice things to have, so I will make an effort to get them done (maybe through another method other than Amazon…)

      7. Thanks for the reply to my query about new print releases, KT. God, Amazon sucks. Oh well, I certainly understand that you have to prioritize the format that’s most lucrative for you, and that most of your readers prefer. Sadly, I’m a dinosaur with a physical collector’s mentality — I still buy Blu-rays instead of streaming everything, too!

      8. It was fun. For once, we did not over do it. More tonight during dinner. Maybe after, too. Shots!

    2. Yes, it looks like Reza won, but SS was so close to being done I went for that instead—it was neck and neck anyway. Boo on the lack of Keely support!

      1. There’s some hurt coming, but, yeah, it’s a ‘nice’ book. Why can’t you guys like nice books?

        And BTW, anyone ever watch that network show A Million Little Things? Pretty sickly sweet betrayal in those first three episodes. (Don’t give me any spoilers, please!—I’m only three episodes in…)

      2. Hey, now! We read “nice” books, too. Remember, we cried more than once reading the Keely books. Serioiusly, Dave is going to read this, but he had tears running down his cheeks. My husband, the nerd with a heart.

        So, we will read anything you write, in whatever order you choose.

        So, why am I responding? My husband, the security expert, left his laptop unlocked and I saw the deluge of activity here. I cannot be trusted. See? Ha, ha!


      3. Ha ha! Maybe I’ll write some poly reverse harem (MMMFF) under another name, just for myself, because I really liked it.

        I loved spending the time with these characters I like so much—the ones from the Maggie world. The next book is on the back burner but already under way and it has so many scenes I can’t wait for you to read… I want to talk about them, but, gah, I don’t want to spoil!

      4. The only book I want next is the book that KT wants to write, forget what anyone else says about what they want. People should keep their mouths shut about what they want you to do.

        Who put this mirror here?

      5. I dont want to offend anyone, my comment was supposed to be a joke about a post of mine I did before, but it’s fine what others have to say to KT.

      6. KT – Here’s how I see your poll results. In my opinion the reason you see such a high number of people reacting more positively to Reza, Separate Schools and Six Weeks is because they are the latest and greatest versions of what genre you started everyone up on as an author. You’ve built this small empire on the tear boners of husbands and you’re reaping what you sow. If you keep mixing in Keely like stories in watch that number rise in a year or so as those readers start to get hooked. It might just be a distinct niche you are reaching with Keely. Dark Cuckold Romance? Is that the subgenre’s title? Maybe we need to bring up there are firecrotches, too.

        One of the things that some pollsters do is try to gage how strong of an opinion people had about liking/not liking certain things by asking people to rank order items. Its messy to deal with on the analysis side, but you see more detail about where other things stand, sure I might have liked one story to be written but it was only narrowly beating out the second place story.

        I’m just saying, you might have been surpised to see how many people may have wanted Keely to go next after one of the top three.

      7. I like Dark Cuckold Romance!

        I thought I could do a hybrid because I love romance books so much. But I think it’s wiser for me to give people what they want than trying to experiment.

        And, yes, I think I should experiment with some more polls…

      8. I can only speak for myself but the Keely story lags behind the others because we already know the main characters get married, so there is no angst in that regard. If you told me how six weeks, Seperate Schools and Reza end I’d think the stories would be far less entertaining also. Additionally, the sex in Keely has been safe. If you are going to keep the story in its current point in time I’d increase the sexual debauchery such as Keely having a threesome with Cole and Maggie ( some scenario where she can maintain some innocence like being drunk etc.) Only it turns out she likes it more than she leads on so then she keeps doing it behind Max’s back…but then it would be hard to circle back that scenario to the wedding scene in Maggie. Therefore, I’d personally like to see the Keely story jump ahead to after the wedding.

      9. Hmm, interesting stuff. You are right.

        I know I gave you guys some sweet Max book there, but it really is heading to darker territory. All the loose ends are there wiggling at you guys. As sweet as Keely is, there’s darkness there too. The third book takes a step toward the shadows, and the fourth book is where Max has to take a knee.

        But, yeah, I get it. Bad as it might be, you all know they’re going to be a sweet-ass couple at a wedding a few years off, jetting to join their ultra-wealthy friends in Tahiti. I see the problem, ha ha…

      10. KT – Respectfully, and I’m sure it’s probably laced with idealism, but fuck that. If you want to experiment with different directions then do it, I hate the idea that you aren’t writing something that you want to do because not enough people want it.

        I know you’re not saying you don’t necessarily want to write what you currently are writing, but if it’s not your tippy-top interest I don’t like that.

        If you lose readers because you change so be it, there will be others, and we’ll always have what you’ve done before.

        And I did allude to not liking Separate Schools didn’t I? As well as a number of others. Well that’s wrong, I love all your stories, I was just in a mood. You can understand, right?

      11. Sure, I’ve been known to completely fly off the handle, I even believe it’s happened here a few times, ha ha.

        My problem is that this site and these stories under this penname is the truest to what I want to write. I flew a little too high and forgot what people wanted to read. A little hubris on my part. Some KT ego thinking readers would follow. Why do I make this shit complicated? You all tell me on the reg what’s working, why I gotta get all fancy?

      12. KT – More needs to be said on this, and I will do it, but I just want to throw a wrench into whatever you think has been communicated to you to this point by myself or others that would make you think the contrary, I want complicated and fancy. No one doesn’t like that, I have to think that’s true with everyone here, too.

        You probably mean something different than I think you’re saying regarding ‘complicated’ and ‘fancy’ but I will need to follow up with what I mean later. The last thing I wanted you to conclude from my diatribe was that un-innovating your brand, simplifying, or unfluffing your stories was necessary because a reader like me was starting to defect.

        Who knows what the fuck I’m talking about anyways, the main thing is don’t get it twisted, the route you want to go down is the one you ought to go down.

        So much more needs to be said …

      13. The direction I was headed no one was interested in. I needed to hear that. I’m not changing my writing, just reminding myself that you guys come first!

      14. Lol, yeah what a problem to have right? Glad to hear book 3 and 4 are heading darker. While, I prefer Reza, SS, and 6 weeks to Keely, by no am I suggesting I didn’t enjoy the first two Keely books so whatever you come out with next is fine by me!

  22. On a completely different topic: We’re not getting “Like” e-mails. I checked the subscription list, but that’s not much help. Is there something that can be done to have these E-mails resume? If not, that’s cool, too. Just asking because it’s Friday. Yeah, customer support is a bitch! 😉

    1. I can’t begin to explain how amazed I am this thing even exists. I don’t know how to do websites! It stopped sending me emails once and I shrugged it off. I somehow lucked into the reason why, but I forget what it was now. I don’t see anything on my end about individual users settings…

      1. I know nothing about web stuff, either. I leave that up to the nerd. He is just being Dave. Pay him no mind, it will get to him, but I will distract him.


  23. Re the upcoming Separate Schools sequel – “met someone new” huh? I think the long distance situation provides an interesting opportunity to see Harrison’s perspective of Taylor one step removed, maybe through social media, and the way that can compound jealousy.

  24. KT – I just want to clarify (don’t you have a job 2B2H? Yes, it’s slow right now and this is important person that doesn’t exist). I hate binary things, good versus bad, blah, blah, blah. You of all people know that there is much more to it than that, and I hope you read my diatribe as a reflection of my complex feelings towards everything that you write now.

    My reading of your stories is long past the honeymoon stage, I’m in it for the long haul, and as such my love of your stories is capital c Complicated …


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