Separate Schools

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Harrison Wade and Taylor Brooks have been best friends for ten years and professing reciprocal love since they were sixteen.

Two inseparable friends are about to face their profoundest challenge. Taylor is going away to a college twenty-four hundred miles away. She’s leaving her best buddy-slash-boyfriend behind.

Every end-of-summer since Harrison was ten has been punctuated by the weekend bash at Taylor’s parents’ lakeside cottage in northern Michigan. Only this summer it seems like they’re saying goodbye to more than just a season.

As what might be the last Brooks’ bash ever gets under way, revelations are made, and harsh truths come into startling focus. Fear that his separation from the love of his life may be measured in more than miles has them both challenging themselves on how enduring true love can be …


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  1. If it happend years ago then the physicality maybe moot. Also she didnt know who it was because she onky knew someone was watching and assumed it was Harrison. Gonna stick with a slimmer version of Colt or one of the others. We may never know..

  2. I think we'll know John. It very well could have been Colt but I'm just not feeling it. I think it was someone at the party like Mike. I think it's important for some reason.

  3. Its a difficult path she choose but it happens to play to Harrison's kinky cuck side and the voyeur in him. If he doesnt have that streak of cuck in him. Then maybe he releases the break takes it out of gear and pushes colts car downhill (and into the lake?) And beats feet out of there.Theres also that long time love thing going on…so who knows. Subject change:As i reflect on the story the thing that makes it so different feom other writers is the secondary characters. Most others keep it to a few mains with rotating bulls. In a KT story we have several possible bulls and some significant Secondary players..what was the last cuck story you read where the husband and wife or two primaries were not in the last chapter together but in this one harrison drops Taylor off before kelsie. Than has a meaningful conversation with her . That makes it KTs style more entertaining to read for me.

  4. Mmm, maybe it's a big deal, but she was a minor at the time, so it's possible that story was less about who actually saw her naked and more to add layers to Harrison and Taylor's relationship. That was a cute story …

  5. BTW, I'm just curious what position Taylor's brother plays in football? That Bear guy makes me think he's an offensive line player because he was described as 6' 6″ (maybe Center?), and I'm thinking her brother is either the quarterback or a receiver (possibly tight end).

  6. I get your point. But if this takes place a few years earlier when bro and company were seniors she was at worst a freshman best case a sophomore. Still i know what i did in HS senior chick wanted to date me. I think she just wanted my virginity.. then my best friend sister was a soph when i was a senior..would have asked her out had my besty not nixed any notions i had. But its a super sensitive topic these days..the reality is im a dad of two daughters high school romance hasnt changed that much from my days there. Only thing is its more public cuz of the internet.

  7. Hmm, KC is the quarterback, for sure. Care Bear is Defensive End. They just had an excellent season, only narrowly being defeated by the University of Tennessee, which featured All-American Offensive Tackle Shontavious Jackson in the Megalos Bowl, Care Bear had his hands full. That might have sounded dirty now that I think about it …:) A little KT Universe giggles.

  8. If KT thinks I didn't miss the over-emphasis-kiss-of-death, then she has another thing coming.Said Harrison to Kelsie and Brady, “While we're apart. We're going to have an open relationship.””We're in love.””We are,” Taylor said.Later on, “It's not crazy,” Taylor said.”It's not crazy,” Harrison agreed.Hell even Kelsie got into it, “No, it's not.”Hmmm …

  9. This is where punctuation matters and anyone of those with a question mark Or an exclaimation mark and the doubts become very obvious.Wonder if because Harrison is unable to have sexWITH Kelsie. If they don't come to an agreement for him (or dir both) to watch her. Sex by proxy.

  10. Well I believe that Harrison will be watching Kelsie having sex to tie over his voyeurism. He might get with other girls I think and enjoy watching some. Hope we don't get any serious gaps in this series like we got in the Maggie one. It's hard to deal with those and thankfully we'll get a gap novel for the Maggie series.

  11. So glad this is resonating with some of you. That young unsure feeling is so universal. And those boys or girls who jilted you are just as messed up as you, but communication is so damn hard… there’s more to come, and more to discover about these characters. Open Hearts, Open Minds is the tentative title of the second Separate Schools book.

  12. You just have to wonder, these are young adults, barely an hour or two into making a socially taboo relationship decision and are revealing it for the first time to people (well, person) that they really respect. Do any of them really want to let on any reservations they have about the decision they made? No, in that moment it might be better to just stick with the optimistic take, “we're gonna do this … truly, we'll be fine … I have absolutely no doubt that this will be completely fine … yep, no problems here …”lol hows that for nuance?Incidentally, KT might be the queen of Nuance in Erotica.

  13. This is the first KT Morrison story I've read, so I wasn't sure what to expect. What I wasn't was a level of opinion whiplash towards a story that I have not experienced since I read Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Blithedale Romance. I started out hating Taylor with a passion and thus did not like the story at all despite it being otherwise well written. I ended up with some serious appreciation though with a little trepidation.The point at which things clicked was chapter 52. Seeing how broken Taylor is put details which previously appeared minor under a new light which showed them to be massive in scope. Taylor was no longer a heartless bitch; she was now a victim of sexual abuse as was her older sister Riley. Her feelings towards sex have been warped by her father assaulting her in the vilest way imaginable. She's just using men in the way her father used her and how her mind has convinced her is normal to protect her from facing the horrific truth head on.While I appreciate the story from a purely literary perspective, I'm somewhat leery at the idea of erotica featuring an abuse victim sleeping around when she's in desperate need of some serious therapy. I read this genre for feelings of catharsis more than titillation, so I can appreciate a train wreck at times, but other people might be jacking or jilling themselves off to this, unaware of the abomination that act is. I can't imagine how I'd feel after finding that out.I suppose I could be completely wrong in my reading of the story, but I was at 90+% certainty until Taylor called Harrison “Daddy” while having sex when I jumped to 99.999999+% certainty.

  14. That's because it was implied rather than stated. I'm not motivated to go through and make a list of every hint at the moment, but when a pair of sisters have warped views of sexuality and developing/full blown substance abuse problems along with a father who is absent for reasons never really fully explained, that screams sexual abuse. When one of those characters calls her boyfriend who she cannot bring herself to dump “Daddy” while they are screwing, that scream turns into flashing lights and sirens.

  15. No it doesn't. Whatever though it's clear that I think you're making assumptions. Taylor stated that the father and mother were cheating on each other.Divorce messes up kids period and sexual abuse isn't necessary the issue.

  16. SPOILER ALERT(if you do not believe Taylor has a history of sexual abuse you may not want to read more in case it opens too much of the story for you without being revealed by the characters)Let me allay your fears that Taylor was sexually abused. She was not.You are astutely picking up on subplots that will develop, but they are not what you think they are. Girls can have complicated relationships with their fathers without it having anything to do with sex.Chapter 52 and the scene with Taylor and KC on the boat preparing for her to waterski (as well as a few other places) hint at what is going on with Taylor. This is a personal story for me and I don't take anything I do lightly.I'd also like to note that while I am definitely an erotica writer, this book is not really erotica. While it has sexually graphic scenes they are not meant to titillate but to serve a greater story. The sex here defines relationships between friends and lovers, as two people try and figure out how they will fit together, and what is the sum total of their friendship measured against their burgeoning future. Taylor is running, but it's not from an abusive father. She also does not have a substance abuse problem. Riley may over-indulge in alcohol but she also has a developing storyline that is complicated. Her alcoholism is merely hinted in rumors and extrapolations but, just as in real life, gossip is often overstated.Please, Unlucky 7, hang with us here. Trust me. Sexual abuse is not something I would toy with. I want you to enjoy this story not mire in people ravaged by abuse at the hand of others. This is a love story about troubled young people trying to find their way. I want you to hate Taylor now because it's the only way you'll love her later.

  17. I guess I'm going to need to reread the book and take notes because I felt like my reading was well supported circumstantially and explained almost all of the unrevealed backstory points. I have a new theory that doesn't feel as elegant, but I'll wait till I can support it with textual citations before posting it.

  18. Part of the issue I think I was having is because I didn't see Taylor's point of view until much later and then when I did I came to the realization that she's deeply troubled and wants what's best for the Harrison who I think she feels she doesn't deserve. I might need to reread myself at some point in a couple of months or so.

  19. I didn't get an abuse vibe ..I wouldn't read that deep into a fictional character in a genre that has no std's or uti's. Just not that realistic given we only know these characters at this point in Their life. Even if you go back and select phrases words and conversations your making facts of a fictional account. The facts would be fictional…? (Is that a real fake thing?)On the other hand that KT wrote a character so believable that there was genuine concern for her. Wow KT next level stuff..In any case this is another one of those things I won't be spending anymore time on….

  20. Unlucky7 – First of all, hi, welcome.Second of all – What on Earth are you reading to possibly conclude abuse?Ask yourself how likely does someone with a history of abuse have a stable three year relationship with one person? Keep good, solid friendships?When Taylor talks about the infidelity in the relationship between her mother and father it was an 'emotional relationship' with co-workers. Is that the action of a serial abuser? You think sexual abuser dad needed a shoulder to cry on?How likely is it that that kind of fucked up parenting would lead to a brother who fought valiantly to prevent his sister from underage drinking? I would think he'd be all about drowning his sorrows for his messed up childhood and, hell, the more the merrier.As someone who overreacted to a couple vague paragraphs in another KT epic, I get the concern when she does leave a mystery behind. And obviously there are lot of stories with dark, dark themes, but you can tell real fast that none of this is going on here.Made it through without reading the spoiler, nope, I refuse to be spoiled!

  21. I did get a sort of substance abuse problem vibe from Taylor and someone that is going to need Harrison as a friend more than just some lover. I get the sense that she could destroy her life if she's not careful.

  22. I dont think there is anything to go on about substance abuse other than a 19 year old at her last big party before moving away wanting to drink because shes not allowed to.That kind of behavior is just unheard of among 19 year old Amerixan girls …

  23. I want to say thanks to Unlucky 7 for bringing the thoughts here. It' s good to talk and work this shit out, and i welcome this discourse!Please read it again (Lordy, if you have the time—it's a long book!) with the knowledge that while what is happening to Taylor is dreadful, she is no victim at the hand of an abuser. Shit, just a few chapters into the next book you'll see the genuine love she has for her dad!

  24. My take on trish is she's the family lush probably cucked the dad. My thoughts for trish went sideways when she decided to spend time with her bff, bf, fb, SO or whatever he was to her, instead of spending her last summer of her daughter's and her SO, last summer party Before colledge. That for me is tantamount to missing Taylor's birthday party for the happy hour at the local pub.

  25. KT is right though. We haven't officially met Taylor's parents yet, although I get the sense that Trish really isn't the faithful sort which might be why she's not well received by her children.

  26. Ok, thought I'd missed something there. Glad to hear there was in fact *not* an abuse vibe. I didn't get that while reading it. It kinda bugs me, from a male perspective, that there's so often a “presumption of perversion” when it comes to men. Maybe that's why I enjoy this genre so much — We get to see just how perverse and lust-driven the women are. Also, never heard the phrase “jilling” oneself off. Nice! Funny as I was just at the hospital this AM visiting my mother-in-law (who lives with us) who just had a surgery. My wife and I were in there discussing whether she might be better off going to a nursing home for a couple weeks of rehab before coming home. On the list of nursing home “cons,” my wife (who's a healthcare provider herself … still working on making her a “hotwife”) mentioned that there are no private showers; rather, there's a shared shower in the hallway. She referred to it as a “Jack and Jill shower.” Never heard the phrase used in that context before, either. So, yeah, two new-to-me contexts for “Jack and Jill.” Weird day.

  27. While rereading, I noticed something that I had apparently glossed over on the first read which is that Harrison had never brought Taylor to orgasm. Ignoring the fact that I find it hard to believe he never did it with his fingers or mouth despite not being an overly selfish guy, I do NOT read stories where a man is presented as being incapable of sexually satisfying his partner who eventually cheats on him. (The 10 pumps and he's done was an acceptable failure since that was his first time having sex without a condom and he was really worked up before.)I prefer not to judge an author by just one of their stories, so if someone else wants to suggest a different KT Morrison story to read that doesn't feature that, I'd appreciate it. If that's a consistent theme, then that sucks because I'd hate to miss out on a quality author because I'm not a fan of their exact flavor of stories.

  28. By the way, I disagree with your premise with regards to this story. You isolated the one moment that he FELT he was not satisfying her … and yeah he was quick, but it was a powerful moment for them in other ways. There were better moments too …

  29. As we close out another thread, I'm left thinking about what made it on that note from Taylor to Harrison that she wrote after being with Colt. I have to think he'll get to read it at some point. The fact that they forgot about makes me thinks it'll hold some valuable truth about Taylor's feelings towards Harrison, love or otherwise …

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