Separate Schools

Separate Schools is now available!

Harrison Wade and Taylor Brooks have been best friends for ten years and professing reciprocal love since they were sixteen.

Two inseparable friends are about to face their profoundest challenge. Taylor is going away to a college twenty-four hundred miles away. She’s leaving her best buddy-slash-boyfriend behind.

Every end-of-summer since Harrison was ten has been punctuated by the weekend bash at Taylor’s parents’ lakeside cottage in northern Michigan. Only this summer it seems like they’re saying goodbye to more than just a season.

As what might be the last Brooks’ bash ever gets under way, revelations are made, and harsh truths come into startling focus. Fear that his separation from the love of his life may be measured in more than miles has them both challenging themselves on how enduring true love can be …



  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give one of those a look.I did not isolate a single moment, especially since I said his failure there was acceptable to me. From Chapter 9:”He narrowed his eyes and said, “I know two people who are going to be coming soon.”That got her. She giggled, covered her mouth, her posture slumping, surrendering. She hugged him then with one arm and pressed her chin into his chest.Bold words on his part, given he wasn’t one-hundred percent sure he had delivered Taylor an orgasm yet. One time she told him she thought she came, and they treated it as a fact …”You might not think that matters, but it matters to me. When a guy is presented as sexually inadequate, it partially justifies the woman's adultery and I don't read stories where that is a possibility even if the author doesn't present it as one. I stomach the adulterous partner being better even though it is dumb fantasy because if I didn't I would be too limited in reading selection, but the husband/boyfriend has to be at least good.

  2. Again Harrison is very inexperienced and doesn't know what he's doing. Given time I think he would pleasure Taylor plenty, just needs experience.

  3. Unlucky7 – Again you're only reading his opinion in that quote you're referencing and there are other moments in the story you're ignoring.So here, I'll play along but I feel like you're minimizing Harrison and Taylor's sex a lot although I have to admit I get why. I personally i enjoy sexual prowess deficits in the main male character, because, you know, the genre we're reading…Chapter 60 -“Did you come?””I came””Well fucking shit,” he did that. Maybe it took Colt to get her started but he could finish the job.To Jeff's point, maybe he'll learn? I just dont think it matters as much as you claim it does.

  4. That sounds about right…probably along the lines of she might not be able to keep her promise about colt or condoms but they are still gonna be bff. Oh snap just occurred maybe this is where she friend zones him.. or not …dam mysteries….

  5. Just watched a NetflixMovie titled “How he fell in love”Quick breakdown younger dude falls in love with older dudes wife aged in between……Some interesting nuances about what position she always did it in, the Who seduced who thing. Honestly, If it weren't for those little details and incidents that occur I may have fallen asleep during it. It was a bit slow but hey that's drama slow build ups to drastic traumatic moments.(spoiler alert the geezer gets in a good right cross..yeah team geezer! ) Sex scenes moved the plot along. The emotional feel in the movie seemed real enough there were some moments that were very Real especially to me. It's a cheating wife bewarned.

  6. This maybe a tough genre for you lucky..most of the Male leads have some sexual deficit which creates the angst that is this genre.However what KT does better than anyone is build the emotional and romantic connections in the two primaries where a bigger dick isn't always better but doesn't hurt either…Happy endings would be my suggestion ….a good one where the hubby and the bull are about equally endowed. Hubby can get the wife off no problemo. Cherry blossoms and Maggie series are excellent reads but if big dicks bore you then try happy endings. I hear tell we may get another book in that set eventually.

  7. Oops.. also another good one where the husbands junk is not even a consideration as in he is a non player or a inert character. “Watching Natily Cheat” its a short one with no sex between husband and wife.

  8. What's with the man-centrism? Why would it be Harrison who's responsible for that? The man gives it—or the woman finds it and takes it? It's hers. Did it start in the man and then he gives it like a gift? The greatest male lover in the world could get in bed with the most orgasmic woman in the world and he might not deliver it. Maybe she doesn't like his toes. Maybe her bff Kathy said something bitchy that morning and she can't stop thinking about it. Maybe her fucking right thigh keeps cramping and this guy can't stop leaning on it. Perhaps she had chili the night before and she feels bloated and on the verge of a toot. Maybe the guy parts his hair on the right side and she haaates that…They're also young. There's also more going on between Harrison and Taylor than the first book describes. And there's character arcs. No one by the end of a book is the same person at the beginning. If Harrison and Taylor have no obstacles why bother telling a story?Like I've been saying: my books aren't exactly erotica. They're more about challenges and discovery. They should be women's fiction or something. They just contain explicit sex. But I include it because its important.But, but, but, Unlucky 7, have no fear: I hate weak male characters too. Jonny in the Landlord Series is my most cucky and even he is an impressive dude. I like men who devalue themselves, then discover their value. That's that character arc thing again.Take Happy Endings. Tommy is the MMC and he is a straight up badass. Ex-Ranger, money-maker, endowed, loving, good dad, hot lay. What did he learn? By the end of the books he sees his relationship with his wife in a whole new and better way. He was never over-bearing but he did see her as another piece of his success puzzle. Sukie teaches him she's way more than that. They were always a team, even in the beginning, but by the end they are so close together that they do what they do (avoiding spoilers) with great aplomb. Tommy sees her role in his life in a whole new and philosophical way. They achieve an enlightenment.I don't write masturbating books (I do sometimes—like the Taken series, but I don't take them seriously, they're practically comedies, because, like, come on) so it means I avoid tropes usually. Tropes like the cuck male. I want you to have confidence in reading my books because I care about them, and care about how they're received.So please read with confidence, knowing I'm writing with care and heart. But also keep in mind there are a lot of speed bumps in my parking lot, and some of them are not to code.

    1. KT, I’ve now read the Maggie Series including both Keely books. I’ve got to tell you, while I don’t like where some of them head, you do an masterful job of developing your characters, stories, and holding my attention.

      Yes, your stories are compelling because they are about people discovering themselves. And, especially with younger people, they are still understanding who they are and learning to give themselves voice all the while trying to carry on intimate relationships. You seem to understand that well.

      As far as “Separate Schools” goes, I can’t wait for book 2. I count on Taylor putting Harrison through hell. I hope you will let us in on what the deal is with Taylor’s mother that might give some clues as to Taylor’s almost compulsive behavior to act out sexually (and, yes, I see her as compulsively acting out).

      I hurt for Harrison and hope, yet, he also has a lot to discover about himself. I wonder if you will write in a “savior” for him the way Keely is for Max in the Maggie series. Could that be Kay? I have mixed feelings about her.

      At any rate, I’m glad to see this book is almost 70% done. I hope the next in the Keely series will follow soon after.

      1. Awesome, thank you! I am enjoying writing these younger people learning their kinks after writing so many older types. Max and Maggie were fun, and Harrison and Taylor are even younger, Harrison even more unsure of his sexuality, only knowing how much he loves Taylor. It is fun to explore them, and I feel like that book is more of a romance than a hotwife or cuckold book. But Harrison does have the kink.

        There are more clues in Separate Schools as to what Taylor’s deal is but no one has ever touched on them. They will become clearer in the next book. And yes, Trish is in it, Taylor’s dad, too. You learn more about all of them…

  9. A man isn't solely responsible for a woman's pleasure. If a woman doesn't give feedback to a man, especially an inexperienced one, about what works and doesn't work for her, she's just as culpable for her lack of orgasms. But as far as Harrison knows, Taylor is just a sexually inexperienced as he is (I'm convinced she isn't but there is contradictory evidence on that and I aborted my reread) and women are traditionally more sexually closed off (Thanks, Puritan heritage!), so he would try to take the lead. That he hasn't accomplished it once in ~25 months of sexual activity however limited despite being cognizant and probably unhappy about it is an indictment of his prowess.That she immediately has amazing sexual experiences with 3 other men despite them being self-centered pricks who all things being equal should carry that selfishness over into bed and thus be shit no matter their relative experience is absolutely playing to a trope. That is compounded by Harrison's feelings of inadequacy. He might consider himself more responsible and thus more adult, but he specifically notes how they are MEN, not guys/boys. Harrison and Taylor have all kinds of other obstacles including some of their own making. I don't see why Harrison being sexually inadequate is a necessary one, especially since that's fairly low in terms of causes of female infidelity, even among younger individuals. If he gets better over time and is thus able to better satisfy Taylor, someone could say that her infidelity was at least in part a good thing because he wouldn't have changed without an impetus to change.I respect that you take pride in your works, but not everything is going to be for everyone. This story was well written, but I'm not sure I like it and want to follow it. In addition to the aforementioned inadequacy issues which are typically a hard limit for me as a reader, I loathe Taylor, especially since I can't write off her behavior as a product of a mind damaged by horrific abuse, so I don't want Harrison to make it work with her. When Harrison finally learns to respect himself, he's going to realize that friendship and love aren't nearly enough. Relationships are built upon a foundation of respect and we've seen none of that from Taylor at any time in this story so far. Yes, Taylor could grow to be that person, but that just puts him where he should have been after being her best friend for 9+ years. To continue with the building metaphor, that would be fixing the foundation, but wouldn't solve the fact that the house is still unlivable due to toxic black mold.I'm sure I'll like something else you've written better and maybe that will inspire me to give this a second chance. I've gone from hating to loving books before. The Blithedale Romance as I noted in my first post is one of those.

  10. I came to loathe Taylor. I would like to see Harrison destroy her. I would like to see Kelsey and Harrison disregard their promise to Taylor and have sex again only this time they should make a video of them doing it. While Kelsey and Harrison are coupled they should both look directly into the camera and take turns saying the following to Taylor:This could have been you Taylor. You had it all girl. A guy that really loved you and would have cherished you forever. But you chose to be a whore. A skank. So enjoy being passed around being known only for your cunt. Meanwhile we are falling in love. You are quickly becoming nothing more than a distant memory for both of us. When Thanksgiving rolls around and we are all home from college don't bother looking either of us up as we don't want to associate with trash like you. Before we go we both want to wish you a life filled with regret, loneliness, heartache, sadness, despair. You are a bitch Taylor. We hate you.

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