Separate Schools Next Week

Well, the last post overflowed with comments, so I might as well get us going on the post for the new book even though it won’t be available yet for a few days.

It’s called Separate Schools, and you can expect it to be along the lines of the Maggie series. Different dynamics of course because these are quite different people, but their relationships are going to become convoluted.

We’ve got high school sweethearts and best buds Taylor and Harrison. They’ve only been with each other. Next week they’re heading to separate schools for the first time ever, thousands of miles apart, but they’re going to work through this.

It’s the last party of the summer, and it’s hosted at Taylor’s family’s lake side second home in north Michigan. Fun will be had, and revelations made …





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  1. Difference between most authors and KT – Five Frat Brothers Fuck My Sister's Face Hole – EroticaFive Frat Brothers Fuck My Sister's Face Hole, and They All Think About Why – KT

  2. LOLing at ToBe=ToHave's comment above. So true!So, 400 pages? Does that mean simultaneous paperback publication? Those help tide me over while I wait for eventual print collections of shorter “chapter” series like Reza and Happy Endings.

  3. DnD here. Can't wait to read it, KT. My wife and I really like your style. Sometimes, you need to get into emotions to make something truly erotic. Thanks for all you do!Dave

  4. I like the romance ..the deeper it is the higher the angst when she starts misbehaving. For example the loving romanitic nights watching twilight zone..very personal together times..something only the two primaries could ever enjoy doing together. Gives you that warm and fuzzy cuddly feeling..then comes the fall not a sudden drop but a trip a slip a dip and tumble then another fall dropping a little furthur…much like flying and just hitting the edges of some turbulent air but you keep going knowing the turbulence will only get worse but hoping it will be over soon then comes that sudden drop from 30k to 20k. Your heart is somewhere in the overhead bin. And all you wanna do is put it back in its proper place.

  5. Looking forward to this one. Just finished up Cherry Blossoms, which was … well, see my 5-star Amazon review (as KindleGuy). Want to jump into Learning Lessons, but not quite ready for another epic yet, so filling in the time with Going a Little Too Far (which I've been curious about).

  6. Great review of a great book, Parker. Cherry Blossoms is indeed amazeballs, and you accurately describe a lot of what makes it so singularly effective and memorable. And like you, I've fantasized about a world where erotic works like KT's would receive A-list film adaptations (or maybe HBO miniseries — hard to see how you'd effectively prune something like CB down to two hours). It's criminal that the only erotic fiction to break through to mainstream bestsellerdom and big-budget Hollywood production in recent memory is the pseudoliterate fanfic of the Fifty Shades series. KT deserves it so much more.

  7. Concur with that anon. I dont think the world could handle a KT movie…Just imagine all of us sitting in a theater.. than again it could be the next gen of “rocky horror picture show”Reza, Rocky or Tyler become “asshole” Nia, Charlie or Jess become “slut ,whore or bitch”Bring cock cages, panties and long dong silver replicas to throw at the screen. Dress up as ypur favorite charactor..The biker tyler the construction worker rocky, the mysterious property owner reza. I'd go as dino…maybe Geoff. Of theres the girls too …hmm KT who would you dress up as ??

  8. The last book of Cherry Blossoms was kind of disheartening when she was with that Roco prick. I could of sworn she would have ended up at least with his brother when her husband broke away.As for film… I don't really know because unfortunately it turns into something disappointing due to budget issues, etc.

  9. “Nia, Charlie or Jess become 'slut ,whore or bitch'”I would never call or think of any of KT's heroines by such names. My sympathies are always completely with the women in cuckold/hotwife stories. Whatever they need to do to scratch their itches, I fully support.

  10. ahh I think John C wasn't saying they were that exactly, just that it brings the worse in people in KT's worlds and many times they find themselves getting out of this.My sympathies fall on both many times. It does seem to depend really as they both put themselves in this situation if that makes any sense.

  11. Oh, I know John C was just funnin' with his comment (and it was clever). I just took the opportunity to offer my own skewed perspective.

  12. Ahh. I think it's possible to feel sympathy towards Jonny and Charlie at the same time. I certainly feel some to Genesis as she has demons I think of her own.

  13. Well I'm really loving it thus far. I read kind of fast sometimes, but am trying to take my time. I sort of feel for Harrison already and get the distinct impression that he's going to get screwed figuratively. Bitter sweet endings are all fine as that reflects reality especially when it comes to high school sweetheart relationships distance is often the killer of them as well. Well back to reading!

  14. So, for only the second time in my entire life, I watched an entire Rom Com without the influence of a female. Why? This story. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, lol. So I went onto one of those ’10 movies you can watch on Netflix right now’ lists and found one title that got near top billing (and was made in the 2010’s, please). I landed on a very cheesy (but what did you expect) ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,’ but I did enjoy myself, truly. I watched it with my typical cynical eyes, but I came away thinking that I was a little better off for having watched it.

    In the off chance that you might actually want to watch this movie, don’t proceed.

    The story is about a somewhat socially recluse teenage girl (Lara) who hasn’t had too many romantic relationships. She’s written letters to boys that had some kind of loving-ish feelings for at different stages in her life *rolls eyes,* but would never dare actually send them! One of them (Josh) is the current boyfriend of her own older sister, they are good friends, and she wouldn’t dare confess her feelings for him, etc. This poor guy surprises the older sister when she is about to go to college overseas with tickets saying he’s going to go visit her. Well, surprise, surprise, she was planning on dumping him before going to college (sounds familiar).

    One day, the youngest sister plays a trick on Lara and sends everyone of her letters out to the boys she had written to.

    One of the guys (Peter) was dating a former friend and current nemesis, and he confronted Lara about his letter at the running tracks. Lara was hanging out with her friend (who reminded me of Kelsie in some ways) at the time. He caught her off guard that he even had the letter, but when the true object of her affection, Josh, came up to talk to her about his own letter, she panicked and planted a kiss on Peter, which obviously stunned Josh in his place. Seems Josh might have harbored a crush on his longtime friend while he was in a confusing relationship with her older sister.

    Lara storms off to try to figure out what she is going to do, when Peter once again visited her. Peter got dumped by Lara’s enemy, who heard about Lara’s kiss. No matter, he didn’t really like her that much anymore anyways. At least he isn’t sure? To get back at her, they hatch a scheme to make everyone believe Lara and him are a couple now. This works for Lara because she is trying to distance herself from her first crush, That is her sister’s former boyfriend, how can she hurt her like that by dating Josh? She has rules though for this game though, no kissing, they need only put on appearances for effect, after all, she is still trying to figure out how she is going to manage the situation with Josh. And it ends after a ski trip Josh and his ex go to every year.

    This whole thing is the ramblings of a teenage girl, ha … Anyways we reach what I ultimately want to talk about from this story …

    Fast forward to down the road, where inevitably the charade stops working, and Lara starts to fall in love (the high school definition) with Peter. Josh has been patiently waiting while Lara works through this weird game she’s playing with him. Whenever she allows Josh to get in a word edgewise he warns her about Peter, how he’s a jerk (he’s popular, did I mention that? He’s a total Alpha from a KT book), only to have Lara realize, she never really loved Josh. At least not like that, he’s her best friend, and it took Peter for her to realize it. Several times this dude comes out of nowhere while Peter and Lara have public spats, looking out for her, just to be told to leave. She has to sit down and explain everything to Josh, who understands and is supportive of Lara. Dumped by two sisters now … harsh. Sort of a cruel side story that barely ever gets acknowledged in this entire movie. Maybe it does in the books? I mean dude is extraordinarily understanding to what is ultimately a shitty set of circumstances. Conveniently he realizes he might not really know what he feels for Lara, and he explains what he felt for her sister, also not really love.

    Poor Josh!

    Just as perplexing is how bad of a friend Lara appears to be to the Kelsie-type character, who appears to only be there to help Lara work out her shit, then it’s ‘bye what’s-her-face I’m going to go talk to Peter now.’

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Man, I want to read this post, but I also want to see the movie so I was torn; I skimmed.

      I might be totally misunderstanding the movie and all (I told you I skimmed!) but sometimes I wonder about society’s perspectives on movie relationships. Like, for so long, movies have been mainly male-perspective and they follow Hero’s journeys etc. and are entrenched in the three-act structure; it’s created an indoctrination of male-oriented ‘I’m-a-good-guy’ privilege. Do you know what I mean? There’s an expectation built into males that they will get the rewards they deserve in their real life third act once the good in them is recognized or they have evolved through their character arc to become the man they always could be. But it’s all based on slave-morality; that the good guy gets what they deserve because they are ultimately moral. But after millennia of patriarchy the rewards are women, too. Women aren’t rewards. There’s a damaging falseness to teaching this to young people because it’s only a veneer. Good guys don’t get the rewards, nor do they deserve them. I’m a human, a nice one sometimes, and I get the sweet notion of it, but it’s just fodder that has always been used in storytelling because it makes people feel good. That’s how writers make money; even Shakespeare wrote potboilers. That’s why I like movies where there are new perspectives (it sounds like this one) where girls can make their own mistakes, seek their own fortunes. Best movie I’ve seen in ages…? Ladybird. Shot to my all-time Top Ten, and there’s some classics on that list. New perspectives in storytelling are awesome. Enough with the storytelling like where the Peter Parkers of the world find hidden victories which they nobly hide and for which they are rewarded the spoils of life like red-headed supermodels. Mary Jane Watson is a human being, not a reward, and she has a lifetime of her own trauma and shit, and her heart probably doesn’t swoon when she meets a guy who’s good at science, her knees will literally go a little watery when a guy who’s six-four comes in a room. What about her Heroes journey? What about her three-act structure? I think I lost my point. Might have gone off the rails somewhere there but I hope you see a glimmer of what I’m blabbering about. I’m channeling my inner Kelsey Kay, by the way, I don’t even know how much I believe my own drivel (Kay and I are still working on it). Blah, blah, blah, perspectivism…

      1. I want to watch Ladybird now, but am too cheap to go rent physical movies anymore, ha!

        I do think there are certainly elements to this movie’s story that are different from other Romance stories. The concept of more than one man pining for Lara’s affection after both being propositioned by her in the same way and the same time, definitely sets up for an interesting conflict. Don’t expect too much unconventionality in this story though, lol. At least I thought there was a lot of conventional Romance story progress. To me, I like to think I am over patriarchy, I’m used to women running my family, women having the answers that I want, looking up to and admiring women. My grandma, my mom, and my older sister. My dad’s great and all but he is a “listen to your mother,” guy. That’s fine, it’s what I did ultimately, and it didn’t take long for me to understand why. I also have to acknowledge that there are probably elements of male privilege that I dont even notice in myself, etc. I hope not.

        Anyway, I understand what you’re saying about movie structure writ large, but if you think I was saying that Josh deserved to win over Lara because he was good, that’s not the point. He was the victim though, no question about it, of a shitty set of circumstances, ha. As a result, I do think that Josh’s attitude in the end was too convenient for the story. I mean two women in one family dumping him for circumstances out of his control? Both of them mostly ever giving indication that they like him. Not entirely fair to characterize it that way, but that heartfelt note to Josh, that to Josh was sent to her by Lara herself, needed to be explained much sooner.

        Maybe not, but poor Josh!

        This says nothing about how good it was that Lara and Peter ended up together, but it’s boring to talk about the parts of things we’re supposed to acknowledge, I’d rather talk about the other things! Ha.

      2. I was in a mood the other morning! I really do want to see the movie so I didn’t read too carefully… I’m probably cheaper than you and I somehow saw Ladybird—isn’t it on Netflix…?

      3. These thoughts (and the recent Amazon tv adaptation which I have not seen) have me thinking on I Love Dick, an epistolary novel from the 90s about extramarital lust from a heterosexual woman’s perspective (among other things). Not so much as a meditation on the Nice Guy promise, but as a book that in many academic circles was viewed as a “cult feminist classic” for the perspective it takes.

      4. @KT – I am too defensive in internet interactions, especially when there are allusions to being part of a problem that I want no part of … too many conservative minds in my family I think causes that … Sort of a ‘I do not endorse these views’ reflex of mine.

        I made a couple detail errors in my above paragraphs, you might notice if you remember this chat (and read it while skimming) and actually watch the movie.

        I have to be honest, you were talking at a level that I might not have given enough acknowledgement towards while your thoughts flew over my head, so sorry if my response was a little indirect.

        Ladybird is no longer streaming on Netflix, which is unfortunate, because that sounded pretty good!

        @Glaucon – I didn’t watch too many episodes, but I also mentioned ‘I Love Dick’ not too long ago on here (well the old blog), definitely up our alleys for sure … Too bad the hubby is so clueless/douchy, it’s one of the worst tropes in these types of stories. But, if the shoe fits (regarding the husband) …

        on Amazon Prime, for those interested …

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