Away Game

The fifth Reza book is now available!

With his equipment safely locked away, Jonny Keen is working around the clock to finish his game so he can finally be free of the burden he and his wife have found themselves under.

Reza is always one step ahead, and he has many ways to raise the stakes and turn up the dial on Jonny’s suffering. Jonny makes his game while he is a tragic, powerless pawn in his masters’ arcade.

In any good game, there’s always the rules, and Jonny knows once a month he can find the release he needs, he just has to grit his teeth and hang tight.

But if he thought it would be easy he doesn’t know his landlord …

214 thoughts on “Away Game

  1. As far as punishing johnny for his premature release. The new cage upgrade would be the catheter type not only curves but plugs. Oooouuuccchhheeee!!!

  2. I just love this concept, it sounds like it's high school sweethearts. Seriously impressed by KT's original work when it comes to cover design too, it seems like people like to use a lot of the same stock photographs for their covers and KT does a little extra finding things that are unique and not stepping on other writers' toes and careful about what the cover is saying about her stories.Then add to the fact that she throws in details like what appears to be something written in a yearbook and I be like, dang.

  3. @ 2b2hCouldnt agree more on the was them legs on lhw1 that got me hooked in the first place. And i dont care how well she discribes charlie in the reza series. I just see in my minds eye that cover girl when I think of her.Of course Nia with the kohl dark eye makeup . A great writer with an eye for relatable covers….If i remember it right.Lhw1 cover was based on that tyler and jess first romp was in the back of the mini van hence the legs over the carseat.Lhw2 to me that represented Nia at the hotel with rocko the first time she was decked out to seduce him but he just took her. Charlie reminds me of an old song …”im only a bird in a gilded cage” sitting in the window with rezas dress shirt and a pair of sexy panties.(who allowed that)

  4. @2b2h Nostalgic or just in the mood? @jeffKam'on dis is KT we're tawlkin bout. Its gonna be hot or ima get tyler and rocko to u know …..budah boom , badah bing…(This post inspired by cousin from NY. “Ehhh…how bout dem Giants?”)

  5. One thought that has come to mind about Jonny is that now that he knows he can 'cheat' in the device, Reza will have to tighten some rules as I'm sure he knows all about this. Maybe he does get a new chastity device. I read about one where it involves piercings and it keeps the device in place making it pretty much impossible to 'cheat.' Just a thought.

  6. If its rezas purpose to take charlie away from johnny, I don't think he has far to go…he essentially has her already all he has to do is just keep going the way he is. Until Charlie realizes she doesn't really need johnny anymore…then as that Reza/Charlie relationship developes they involve johnny less and less until hes just a memmory. Once charlie is fully involved with Reza she'll realize theres no future in it …sure the sex and buying stuff is awesome but he isnt filling the other hole very well…no not the ass,…no not the mouth… the hole in her heart.. does Reza even know what “the twilight zone” is?

  7. I had another angst Reza could put Jonny through. Could you imagine if Reza made Charlie give Jonny a viagra while he’s caged? And then force him to watch and listen to Charlie beg….

  8. Or trick Jonny in taking Viagra without knowing it. I imagine Reza has that kind of cruel streak to him. My thinking the next book wont be out for 4 months.

  9. True, I could see Reza tricking Jonny into that. But I think it would be hotter if Charlie did it (like how she was the one that initially put the cage on Jonny). It's another example of Reza exerting his control and Charlie complying, and Jonny caught fighting that internal cuck battle.

  10. I agree… I like the idea of Reza coaxing Charlie into doing things and maybe even having some ideas of her own to punish her cuckold husband Jonny. In the meantime Jonny growing sullen and at some point resistant, but powerless. Although I think at some point I want Jonny to develop a spine. I like the idea of wimpy characters becoming stronger and eventually growing spines.

  11. Maybe reza switches things up a bit. Leaves charlie at home and takes johnny out …nice steak dinner, a little social time a coupke hours later takes johnny to a strip club and sets up in a vip aka blue room with mirrored floor to ceiling windows. “Now for her debut set the lovely and talented and super hot, charise….” out struts charlie in her strip wear. Stockings clear plastic heels,lacy panties and bra with sheer teddy over top. All in virginal white…Now we know what the work out regime was for …

  12. That's hot! But…. we all know that KT is the master at coming up with these scenarios. We're just amateurs “fantasizing” about playing in the big leagues. 😉

  13. Whose on board for an epic tale by KT…..🤓👈this guy thats who….(hope those emojis translate sucks if they come up a bunch o scribbles.)

  14. Is this is a riddle? Am I dense? lol No, I was just trying to anticipate things based on previous KT behavior (namely what happened to 'Happy Endings') you alluded to a possible series which made me think maybe this 105k novel might possibly be broken up and serialized…Based on new information, sounds like you're sending this in its form and maybe there's a sequel maybe.I dont know, I dont have my KT decoder ring.

  15. I think it would be a good idea to split them into parts… Hard to say but it worked well with Happy Endings and should work nicely with this series I think.

  16. KT's been here replying to earlier posts. I'm glad to note that I'm not the only one that checks daily or actually should I say a lot during the day lol.

  17. On second thought, do we want to be party to the schizophrenic banter of a woman possessed?That might creep me out, actually …… just, uh, invite us over when you're done.

  18. Ut….oh.. Leg wear fans beware.Honey and i were looking to get something sexy for some just us times. So she got nice stuff already especially the garter belts..(va-va-voom)Went looking for the bullets to fill the clips on those garters………notta..Theres hanes and leggs pantyhose but trying to find stockings without the silicone stay ups..impossible Victoria secret, macys, zilch and none.. forget about looking for quality brand like Donna Karran (DKNY). Word to the leg men (and women) out there. Stock up on the hoisery before they go the way of the Dodo. Their last place of refuge will be the “adult novelty” stores where they come pre-runned and laddered. Woe-ith me.

  19. So I actually did a little research on whether penis's shrink in chastity. Although no evidence really shows that this is so medically, etc. It is a long standing fantasy I think that this can happen and perhaps it does in this series. Would like to see KT explore this option in the incoming Reza books.

  20. It's mostly bull of course (at least from what I've read). That doesn't mean that Reza doesn't slip some things in Jonny's food or some such to make him temp smaller. I've also read that you can give the cuckold what is called a ruined orgasm with massaging the prostate gland? Again lots of things to explore that I'm looking forward (hoping for).Another thing is cream pies… But that would be something that might be too much for some.

  21. Something about “if you dont use it you lose” …springs to mind. Atrophy is a thing regarding the muscle tissue that support good ejaculation. Also taking testosterone suppressants makes it hard to get ahh….. hard.

  22. I think it would be nice to see Jonny constantly frustrated/horny though so the suppressants would have to be a 2 edged sword. BTW the Atrophy thing hasn't really been proven from what I read on reddit. However, they know if the cage is to tight that it can cause circulation issues. Honestly though I don't want things to get too rough for Jonny's punishments in a way because I'm really feeling a ton of sympathy for the guy. The way he is so gentle with Charlie and is willing to do anything for her makes my love his character. I don't like Tate or Reza because well Tate is just way too 1 dimensional and well a dick. The way he laughed at Jonny's predicament automatically made me dislike the guy. Reza is a villain.

  23. Since the brain is the biggest sex organ. I liked the trips away from johnnys sights. Where johnny has only his imagination and hints that reza leaves him to guess whats going on. Was he really worried about charlie being abused or was there some part of him that desired it? I believe the quote was “dont hurt her” but was it ok to gang bang her?Out of sight but totally on the mind. Thats more disruptive to johnnys work than when the do it right in front of him. But i do like the little secrets, he took her to lunches , took her to the dressing room, took her on business trip. Eureka! That's cuck gold to me…as well as the bull telling the cuck how hes changed his wife and how she'll never be the same.

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