Away Game

The fifth Reza book is now available!

With his equipment safely locked away, Jonny Keen is working around the clock to finish his game so he can finally be free of the burden he and his wife have found themselves under.

Reza is always one step ahead, and he has many ways to raise the stakes and turn up the dial on Jonny’s suffering. Jonny makes his game while he is a tragic, powerless pawn in his masters’ arcade.

In any good game, there’s always the rules, and Jonny knows once a month he can find the release he needs, he just has to grit his teeth and hang tight.

But if he thought it would be easy he doesn’t know his landlord …


  1. I like the idea of Charlie continuing to unwittingly tormenting her husband maybe wittingly as well. I think teasing him about his cock size and that they might have to refit his cage, maybe they are talking quietly together and she's trying to convince Reza to get Jonny a different cage this one a tighter fit with little spikes that dig in when he gets an erection.Maybe she starts to get off at Reza dominating her husband?

  2. COMPLETELY agree. The angst of not knowing is more intense than actually knowing or seeing because you usually take it somewhere darker in your mind.

  3. Another item I picked up on when I re-read many chapters of this series. I REALLY like how Charlie calls Reza “Daddy”. Not so much in a reference to anything incest related, but more about how Daddy role; the provider, the safety, the security, the bread winner, the MAN. It's a verbal acknowledgement of power, no doubt. And oh how it turns me on…

  4. Yea that acknowledgement that reza is more than just a fling or something else, cuts to the heart of the matter. The name is both intrusive into the marriage yet not offensive enough to grind on johnny. Eventually maybe it will, as he loses charlie more and more. Id say look for more spats between husband and wife that will be their undoing. “Daddy” will be topic of discussion at some point. An inert name during the routines but a weapon in the war of words.

  5. I hope the editor isn't like me..Dyslexic, typing with an index finger of one hand (maybe both hands if we're lucky) and has touch of ADD…… “SQUIRREL” 🤤….In short…. how soon?

  6. KT Love the Land Lord story can't wait for the next installment! Would like to have more of Charlie's perspective her inner thoughts. Her thoughts when Genesis is fingering her with her semen covered hands?Johnny and Charlie have figured cheat Reza chastity rules. Kind of damage is being done when John's caged member is So hard and erect? Circulation, bending, testicular damage? Thank You

  7. Just demolished this book…I love Charlie more and more with every chapter. I knew Charlie was upset that she didn't have sex with Reza in the Carribeans right off the bat, knew she was irritable because she was horny. The build-up was dripping. Can't wait for #6

  8. She definently grows on you I'm not sure how Johnny recovers if he does.I think after all the things Reza had her do so far that nothing happened on the trip was probably freaking her out. Having all that anticipation and no fulfillment.

  9. He recovers by making the best game ever and sticking to him! (and making Reza even richer)Reza is some kind of sociopath genius. I bet he lasts so long in the sack because he's not even thinking about the sex, instead focusing on ways to manipulate Johnny into doing things he doesn't want to. I bet he's bored all the time.

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