WTF, Fosters?

A while back a certain Sneaky Pete discovered my not-so-secret Pinterest page which was just a place that I was gathering up images for some of my books. On that page I had a folder for Maggie and I added a picture of David Lambert who I thought, to me, was my Max. I had just started watching The Fosters on Netflix and I thought, hey, that’s my Maxy and popped his picture in my Pinterest. But I continued watching the rest of The Fosters and then I see this guy’s character, Brandon, going to a music academy much like Maggie did in Tanglewood. Then I started to freak out that people might think I was copying my Maggie storyline from the Fosters. But Maggie had been already written and I was watching old episodes of the Fosters on Netflix binge-style. Then there’s a scene where somebody takes her panties off and puts it in somebody’s pocket—and now I’m going, holy shit, people will really think I’m copying the Fosters. But I swear I wasn’t! Everything had been written and published already.

So last week I discover that the last season of The Fosters is finally available on Netflix and I start binge watching. Now I’m up to the part near the end of the season where it seems like they’re wrapping up the show. During the course of this season, Brandon, who looks like Max to me, develops a relationship with a girl who is a little bit like Maggie. Now her storyline ends quite (SPOILER BLOCK), but check this out: the last three episodes of the show where they’re wrapping it up, there is a massive three-year time jump and, post-relationship with a pseudo-Maggie, Brandon now shows up with a fully-fledged relationship with a redhead who is my Keely. I’m sitting here watching my TV like this:

It’s impossible that I copied them, and it’s impossible that they copied me. How is this happening?

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  1. Well I can't wait for the Reza book to come out. Hope it's not the final book and heres to hoping that Separate Schools is going to be damn good. I love writing myself and experimenting with a story idea. I keep drifting back to my artwork though so I guess I'll see.I would love to see the Keely story although I'm not convinced that it would be great as I loved Max as well and wanted to see him with Maggie and not his asshole friend. No I didn't like Cole, felt like he was a douche bag and that Max forgiving them was possible but he couldn't be friends with the guy after.

  2. … I wonder how many drafts of emails KT has written to coworkers where she had to delete, 'come inside me' … Is this a problem for erotica writers?

  3. I'm looking forward to all 3 when your schedule allows…Reza, the new story and of course Keely. There is still a lot of drama there for me even if we know the ending. I'm really curious to see how Keely and Max meet and what they think of each other, what Keely thinks of the relationship between Max/Maggie/Cole, and how she feels about the idea this man she's falling in love with also loves another woman. That can't be all sunshine and rainbows for her…so what makes her decide Maxy is worth it?

  4. @KT…Well proof is in the pudding… we all sit on here and chat about all your charactors in one fasion or another. We assign them songs and videos to further extend the entertainment value. So…. we all talk about the charactors we know and love or not love so much and gather for our next installment.

  5. Interesting new (for me anyways) trend in the realm of cuckold pics. Wife puts her wedding rings inside the condom the bull is gonna wear..can only imagine what he does with it afterwards. Maybe gives to hubby for cleaning …

  6. Where are these realm of pictures John C? (Asking for a friend)…. :0 I could see Reza doing this, oh but wait, he doesn't wear condoms.

  7. I don't think that Charlie loves Reza, but she's being manipulated enough where she's massively confused especially with all the wonderful sex she's getting. Her mind is having a difficult time making the distinction between sex and love and in the end she definitely loves Johny.I think she has to make a choice at some point and hope she makes the right one. I hope this isn't the last one though and we have at least two more to go after this one.

  8. Age old question. Go with the one who can give you everything but a heart? Or go with the one who can give you nothing but a heart?

  9. Well to me it's obvious that Reza doesn't love her any more past as some kind of trophy. He also strikes me as someone who will cheat on a whim because he only cares about Reza.

  10. Yea he is in full alpha mode. I think he is more into breaking johnny and just using charlie as his foil. That bit about having charlie move in with him in his new house totally working on messing johnny up. The question is will charlie develope a feeling or create one in reza for their relationship. It can only be sex for so long until somebodys heart breaks.I think rezas antidote to love would be to have charlie sex up his crew. Keep her off balance with the heartstring connections. Than again maybe one of them will fall for her and do what us dudes do when we fall stupid in love. Im excited to read the next installment!!

  11. But what I like about the Reza series that I felt was a little lacking in the Happy Ending series is the “angst”. Now don't get me wrong, I loved that series. But I actually liked the first 3 books in that series the best. It was the buildup, the tease, the Tommy not knowing what was going to happen next. Sukie messing with Tommy. When we got to book 4, it seemed more “romance” love making, and less hot wife / cuckold than what we are getting in the Reza series. I'm not being critical, i really did like the series (and to each his or her own), but I'm also REALLY looking forward to this next installment of Reza and I hope it's not the last.

  12. I felt the same pretty much. I guess all kinds read these books and want different things from them which means you can't please everyone. I hope it's not the last either or if it is she comes up with new characters and situations like the Reza series. I just love the Reza books and the angst to the point that I find myself too excited at times to start right away. I love the idea of Away Games and how it will leave Jonny staying at home while Charlie is having the time of her life. Better in my opinion is him having to watch and hating the tightening. lol

  13. I agree regarding tone. Some of the newer stories (Happy Endings and Apres Ski, for example) feel… kinder? safer? than some older entries like the Takens and LHWs. It was mentioned that Separate Schools will be touchy feely emotional, I just hope personally that the emotions are harder edged. Just personal taste, looking forward to reading all of them.

  14. I just think she likes the variety under the hotwife/cuckold/cheating umbrella. She knows where it hurts, but similarly to how building a feeling of love and hope is important so she can make heartbreak really count within a story (and vice versa), I think it's important to show you can make it out of KT story alive within her library. I doubt shes being that strategic, I just think she wants to see where her characters end up, and at the end of the latest story a strong relationship with relatable weaknesses that remained strong in the end was how that one played out. On to the next Reza!That's why I say we need to convince her to start with a rough premise, stack the deck in our favor :):Make the wife a struggling nymphomaniac with a husband who just suffered an accident that left him paralyzed from the waste down (please dont do this awful idea, KT lol).KT knows what makes our hearts race and why we stick around …

  15. [TracyMorgan]Somebody's gon get pregnant[/TracyMorgan]That sounds like a terrible idea. Terribly good idea. The very ring the husband puts on his wife's finger tears a hole in her lover's condom and produces the cuckold's baby? I feel a series coming on …

  16. If I keep jabbing high you're going to put your block up. A little mix-up keeps you guessing and soon you'll leave yourselves open—you won't even see it coming …

  17. That is a massively hot idea… I prefer pregnancy get dragged into it over time. So many things you can find to put in your story by a picture alone.

  18. It's weird that Charlie books have an asian model on them but in the book I picture her white and she doesn't match how I visualize her quite.

  19. I imagine charly like the model not the discription…even though the two dont exactly match..i think the best cover was the Nia model she was smoking..

  20. New Reza book coming today!!! And I'm traveling for work, which mean I pretty much know what I'm doing tonight once I hit the hotel. My poor penis is going to get murdered…. 😉

  21. Gonna get the chastity device on? I know I would if I had one. BTW this is something I tried some years ago to myself, was an intense experience to say the least.

  22. Ha! I actually have one that my wife and I have experimented with. Definitely a hot little role play. But no, I didn’t pack or wear it for this flight. Could you imagine going through security? “Sorry Mr TSA , the alarm going off is because of my chastity cage. I’m wearing it in anticipation of reading Ky Morrison’s latest novel tonight where I fantasize I’m in Jonny’s situational and my hot wife is being blackmailed and dominated by her bull. Does that make sense? So am I clear to process?”

  23. LOL! That would be interest! Yeah it's something I had, never a metal one but I was interested in getting one like that because they are the more realistic kind. Good to know that I'm not the only one into this fantasy.

  24. KT – I know there's a lot about your comment above that should not be taking entirely literally, but it's good to hear you casually referencing writing series'!

  25. Lol, are the mumbles referencing that you're being driven insane by the characters' voices in your head?Drive her nuts, characters!Please Amazon, don't take too long tonight!

  26. I submitted to Amazon this afternoon at 2, and now it is out of my hands. Technically it can take up to 3 days before the book is published, but the average is around 5 hours (it's never been even near three days out of the 50 or so things I've published—jinxed it now). So soon. Or not. I just can't say for sure.Blurb:With his equipment safely locked away, Jonny Keen is working around the clock to finish his game so he can finally be free of the burden he and his wife have found themselves under.Reza is always one step ahead, and he has many ways to raise the stakes and turn up the dial on Jonny’s suffering. Jonny makes his game while he is a tragic, powerless pawn in his masters’ arcade.In any good game, there’s always the rules, and Jonny knows once a month he can find the release he needs, he just has to grit his teeth and hang tight.But if he thought it would be easy he doesn’t know his landlord …

  27. You want a real challenge put your metal one in the freezer overnight before wearing… itll make the little feller a bit girly. Definetly put a cleft in your chin. .lol

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