WTF, Fosters?

A while back a certain Sneaky Pete discovered my not-so-secret Pinterest page which was just a place that I was gathering up images for some of my books. On that page I had a folder for Maggie and I added a picture of David Lambert who I thought, to me, was my Max. I had just started watching The Fosters on Netflix and I thought, hey, that’s my Maxy and popped his picture in my Pinterest. But I continued watching the rest of The Fosters and then I see this guy’s character, Brandon, going to a music academy much like Maggie did in Tanglewood. Then I started to freak out that people might think I was copying my Maggie storyline from the Fosters. But Maggie had been already written and I was watching old episodes of the Fosters on Netflix binge-style. Then there’s a scene where somebody takes her panties off and puts it in somebody’s pocket—and now I’m going, holy shit, people will really think I’m copying the Fosters. But I swear I wasn’t! Everything had been written and published already.

So last week I discover that the last season of The Fosters is finally available on Netflix and I start binge watching. Now I’m up to the part near the end of the season where it seems like they’re wrapping up the show. During the course of this season, Brandon, who looks like Max to me, develops a relationship with a girl who is a little bit like Maggie. Now her storyline ends quite (SPOILER BLOCK), but check this out: the last three episodes of the show where they’re wrapping it up, there is a massive three-year time jump and, post-relationship with a pseudo-Maggie, Brandon now shows up with a fully-fledged relationship with a redhead who is my Keely. I’m sitting here watching my TV like this:

It’s impossible that I copied them, and it’s impossible that they copied me. How is this happening?

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  1. We need KT to start is a new blog on this book! And I don’t want to give any spoilers … but I got the book last night and read about 1/4 of it. Went to work this morning , and there I was sitting in a meeting thinking about what I read and suddenly noticed i am hard thinking about the “kiss” that Charlie had to deliver to Jonny at the department store. Thanks a lot KT, lol. This book is Fire 🔥 !!!

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