The fourth and final episode of Happy Endings is now available!

These guys were a blast and boy was it fun to explore the mining business and Africa. Loved getting in Sukie’s head; Tommy’s too. This book went long (as usual) so it’s clocking in somewhere around 62k words. Lots of stuff happens. It’s hot. I sure hope you all like it!


  1. From DavidnDaria.KT,Yeah, the IRS is a bit of a buzzkill, isn't it. See, this is why you write and my wife and I read; Russian Mafia? John Wick like? Still, you left things way up in the air for another Losing His Wife book in our eyes or something entirely different. You're the writer, we're your fans. We hope making such a big deal out of two words (actually there's a lot more “I keep busy”, etc., ) doesn't spoil things for other people or hurt your sales. Take care and keep up the stellar work,Daria and David

  2. Anon: Wait you and your wife read these books? Wow that's pretty amazing lol. Sometimes I even unconsciously hide most of these books even from my friend who worked at a porn shop at one time.

  3. I loved that scene and it never fails to me going when it happens in other stories. I especially like it when the wife is cuddling with her lover both of them naked and the husband walks in on it. Shows that it doesn't need to be just sex that turns me on for some reason.

  4. From DavidnDaria on OHW. KT, thank you! I do like the thought of the Russian Mafia! ToBe=ToHave, It's titled “Hello and an Introduction” in the Hotwife sub-forum. Beware, it's long and I got wordy at times. The picture of my wife I posted has scrolled off the site. My avatar there is my wife, taken about a month ago. Dave

  5. Yea dont disagree with that…Cole and Maggie definetly had that love connection going on. Just posing a thought that their love for one another was so strong that it crushes all in its path…including Max family and friends. Fortunately for them only max was standing in the way. Unfortunately for max.

  6. From DavidnDaria. Jeff B, yes, we do read them together. It might read like crap, but we have nothing to hide from each other, only to enjoy. We are a former hotwife/husband couple but that doesn't mean we're dead or that we will suddenly regress into hiding. 🙂 It's all good, Jeff B!Dave

  7. Jeff B: thinking back to LHW2, you might remember that in Canada the southern European ethnics, Nia and her crowd, do not consider themselves “white.” This allows KT to create more interesting bulls than simply the BBC, who is generally not a very compelling character beyond his outstanding characteristic.

  8. What Jeff? Donk is saying most authors never write a BBC character (that's what you mean by interracial isn't it? Not Asian, not Indian, Inuit, but BBC) never write depth in a character beyond the fact that they have a large appendage, dominant, and *gasp* black. That is literally the only thing to be gleaned from Donk's comment, relax.To be honest the obsession with interracial in this genre is itself racist. It's sort of a Catch 22, because who cares if a relationship is interracial, one way or the other, to me. When (it seems like in this genre) EVERY story has to involve a black man and a white woman, it kind of disturbs me, and you have to ask yourself why is that so important? Is it because it's taboo? Why is that taboo? Racism is the only conclusion I reach.

  9. Because that's simply not true that they have no personality besides a big appendage. I've read a lot of erotica on the interracial genre that is simply not true. The problem with most erotica characters lack depth in development in general.

  10. Jeff, calme toi. I was just reflecting the reality of what genre authors actually do. This is presumably a market-tested approach. Ben Boswell is a notable exception in that regard. My very own Dominika Egorova agreed with Nia, she thought the southern European men were still real men, not like the less volatile/hirsute/endowed/dominant NW European men.Thanks TBTH.

  11. Yea that about sums it up for me too. I'd say Dio was more into sukie than she him. Which after his desiring her from afar, became a reality must have been a bit of a shocking dream come true. The December issue centerfold of playboy lept off the page and onto his dick. Now will that fantasy becoming reality have a psychological fall out for Dio? I'll leave the kidnapping of sukie and her subsequent stockholm syndrome for KT's next book.

  12. Anybody watching 'Sharp Objects'? I think I'm getting the book, it is excellent stuff, and it seems like the show's soundtrack is half Zeppelin songs.I've been thinking over whether it would be good for KT to write about such a troubled female character, but Camille is hella dark. The closest to her, in my opinion, was Nia. Those childhood formative moments for her that were quasi-sexualizing, still a little creepy for me, but real (like Camille in a lot of ways, but less disturbing, though we don't really know Camille that much right now)! That past might totally derail the eroticism of that character.

  13. From: DavidnDaria on OHW.We re-read Book 2 last night. It was interesting. It would seem we forgot about the attraction Heidi and her husband have for Tommy and Sukie (at the game). Now, we think we have a better handle on that respect of the epilogue. Also interesting along the line is Dio wanting to take what Tommy has earned. We're wondering about the nature of that thought. It does fit with my thought about a battle for Sukie and even Dio skimming Tommy's bonuses and commisions. And, don't worry KT, we're just excited you're considering continuing with these characters at some point and if you don't, that's okay, too. We might ask for artistic license, though! ;)Dave

  14. KT, part 4 is the most erotic piece you have written so far, and I read everything you have on Amazon. Brilliant! Very much hoping for the next part-perhaps in Paris? Russian mafia? Sounds so delicious!

  15. Its hard to oick one story over another for me because i get so familiar with the charactors. Also that KT details out the angsty encounters so well that i cant pick a particular moment from any particular story that was stand out. They are all so well written that its impossible to flesh out who got hurt worse..max or pete, geoff or johnny. Or had the better deal cole, dio, tyler or rocko each one in there own stories got hurt the worst made out the best or lost the most. Which is why i am a kt fan…

  16. D&D, KT: Dio might not be the only one with problems with respect to his financial dealings. Nobody goes to South Korea to sell mining equipment, they make it all there and export and their mines are pretty clapped out. So, chances are Tommy was headed across the border to the wild west of the mining industry, North Korea: https://www.wsj.com/articles/some-companies-see-in-north-korea-glimmers-of-economic-opportunity-1532338203?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=2. Sales of mining equipment prior to some real peace deal could put him in jeopardy for violating U.S. sanctions to say nothing of China's MSS (Ministry of State Security) operations in NoKo. MSS undoubtedly knows all about Sukie and Dio (and the personal trainer, the yoga instructor, and Heidi, to name a few); the the only question is whether Dio is a witting or unwitting asset of the MSS in setting this all up. Just who did daddy Megalos sell his mining equipment to in order to establish the company? The Chinese are all over Southern Africa for minerals and farmland. We gotta figure MSS has pictures and sound of both Dio and the Dad, and probably that whole foyer thing as well (on both days).All in all, I'd say Tommy and Sukie's lives are about to get a bit complicated.

  17. DnD here.Our take, and we thought about this a bit today after reading your post, Donkatsu…Dio's Russian super-model former girlfriend wasn't really as Dio said. She was a sexual freak, moreso than Dio could believe. She was also the sister of a man, Dimitri Konetsukov who is a strip-club owner in the Miami area. Dimitri is also a member of the Russian Mafia. Dio ended their relationship when Dimitri found out–through his sister–about the younger Megalos' dealings with the Chinese and started to extort money from Dio. Dimitri figured Dio was ripe for the taking since Dio was paying the Chinese off, as well. The Chinese wanted him to stop his inroads into African mining and thought the best way was to hit Dio where it really hurt–in the wallet. When Tommy's team of investigators uncovered the evidence of Dio's skimming (two contracts–one Tommy actually signed, and one with the proper commission with a forged signature) they also uncovered Dio's actual financial condition: His trust fund was almost gone and Dio needed what he skimmed from Tommy and Sukie in order to maintain appearances and to survive. Even Dio's 2.5 million/year salary wasn't enough. They also uncovered other duplicate contracts, but they only provided small amounts compared to Tommy's commision. In league with Dio was a woman in Megalos' IT department who was instrumental in getting the actual money to Dio's offshore account. Dio was also paying her and plugging her occassionally, as well. When Tommy found this out, shortly after his return from Korea, he went to the elder Megalos to inform him of his son's activity. Dio's dad was livid, calling his son a “stupid little shit”. Tommy explained everything to Dio's father and convinced him to do nothing–he agreed adding “I disown that punk”–until Tommy gave him the word. When Tommy found out about his wife's infidelity, not only with Dio (he thought that was kind of hot) but when he looked at the pictures of Sukie with her personal trainer and two of the trainer's friends, it took every ounce of control in his soul to keep calm and execute the plan he knew he had to execute. When Tommy sprung the news on Dio, both he and Sukie were in bed in their Paris hotel. They had been in Paris for three days. Tommy was in the hotel across the street, having just arrived earlier that morning. Tommy watched Dio bolt from the hotel, afraid for his life. Tommy figured Dio would contact the DOJ and work out some kind of deal for immunity or even witness protection. Then he called Sukie. When he called, he was just outside the room Dio just left. Just a bunch of speculation, but still… 😉

  18. DnD, again.To explain why Dio paid the Chinese–it was his father's insistence that he not tell Tommy to stop working African mining. Dio, fearing his job, could not tell his father….Yeah, that's just as weak as it sounded when we re-read it. THIS is why KT is a brilliant writer! Dave

  19. Seems to me Sukie needs her own attorney. I would suggest Carol; she combines intelligence with ruthlessness and an intimate knowledge of NE Asia matters. Her familiarity with MSS operations (from her Suzie Wong days) certainly helps as well. And she does understand what makes Sukie tick. Another big question is who Tommy goes to for financing his leveraged buy out of Megalos and the Bond villains – Max or Cole?Maybe Tommy can negotiate competitive bids for in-kind payments from his prospective financiers.

  20. DnD yet, again!We really wish we could delete what we wrote! It's so lame!UGH! We'll come up with something better, we hope… sheee-it!

  21. Well Ben Boswell isn't the only good one on this, I've found that their are several others. Even Literotica has some great finds if you know what to look for, such as My Kaitlin's Soul Is On Fire series that never got completed. One of the hottest stories I've ever read on there in the interracial persuasion.

  22. KT, did you drop your book recommendations list? I can't find it anymore, and I finally got around to looking into you had listed.If you dropped it, can you bring it back?

  23. Im not that big on ir stories but since im married ir it piques my interest once in awhile.. the only story that i found erotic enough enough to finish was “lamar's game” on literotic. Even the i stuggled through some of the scenes. However, as a cuckold story the angsty scenes were really good and the bull does an excellent job of making the husband look the fool..didnt care for the ending other than it completed the story. Since that was the best i could find which left me middle middle i dont look for it anymore. Ir tones would havd to be a secondary condition to the primary cuck story.. instead of bbc he needs to be sophisticated of average height length and girth. No super human pecker wood. Than hes just a charactor who happens to be of color. A more natural real life occurrance… Ill have to check some of Ben's stuff if you guys are saying he does it right..

  24. Heres a little ditty for charly and johnny..the movie of rhe same name scared rhe bejesus outta me at the time (of course i was single digits then) the head bouncing down the stairs and spraying blood on poor charlottes prom dress was bad for my sleep schedule. None the less how can you go wrong with a song with charlotte and johnny in it. Ok maybe stretching it abit….but something to keep in mind for charly did she ever think of the possibility of johnny ditching or dying on her in a terrible 3d beta test of his game. He was trying to catch the flying charactor and jumped out the window. Oooops.https://youtu.be/OyYMXjmzjwQ

  25. I read most of the series today while sitting around waiting to see if I'd have to server on a jury (I don't). While I generally like happy endings (pun intended), I don't feel like this one's was believable. Sukie might love and admire Tommy, but she doesn't respect him and her views of manhood are straight out of the 50s. She will eventually go too far in an attempt to push his buttons or just not thinking about his feelings, expect Tommy to just accept it and never express any complaints, and he'll blow up and best case scenario walk out.

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