I am stoked, thrilled, and honored to now be an author featured on the hotwifebooks website alongside my absolute favorites in the hotwife writing world.

I’ve been writing my world of difficult wives and girlfriends for two and a half years and I still have a host of stories waiting in the hallways to get their chance to come out and play. I love these types of books so much, so it really is exciting to be associated with others who have created such memorable stories and characters.

Kenny Wright and Ben Boswell’s Parallel Lines story duo was the book(s) that got me kicked off writing in the genre. If reading could race my pulse like that, keep me turning pages, change me physiologically, I knew I wanted to be a part of it!

Look at me now (as many of my hotwives have said, ha ha). I’m a part of it—making books I love, making people I cherish and feel like exist in the world with me. Somewhere over a million and a half words about women doing terrible things because they can’t help their lust. And I got a lot more than that in waiting.

When my books come out, go on over to check em out at hotwifebooks.com, click through to the appropriate store (yes, currently only Amazon, but things may change). The hotwife reading community is a tight and small group so it’s great to have a spot where we can all be together and share in the stories we care about.

The site features the libraries of Kenny Wright, Ben Boswell, Kirsten McCurran, Arnica Butler, Max Sebastian, and Sidney Sitravon. It’s got a handy little tag filter to narrow down what you’re looking for in your hotwife books, and the About Us page has a spot for comments so you can let em know what you appreciate, and things that would make your visit there even more valuable.

And a super thank-you to everyone that reads and enjoys my books, encourages me to keep going, participates in my community here on my blog, reviews my books, sends me thoughtful e-mails, and otherwise makes me so happy I ever started writing these challenging but thrilling books.


  1. Congrats, KT! And you just made a sale of “Parallel Lines” — any story that inspired your entry into this genre is definitely worth investigating.

  2. This is so exciting! I've been wondering why your name is being included so much within that collective, and the twitter stream. Now that you are in the big girl's club, you might need to reconsider your take on series … *chooses to ignore that you probably took this into account when you told us your current feelings on series*Honestly, it's about time they recognize home girl … JK! I'm really glad to see this. I love Ben Boswell and Kirsten McCurran books, and 'Training to Love it' from Ken Wright was the first series from Amazon that really came close to hitting me like your's has.They might not want you to write in any co-labs that they do though, your story will probably end up being half the compilation.

  3. Ive always been into these stories since the eighties. Back then it was penthouse forums and penthouse letters that was my source. I got caught up in this modern forum by kirsten mccurran and kenny wrights “Ians obsession”. When i clicked on their similar authors link i found a KT morrison link. From there it was all over. First it was LHW1. Got so emotionally evolved with that one i almoat kicked over a local bikers cycle. Glad i didnt or i never would have gotten a chance at.the rest of the stories. Than came “Subterfuge” “cayman proxy” set..2 than had to see what cherry blossoms was all about…and that one locked me in to KT fanhood forever…i knew i found an author who “got me”..i liked that the endings were not pre-determined lhw1 left me with an uneasy feeling, which i liked alot. (I also wonder from time to time how are the maplethorpes fairing…?)Congrats KT! For us die-hard fans im glad those other authors finally caught up to you cuz you always been tops in our books.

  4. Congrats KT…those others you are with are some of my favorites as well. I think Kristen McCurran was one of the first authors on Amazon to show me that it was possible to write a hot wife novel that captured your attention for the characters as much as the other stuff. Look forward to everything you all do going forward.

  5. I apologize to all of KT's fans for not including her before. I'll be honest, I'm more of a writer than a reader of this genre, so she went completely under the radar for so long for me. She definitely makes all of the rest of us better!

  6. It's too bad your site is too late to include Victoria Kasari, as well. She had a fantastic run of cuckold and hotwife books a few years back, but for some reason stopped writing and took almost her entire catalog out of print. The only titles of hers that remain available are “Watching My Wife in Jamaica” and “My Wife, the Escort,” and I commend them to any fan of the genre. (Her OOP books include a scorching little novella that remains one of my all-time faves: “Cuckolded — My Wife at the Renaissance Faire.”)

  7. I really like My Wife, The Escort, too. Still have that in my collection. I never read her other stuff.

  8. @ Anon- I liked Mcmanus “Reluctant Cuckold” and “Cuck Storm Horizon”Unfortunately haven't been able to find anything else of his.. Same with Daniel Q. Steele. He even deleted his literotuca profile. Makes me wonder if there is an expiration date on hotwife/cuckold authors…lol.

  9. I'd never heard of VK until that post and now three unrelated people have recommended that series to me in the last week. I'm working on something similar so I threw it on my TBR list but won't read it till my book is out for fear of cross-contamination, ha ha!

  10. @ John C: Those are the only two McManus books to date. He's been working on a third volume called “Cuckold Uncharted” forever and a day; several target publication dates have been floated, but so far nada. I don't really mind that much — to me, he overdoes the navel-gazing angst to the point it unbalances the books. Folks like KT and her hotwifebooks colleague Max Sebastian are much better at exploring conflict and character without taking the stories down a mental rabbit-hole.@ KT: Yeah, Kasari was great, and I really regret her mysterious retirement from the field. She had one especially interesting scenario she refined across several books (all now OOP), culminating with the “Renaissance Faire” title I mentioned. In this particular run of stories, she created scenarios where her female characters are deceived into thinking their husbands approve of their extramarital escapades, or that their husbands are bad guys. So they are essentially manipulated by the bulls into becoming hotwives, which would be pretty rapey IRL, but of course this being porn it only liberates them to do what they secretly desire anyway. The husbands, meanwhile, are forced into situations where they have to watch, horrified and outraged, but unable to intervene and (also of course) inexplicably aroused. An interesting spin on the genre's basic elements I'm not sure I've encountered from any other writer.Finally, @ all: Apropos of very little, thought I would share this amusing little verse I ran across, from a 1948 Varga pinup calendar. Maybe KT or one of the other hotwifebooks authors would like to use it as an epigraph sometime:”My bridegroom must be quite a man,He'll have to be a do-er.I'll want him as true as I to him –In fact, a whole lot truer.”

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