Time for the third episode of Sukie and Tommy, and of course, Dio!

Things get pretty hot when they all end up in Africa—and, they weren’t exactly chilly in Atlanta the week before they left…




  1. I know right Jeff!? How dare she perish before this last story's release. Let's pool resources to resurrect her. Just her head and her fingers (for typing) everything else is fluff.

  2. I keep imagining myself as Jonny from that Reza series and imagining how he'd feel while working on his game listening to his wife getting it with Reza and the tightening of that device… How things will worsen for Jonny and how he'll endure further humiliations. Damn gets me going every time. SIGH! Anyway onto further reviewing Happy Endings.I like Happy Endings but feel that Tommy is really the only one I sympathize with as a character seems like everyone here likes Sukie but I really haven't mustered caring that much for her yet. Maybe it's that she has a husband that really loves her and cares about her and she knows how this relationship with Dio will ruin a perfect life with Tommy? The guy is simply not ready for an open marriage with Dio and speaking of which I really fucking hate Dio, the guy is going to hurt her deeply because she has this notion that she can change him.I think Tommy is going to like what his wife is doing first but grow to hate her and Dio for it as time goes on. He'll grow to feel that his wife doesn't love him and assume that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore and seek pleasure else where. Hope they rebuild their marriage at some point and I think a whole section (last book if book 4 isn't the last?) should be focused on this. Maybe Sukie wakes up and realizes that Dio could give a fuck less about her and that everything went out of control. That Tommy for all his faults is the one that truly cares for her.Anyway sorry for the ranting just some personal opinions.

  3. But didn't Tommy start this in order to prove that he was the better man, especially when Dio started that creepy talk about wanting to have Tommy's life (right!). Sukie did not need much encouragement, after all. There's a part of me that says that Sukie would like nothing better than to run away with Dio (fat chance of that lasting more than a month) and dump the boys on Tommy.But if things do work out for Tommy and Sukie and they decide that some fooling around is ok, then they certainly need to look into installing a hammam next to the cabana. It really facilitates year-round erotic massage.

  4. You can think of the Dio-Tommy thing as a light sexual romp musical comedy based on the movie, “Single White Female,: with Dio in the Jennifer Jason Leigh role and Tommy in the Brigit Fonda role.

  5. I really don't think Sukie is ever going to drop Tommy for Dio. She wants him so bad, and even still resisted doing the one thing she is dying to do until she made it to Africa. She seems like a decent mom from the few interactions we've seen of them all, and so I really doubt she's about to drop her entire life because of a good sticking (even with the added fanfare).Thought experiment, imagine the hottest girl you've ever met in your life, imagine your job involves having to make physical contact with this person. Now imagine she gets noticeably sexually aroused by your presence and ministrations (like honestly, SHE is turned on by YOU, how crazy?!), but you know better to cross any lines. Then imagine your SO tells you to go ahead and do whatever you want with them, practically is mad at you if you don't. You love your SO, but, like I said (see first sentence) … the hottest girl you've ever met in your life … Can you possibly be blamed for losing your composure and sense of emotional grasp of what's important when you're world gets rocked by this person actively seducing you. Throwing the works at you in the process? You never wanted to do this, now how can you possibly be expected to contain yourself when you've had a taste?You'll learn that she's all flash and awe, but they're a one trick pony. Ok, maybe like a two or three trick pony, but it's not going to last forever. Damn is it confusing how amazing it is though …I don't really like any of the characters as people, but I'm with Donk here, Sukie didn't start this, she warned Tommy that he wasn't thinking about the risks of doing this, and he kept at it. She's not stupid though, Dio isn't Tommy. That's both a good thing and maybe not as advantageous thing, but I think mostly good (for Tommy).

  6. Tommy is 8 inches yet still as insecure as someone who is 4 inches lol. Anyway yes Tommy brought it up and you could say is bringing it upon himself, but he clearly can't handle it so Sukie shouldn't do it. Of course perfect characters are boring.When reading Paradise Lost for example I always liked reading about the Devil, God was boring. So yes it's why I like Morrison characters with their imperfections.

  7. Jeff, Tommy should be thrilled with his 20.78 cm. According to a recent study published in Science, Tommy's 8″ places him in the 98-99th percentile in length (http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2015/03/how-big-average-penis).However, KT and CK Ralston have apparently cornered the market in that final percentile, so they may both think the >20 cm guys are not that unusual.WRT KT's radio silence: either she is pulling a Frank Zappa on us (he would go silent for several minutes until the crowd grew really restive) or she is justifiably enjoying a week off, taking advantage of a full 25% of the decent annual weather in the GWN.

  8. And one more thing, the Science team says the extra soft skin in Dio's foreskin does not count for length; measurement is from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans. The foreskin is to them equivalent to the peacock's feathers. {maybe we should ask Sook about that – ed}

  9. I hope so Donkatsu.. I am wondering if it will be further broken into 5 to 6 parts rather than just 4 though. Editing can take a while.

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