The next book in Tommy and Sukie’s story is now available.

I’m glad I decided to do this as a series now. I was able to look at this component in the story and I added so many scenes to help flesh this couple out in this stage of their ‘experiment.’ There’s an extra 15k words than originally intended and they’re some of my favorite scenes I’ve written recently. Like the opening scene. It’s brand new, and I sat at a blank screen knowing what I wanted to accomplish but no idea how it would happen. Then boom, these two guys started talking and I wanted to hang out with them all day (at another table!) and hear what shit they had to say. I’m getting to know Tommy better, and Sukie; Dio, too. It’s deepening my understanding of them and what’s at stake and what they all want. And I thought I already knew that!

Boy, I hope you enjoy it, because I like this couple. They’re very different than what I’m used to but I think that’s fun.


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  1. You know what the worst thing about being an obsessed fan is. Waiting (not really that long to be honest) and waiting for the next story to come out, then flying through the story in one determined sitting.It's just good that her stories don't get old …I remember there were a few people during the LHW2 days that said they wished that KT would write a stronger husband character. I didn't agree as much, but I could see their point. Well, read it and weep, Tommy is no pushover. It is an absolutely amazing dynamic that KT has tapped into between Dio, Tommy, and Sukie. In this story it's the survival of the fittest manifested, but everyone is sporting. Loving Sukie wouldn't be fair without a challenger.I love the trouble that's brewing in this story. How well can Tommy hide that he isn't actually doing business? How good does Tommy understand what's going on in Sukie's mind and heart, especially when he's seeing red. Especially when a lot of what he is understanding what Sukie and Dio are up to, are from what she is lucid/honest enough to divulge. Tommy is a pretty strong judge of character and understands a lot of the world, but he's made some minor miscalculations already. Not really trusting Sukie, not thinking about how Becky will track his mileage, or lack thereof. There may be chinks in Tommy's armor, and maybe thinking that Suke and Dio together is perfectly fine might be another?Or maybe not, Tommy's got this.Lol at KT wanting to sit at another table to hear Sukie, Tommy, and Dio's story. Dio used a towel though! She apparently doesn't like New Agey flute music …

  2. Case in point with the “Chink in Tommy's” armor thought, it's probably my favorite line in the whole story.Sukie says to Tommy asking her to take it to the next level with Dio, “I want to do that. I want more, but you just don't get it.”Tommy, “I get it.”I'll pop the popcorn …

  3. Another hot entry, just ratcheting up the tension. With the almost-consummation of Dio and Sukie and the upcoming date they've set of Africa, we have a climactic encounter to build towards. The question remains if maybe Sukie gives in before that date, maybe while Tommy's not around, in an incremental betrayal of the style we've seen before. I'm interested in that glimpse we see, while Dio's egging on Sukie to verbalize that he's bigger than her husband, that maybe Dio gets off on rubbing in how he “bests” Tommy at his own wife.I'd also like to make a note of how that book club meeting near the end is used. There's an interesting powerlessness a character like Tommy can feel in a group of women like that if they share a joke at his expense. He knows there's no real “comeback” for Amber's taunt/tease that Tommy's wife has been gossiping about his boss's huge dick.I can only hope we don't have long to wait for the next entry. This certainly feels far more like one story being read in tantalizing sections rather than separate installments.

  4. Glaucon you're on point in this!I think Sukie holds out, believe it or not, maybe she'll drum up some loopholes, I love rules in these stories of testing boundaries, as we all know. But I think it'll be some primal, return to the jungle, mad lovemaking in Africa. I think Dio and Sukie want it that way. Build up to insanity and pour it on each other.Ala Montreal in LHW2?Definitely enjoyed how uncomfortably aroused Sukie felt about comparing Tommy and Dio, too! Best of all, she felt guilty about it immediately, a caring woman who can't help how she feels. The hottest thing on the planet.The girl talk was phenomenal! The argument, fantastic tension! One of my favorite moments in a KT story to be honest.Glaucon, I was thinking of your comment in part 1 in the beginning, were you a little disappointed that Sukie caught Tommy so soon? I was … it's all good, but I was kind of hoping it would be a little longer before Sukie found out. That would totally change the story of course, and at this point absolutely don't want that. Too good.

  5. Yeah, to be honest I find it hotter when she hasn't gotten her husband's consent. Makes the whole thing feel less safe, more powerful. Of course, the story as is is excellent, just different. I can't expect things perfectly tailored to my tastes haha.

  6. I love these stories but get all anxious inside at times. I think that Tommy is going to get deeply hurt and potentially end up leaving her. 🙁 I guess I grow to feel for the characters though cause I think that Sukie is going to get just as hurt.

  7. Sorry not a directly related to this story (although if kt keeps hittin these outta the park like this we'll have to switch to calling KT “the Babe” you youngins may not get that….)But i was reminscing on some cuckold themes i found helped funnel me into this genre.One was from a movie called “hot dog the movie” co-staring shanon tweed. Dam she was single dicks worst nightmare. Many a penis got beat to death over her.The story is a love story intermingled with skiing hijinks. During a fall out between the primaries a german skier named rudy moves in and seduces the girlfriend. Heres a clip of the revelation….https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UmlCdZ3qAh8

  8. Babe? Babe Ruth? I love that candy bar 😃Thanks for sharing.Formative movie for me in this genre (we'll kind of) is the movie 'Unfaithful' With Diane Lane and Richard Gere. Movie is scorching hot and finishes extremely dark and unsettling.Hoo damn … Diane Lane …Dat hallway scene doe…

  9. Unfaithful was good no doubts. I knew it would be the it had the right title.Hot dog was the one of the first movies that i can remember being turned on by sunny cheating on her bf. It wasnt expected..for me anyway. I think thats the turn on fir me the gf/wife doing the unexpected…like giving her husbands boss a blow job….i didnt think sook would have gone that far on her first time. I figuired she'd just give him a handy and it be over.until the next time…but damm indat azz and all..dio had sunnyside allz zee way aroundz..

  10. JK, I'm sure if they're on here they probably have. It's a classic movie even without being angsty. Never watched indecent proposal, something tells me I should …

  11. “Animal instinct” was supposedly based on a true story about a cop who was a cuck and recorded his wifes many flings with her permission.They tried to downnplay the cuck aspect and pushed just doing it for “research”It was the eighties so been decades since i seen it…soo grain of salt and all.Cool ending though and earned enough to warrant a part 2 not nearly as successful.

  12. Btw it was my first wife who tied me tona chair pried my eyes open and forced me to watch it…dam her! Hindsight being 20/20 i think she wanted that life of multiple partners and didnt want all the sneaking….still the hottest i ever had…

  13. Listen can we persuade you to immediately release part 3? Maybe it's my birthday! Pssssssh editing doesn't matter. I want to hear all about that trip to Arfica!

  14. When it says EDITING, it means: still writing! I'm not just editing, I'm turning what was once one book into four books, so now each part has been fleshed out. And I fuckin' swore I would never do this again! When I find characters I like, it's kind of their fault, cause they won't stop talking and whispering all the dirty things they want to do to each other!Funny note: I'm so sensitive to this genre, despite the fact I write it, I can't watch Indecent Proposal! Even though part of me is like Is it cheating of it's for a million dollars?

  15. Thank you both for the birthday wishes!KT, I can't remember the last story you released where you DIDN'T say you liked the characters haha. I think it's more your fault than theirs for writing three dimensional people. PS that reminds me of some horror creators who are notorious scaredy cats.

  16. I liked Camberly, but I know I'm done with them. I wholeheartedly love Natalie and Nelson and Renny, and they would have a series but I was temporarily strong last December. I can make all sorts of promises here how I'll reform my long winded ways, but it's pretty obvious by now I'm a blowhard and big talker.Who's a scaredy-cat horror writer, ha ha?

  17. Why am I not surprised KT is the one who turned my innocent statement about editing into a euphemism, I knew someone would immediately after I typed it.Honestly KT, I was pleasantly shocked to hear you were going to try to make a novel and deliver it as such, I thought it was an interesting change of pace. Honestly though, putting the selfishness aside of wanting everything now (now!), series are my favorite. I know most people like the shorts, but I get more out of your stories obsessing over their fragments.This blog will be a million times better with series anyways.Side note, when did your blog get spam prone? I don't know about y'all but I'm about to cast spells on people and enhance my size with Dr. Harry. I mean it must be true IF IT'S IN ALL CAPS!

  18. Totes just realized that Sook mentioned twice she touched Dio's cock accidentally the very first rub down. Oh thaaat's what “erector spinae” was all about. She had me fooled. What a layered interaction, that. I don't know what totally to make of it. She did it accidentally, but played it off? Good stuff, KT.

  19. I dont know how sukie will resist another 3 weeks(6 sessions not including any midnight emergency “ive gotta cramp in my dick” calls)What i am pretty sure is that when sukie an dio get together in Africa for the first time…..its gonna look like a pride of lions tore up dio and a herd of elephant stampeded up sukies crotch…https://youtu.be/FTQbiNvZqaY

  20. He's gotta survive Africa first….So far i get the vibe that tommy will be ok with suki banging dio but not ok with dio bragging about it..although that may turn out to be the ultimate kink for him..Interesting book club discussions about SM/BD… slave auction…wonder if theres a tease in there…

  21. I think he's way more jealous than he realizes and it's going to eat him alive especially if she starts spending more time with Dio. I guess we'll wait and see what part 3 brings.

  22. Yea this is the sweet spot of the story the will he wont he will she wont she..hes had flashes of the dnagerous angst but buried it in his love and same for suki..now if he starts seeing a genuine connection between them both cuckold gold and terror.

  23. you know I was gonna respond to this, and then Johnny nailed.I will say this, Tommy talks a good game. He wants the top shelf for his top shelf wife, has the confidence to say that at the end of the day she loves him. It was touching when he said as much to Sook, she likes that about her husband. He seems genuinely hapoy for her. The problem, of course, is when you've had the best, hard to go back to second rate.*dodges punch from Tommy*I'm not saying Tommys second rate but it's true just generally speaking, thereotically, ya know.Something tells me that Tommy is slightly delusional, he's so right about most things, makes most things happen even if they wouldn't naturally, that he might have convinced himself everything's fine. But Tommy might not know (can't really know) everything that's happening here.We'll see how well he knows Sukie and Dio, and if he can adapt if he miscalculates!

  24. He's kind of being a fool actually. 8 inches is pretty damn big and I kind of picture Dio is a complete douchebag and a manipulative one at that. Truth is, it seems to me that Dio is the second rate one. Tommy lacks self value which might lead to his undoing. Hope we can find out soon.

  25. Yea i see tommy as the all around gold medalist in the triathalon while dio wins the gold for the pole vault. And to your point 2b2h…Tommys the one that gets the sponsors while dio partys with the players. Question is which does sook prefer is she into pole vaulting and parties or prefer a bruce jenner ….(wait..whaaaat? Ok that could be either or on the good bad scale.) Or does she like a athlete that is strong in different areas who knows how to be a pro.. lets not forget the kids they will have that to act as the crazy glue that keeps them together. Unless dio pulls a tyler…oh snap…

  26. Jeff – to be honest I kind of find both of them to be a bit douchey. Both have an arrogance that holds themselves to a high degree so I don't think Tommy has a poor self evaluation, though maybe you could argue he has poorer srlf-esteem when he compares himself to Dio. I don't think so though, i think he sees Dio as being young and stupid, just attractive. All said right now I don't really see that much of a difference between Tommy and Dio personality-wise.

  27. I think Tommy as an idiot with a small amount of douchy element. Thinking that his wife might be sleeping around on him and planting a hidden camera isn't that douche like considering people often hire private investigators. He does have a poor self-esteem and not just the way he compares himself to Dio I think.

  28. Just a thought… Maybe Tommy doesn't feel like he's worthy of his wife and wants her to be happy with someone else better than him. These kind of thoughts depress me lol.

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