The next book in Tommy and Sukie’s story is now available.

I’m glad I decided to do this as a series now. I was able to look at this component in the story and I added so many scenes to help flesh this couple out in this stage of their ‘experiment.’ There’s an extra 15k words than originally intended and they’re some of my favorite scenes I’ve written recently. Like the opening scene. It’s brand new, and I sat at a blank screen knowing what I wanted to accomplish but no idea how it would happen. Then boom, these two guys started talking and I wanted to hang out with them all day (at another table!) and hear what shit they had to say. I’m getting to know Tommy better, and Sukie; Dio, too. It’s deepening my understanding of them and what’s at stake and what they all want. And I thought I already knew that!

Boy, I hope you enjoy it, because I like this couple. They’re very different than what I’m used to but I think that’s fun.


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  1. Not to sure on douche train of thought . I think tommy got caught up unexpectantly into a kink he never knew existed (at least for himself)That his wife had her own or shared the kink with him is icing on the top..i havent seen him act douche to sook yet not in a sense that he treats her poorly or denys her things..they seem like fair partners in this excursion to me ..The moments that we get hung up on is the way they treat each other during the acts…i didnt think sook would allow penetration in all her holes her first time with dio after tommy pushed/allowes her to free pass with dio. OopsThe way the story opens is a happy family and i still see that although the potential for the doucheness is definatly on the rise. Dio on the other hand is definatly a scumbag.But it is an interesting point about the video camera..i wouldnt call it a invasion of privacy since the massage took place in the middle of his back yard.Which keeps sook more honest i think than if it was behind close doors. But it was a bit distrustful of sook…i think he wanted to secretly see something there …..which would have been douche. Oh well different opinions

  2. Meh, Tommy isn't really a douchebag, but then I also am not sure Dio is a douchrbag either, well I'm more sure Dio is. Some of the things he says, like calling his wife 'kid,' symptom of douchedom. Lol, there's better examples, I'm just saying to me Dio and Tommy are cut from the same cloth. Tommy is just more mature, methinks.

  3. Yea i think dio is a little shit but hes smart too..i dont think it will be long if he doesnt already suspect that tommy is ok with what hes doing..some of the conversations he has with tommy were designed to feel tommy out i think. Also telling sook hes wanted her for a long time…trying real hard to get in her deep. hes definitely not the good guy here. Tommy should have Sook choose a safe word so he knows when shes out of sorts. He may not because he's new to the game and isn't aware of the dangers.I think the players are still feeling their own selves out just yet but dio by far going after his best employee and someone he would call friend wife. Now thats douche. Also jerking off on tommys patio real scumbag move.Question there is was he really being narcisstic watching himself in the glass or was he imagining sook watching him. Even if its both thats a problem in a self control kinda way.Tommy is being naive i think if you wanna equate that to douchiness i get it.Hes exploring an area hes never been before and right now he's ridingn the crest of the wave..we'll have to see how he feels about it when in the life style for awhile post coitus. Will poor sook be able to shut down if he has a problem with it? Not that easy since she has some problem resisting dio's soul gazing eyes.

  4. Ahhhh the suspense. Watching that completion bar slowly tick upwards in wordcount, I know I should stop rechecking all the time!

  5. Well I am so looking forward to this series. It's real good thus far with a lot of emotional anxiety which is why I love it so much.

  6. Sook is also making plenty of mistakes herself. She's not considering how her husband really feels about the whole thing. If he's acting this upset at this point of time it's going to get worse and he might eventually walk out if things get too out of hand. She might end up with Dio for a short while but her attraction to him is superficial at best. I don't think she knows him enough to really love him or anything and once she does I bet he'll be fucking around almost every week.Dio isn't the settling down sort.

  7. Perhaps Tommy will spring for a hammam/steam room next to the cabana where she can work her magic on the tired and stressed bodies. After all, Atlanta does get cool in the winter and she needs to keep her customer base happy all year round. Of course one downside (heh) of giving massages in the hammam is that she will have to be naked while rubbing up her customers. Otherwise, the sweat becomes unbearable and drops from the clothing on to the customer in a most unappealing manner. Come to think of it, guys, that may be more of a feature than it is a bug.

  8. I agree sook maybe taking tommys heightened libido as proof to go further. Maybe dio starts whispering those sweet nothings in her ear like tommys really not enough for you..Tommy is a sub etc etc…..Sook pushes boundaries and tommy seems ok with it …

  9. Maybe dio gets sook to volunteer for a maid for a day auction for a good charity. ORDio and tommy need her to seal the deal So she has to go out with the norwegian boys or some other power player for the contract to go thru….

  10. Probably ought to add a sauna to take care of the Bond villains as well. Optimal temperature for sauna massage is well below the usual 190-200, but you still have to take it all off.

  11. I think the Happy Endings series is my favorite on Amazon. Thank you very much for this story! I love all the characters and particularly Sook and Dio. The detail you put into Dio's manly parts is exquisite. Perhaps these characters can get more books? I would love to see Dio putting Sook to work on some of his clients, for instance. Please release Book 4 soon, I don't know how much longer I can wait! 🙂

  12. There is nothing really graphic in Indecent Proposal, like in Unfaithful (BTW I love the hallway scene in that, but I also enjoy the scene in the restaurant and right after in his apartment. It's killing Diane Lane to be cheating on her husband, but she also can't resist how good hot French guy makes her feel).Anyway, in Indecent Proposal you're just along for the right with Woody Harrelson and his mind fuck as he thinks about what may have happened between his wife and Redford. We never see any of it. But maybe that makes it more hot, its as much in our mind as it in Woody's, though Demi's answer to his question kind of solidifies what happens. Plus, she looks great in that movie…maybe peak Demi. I still have to put the scene in Disclosure with Michael Douglas up there, but man is she attractive in Indecent Proposal.

  13. Also, as am I a connoisseur of late 80's/early 90's softcore HBO/Skinemax movies, I have seen Animal Instincts. Very good, but I prefer another movie…if you can find it, called Killer Looks. Plot is: guy gets off on watching his wife with other men, but likes to come in playing the jealous husband and chase the guys off. Problems arise when they meet a guy who he really dislikes, but that the wife is into. She brings him back to their place without telling the husband, thinking he'll be into it. And he is, but he also isn't…just a great little cuckold mind fuck that fits in well with the stories we like to read. No idea where you can still find it…I haven't seen it in 20 years. Maybe its on Youtube like everything else.

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