Love these characters too much to quit! Looks like this will be a series after all…

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Tommy Travis has it all. A booming career, a big house with a swimming pool, a brand-new Corvette, a smoking hot wife, two macho little boys who are chips off the old block.
Tommy loves his little Sukie, the dutiful mother of his two boys and capable president of the Travis household. She’s a sexy little something, that’s for sure.
He met Sukie when he was at university and she was at community college getting her massage therapist’s ticket. Now that the boys are out of the house and going to school, Sukie set up a private practice out of the cabana by the pool. She’s got a good thing going.
But when Sukie takes on a new client, Tommy’s palms begin to sweat. Dio Megalos. His boss. A rich, fit, and handsome guy ten years younger than him. The kind of guy that all hot-blooded girls dream about and he knows his wife’s got eyes in her head. Two times a week she’s going to be putting her oily hands all over his boss’s bare and muscular body?
Not on Tommy’s watch. No way. Except he trusts her, doesn’t he? Who’s better for Sukie than her big Tommy? And there’s a little tickle deep down that kinda likes it. Thinking of Sukie with another man brings out old Tommy, and old Tommy was aggressive, competitive. Old Tommy was a laser-focused shark that built himself up from nothing…
What’s the harm in a little fantasy?


  1. It's almost cruel to just release this small tease to the complete story, but I have no self-control, so I took the bait. Dionysios, huh? With a name like that I don't think his old man had the responsibility of upper management in mind.If every story is gonna become a series, I'm lobbying in my heart for some of those really interesting ones from the ideas you listed at the outset of the year.Once again the writing and portraiture of the characters is peerless. Now, I struggle with writing any criticism of your stories because you simply write in a way that literally no one else is doing (or if they are I can't find it despite good faith attempts) and I am more a fan of these stories than of any other writer. I'm not sure I can legitimately judge the pacing, this being just a small fraction of the story, but since when have I let common sense stop me. For a story that we already know will run quite long, it almost seems a bit rushed at the beginning. I can't help but think the dynamic between Tommy and Dio could do with more tension, even before his wife is added as a complication. I will admit that might be my own preconceptions intruding, having heard hints about the set up beforehand and was envisioning more rivalry between the male leads. Can't help but wish Dio was less polite, haha.Anyway, I'd write a glowing review if my reviews weren't banished solely to the Canadian wasteland.I am curious though to see how the story as currently written leaves off, that you can decide to now extend it.

  2. I hear you! I get that it seems like we're jumping right in and Tommy and Dio aren't fully realized before Dio's already stretched out on Sook's table. I can see it. This was supposed to be a 5ok novel at one point, and that's probably why. Trust me that things will develop, and now that I'm committed to a series I am banging out some more fun scenes that will round out all their relationships. This turned into a series because I just loved the people in it and I created this rich world and there's opportunities. I won't go too long on it, but there's stuff I want to explore and now that it's up already near a projected 130k, and I know it'll go higher, there's details I want to flesh out. So which is the book you're most looking forward to? Is it the bully one? It will be pretty long I think. Wife volunteers for a charity and catches the eye of a pro-baseball player who can't believe she's with her husband when she can be with a guy like him. He's not shy after a while. It's pretty in-depth. Family members, etc. A friendly relationship that blossoms into something more. The husband and wife have a daughter who suffers from the syndrome the charity is about, and so did the baller's brother. It has emotion.

  3. You've sure got my number, haha. Yes that's definitely the story I'm most excited for. There's something about a relationship between the man and the new guy when there's animosity and taunting, where the fact that the wife is into this guy specifically is hurtful to the husband's feelings, but she can't help it. To me, that's powerful compared to the stories where the new guy is friendly and cordial with the husband.

  4. Just to elaborate on my point – because I'm sick as hell and home from work – to me personally the bullying dynamic is the peak of the cheating narrative. Someone he thought was a safe refuge and sympathetic ear to any of his pain (his wife/girlfriend) is taken by the very person she was “supposed” to take his side against, for something as brute and base as a huge dick. When a person compares themselves to an archetypal bully, they often view their kindness and empathy as superior, something that leads to a stronger relationship with their sexual partner. The fact that the new guy effectively “beat” the husband at his own wife is the ultimate show of dominating masculinity, of animal sexual heat overcoming the traditional narrative we tell ourselves of warm empathic love overcoming all. I've seen glimmers of this in your work, with Moric in Size Curious Brat rubbing it in to Matt how bad Chloe wants him purely based on his size, despite how obvious to Chloe that even the idea makes Matt uncomfortable. In a similar vein in Watching Natalie Cheat, where Natalie feels “owned” by Renny's size despite her strong higher-brain negative feelings for Renny as a person.As it applies to this particular story and my ill-conceived preconceptions, there's a tone I was imagining, with this sort of scenario going on between two hyper-competitive, self-described “hard-charging” “alpha males.” People like this (described as “Type A” in certain circles), even when there's a surface of camaraderie, can get antagonistic when there's something at stake. Who knows, there's certainly a lot more to come.PS Listen, I know we throw around these terms like “alpha males”because it's useful shorthand for the sort of archetypes that we want in these stories, but it entertains me to no end that the guy that coined the term with respect to wolf pack behaviour spent the rest of his life crusading against it as a disproven theory.

  5. I'm obsessed with this story. I think it's because it's such a teaser. It's packed in with tidbits to get the mind juiced. I love that little line where Sukie is surprised at how Dio hasn't found someone for himself, which alludes to Sukie seeing him as desirable (because, duh) in a classy, realistic way.There's that word again, realism. I fucking love the introduction to these characters, they are so real! Glaucon mentions above that Tommy and Dio are 'Type-A' personalities. What I love about the potential challenge of this story is it is very clear that Tommy's personality is desirable to Sukie. Well what if she could have that personality in a guy like Dio to oogle and play with? Fun stuff.Also, these Type A's are not brash to the point of imbecility, I like that these both seem to be thoughtful, but a skosh forceful. Prideful too. That will make things interesting, and I remember KT alluding to that being part of the fun for Sukie. I love the stakes in this story too! Tommy's boss getting entangled in their life? A life with two children!And I'm just going to note that I noticed Tommy mentioning that he might want a third child too, so it's clear they aren't done having children (at least from his perspective). I just want to bring that up, there's no other reason besides it's a fact. 🙂

  6. Well I really am liking this story when I have time and am looking forward to this as well as the next Reza story you have planned. Oh and anything else in between.

  7. My guesses as to the System of a Down song Tommy and Dio was listening to:If Tommy was not into metaphors, 'Cigaro'If nymphomania is a problem we need to look out for, 'Marmalade'If Tommy loves the song I do 'Streamline'It's too early in the story for 'Revenga' or 'ATWA'

  8. Glaucon – I am going to just guess that KT probably has a bit more building up before Sukie and Dio do anything.I also liked Dionysios as the name of our newly minted bull.On Bullies – I really enjoy the thought on this Glaucon. It's up there as really getting the heat amped up in this kind of story. I find the relationship between the bull and the husband (namely how close they are) to be the strongest aphrodisiac in these stories, but bullies are strong, too.Also, interesting on the 'Alpha Male' topic!

  9. Ok, only because I got a kick out of it.Maybe if Tommy hung out with Reza, Charlie, and Genesis … he was listening to 'Bounce'Fun fact, that song was in a Pixar movie. What are you thinking Pixar?

  10. It's almost worse knowing there's complete sections so close to being published; looking forward to seeing how the rest of this unfolds.I hope there's an office party at some point.

  11. Upon reread, Tommy's growing dread about what his boss has and what it would do to his sweet wife is written with unparalleled skill and that needs to be recognized.

  12. What do you make of Sukie's 'guilt'?I am going to assume nothing happened to turn Dio on other than Sukie's delicate hand on his manhood to move it out of the way. Her professional nonchalance, and hotness in that act is what prompted it. I doubt Sukie knew about the camera and walked off-screen to prompt anything that could stir jealousy. I think the only thing that caused Sukie's guilt is the impure thoughts she had during her session with Dio.Cannot wait until we see what happens the next time around …KT, what are the chances it's next week for Part 2? I'm really hoping.

  13. Yes, I assume it's guilt over the pure fact of her desire. In every series so far KT has the husband/partner consent before she makes her first real sexual indiscretion with the main third party. Or maybe I'm just framing it that way in hopes of provoking a disruption to that pattern. Haha I know I've voiced my confusion over the genre's tendency to write about paintball rather than gunfights.

  14. I like me some gunfighting too 😁.I'll say this though, KT has varied the “who makes the first move” a few times. Biggest story being Maggie.

  15. I take your meaning, but I would say Maggie's acts before she gets Max's encouragements are cheating in spirit more than in act. Maggie touching Jay's balls and watching him jerk off (in the context of ostensibly “professional” appointments) was about the extent of what happened before Max's consent, which is pretty close to what's happening with Dio and Suki (as far as we know). And of course Maggie rationalizes. The only stories with clear “all the way” steps taken by the lady without her partner's consent are the one-offs, as far as I can see. I imagine all of this will depend on whatever a our individual definitions of “real sexual indiscretions” are in this context.

  16. Oh hey as long as I'm still sick and throwing around scenarios I hope to see in this series, I hope we see some sort of power struggle at work and find out Dio's not above leveraging the situation with Suki to get inside Tommy's head.I mean, it's already written so this is pointless, but still.

  17. I'm picking up what you're laying down. A big, pervy thumbs up to that concept. I am one of those that's in this more for the indiscretion and the breaking of rules “because she just can't control hereself,” but I recognize that might make it difficult to make a series out of if you're also writing from the male perspective. I suppose even if she wrote from female perspective only, too.A persistent cheating story where the husband has a hunch that the wife is cheating and goes through the turmoil of trying to see if he's right eventually has to end before it gets too ridiculous. I can't imagine an 800 pager (like LHW2) on the strength of a cheating wife story., for instance What KT does beautifully is create a vast web of rationalizations (like you mention) and justifications that makes the cheating more palatable (my opinion), mostly because it is questionable whether it's cheating in the first degree.I suppose the 'outright cheating' concept would work as a series if the husband enjoys it when he finds out, but that's kind of what Maggie was, in my opinion. Not that that concept can't work again in different and interesting ways.

  18. I would tend to agree with you, though an author of KT's creativity could make it work should they so choose. For example, I think Watching Natalie Cheat could hypothetically have supported additional entries. Another cheating story of another author that I mentioned a while back was Controlling Interest by Court Franklin, which was entirely from the woman's point of view. In any case I think this digression brings the assumption that the series are inherently superior to the single entries, which I disagree with. I've made no secret that I for one would be happy with more standalone entries of substantial length (the first cut is the deepest), but I get the sense that KT gets more out of the serialized stories, so I encourage that.

  19. Whoa. This one sizzled, and reminded me why I love hotwife stories. It was kind of cruel to have it come to an end so quickly. Can't remember the last time I sat up until 2 am to read a naughty tale. I'm hopeful that the word counter at the top-left of your page indicates that the second installment is being edited and hence due for release any day now …

  20. Fyi Donk, in my fictious scenario, I was fully planning on accepting my ass being whooped by said servicemen once he recovered, since that is the likeliest of scenarios.Whatever it takes!

  21. I got nothing better to do, so how about more baseless speculation …The elephant on the cover? Do you think it's based on something that literally happens in the story? Theres a strong possibility it's related to the Africa trip that's upcoming, I could absolutely buy that.On the other hand, that's boring (that it might be straight forward), what it could mean is that we might get to a point where Tommy, Dio, and Sukie are together and there's an elephant in the (massage) room… Don't know enough at all about the characters though to know what that means (and no I'm not just talking about Dio's trunk) …It's too early for this!So glad to see part 2 has grown to appropriate KT-book size lol. It didn't look right being under 40k.

  22. Question (maybe for KT), but I saw Book Two of this series was just released. I only know that because I frequently come to this page and I follow KT. When I go out to Amazon, filter on Kindle books, and then “search” on either “Cuckold” or “hotwife” this book doesn't appear. All of KT's work used to. Any idea why not? I don't know how stories are “tagged” or categorized, but if others (like) me search for a genre and the best author's work isn't even coming up… there's a problem.

  23. Sorry to everyone posting here—I haven't been commenting because blogger stopped sending me e-mails to let me know there's been new comments. I thought it was weird that no one made a comment for five days!

  24. I think doing a broad search like that will produce variable results. I see my books when I search that way, but not till the second page. But tomorrow will show all different results.If you're on my mailing list I will send out notifications. I know I only started doing this recently, but I will continue. I haven't sent out a notification yet about the Happy Endings series because I was waiting for the second book to publish before I did. Also had to spend some time familiarizing myself with the new spam laws.Another way to stay up to date: subscribe to the RSS for my blog. I always post new books here, and you'll get an email that way. If you're not adverse to emails from authors, I'd recommend being on the mailing list for all your favorite book writers.It's hard to promote erotica and let people know about the books you write. Amazon won't let me advertise, neither will facebook. I rely on the Also-boughts that appear under similar books to get my books visible to people who might like them. I see now there's some changes to the ABs and Amazon may be doing away with them which leaves me and other authors like me in a pickle.Thank goodness I already got you guys!

  25. Someone's a System of a Down fanI think the speakers in a Stingray would have to be pretty good. But then, I guess, the top would be down… but, isn't that a boon for other people …?

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