Reza’s Game

I loved writing this newest chapter of Jonny, Charlie, and Reza. It’s the biggest Reza book at almost 40k words, and full of Reza craziness.

Jonny thinks he knows games, but he’s never played against a man like Reza …


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  1. Wbat if reza makes Genesis the key holder……would charlie eventually get used to the idea afterall its only twice a month… but oh that angst for charlie that would deffinatly flip the script.

  2. My refreshing was an attempt at a solution but ill trt the click back and redresh method have done that one yet here it goes wish me luck..(side affect is KT gets twuce the number of replies from me so not all bad.)

  3. Maybe Genesis holds the key, and maybe she's bait for Jonny when he gets set free. Jonny gets one chance every two weeks, but guess who is a visitor those nights?Charlie's physical intimacy with Jonny becomes more and more indirect, at best.

  4. Another idea i been perving i mean thinking about is what if reza cuts charlie off for awhile lets her frustration build with Johnny in a cage and no way to get that deep tissue massage. Would she beg for it or try and seduce any available “member”.

  5. Totally agree with that 2b2h. Nothing gets me more dissappointed in a preview than that same bat question on that same bat channel with the same bat answer..”will the marriage survive?”and invariable the answer is yes. Although it does help me choose the stories i decide to read ……or not. Of this story if charlie and johnny continue to change they may no longer be suitable for one another. Than again Charlie.maybe just playing along cuz johnny likes it. So the not knowing will draw me back for the conclusion. Still wasnt sure about nia either. And Jess really had/has me in a tizzy. I understand her to a degree but she really put pete via tyler thru hell.

  6. Reza offered the challenge to Charlie after she requested something from him. It was a power display. A reminder. Then he forgot. He's busy. He did a ton of shit that day, he can't be expected to remember how he bullied everyone that day. Or, probably more accurately, he exactly remembers but chooses to appear to forget in order to frustrate and it comes with the bonus: 'you're not that important, Charlie.' My opinion is he remembers…

  7. Ownership of the key is transferable. Problem is, the contract mandates which days the device comes off, so how important is ownership of the key? Of course, I guess, contracts are further negotiable…

  8. The coders would essentially be paid the equivalent of 120/year but on a freelance contract basis. Unless Jonny gets 4 cheaper ones, or six, or maybe one super-awesome coder. It will depend on what Jonny needs at each stage. He has a budget of 20k/month.The game will be tablet based, a fantasy puzzle solving type thing but I'm not going to deep with it. Remember Amy in Obsessed?—I went too far describing her playing Skyrim, although I was technically doing it on purpose because it was making me laugh to show how much she thought dumb shit through and how childlike her mind was. Too much detail!—so Jonny's game will be alluded to a lot more than illuminated. But it will become important. And, Jonny has been working on it for a long time and has large chunks already completed; right now he's trying to release a complete and playable beta that he can sell to a publisher to help get it live.

  9. Endings are tough. I try and stay true to the characters, and sometimes events that have happened make the ending inevitable. And if I don't punch you in the stomach every once in a while how afraid will you be when I threaten I might punch you in the stomach?

  10. That is frustrating, re: foreign stores not offering up their reviews on to the .com. I'm not even notified of them, so I don't know they exist, unfortunately. Thank you for your reviews, to all who've posted on their AMZ marketplaces. I have to go to those markets and check my products to see if there's reviews I haven't read, but now the foreign markets have the .com reviews propagating on them so it's almost impossible to know when I've had a new review.And thank you, Lancer! I really do appreciate it…

  11. Is this how Charlie ends up? In Brazil with boy toys, sitting on the Metro floor with no panties? What about Reza and his money? No Bentley escort to take her to the beach? Ah, perhaps she's fled Reza and Jonny, but is still addicted to a certain male type, hiding out now in Brazil but can't hide from her lust…I like it.

  12. HE is going to be one book. I forgot about all the reasons I didn't do it as a series of shorts already. The book doesn't lend itself to serialization. It is one journey, albeit a long one.

  13. I just have a great appreciation for the range that you write with, KT. Sometimes people can be harsh when they don't like how a story goes, especially so with dark endings (I'm sure the reverse as well sometimes). That just makes me appreciate that more, you're writing for the story more than for the reader. I am so glad I have a catalog of stories that excites me still to this day because of how well they were written.

  14. Some authors follow a pattern: the setup, the action and immediate consequences, then the abrupt realization that everything is right in the world now. Sometimes the setups are brilliant but the endings are predictable. These are nice to read too because sometimes I don't want to get punched in the stomach.. But when that third act happens and all the pressure deflates, the stories lose some cohesion sometimes. I'm just happy there's a variety.

  15. Yes, “consensual blackmail” is crazy hot for some reason. Like a situation that would have never happened naturally because of moral standards that's forced through something like blackmail. Then, in the heat of the moment, you question whether it was ever forced at all.

  16. Glaucon, I think my penis moved when i read your comment about Reza having Charlie “tatted and/or pierced” as a symbol of his ownership of her, lol. WOW! And I just can't stop thinking about ownership of that key as well. When Jonny is deprived for 2 weeks at a time, what is he willing to do for additional relief? Especially if he is witnessing first hand what Charlie is forced to do. Does his own angst push him further into “debt” with Reza as he tries to negotiate additional freedom?

  17. Yea its a real head spinner.Im gonna go with an amalgam that as 2b2h put its Genesis who gets to remove the cage . But additionally right when charlie is about have a mind blowing orgasm on Reza is when johnny is released with the renegotiated contract that when he cums he goes back in..since we know how well he enjoys watching reza and charlie. With a few well placed breaths from Genesis and hes back in it before he knew he was out of it.

  18. Glaucon is there anyone who doesnt like the idea of Charlie being tatted or pierced. You know johnny will like it…what about charlie think she'd get off on it?

  19. Obligatory check in next book check-in -Love the length! You may have said this already, but are you still writing HE or are you just expanding where you see it needs to be expanded?

  20. I see I'm not the only one checking that slide bar each day…. Also, thought I would share this as well, primarily because it's somewhat related. I follow a hotwife/cuckold blog. This week, a member posted his story with an update that his wife (who has a bull) has asked him to wear a cage for the next 30 days. He is going to be traveling for a week for work, his wife intends to stay with her bull during those 30 days and she has requested that he wear a cage so he isn't allowed to masturbate. I'll give KT the credit for this, but my mind couldn't help but think about our Jonny who is headed into a similar situation. 🙂

  21. @KT ….Just out of much time do you spend on research? Just asking cuz ya seem pretty well versed in the im figuiring you either have a VERY interesting group of associates or you have other resources that we readers are unaware of. Just curious if theres a resource board or something you writers toss ideas about in. Not that i'd want to dig it up that would be too scary a place for me to loiter around in. I might wake up one day wondering why i put a cage on myself and WHO THE HELL IS THAT IN BED WITH MY WIFE!!

  22. Research on hotwife stuff? Not much. Cuckold cage I did have to look into. Mostly it's easy to figure out hotwife elements. To me it's male fantasy of loss of control, just like 50 shades of grey is for women. Men are surrendering themselves, their sexuality, to the desires of the woman they love. Surrendering it to the wife more than the other man, but the other man is a key component because he has to represent the things they aren't. So I normally think, like, what would be a terrible thing to see happen? And what would make it just that tiny bit worse? Sometimes it's a little gross biological sexual detail, sometimes it's the fear of an emotional connection between the wife and the other man. And, hey, let's go crazy, in the third act we'll add them together, and mix in a little husband-rejection, inadvertent or otherwise, and a little wife-ownership as she surrenders to the dominance of another man. To me, it's fantasy. (Oh boy, here I go …) Female sexuality has been for a long time, under the thumb of male patriarchy (I told you to buckle up) and now as society becomes freer that ancient fear of female sexuality is becoming a reality and is getting fetishized. Female sexuality is changing in society, normalizing, squashing outward from the ancient agricultural practices of lineages and inheritance. Shit, I gotta go to work so I don't have time to dig deep here, plus, I really have to finish Happy Endings, but Donkatsu sent me a link to a good book and if it's cool with him I'll link it out. Ultimately, no, I don't research the hotwife/cuckold stuff. I might read on occasionally, but I haven't in a year maybe (other than to read what people were saying about me, ha ha). I write romance books too, so it's like I write a romance book between maybe a badboy and a woman but the husband is around to witness it. That's hot. I get it. I do spend a lot of time on other research. I'm a bit smarter after doing Happy Endings—it has structure like Cayman Proxy, moving parts that are not hotwife related that have to make sense, and I had to familiarize myself with a certain business. I just love writing these books!

  23. “Men are surrendering themselves, their sexuality, to the desires of the woman they love.” So true. I come to the cuckold/hotwife genre as a sexually submissive guy who is put off by most of the conventions of the “femdom” genre (whips, chains, leather corsets, barked commands, “yes Mistress,” etc., etc.). To me, that so misses the point (or at least the appeal to me). What's thrilling to me is the sexual power of the feminine, and of femininity, and there's no need for a woman to mimic crude male aggression to exploit that. The women in the cuckold/hotwife genre — even the ones who are in some respects “submissive” — are empowered by the real-world dynamics between men and women, and by their husbands' or boyfriends' love and desire for them. That's infinitely hotter, and more meaningfully dominant, than “lick my boots worm!” or whatever.

  24. Chiming in for the first time ever on KT's blog. Very nervous that I won't live up to the high standards that are always set here! Anyway, my two bits is I absolutely agree with KT. There has to be a legitimate threat of the marriage/relationship being, if not destroyed, at least ended with very bad pain being felt by at least one partner. And to be legitimate, it has to happen sometimes.I tend to like a happy ending. But not at the expense of narrative sense.

  25. KT: here 'tisEven the Washington Post . . . Is catching up with the biological realism that forms the core of your erotica. You and many of your confreres have known things we all used to know but willfully erased from the memory banks over the past generation or two.It will be interesting to see how this develops as ideology comes into conflict with increasingly accurate biological and genetic science wrt the sexes and sexual behavior. It must be gratifying to know that you were way ahead of all but the most persevering and courageous evolutionary biologists of the current period.Review: 'Theory of Bastards,' by Audrey Schulman – The Washington Post‘Theory of Bastards’ is a feminist novel, but not the one you’re expectingBy Michael DirdaDon’t be put off by the abrasive title. Ignore the cover photograph of a young woman’s face staring at you from over a man’s shoulder. “Theory of Bastards” isn’t a bitter feminist diatribe about love gone wrong. We’ve read that one. Audrey Schulman has instead written a riveting page-turner about bonobos — yes, the chimplike primates — and set the action in a very near and dire future.

  26. Just checking out KT and company's thread (The twitter thread linked on the main page) a bit on the subject of patterns and I want to point out that not all of the times KT has written something repeatedly is it a bad thing. For instance, I can not think of a word that has become more appropriately sexualized as a direct result of my readings of KT than the word 'warble.' It's perfect quite frankly.

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