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Après Ski is a novel length book not unlike Watching Natalie Cheat, only this time around the wife is tempted by multiple partners.

From the product page:
Cam and Amberly Stroud have a strong marriage. Together they’ve built up a successful outdoor clothing business. Two best friends and ski-bums who’ve had each other’s backs since they were nineteen and living out of a camper van, their financial successes have changed their lives.
Amberly has shed her tomboy image; always athletic, she dropped a lot of excess weight and now she is stunning. Sometimes these days she likes to shed the fleece and parka and maybe show off her new curves in something tight. Cam has a new found confidence that came as a reward with all his business victories.
Now they’re in a five-star resort in Telluride, celebrating yet another milestone surpassed for their company. It’s late and her dance floor antics have attracted the attention of some friendly male dance partners. Three handsome executives also celebrating some recent successes at the nearby retail expo.
Seeing his beautiful wife in this excited state has done something to Cam, and he becomes obsessed with the idea of seeing her with one of them. But when all three express an interest things start to get out of hand …

Without going into too much detail, I’ll say that I’ve been away from the blog for a while now for serious personal reasons. I’m totally cool, so don’t look for a gofundme page or anything but it may take me some time to respond to all the posts here, and the backlog of unanswered emails (sorry about that!). Nothing’s going to change schedule-wise, I just need some time to regroup!


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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles, and I wish you nothing but the best.Incidentally, if there WAS any structure set up to further support you and your books, I would be in on it in a second as they are worth so much more to me than the listed Amazon price.

  2. So excited you guys!I've been curious as to what KT has been meaning by a story being 'like Natalie Cheats,' since she brought up her game plan for 2018. It'll be interesting to see what she means by that (well interesting to us).Not to make light of KT's struggles, I sincerely hope that she can find a place that puts her back to where she was before whatever happened, but stronger! That said, who is more than a little concerned for the well being of these characters given their god's mood around the time of publishing? I hope they paid homage.

  3. Wow being hit with a trifecta of amazing hotwife writers. We got homegirl's, Jason Lenov, and a big surprise 4th installment of the Awakening her Needs series, by Blaise Quinn and C.C. Morian. Lots to read ya'll!

  4. *sigh* Why do those writers not offer paperbacks, for those of us who prefer that format? Oh well, at least KT hasn't forgotten the Luddite audience.

  5. This was a fun story…given it’s a one off (I think) I didn’t get too caught up in the emotions or the potential danger in just how much Amberly enjoyed being with Ryan, and just enjoyed the scene. It wasn’t quite like “Natalie” though…Amberly doesn’t really do anything without Cam’s knowledge and approval. Would she have if he said no? Not with Lawson or Sasha, but Ryan? That one may have been more difficult to resist. But that’s the part of me looking for drama. Camberly seem strong, and they both got what they wanted. But if I were Cam, I would watch out for Ryan in the future.

  6. Not through reading, just wanted to applaud this author again at coming up with a unique way playing out what is an inevitable trope in these stories, that of 'how did the hubby find out about wifey's indiscretions.' So many authors rely on “walked in on her” or “was hiding in the closet” or “followed her home because she was taking a man back home” and that's fine! It's just amazing to have an author who is clever enough to explore creative ways of making that feel less stereotypical all the time!Hubby just missing his wife so he looked at the photos coming in from her during a shoot for their business and seeing how things progressed. This is the kind of shit that separate's KT from the others.These are the kinds of reasons I have lost all self-control when it comes to waiting to read these stories. But seriously, I'm at work, this is not a good place …

  7. I just get giddy about this author. It's a weird reaction. I know you guys might relate, but also might be like, 'alright, chill …' I just feel like this author oozes creativity just by accident. I feel like I want her to write with such a narrow parameter because it's what interests me in these types of stories, and she takes that and finds so many different avenues and ways to tell what might look to be the same story, and yet it doesn't feel like it!I'm just glad that there's a community that like and support her here because it would be really hard to bring this to a book club …… “My favorite part is when she called him a demon””Why did she call him a demon?””Because he (explains Ryan's character)””I think you need to leave”I love so many micro moments in this story, I'll start with Amberly's retort when the Cass joked about how creepy the gas station was that they went to.Or how about in that same scene, Amberly and Cass retorted that they were definitely were not checking Cassidy out as he asked, “what you are you guys talking about?” “Oh nothing …”Amberly getting spun around after trying to get away, “well that was cool …””Show it to me.”Amberly staring on with the Cassidy's and mindlessly clicking away for pictures but not actually doing anything but staring slack jawed … I got a kick out of picturing someone doing that.Or when Ryan had the realization that what was going to happen in his mind was coming to fruition, “we're going to fuck her aren't we?” Yes, Ryan, you've experienced that moment when you realize you are a bull in a KT novel, congratulations.In that same moment, the seismic shift between fantasy and reality for Cam.

  8. I'm pretty sure that this is going to be a single. Like Measured Next To Her Ex which is one of my favorites because it was complete fantasy and highly arousing regardless. Unfortunately no sequel to that one either. Not that I blame the author or anything, gotta go where things take ya.

  9. Loved this story. Great characters, loved the honesty between the main couple, just a refreshing love connection between them. Amberly was sweet with just the right about of bad. She's perfect, loved that she settled on an EDM station. It's all the little details that make these stories so enriching: the music, the locations, the professions, and all the details that go into those things. It's nice to read what is actually happening when nothing is happening. The most notable things would probably be things like their day jobs (the camera, photo shoot, macbook, lawyer, game designer, whatever) that many authors gloss over because they can. It's a balancing act but KT does it very well and I appreciate that.

  10. Watching Along Came Polly and I love the beginning. Very hot potential for a story or novel… and I am really have an idea for something along the lines of the beginning.

  11. Did anyone else enjoy the moment when Amberly contemplated the reasons why Cam would clean off Amberly's back in the hot tub, removing the “evidence” as KT likes to call it. That was really hot and creative. It's those types of thoughts, the kind of 'flailing' that people do when they don't know how to respond to what's happening but for some reason are letting it continue, and then how hubby/wife respond to every step deeper into the foray where they look back at each other to see what hubby is gonna do about it, that I love.

  12. I should say for clarity sake in the last part of what I was saying, I like when the wife keeps looking back to see if what she's doing is crossing any lines, but my absolute favorite thing is when she lets loose and stops caring that she might want hubby's approval.

  13. I agree, kissing especially. That word seems to jump out at me and I'll spot it in my peripheral 6 lines down. Also liked how Lawson got two veins and Ryan got a “cable.” Nice touch.Only critique I really have for this story is I didn't have a good picture of what Amberly looked like for a pretty long time. Then again, she is on the cover.

  14. Well, I'll speak for KT here because she's touched upon this subject before, but the characters are often left intentionally vague for our imagination.She says that the models on the covers are approximations of the characters but aren't meant to be what the characters look like.

  15. Yes, I'm feeling horrible for Johnny at this point though and hope things end happily for them. Hate Reza and his asshole ways yet love the way she writes the sex.

  16. I love how Reza dominates them both. Level 10 hot. Charlie can't resist it. Johnny hates it. Yet he craves it. Classic cuckold angst… .

  17. Lancer I agree! It's what made this series work so well I think. The fact that she still loves her husband helps a lot. Yet, just hope he doesn't lose her though that would be hard to see happen.

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