Another Maggie Post? How About a Keely Post?

The fifth Maggie post seems to have hit its limit and I’m astounded by how much some of you care about these characters. It means so much. I care about them too.

Soon you’ll see a brand new hotwife novel from me with a new couple (Cam and Amberly, Camberly, if you will) who I grew to love and I care about deeply. But I wrote it while all of us were pontificating about the Maggie cast and despite how I care for them, I still miss Max and Maggie.

So … is this a thing? ↓ Could this possibly be a thing? 

Hint: the answer is: Please, tell me it’s a thing! Tell me I’m not wasting my time with this! I want to tell a story from Keely’s perspective as she enters this Bizarre Love Triangle and breaks its weak vectors. I want to hear her perspective on all she sees and how she falls in love with Max and how he falls in love with her …

I know I said Recovering Maggie was the final Maggie book, but was it? …

(I include this weird version of Bizarre Love Triangle because it includes clips of one of my absolute favorite movies of all time and I can’t believe I found it! This movie is in my top 10 best movies! The best movie ever made about modern love and loneliness …)

Think I’m joking?—how about the opening scene of “Finding Keely” …

At the Aughrim Arms on the Ballinaclash Road, Keely conversed via text with the world’s most untrustworthy asshole, almost five-thousand kilometers away in the sleazy city of Boston. It was her Nan’s eighty-eighth birthday party and the last thing she needed right now was to hear lame explanations from Derek. Still, he texted.
Derek: What did she say?

Keely: I don’t want to talk about it
Derek: Just tell me

Keely: I’ll talk when I get back. I’m with me Nan
The phone buzzed one more time as she struggled to get it back into her purse without looking at the screen. Checked it anyway, turning it to face her before it disappeared into her hand bag.
Derek: She’s a liar.
Sure she is Derek, but why would she lie? You’re cheating on me and I know it.

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Enough of that though. She was home in Aughrim, with her family, with her sisters and her brother, with her best mates Sara and Marly. American Derek and all his two-faced bullshit could take a hike because tonight she would have fun without him.


  1. Don't be! Tommy (the husband character in this series) is very different from Max. Ex military, mover-and-shaker type.I know you were kind of kidding, but even though it hits at the usual feels of these stories, to me it feels lighter.I have a feeling it might end well for the couple too, but watch me be wrong in a couple weeks or whenever the last story gets out.

  2. So our community has finally made me take the two seconds to create a Spotify membership, a little FOMO rearing it's head here. How do I contribute to playlists?

  3. I'm gonna read it but I wasn't kidding about being scared. It's weird because I love horror movies..I started a Keely playlist that's open for you guys to add songs to if you want. Her songs are a lot less depressing so that's nice. I'm hoping Max doesn't screw something up in the Keely novel. KT, for my own anxiety, maybe you should just pretend like you're adapting the Keely story into a Disney movie. Maybe Maggie was a 1400 year old witch this whole time? Something like that?

  4. finally was able to get the last book and I have to chime in here. as far as ranking the endings I'd have to say in terms of Tragedy, in the Greek sense, I felt Maggie's series was the most tragic. Very Oedipal. Think about it.Maggie, in essence caves to what her parents want, becomes her mother, and marries a man that is in essence her father. Will she be happy in the long run if she ever realizes?Max, while not in an Oedipal situation is far more tragic. He loses the love of his life to his best friend and best man, steps up and sacrifices his happiness so she can have hers, and will have to live with the knowledge that despite finding another to love he lost his one true love due to (in large part) his own actions. Keely mitigates this, sure. But the best Greek Tragedies were not sad endings.And that's the key isn't it. Tragedy does not have to be sad or happy. Happy or sad don't really matter. Not in the classic sense anyway.

  5. WA – is the movie you heard that Armon Jay song from the new Netflix original that just came out? Why I watched that movie and enjoyed it considering it was a particularly bad Rom Com I don't know, yet I enjoyed it, and totally heard that song.

  6. Hi Edi – good to see you posting again.A little Maggie RevisitedI totally agree that this story is very much about Maggie going the route of her mother. You could choose to look at it as that was Maggie's destiny, but for me I agree it's more of a caving. I piece it together by who she was before Cole complicated things. Maggie chose to go to Farmington to pursue art, which maybe was never what she would do professionally, but to me demonstrated a girl trying to free herself from the rigidity of her family life. Art was her outlet, an ability to tap into who she was trying to be between her regularly scheduled classes and cello lessons. There's a yearning there, a reaction to wanting to find her own way.It's why I was particularly disturbed by Maggie's reaction in RM when she decided to destroy what paintings she did in high school. She looked at it as if she needed to grow up and in a bout of rage destroyed her childish improprieties. It's like she was renouncing herself trying to seek her individuality, like she was rejecting the place within herself that it came from. The paintings should have been a reminder, “why do I want what I want?” Something that could recenter her, laugh at its silliness, but remember what it meant to her.KT mentions that Maggie was likely never going to be happy doing art, that she was sort of aimless and wouldn't want to be second fiddle in her family with Max because she would be dependent on his income. At least that was the devils advocate that she portrayed in a reply she wrote when we discussed this subject earlier, but I think art was a stepping stone for Maggie, she was never going to be second fiddle (or cello as it were) to Max. I think she was destined to figure everything out eventually, and independent from her mother and father (who renounced her, in essence, for not doing what she was told). Max wasn't going to control her, he was going to let her take her licks and hold her, let her know life is tough but they're in this together. She might have become a self-actualized Maggie, in my opinion. Or not, life is fucking hard sometimes.

  7. Continued – Thinking about who she actually becomes and what she sees in Cole, I think is tragic in a sense. Cole is a good guy, I truly believe that, flawed, it's not like I can't see the betrayal he wrought and decided to listen to Maggie's dad instead of his own dreams, but I think he loves Maggie for who she is. On the other hand, I'm not entirely convinced that Maggie truly loves Cole for who he is. There are years of reading that we missed out in where Maggie and Cole move in together and, presumably, aren't having mind blowing sex every other moment, and therefore talking, lol! Still, it's not clear from the reading that Maggie really demonstrated how much she liked who Cole was. It felt more like she was in love with who Cole could be, and in my opinion, that's because she was envisioning his potential to become like her father. She might not even realize she was doing that (though I have to think she'll figure it out eventually), but Cole was in line to became the next Martin (cemented the moment he stopped being a future lawyer and decided to work under Martin), and that has a deeply embedded appeal.To be fair though (cynically speaking) who we are is a direct result of how we're raised. So, you could argue that Maggie was never going to be anything other than a lawyer, everything else was preamble. The tragedy might be that becoming truly individual and free is harder than just giving into the forces that pull us in different directions by those who raised us – parents, teachers, friends, clergy, culture – writ large, it's more likely we give in to an easier route. Even though it's not easy in a work sense, it is so much easier for Maggie to go the route of her mother, and I think it was easier to marry a man like Cole for her too.You will find kindred spirits on here that finds Maggie's future happiness with Cole to be questionable.

  8. I'm clearly technically challenged, because when I do that it just tells me to add it to a new playlist that I need to create. I don't have an option to add to the 'Maggie' playlist … Oh well …

  9. Are you selecting a song already on the play list or one from your own..Heres how it should work.Find a song by either searching singer, band or song title.Click save/add to play list then click the play list you have on your spotify account to add it too..of you dont have a playlist on ypur account just make one up once ypu get the hang of it you can search for other playlists like the one i or WA have posted to add to your playlists.i have over 20 different playlists from maggie to keeley to rock ,workout, sleep, soft,80s, oldies, etc etc….

  10. To make add songs that you're looking at to one of the playlists, you have to have already accessed the playlist itself and added it to your library. On computer, you do this by right clicking one of the playlists and selecting “Add to libary”. It adds the playlist to your own list of playlists on the left column..I think just viewing it might do this temporarily. Then when you find a song you right click it > add to playlist > Maggie. That's how I've done it on computer at least, not sure how it works on phone..Maggie:

  11. Great song find…I find myself coming back to Max and Maggie and everyone in my head here or there now too. Glad to hear we're getting that Keely sequel, plus another Maggie spinoff? Does that mean a second Keely book or another character from the story?

  12. Also, I agree with WA about the tone of Happy Endings…it does feel lighter. Maybe because it feels like Tommy and Sukie are communicating better and talking through things as it goes along. Perhaps I should put the rest of my comments there, but I don't sense the train wreck potential here. Of course, I'll be wrong again too probably.

  13. Well, WA – even though I've added John and your Maggie playlist to my list (Keely will have to wait until I learn more about her), it still doesn't allow me to add songs to it, it tells me I need to create a new playlist in order to add songs to any. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.Nonetheless I can't get a particular song out of my 'Maggie' head, it feels like the darkness that exists behind doing something as dangerous and thrilling as a porn video in the theoretical route that the story could have taken in an alternate universe. I think it embodies Maggie's vibe with Cole regardless.This video is hypnotic on top of it:

  14. I don't know that I would classify it as a tragedy for either character. The psychoanalytic aspect, yeah for sure. Maggie succumbed to something that she (probably) wasn't aware of and that is the closest thing to a tragedy because of what she nearly became. But like ToBe=ToHave said, I don't know that for sure. I like a tragedy to have unavoidable circumstances and I don't think hers were unavoidable, but maybe they were. As for Max, even after all these months, it still feels more like a survival story. As if I saw the monster from the beginning and watched in horror as he tried to escape it's claws and cheered when he made it out alive. I know it's absurd to view Maggie that way given the genre, but she had a cold dissonance about her regarding Max's feelings and that frightened me (for Max's sake). So, naturally, I viewed his story as less of a tragedy and more of a suspense/thriller with great relief at the end. Just my perspectiveWhen I think back about this series, the suspense is gone and replaced mostly with disappointment in Maggie. Not just because I believe she made the wrong choice but because there shouldn't have been a choice to make. Cole and Max are both great men with bright futures, but Max is a visionary and has a kindness in him that I think represents the best of us. Alone those traits are great but together you get people like Bill Gates. I don't believe Keely was a consolation prize or convenient. I'm not the only that sees Max like this; I believe Keely was inevitable. All of them are going to go on to live exceptional lives but Max will stand out. I don't think Maggie will question her decision in the future, but will know she made a mistake (and made it many times over).

  15. I just had this rush of heavy thoughts about how this story is going to go … I really cannot wait for it.

    Wedding season might have a lot to do with it …

  16. I think this is the best spot for this post. I fucking love seeing Maggie collected and novelized. What I especially get a kick out of is seeing how KT dropping that story stacks up with other books released under the category of ‘hotwife.’ While other authors are dropping little 20 pagers to 100 pagers, here comes KT …

    Very Crocodile Dundee of you, KT.

    That’s not a book … now that’s a book …

    1. Super secret access to upcoming titles on Amazon, I’m special …

      …The usual way, I just searched ‘hotwife’ last evening and sorted by ‘newest arrivals’ and there was Maggie! I’m already struggling waiting, you have to let us know if you think a late-next-week launch for ‘Six Days’ will be delayed.

      1. Put in a good word for me…

        And: that’s awesome I show up in searches!

        Six Weeks looks good for early next week

      2. I will review the whole series. I don’t know why, but it’s harder for me to muster the energy for these ad hoc reviews of collections and feel like I’ve done a review justice … I don’t know why …

      3. KT – I actually had very little trouble putting myself back into the emotional state I needed to be to write a review, I should have known thinking about the Maggie series would have helped resurface old ruminations!

        Sorry for mixing up the new title and really appreciate the strong vote of confidence on the timeframe.

        And how did you think I found your stories to begin with? I’m pretty sure I used ‘hotwife’ or ‘cuckold’ to find SCB. You’re hella searchable (if you haven’t been dungeoned by self righteous virgins).

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