Maggie Finale, part 4. Plus an outtake!

Here are the current results of the questionnaire on the end of the Maggie series, coming in at 30 responses. And then below that, another outtake …


Cole opened the lid on his laptop and the screen came to life.
“What are you doing?” she asked him, taking some of the sheet under his duvet and covering herself with it. She lay her head next to him on a pillow, her face even with his chest.
“I wanted to show you something.”
“What?” she said as he drew up a browser window and then tapped the trackpad. It must have been a bookmark because the screen popped up on a website to what looked like the profile page on a community site. He angled the laptop on his thighs so it face her.
“What?” she said. The avatar for the profile was a side profile silhouette illustration of a raven’s head. The profile data next to the avatar had not been filled out. Spaces meant to fill in name, age, location, etc. had been left blank. Below that there was a heading that read Images, and it was vacant as well. Below that there was a heading that read Videos, and below that there were two black squares. The names below the squares read, threesome1 and threesome2. Her eyes wandered to the top of the screen finally and took in the name of the site, xrealm.
“Whats this?” she said, her eyes still darting around the screen taking it all in. Animated ads at the side showed a quick-paced scene from a porn move, a woman in a shower, showing mock surprise at discovering a young man masturbating to her while he spied through the curtain, then quick successive edits showing she was somehow aroused by the act and she was sucking his formidable cock then had a leg up on the faucet while he pummeled her from behind. Below that was an add asking if the viewer was so horny why weren’t they online right now chatting with young coeds. A midwestern girl with pigtails and a fresh smile had sent a message apparently, and she was looking to fuck, no commitments. “Wait, you want me to watch porn with you? Cole, I think—”
“No … watch …” he said, clicked the first of the two black squares, and almost instantly she was watching a video of a girl getting fucked. It was a point-of-view shot, the man doing the fucking was holding the camera. It was dark and the girl writhed underneath him, her face obscured by black, something moving in the shadows, hands gripped the girl’s waist, someone was behind her as well. It seemed—
“Fuck, Cole!” she hissed with great anger. “What the fuck is this?”
It was her. She was that girl, the man filming was Cole, the hands behind her were Max’s hands.
“It’s okay,” he said, soothing, a curve of humor in his voice. “No faces, Maggie, I swear, its anonymous.”
“Cole,” she said, her face twisted in contempt and bewilderment, eyes still glued to the screen, her mouth open, her hand paused in front of her face, covering her mouth. She was being fucked on camera and it was live on the internet and any pervert could see her. See her vagina, see her bare breasts jiggling with Cole’s thrusts.
“How could you?” she said, her eyes frozen on the screen.
“Maggie, I swear its anonymous—there’s no way to tell who it is. At all. You don’t see faces ever, not even close. You’re wearing the raven’s head. I would never upload it if you could see a face …”
“I cant believe you uploaded it even without a face. I can’t believe you even did that.”
“You’re exposed, Maggie. It’s anonymous but you’re exposed. Don’t you want to know what people think?”
“No …”
“Read the comments, Maggie. You don’t have a lot of experience, not a lot of men have been lucky enough to see you, don’t you want to know what they think?”
“No,” she said, then, “No … what do they think?”
“Read,” he said, and he scrolled his finger along the trackpad and the screen moved enough so she could read the first comment.

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  1. One last piece that I should definitely bring up in terms of Maggie/Cole/Max's situation is that all of this is relative. I only think that Maggie and Cole's situation is not as good because of what “might have been,” As a lot of people have said, things will probably work out okay for Maggie and Cole, and so might Max and Keely. But when I think about what might have been for Maggie, in particular, well, (insert all the stuff I've said the last few days).

  2. TBTH…if you want my honest guess, I think KT probably did do all that on purpose. I sort of think, again, that she was going for that “conditionally happy” ending. Nothing is ever black and white in this world, which is what makes it so fun to talk about. I think we’re supposed to see it as a mostly happy ending, but there are enough questions and concerns that people can judge for themselves just how happy it is.So yes, you can see concerns about whether Cole and Maggie made an informed choice, or one that was thrust upon them by outside factors. You can be concerned about whether Max has truly moved on from Maggie and committed himself to his future with Keely. All are valid viewpoints from the reading.So I don’t know what the answers are; I can only go by my gut on what I think happened and will happen. I do know that if the answers were obvious, we would have stopped talking about this two weeks ago, so I’m glad they’re not.And we’re soon going to need Part 5…new record for a story?

  3. If i wasnt reading this….just listening in on you philosphy/social politics/psche professors. I'd feel a need to take notes for my final exam.

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