The Maggie Finale, part 3

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Who wants to have some fun?
How about some of the deleted scenes? There’s stuff I wrote that never happened and I could post it here when I’m back at the office …

Other than that you can continue your awesome conversations in the comments below. I might be away, but I’ve read them all. I love those heartfelt letters! Love the music! There were a few comments that made me laugh so fucking hard too.

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Talk about perverted directions … Not all ideas are great ideas. here are some notes I had around the time of Secret Maggie (I’ve included them copypasta, spelling warts and all). Ginger in these notes is Keely before she had a name. I just used Ginger so I knew who I was talking about. Hartley Westlake was a possible weird Eyes Wide Shut angle if I ever wanted to go that way. For a time I speculated about Prof. Carmichael, Westlake, and Martin being into weird shit together and Maggie getting drawn into it but it was too Paul Schrader. I have more notes elsewhere in a dozen Maggie scrivener files that I’ll try and locate, though some might be lost. Stay tuned.

her videotape leagl idemnity. I maggie becker, am engaging in surrpetitious covert and very dirty behavior but I am doing so because it is part of the experience. This is Fake cheating. I want to experience The excitment of cheating but I swea I am not really cheating. I love you Max. repeats I live you, max. I do. I really do. Very much.
Cole hasnt come, he drags laptop over, shows her what hes done. Mad but truned on. Wants to see what people are saying. Worried about Max not being there. Gives him a handjob onto his belly. On camera. Come on his belly. He wraps a tshirt around her face, gets her to lick it off. he has heart to heart. Says whow would you feel if during the next ten months I didnt date? Meh.
Want to watch me jerk off?
She laughs hard.
No, I dont want that.
maggie and max, conversation
Maggie conflicted about what to tell max. Should she tell him about the anal. Should she tell him about the pornhub channel.
did you do anything?
wants to be hnset but she lies. Enjoys the lie. Feels excited about it. Enjoying the thrill of cheating.
Maybe max is texting and she isnt responding. he ges to her dorm. then worried goes to Coles. he texts her and she says shes coming home from a bar or something but he sees her coming out of Samuelson. hShe says I ll maeet you in my room. he folllws her. imagines a limp, a tendrnss to her gait.
cole alludes to gift for the secret society, a plan
Maybe he doesnt want her to be with jay. Desnt like the idea. What does he think about learning that max watched jay and maggie. He thinks it weird. Wierder than when it was the threee of them in the secret society.
max and maggie sex, underwhelming but okay.
maggie runs into jays dad, maybve Jay’s dad is with hartley westlake? Too weird?
maggie and jay conversation
I did my drawings. I have two of you. I caught up with some other models. I’m done. Next time I draw you it will be for my own pleasure.
Wants to take her out but shes so busyand hes so busy
I think about you akl the time he said.
You do.
I think about your skin, uyour lips, the way you move.
maggie and jay sex
Maybe in the locker room shower.ndifference between him and Max.
dirty talk with Max, she’d like to sleep with a rofessor
starting to consider law school, maybe go away to harvard.
maybe she will find out her mother dabbled in art?
Maggie goes home to buy dress, in conservatory, gets yalkingto from dad, re:secutity footage missing. You know anythng about it? No.
Maggie will find out if antone is going to be at the cabin. What would she tell them. Some of her friends from school having a party for her. Mom is unsure.
maggi and max alone at cabin frst, she rejects him because she wanst to be horny when cole gets there.
maggie sees cole with ginger, whats she doing here, why’d he bring her?
ginger maggie cole and max hanging out, something fun. cold outside. they wull be inside. hot tub maybe but its been doen to death.
cole making out with ginger in front of maggie, mahgie hurt and jealous. maybe she runs off
max and ginger awkward but funny moment.
cole runs off to talk to maggie. I told you. whyd you bring your girlfriend? It hought. she s not my girlfriend. I didnt bring her for me. I brouhgt her for you. Shes yours. What do you men mine? Something every college girl should try. Get out fo here. Oh Im seriuous. no way cole. convinces her somehow.
maggie assering herself over ginger, muscling in. ginger is coy.
maggie goes down on cole, she joins in. ginger saying thigs like dont you just love his cock”? yeah. He has such a sexy big cock. cole eventually encourages ginger to kiss Maggie.
cole sets up trouble between max and maggie. wants ginger and max to fuck but it makes maggie so mad. ginger and cole make fun of her how its all for her, isnt she so selfish max?
daytime at cabin, do regular stuff, some drama emerges
ginger seduces maggie and she goes for it. max and cole watch. does maggie allude to them having to touch each other?
foursome, maggie allows max to be with ginger but it makes her bond with max weaker.
she encourages, with great and lustful intent, max to interact with cole in some way. Even cole is surpried how he feels about it. Now way kind of guy but hes so aroused he allows it to happen.
aftermath of max and cole being too inimate. strains their relationship. maggie feels guilt. they art ways here, head back to vermont. things are weird.
cole uploads to pornhub, secret society channel. hs maggie go throuhg it with him, reading comments. Compliments on Cole, yum and tes pleases. Some jokes about max’s penis, related to Cole’s

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  1. Much needed lol!Key moment of clarity that definitely reveals Maggie's mindset from the lodge until soon before she chose to tie the knot with Cole.”I don't want to be alone, and I don't want to only have one of you.”

  2. Cole, the player – KT, do you think you could kind of explain the Cole before Maggie and if Maggie had THAT kind of effect on him that he suddenly became a “one woman man”? I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but could agree with others that his history seemed to make you think he was going to lose interest in just one woman, even if she was Maggie. The fact that he turned on a dime to be with her exclusively is a testament to both of those two, but do you think that was particularly tough for Cole to admit to himself, or was he only really a player because he was looking for the right girl and has the ability to trial and error like a SOB?I know I ask a billion questions so I'll throw out my answer so it doesn't seem like I need the author to interpret everything for me – I don't think Cole was deliberately a man whore, I just think he is lucky to be a good looking man who benefited from attention from girls without having to expend much effort in justifying whether sleeping with them is a good idea. Once he realized Maggie was the woman for him, he doubled down and that's all he needed.Ok maybe, that's a deliberate man whore …

  3. If you want my 2 cents on Cole…I think he’s like a lot of young good looking college guy…he was enjoying the effect he had on girls and having new experiences, hence the “man whoring”. The Cole who starts having sex with Maggie is a little bit older, maybe getting tired of the game and looking for a real girlfriend. And he finds Maggie who he is uber sexually compatible with and who he already has a friendship. Unfortunate for Max, but I can see a player like Cole settling down once he finds the “one.”Saw it a lot my days in college. Some of those guys figure it out at Cole’s age…some of them take a little longer…some of them never figure it out.

  4. No doubt Cole was a natural, and having the full package did not hurt his luck in the game. The question is which type of player was he? His willingness to step in on Maggie and play (with ;)) her before he was serious, but knowing how serious Max was about her indicates a true player.That he was still playing with Max's girl, Keely by now, six years later indicates something he is not growing out of. I stick by my assessment in the previous thread, Keely may finally move on but Cole will always have something on the side, generally the wife or SO of a friend or co-worker/subordinate. He's just that kind of guy. I know people like Cole, doesn't make him a bad guy necessarily unless it's you woman he moving in on.

  5. There is probably something to that…Cole’s kink is being the dominant guy, and being watched. It probably turns him on to see Maggie watch him too, not just Max. So maybe he always would need something even if Max and Keely decided to stop.But I wonder if the presence of Max, and it being Max’s girl, plays into it. If subconsciously, with Max being a bigger success than him in his career, if he enjoys “bettering” Max in the bedroom. So if you take Max out of it, is Cole interested in just being with a random girl?Real complicated mix of emotions and kinks between all four of them. It’s pretty finely balanced, but there are subtle tensions below the surface. Probably what makes it exciting.

  6. As a true player, Cole would have sensed Maggie's insecurity about whether she could measure up to Cole's exacting standards. While her continued success and advancement will blunt that some, Cole is also advancing succeeding, and he knows how to play that insecurity of Maggie's long term. But how did Keely end up in the G-G action in Cambridge with Maggie, enquiring minds want to know.

  7. I like what both of you guys bring to this point, I mean more towards JL, but it's probably true that how Cole lied to Max and Maggie is the definition of being a player, but I think it's Cole trying to play to win the love of his life, not the kind of playing that leads to a quick screw and onto the next.JL – I don't think Cole enjoys bestng Max, I remember distinctly him being perplexed that Max is someone who liked to watch, hardly the reaction of someone who liked to he watched and show off his prowess in front of his “inferior” friend.I also have to disagree with the notion Cole will always have a side piece. Seems like Keely only got involved with them through their friendship and Max who was already a part of their circle. So, at least to our knowledge, Cole has been with one other girl besides Maggie, and Keely was a Maggie sanctioned decision, in six years. I think he's settled. It's possible he gets an itch to go outside of the marriage, but I think it would be after a divorce first. And that kind of shit happens all the time now. We're changing the definition of player if we start to include people who get tired of relationships after a few years and move on.

  8. Working hypothesis – KT chose to end the story 6 years later because she demanded her characters find a soft landing for Max before calling it quits.Pays to be a time traveler.

  9. For sure. KT definitely loves all these characters. I wonder about Max though, and if our discussions pushed her in one direction or the other. The whole 'perspectivism' thing and all that.

  10. I don't really have the luxury of believing that Cole could cheat on Maggie, because it would undo everything about what makes it acceptable for him to take Maggie from his best friend. I guess it wouldn't bother me if that happened, though. She made her bed now sleep in it sorta thing.

  11. TBTH I don’t think Cole liked it, or understood it, at the beginning. But this story was all about finding “truths” about yourself and your kinks. And I do think Cole found out he likes being watched.The stuff about Max is purely my speculation though, not based on anything in the story.

  12. I would also say I don’t think Cole needs a “side piece.” He wouldn’t cheat on Maggie; but if she was into it he would play with someone other than Keely. But I don’t get the sense Maggie is into it. Cole may dominate her in the bedroom, but Maggie dominates him elsewhere. At least that’s my sense.

  13. Youre probably right about that, i just think he doesn't hate it/doesn't care. Sort of a “well alright if that's what you want to do, anyways where was i?”

  14. Missed getting this onto the right blog so here it is again with an addition.So i learned a few things from this tale.1) It's ok to let your bestie marry your ex as long as his and hers intentions are pure(even if the sex is not).2) you'll get over the pain after awhile. More quickly if you got a suitable substitute. 3) its ok to leave your fiancee with the super hot alpha ranger. He'll keep her well fed on his fish and potatoes.4) but bear attacks suck so dont go camping in bear infested woods ..kind of the same principle of dont go swimming in shark infested waters.5) almost forgot….take the dam map!

  15. So which of us guys who had Coles physique handsome appearance and sex appeal wouldnt become a man whore?I know id absoulutely hate it when the girls all hang around fishing for a kiss or some attention. Just like i hate surf and turf dinners, my favorite scotch or a million dollars to be deposited in my account. Terrible thing to put a single guy through..

  16. Excellent lessons, John. However, I will continue to respectfully disagree about Cole with Western Australia and Juno Lima 23. He's a player, he likes it, Maggie likes it, she's getting more oral than Cole has or will ever provide from the side pieces plus Max.But what will happen when Max is too busy to clean out Maggie, Keely is home with the babies so Max sends over his new trader to take care of things. She's a summa in math from MIT, loves Maggie (and Maggies loves her). Martin and Carol decide to ditch Cole and offer her the chair at Oxbow. Cole can only stay around if he agrees to become Oxbow's designated SEC piñata in Washington. Cole sleeps in the spare room.kt, you'd better help us out here. As you can see, our perfervid imaginations are going off into all kinds of demented directions.

  17. Yeah I think KT falls in love with her characters as much as we do. So I bet she always had a soft landing in store for Max once she determined Maggie was going to be with Cole. Probably wasn’t anything we influenced. But what do I know?

  18. I learned that when someone says no, they really mean yes, but really really mean no.And if your wife says she's waiting a long time for sex with someone, you should probably talk about it.

  19. WA, Cole contracts an STI from one of his side bets, sorry, kt. The new trader babe is Putin's niece and some Slavic guy holding an umbrella with a sharp tip always follows Cole around.

  20. Confirms that it was Carol who saw the tapes? It's Martin who asks about them here, not Max assuming Ken for the reader. Wouldn't have minded an earlier appearance in the sack with this story could have been way shorter it seems like.

  21. Not Max that determined the time frame, just the wedding. I wanted a wedding to be the reveal for who she married and I didn't see them getting married earlier than 6 (actually I think 5.5) years later. Too much for all of them to figure out for a wedding to be sooner.

  22. Maybe it’s me, but that feels like a much darker storyline, and much more of Cole and Maggie going behind Max’s back on things. And I’m glad Keely is in the story how she is and not as part of a wedge between Cole and Maggie (or a force to drive them closer together).So I guess I’m glad none of that came to pass. But if the ideas were fleshed out more I’m sure it could have worked.

  23. Well prolonging it and making Max faithful to Maggie adds a long of angst and mystery. I don't actually think it should be shorter, just noticing that most of the mechanisms were there early on

  24. Yeah, as far as that part of the story, i found that to be consistent with the storyline we all read.And by the way, excellent stuff as usual, IT.I love the self-conscious stuff like, “Maybe Jay's dad is with Westlake? Too weird??”Yeah I'll say it again, I'm glad you left the prof out of Maggie's pants, it would take away from the emotions of the story big time.

  25. Gah, my comment makes no sense in relation to your post WA makes no sense. I was asking about how you think the above confirms Carol saw the tapes? Remember that Martin knee that the security tapes were fudged he just didn't know by who. That seemed consistent with what we know. Is there something else there?

  26. Seems more like throwing darts at a dart board and picking the best bits to promote to genuine KT literature. Some of those things definitely made it to the final print.But if all of that came to pass, yeah, I don't think Maggie would be getting much sympathy when Max bolts.

  27. I think a lot of that is stream of conscious, throwing things out there, yeah. The stuff with the youtube channel had the potential to be real disastrous. I think basic themes we saw are there.The Max/Cole potential homoerotic angle would have been interesting, and quite different from the KT stories I've read. At least from what I can remember.

  28. You might have something to explore with a macho alpha like Cole finding he was somewhat attracted to Max, or the situation, or something…but that doesn't really feel like it fits this kind of story. Not that there's anything wrong with that…a lot of my friends are gay…my father is gay.

  29. @2b2h i think prof getting into maggies pants would have been an excellent point of contention between father and son ..Steal lines from the jones's”Daad! your no better than the next guy…” “Son …i was the next guy”So what if game here.What if prof and mary ann have a fling how dows that change the dynamic of her complaints against Jay she get more influence oe does she lose credibilty.

  30. As far as an alternate universe anyone who's ever read xleg stories on lit..will get it . That no matter the whys and what fors. The hows and whens. The story would be just as good. Different but just as entertaining. Its why i say even though i had a small hope for recon with max im happy with what i got. If i want something different i know ill get it in the next story or one of the ones i havent read yet.I appreciate the disection of the story immensly tho. And having an author share their notes dang im scared to enter that mind. i might come out as tyler or something.

  31. I don't know why I need to take every opportunity to shoot down that concept. It just really turned me off. But honestly, I think we all got it. Ha.

  32. There were several points during the course of the story where Max and Cole did a little bit of sexual touching, initiated by Cole. I didn't really know what to make of it, and there was never any elaboration. I took it to mean more that Cole was just trying to keep Max cool with him being with Maggie.

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