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  1. I loved that too TBTH…Keely fits right in with the Miltons. You can tell Connor likes her too, telling her “I sure hope you don’t” go away.

  2. Yeah, she does. She's strong where Max isn't, she's the perfect counterpart. That lighthearted comment is a good example of that.@john Keely seems like the kind of girl to notice Max's pining early on and to be the one to tell him to snap out of it. Notice the girl sitting in front of him and live in the moment. She seems like a no-bullshit kind of person and that attitude extends to those around her. Jokes, laughs, drinks, but none of that sappy crap. The kind of person who doesn't necessarily say “I love you” everyday but shows you everyday in the way she lives life. I don't think Max was getting soft during sex, showing her pictures of Maggie, because Keely wouldn't let that happen. Perfect kind of person to snap Max out of his funk and move on. I forgot who said it, but I think the wedding was more like an echo of pain, a cruel reminder of the past, and not a constant issue for Max and Keely. Seriously, what the fuck was Maggie thinking with that song?

  3. KT, you mentioned that you had different plans for Keely initially. I suspect that it was that she ended up with Cole. If that's the case, at what point did the story divulge from your original outline? If that's not the case, was Max doomed to lose Maggie from the start?

  4. Good choice…I could see Keely saying something like that at the beginning if Max was hesitant. If its meant to be, it'll be…and it was.Also, looks like we've reached the limit of part 2 here. Dare I say we need a part 3?

  5. Good song for the early part of their relationship…both gun shy of entering relationships for different reasons until they both decide to take a chance.Was driving yesterday and heard another song I thought fit Max and Maggie…now I can’t remember what it was. Hopefully I hear it again.

  6. kt, so many questions for you and so little contact theses last few days. Are you (1) someplace warm, escaping from the frozen Northland, (2) working feverishly to complete your ambitious agenda for 2018, (3) up to no good, inspired by Maggie, Keely, and Charlie, or (4) bringing down the roof in Cannes, France at Morrison's Irish Pub (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187221-d3738258-Reviews-Morrisons_Irish_Pub-Cannes_French_Riviera_Cote_d_Azur_Provence_Alpes_Cote_d_Azur.html)?

  7. So i learned a few things from this tale.1) It's ok to let your bestie marry your ex as long aa his and hers intentions are pure(even if the sex is not).2) you'll get over the pain after awhile. More quickly if you got a suitable substitute.3) bear attacks suck so dont go camping in bear infested woods ..kind of the same principle of dont go swimming in shark infested waters.

  8. I read all the Maggie books and was really drawn in. kT. You are an amazing talent. My issues with the ending? Well, I finished the last book 5 days ago and i just can’t stop. Looking forward 10 years into their relationships. I think Maggie and Coles relationship moving forward will be full of sex, lust and all the good things..but I just can’t help but think that over time Maggie will want variety (max being into cuckolding gives Maggie that) Cole is a typical possessive alpha male not willing to share. Cole also is a climber and is materialistic. There will come a time that Maggie will second guess her decision and of course it will be after the first couple of kids. We know max came from a loving and caring family so we can figure he will be a great father to his children. I don’t remember reading a lot about Coles family background. Maybe he will be a good father or maybe not. Some people I know should not have kids. Cole being materialistic and I think in a lot of ways selfish he probably won’t be the best dad. I can’t decide if it’s good that max just didn’t cut ties with the 2 most important people in his life or not. Sure he would not of met Keely but maybe he would have met someone just as good that of course Cole has not slept with. Let’s just say this. Max will never be over Maggie. He will always wonder what would of happened if he did not see Maggie’s Art that day and hide in that closet. They probably would have gotten married and lived happily for years and of course run into issues that most married couples do but they wound have worked them out because deep down they love each other. But the way this ended max will move on with Keely and that wound will forever be open because Keely knows his every thought and sometimes in a good healthy loving relationship you need some private thoughts to yourself, you know the ones that if you significant other could see would hurt them. I’m trying to get over this ending KT. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing. I check you page al, the time waiting for something new. Ps. If Max and Keely have a baby girl do they name her Maggie?It would be great to see a Maggie story 10 years into their marriage

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