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  1. I'm sorry, KT! I think it's actually really funny/interesting/clever use of detailing the parallels of the episodes that you selected to Jonny's life. I guess I like it more when you leave things open for us to fill in the blanks like you usually do, but I can obviously see the fun that was had writing about maybe what was specifically applicable.

  2. I'm really focused on finishing Maggie before I do anything else, but I do have other boos completed and partially done. Coming soon will be Happy Endings, and after that I have:1. a book about wife with multiple partners, a novella in similar structure to Watching Natalie Cheat.2. a Black Mirrorish (or as I call it Twilight Zonish) book that takes place slightly in the future.3. a reluctant fiancee book, where a young woman is being seduced away by an old flame. Probably novel size.4. One that has characters I love and hot scenes, but I won't describe the scenario. Don't want you to see it coming, ha ha Also novel size.5. Husband bullied by wife's sort-of-co-worker (a celebrity athlete)6. fiancee with rowdy sorority sisters who illuminate her on the exciting things that are out in the world. Novel size.7. Guy on university campus who gets involved in a sorority's game. Ex is part of sorority. Novel size.8. And of course, endings for Reza, Cayman Proxy, and Obsessed.Some of these books are done, half-done, quarter done, and I can't speculate on the order they will appear. Or that something completely new will show up first!

  3. Oh! And a book that takes place in the sixties, in the jungle, and I also have a sequel to Size Curious Brat that will be free for my followers. Make sure you're on my Mailing List!

  4. *jaw drops* good morning to you too!You say you wrote a story about characters you love, has there been any characters you didn't love?Besides Rocco, fuck him.

  5. No, I love them all, but some stand out and take charge. Like, Cole was one. There was a time I thought he might be a bit-player, but I found things in him I wanted to see. Natalie was a shocker, pretty much pushing me aside and telling me how the story was going to go. Some characters just stand out and make me love them more. If a character is boring they lose their voice and go away. Rocco wasn't boring. Holy shit, Rocco was awesome, I could literally feel him. Love him, no, love his presence, yes. Omar was another one like that, but not extreme. He was a bull, but I knew his summer job?—wtf? Was that the only bull (besides Atticus) that I gave a voice to? Shit, Becky Castro was another one: just supposed to be a bit-player but became huge in my mind. I wish I had more story for her. She is badass. How about you folks: Who was your favorite wife, husband, bull? …

  6. For husbands/fianc'e:I enjoyed pete alot i think i connected with him in some way until he epic failed the bike incident. Not only didnt knock the bike over but injured his foor in the process.. oey! He has the farthest to grow.But over all i like geoff the most.Wives: hands down gotta say Nia. She took a licking and kept on licking.Bulls: toss up with reza and cole. Let you know who wins when those stories conclude. But leaning toward cole he's an alpha with an emotional connection with maggie but reza hes just an alpha doing what alpha's do. But theres still more to read there.

  7. Would LOVE for you to keep working on the Reza story (after Maggie) if you're open to feedback / opinion.Favorite husband: PeteFavorite Bull: Cole. And Reza. Oh, and Rocco. Ha. Your bulls are pretty amazing.Favorite hotwife: I think Charlie and Nia

  8. Best of KT lol -While I relate a little bit to everyone of your husband characters, I think my personal favorite is Geoff. I doubt I'm as attractive as he is, but he seemed a lot like me moreso than Pete, Mitch, or Max. There are so many points in that series where the story fell out of the pages, and felt like I was reading the story about a real couple, the cast had mostly to do with that, circumstances did the rest to convince me it was realistic.Thinking about who my favorite wife character has further made clear that I am biased, I struggled to find enough flaws to really pick one oover the other. Maggie is too young/green to how the world works and what impact she has on it, but she's fucking adorable and extremely bright and kind (when she's trying). Jessie was out of control towards the end there and cruel, but then again, that's what Petey asked for, right? Nia is way too wild for me, she seemed almost negligent/mean to Odie too in parts of the story, like she couldn't put her ego down about not knowing who Odie's father truly was and ashamed that it might not be Geoff's. I hope she gets her act together now that she has another on the way and the past is left in the past. That all said, she always reminded Geoff she was right there with him no matter how crazy things got, and I believed it, and it was sweet when I think about the power of the forces pulling her away from him.No, my favorite, even though there's probably too little on her to make this call, recency bias, etc. I liked Natalie a lot. She seems like she's the total package of good qualities and flaws. Given what's next in KT's queue I'd be okay if what we know of her is all we ever know, but she was amazing to read about. She reminded me a little bit of Courtney. I had to go back and reread Courtney a bit, and I feel like I could totally see Courtney as Natalie's future.Bull character – My favorite is probably Atticus, mostly because he is the most put together of the bull characters of KT's stories, but his flaws bleed out every once in a while. Weak moments with Gretch and the hintings at loss of control with Amy are coming to mind as flaws. It's weird too, because I don't really enjoy perfect ideal characters, and though she builds in flaws with every one of her characters, Atticus seems the most flawless, so go figure …Least favorite husband – Steve – dude, you're losing circulation to your wrists in handcuffs and chastity watching your wife get railed, with months of abstinence?! I guess my dislike of him is rooted purely on not understanding him, lol.Least favorite wife – might be Nia – this was hard, but I reminded myself about what it was I didn't like when I was thinking about this stuff, and behaving so cowardly about the past to Geoff for so long, her meanness as a mother (at times), holding Dino's essence in her body so long considering she knew how guilty she felt about the past, she was a bit too crazy for me in retrospect. Loved her though, so there's that. Also she needs to be reminded that Rocco might have had some Roman lineage (harkening back to a paragraph in Montreal), but the average height of a Roman soldier is considered to have been around 5'7'', so unless shes fantasizing about being held up against the wall by a guy like me (I'm part Italian too, *wink wink* Nia) I'm gonna need to rain on her parade.Least favorite Bull: probably Rocco, what an asshole. Borderline abusive, obviously inconsiderate (I mean how can you cheat on Nia? *pauses as he steps over the double standard he ignores in that statement*), backwards culturally (definitely seemed like a guy who would vote for Trump, because that's “his kinda guy”). KT probably should have killed him when she had a chance.

  9. @2B=2H My intent is to do all of those this year. Intent.And thanks to everyone for letting me know who your picks were. I'm surprised! Really surprised. So glad to see Cole on the list. Most complicated, for sure. Surprised to see Reza too, since he's uncomplicated.Literally burst out laughing at the gladiators were short comment. Nia's not a big history buff, that was just her fantasies playing out. Also one of my favorite 'dirty thoughts' from the book. We talked about her before not being a reader, she has more of an HBO interpretation of history. (That said, she did read a book when Geoff and Odie ambushed her from the tent then invited her in to stay with them. Must have been an accounting book or something!)Thanks again for those responses, I keep re-reading them!@Lancer Reza will continue!

  10. *Wakes up* oh man, you guys I had the crazy dream where KT said she would write or complete over a dozen books at least in 2018, that was awesome, KT what did you say what your answer was again, sorry I missed it.I am just glad to be along for the ride again this year!That said though, would you say you accomplished your goals as a writer in 2017 (maybe not necessarily in volume but in substance)? You might see where I'm going with that question, just trying to manage my expectations …I realized I answered your question in a purely moralistic/relatability standard. It'll be hard to surpass the LHW2 cast in terms of the dynamics of each of their personalities. In that sense, I would vote the entire cast of LHW2 as my favorites. Rocco might seem a bit straight forward but he was erratic and showed glimpses of having a soul. Cole is deeper than Rocco ever was, but he is mostly a good person with evil or opportunistic undertones. In that sense he's more complicated, but Cole's potential is probably stifled by the fact that he is not intentionally an asshole.

  11. And *pushes up glasses* technically, Nia is right to have that fantasy about the tall, rugged Roman warrior because shortness is a relative term, right? She was just tapping into her deeply ingrained ancestral past which looked up to the tall, dark handsome Roman warrior of 5'7'', herself probably 5'2.''

  12. I thought the romans only carried short swords and short spears. But they do come in legions. They also shoot their arrows/bolts farther and harder from their balliatas.

  13. Sad that I'll soon be saying bye to these people, but happy now that I know how it's turning out. I had a plan, but the characters tweaked my plans little by little, showing me what they wanted …

  14. Hang in there! Glad it's working out the way you hoped, more or less!If you don't mind one more question (today, at least), the projected word count is 58.1k right? How many words have you actually written?So happy the final story is essentially a full-length novel in itself.

  15. KT, is the 'bandana rule 'on the door a nod to Amy? I literally just put this together thinking about something that I wanted to bring up for this story, but I'll save until after it's out.

  16. A what if: How would the dynamics change if;Max after his feelings of regret and guilt through some impetus such as seeing Maggie and cole together or tries to call maggie and cole answers and gives max shit. Max goes back to the scene of the original crime and outaide the dorm he bumps into jess. She gives him a pity “party”They both find they're into each other not love like with maggie but ……..

  17. i too think plays a role in this last book, I don't want to say right now because I want to see if I am right. It isn't in the way that you're thinking. That would definitely fix the sting for Max though, I agree!

  18. I know I never fail to make a comment over just about any minor update, but 60,000 was a milestone I was hoping would be cleared!Question for KT: approximately how much time writing this story had the theme song from “A Love Story” playing in your head, lol.I feel like that'll be the soundtrack for this reading … whether I want it to or not …

  19. Yes, and while I am technically done, more will be added when I begin editing. There are details that will be added and I know nothing will be pulled, so I expect it will go even higher.Love Story, yes, but another song that I left out because it was too descriptive. Remind me on the Final Maggie post and I will include it!

  20. Haha, brilliance all around, I will be sure to ask about any remaining influences/reminders of this story when it's out.Good luck with editing!

  21. Nice visuals and on topic.But im more a Blue October kinda a guy when im not lords of acid. KT creates that strong emotional bond in her players as in “18th floor balcony” As well the depth of the loss and confusion they suffer as in “into the ocean”

  22. Just for a few giggles I thought I'd share a few of my unoriginal thoughts on the first word of this book-“Taking Maggie” unoriginal”Claiming Maggie” related to the 'Claim' chapter in UM.”Saving Maggie” would have been the title if Max wins her back?I'm not going to try to make too much of KT's title, I only think it sounds positive for Max.

  23. Ha ha, I don't remember! Sounds like something I'd do—but can you believe I wrote Tempting Maggie a year ago? I can't! wtf? Where did the last year go?

  24. Yea i know the feeling i found that among another that shocked me the theme from the godfather is one of andy williams too. “Speak softly my love” i think. Ita a shocker …afraid to keep looking around i might find a song to the james bond theme..

  25. Devils advocate here: From a different perspective not necessarily mine Cole could be the one saving maggie. Two words two ways…tutu's

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