Watching Natalie Cheat

Just in time for the holidays!

Here’s a little surprise for you to enjoy over the break This one is a real scorcher if you ask me and boy did I have a lot of fun with it. Supposed to be 12k words and, of course, is now 26k words and the characters are begging me to be in a series!

My launch of The Size Anthology was botched due to some hiccup at Amazon, so I wanted to do something short and timely to see if the problems were resolved before I launch the massive Happy Endings novel. So far so good!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas like me, or whatever you may celebrate this time of year (even the Hollywood Satanists)!

54 thoughts on “Watching Natalie Cheat

  1. It took a while to get going and it’s a little bit drawn out but once the sex started it became more interesting .i would have preferred the internal ending in the other hole but I understand the choice. Sequel please.

  2. I read this over Christmas vacation and really really enjoyed it. I LOVE the slow build up. Those are my favorite types of hotwife stories: an innocent, faithful wife slowly being seduced by a confident alpha male and the biological need to be mated by a large appendage. I loved how you made her wracked with guilt throughout the entire process. Very realistic and it just adds to the heat for me, that this alpha could have such a diabolical control over a formally faithful wife. I do wish that he had filled her with his seed though and consummated her complete submission to him. A pregnancy scare afterwards would have been great too. I think this book definitely needs to turn into a short series. I can see the husband, starting to crave the rush he felt when he saw her seduced, working them back into a scenario where Renny is with them and Natalie's inhibitions are lowered again. The fact that she doesn't know hubby witnessed the first mating and the fact that her conscience won't let her tell him about it, keeps her from preventing hubby extending an invite for Renny to come over again, opening her up to falling once more. Maybe the second time hubby becomes far more involved just because he has to kinda set things up more to make it happen again. But once she succumbs once more…this time Renny cums deep inside her, to make his conquest complete. And his seed shooting inside her and the fact that her husband almost seems to be wanting this (though she can't be sure) sets off something primal in her that submits totally to the alpha male. Renny slowly but surely begins working his way into their marriage, taking Natalie more and more often, even without Nelson there to witness. Now she really is cheating on Nelosn. It becomes a full blown passionate affair that she can't stop. She becomes addicted to him and the guilty feelings give way to something else…she begins falling for Renny even though she knows it will destroy her and her husband's lives. But she can't help falling for the superior male. And then one month she misses her period and realizes that Renny has left his mark in her in a far more permanent way…Would love to see these characters pan out into a series where we can really explore Natalie's inner animal even as she fights to keep it contained. Great writing as always! Also can't wait to see another addition to the Landlord series! Keep up the great work!

  3. Holy shit Anon … you want to write that story? I'd read it …To me I like where Renny finished, because it's different … I don't want KT wearing down her greatest hits. Those get over played too much! I just really loved how she passively argued for him not to, all the way to the moment of truth. “That was too close.”Better luck next time, Renny 🙂 .

  4. I also want to add that I enjoyed how Natalie wasn't totally cold to the idea of cheating, she was not just seduced, but was a mild seductress in her own right. The comment about how “you used me” according to Renny, gave me pause … they were co-conspirators in her downfall.

  5. Glad you enjoyed my plot outline LOL. Hotwifing is my favorite erotica genre but so few of them really get it right for me. They are either to quick to jump in the sack or the ending is too happy, where she's really not going to leave hubby for the alpha male. I think there's far more eroticism in the ever burning question…is she running around on me…is she addicted to the superior man now…will she destroy our relationship just for mind blowing pleasure? It's an eternal mind game that keeps the stakes high and the passion hotter. Something about the “corruption” of a virtuous wife adds to the eroticism. Of course, she wasn't stone cold to the idea…she'd heard about the legendary wang and had been curious but also realized that he was too much of an asshole for it to be taken beyond that. A perfect storm of circumstances and an eager husband assaulted that weak link in her armor and thus tore open her defenses. But she would never had cheated if hubby hadn't pretended to be asleep and she would never have given Renny a second thought if he hadn't had that perpetual hard-on situation. But there's obviously a hungry animal trapped inside her and it needs to be let out more.

  6. An anon after my own heart. I Also love the slow builds and slow breakdown of inhibitions. The little by little betrayals that turn into one massive one. The best buds or allies that aren't. You have like 2b2h has did come ro the right space.

  7. Glad to know I've come to the right place. KT Morrison seems to get this darker edge of hotwifing that others don't. I really do hope there is a sequel to this and I hope the saga of this couple ends up including a full blown affair and pregnancy…the ultimate conquest of another man's wife. I hope to see the same with the Reza books.

  8. I love the kind of darkness that KT writes with, it's different than anyone else. I've read the completely unabashed destructive writers, who turn the wives into sociopathic nymphomaniacs, and those might appeal in certain moods but has absolutely zero staying power. In order for darkness to really exist, there needs to be something to contrast it with. Proof that love is possible, and there's hope! In Maggie, for every time that Maggie stares lovingly in Cole's eyes, there are the moments when Maggie grumpily hugs Max because he is leaving. It's adorable, and that stings so much better.To me that's the darkest parts of her stories, a beautiful woman with a warm heart falling in love with another man.KT's darkness is like that eternal void that our minds fall into when we experience an existential crisis. That feeling that reminds us there is more to life then we can conveniently contain in our daily routine. The knowledge that we don't know everything.Kind of like that feeling you have when something has tapped into something from the past that you've idealized. Something that when you feel it, might remind you of something pretty awesome, but especially when you have had the benefit of time to lose some of the details, taps into a caricature of the actual events.It's kind of what I think happens to Natalie in this story. It suddenly occurs to Natalie that Renny is a prime representation of the most exciting part of her life. She wants that back im sure, she will enjoy knowing how important Renny is to that feeling, then remember why she hated him so much too (I think she's already there lol), and that it wasn't as amazing as she remembered all the time. You know, reality. Just the way KT writes!Of course, that “reality” that Natalie might recall, didn't have this wrench to her contemplations, that of her now personal knowledge of Renny's, ahem, prowess.

  9. Amazing work! You're the master at developing the psychological/emotional aspects of the various relationships at play in a realistic and honest way that builds up and make the sex more than just mechanical set pieces. Natalie giving in to instincts and desires she's thought herself above and giving herself to this player in such a degrading way was a highlight.I am so glad that you're continuing to explore what some might call harsher themes along the lines of this and Size Curious Brat. I know you get a lot out of the long series where the male partner has consented and you explore that interplay, but I sincerely hope you continue with scenarioes that stray from that theme.

  10. Mostly I hope that not every installment KT writes becomes a series. Many of them merit it, but I think the first entry is consistently the best. It's the initial transgression that is the most powerful, and subsequent entries (to me) see diminishing returns. And I personally would enjoy seeing more variety than the same couple and a third going through variations of the same interaction over and over.HAVING SAID THAT, if this particular story was followed up on, I could see Natalie and Nelson invited out to one of Renny's gigs, Natalie reluctant to go but ultimately seduced by the atmosphere. Maybe she gets separated from Nelson in the crowd by Renny, and taken backstage while Nelson looks for her.

  11. You always have such an interesting and thoughtful take Glaucon! It is hard to top the emotions of the first cheating in most stoties, but KT is an exception. She is unbelievable at setting up every scene, which keeps the emotions amped up even beyond the power of that first illicit coupling.But I actually think it's usually the scenes after the first one that are the hottest. There are so many elements of the first sex that can be rationalized away as personal weakness or blind lust or circumstances. It's the second time where Natalie gets caught with her pants down is even more on her. That scenario where that happens would be an awesome way!

  12. I agree that sometimes the first sex scene is the hottest but I think that's when you continue the series even after the struggle has left the relationship. By that I mean: the husband doesn't mind her cheating anymore, she no longer feels guilty and they have both settled into an open marriage, more or less. But the couples who are still struggling with the implications of a hotwife or cuckold relationship…well, that still retains all its heat for me. As long as the wife is in an intense inner battle between being a “good” wife and being an adulteress, that keeps things simmering nicely. If she's fighting off nausea and yet still submitting to the alpha, that keeps things hot. If the husband is still insanely jealous yet hard as a rock, and still sets up his wife so that she falls into temptation again and again because the thrill it gives him is more addictive than heroin, yet when he finally gets off he is wracked with a sick feeling that he is losing her to the alpha male…that's hot. It can go on for 50 books and I won't get bored as long as their is a deep struggle between the civilized and the primal in a woman's soul. BUT once she has fully accepted Renny as the alpha, he becomes her primary lover, her belly swells with his seed, her brain is in complete submission to his raw masculinity and her husband can only cum by watching her and Renny together…that's when it's time to end the series. The natural order has won out over civilization and that's when you drop the curtain. But everything in between that and the first seduction will still be hot as hell for me. I hope Morrison gets started on the sequel Stat! 🙂

  13. I Also like endings that are. It necessarily happily ever after endings. Like jess and Pete maplethorpe. Yes they may have reconciled but I think jess still has some self exploration to finished the lhw1 thinking him. She settled for stability not really what she wanted(basically and from my pov). Doesn't mean she doesn't love Pete but she certainly didn't mind Tyler. Lhw2 I liked that happily ever after ending too. Reza is gonna be a great series too.but it's also an excellent stand alone like poop party. Ooops I mean pool part. I have to say after all the stories i read.. I enjoy the varied endings of KT's stories most. Other writers seem to pidgeon hole themselces into either btb or reconciliation. Reading either gets boring and requires a lot more meat to hold my interest. But if once in awhile the good guy gets killed in the end or just letting the bad guy win turning things on its head. Making the good guy bad or the bad guy good is what hooks me(guy is gender neutral in my world). Whose the good guy or bad guy in this Maggie series I haven't come to a definitive conclusion yet. Max was good until he hid in the closet and set up Maggie So on and so forth as previously discussed elsewhere.Just loving KT's characters..

  14. Friendly baseless speculation on my preoccupations. What is that blowup of '13?To be completely honest, I've been trying to make that story as dirty as possible, but I'm not doing well, ha. It isn't full on intercourse obviously, Renny said he always wanted to get with Natalie, so that isn't it.Natalie never knew the truth of Renny's anatomy, so it can't be something less than that. She never even knew what he felt like hard.Maybe they both got too messed up to remember anything?I bet he just never cleaned his dishes, what kind of asshole …

  15. I agree glaucon. One of the basic themes I take away from KT's stories is ..That could happen.. or I could see that actually happening most of that is due the high level of detail and total believability of the characters. Also having sorta been there helps a bit.

  16. I too like the whole she's out of sight what must she be doing.. recently read a 3 book story of a husband and wife where wife was seduced and seduced into taking a job in a different city than her hubby. Hubby knows he's competing for affections with the other dude. And the distance makes the angst So much more real and painful. Unfortunately the story was not a KT story so the beginning was lame and so many missed opportunities forsentimental connections to keep the angst, hope and failure going. @2b2h i agree with the fool me once , fool me twice theme. I don't think that applies to this story. I'm probably wrong but I'm just can't figure it..nelson accepted what nasty did and allowed and had a untouched orgasm. To me that would lead them into a typical hotwife scenario. I think nasty loves Nelson and vice versa too much to abandon each other. Renny I guess could be key here he wanted her foe a long time…just sexually? Or wanted her as in she was the one that got away and now i got a shot at getting her back. And if not i took a bite at the apple.

  17. Agree with this anon..her being seduced away by alpha and the hubby not being able stop it is exciting waiting for the wife to eventually or hopefully make the right call..even if it means divorce or whatever's. As it a said the kink for the cuck is the possibility of the loss. Without the wife's love the party's over.

  18. I guess I just really like Natalie, i think its her immensely strong will, adventurous side, sentimental side, sense of humor, feminist sensibilities. I am in love with this character. I dont think she leaves Nelson, you're right, John. And maybe that will make too many more installments a little limited in emotional impact, but i think I just wouldn't mind seeing Natalie continue to struggle.And she might love Nelson, but she really needed Renny to pull out, I have to wonder why, and what the fall out might be if she gives into fateful moment with Renny next time?Whatever happens with the story of Natalie, Nelson, and Renny I am going to be okay with!

  19. finished this story last night and all I need to say is it's typical KT Morrison. Buuuuut i can't just leave it at that …this was an excellent story and I'm kind of with glaucon on this just being a stand alone. I think any furthering of this story would be hard to repeat the shock and betrayal..if Nelson becomes the cuck and Natty becomes nasty. Well not sure how much more betrayals or shocks we could get from future nat and Nelson stories.However, I would in a heartbeat read any future follow ups on this story. If it turns into a series. That would be just fine too. As for renny in my universe if I see him sitting next to my wife with a boner i invite him to the kitchen for a private conversation ask why he's sitting next to my wife with a tree trunk in his shorts after he tells me about the pills etc i dump a bucket of ice water on his cock. If it doesn't go down I offer him two options I call 911 and get an ambulance or he can just leave. (Maybe walking around in wet pants in freezing weather will help reduce the swelling) After which I bang my wife into next year.While thinking her being fucked by that tree trunk…….maybe.For those who want a follow on or a series. I can understand why. Eventually what Renny told her about Nelson watching come out some way. I noticed neither one said much about renny at breakfast. I think if I just woke up and my buddy that had slept over was gone I'd ask my wife what's up. Maybe that's your in for part 2. I could also see Nasty Natty start to jones for a repeat.. I just think we did all that could be done with this one. There's only a couple of outcomes either they seperate because she's desperate. Or they get over it. Now for reality: this is KT's story and ive always been surprised by the different directions we are taken in these stories by a master story teller. So my tiny opinion isn't worth much because the story that would come out of it will be as phenomanal as the the rest of the stories KT has made.Kudos KT.

  20. We do love to watch our girls struggle between loving perverted cucks and the big dicked, dicks don't we….lolThe pull out probably has something to do with the interdimensional cross rip of 2013. Well that could lead us on an endless but entertaining discussion on what blew up and why is there fallout 4 years later. I'm ok with where ever KT goes here but as a story in itself it's complete with the slamming of the door. And the real regret natty felt. Nothing from the peanut gallery (aka nelson) so there's that possibilty nelson stays in touch with Renny.

  21. Just wanted to add, KT, that it feels like your stories are getting hotter – the way Natalie worries/anticipates that Renny's size would dominate her, the way she feels owned purely by the size – there's a reason you're at the top of this genre.

  22. I love reading all these insights. They feel like stories unto themselves.But if I were to make a different request of our favorite author. It would be an alternative relationship for the conflicted/tortured male lead. Something that would offer him a better option and, ok, make her jealous and remorseful. I'd like to read KT's thoughts on how a wife who had risked sexual fulfillment over long term love felt about losing that love. Not quite a btb story but maybe for once the softy guy could enjoy some revenge. I can't remember KT going there in any stories. But then no one has requested it so maybe it’s just my interest. Loved Watching Nat Cheat. Nice mix of anguish, heat and happy. Perfect holiday read.

  23. I believe Geof in lhw2 had opportunity to do some extra marital stuff when he did his book….sorry don't remember her name think she was his editor. I think the way this works is the cuck is always faithful unless the wife turns him loose, Or gives a hall pass and even than the hubby always has eyes just for the love if his life otherwise we get into swinging.On the other hand that would be a great twist. It would be interesting to see say Max find a gurl who is suffering as much as he is and hook up with her not as a bf/gf thing but more like a life line or support group but Maggie would see it differently and Cole would push that errant image.

  24. Yes, I thought about it with Maggie too. I would just like at least a little taste of the woman getting jealous or regretting the pain she has inflicted in her pursuit of sexual fulfillment. The guys seem so powerless. Ok, maybe not Max as he choreographed most of the actions. But in general the hotwife genre often leans towards the guy as a victim of his impulses and abdicating control. I guess that is the most popular theme. I'm just thinking about variations to explore but maybe that would kill the cuck angst.

  25. I think also it has something to do with the husband/bf giving all control over to the wife/gf ..and trusting her not to screw things up and for the most part that works. These stories are the ones where it all goes horribly wrong. Let's face it a successful cuck story is very vanilla anymore no angst no story. In this case Natty could not resist her inner demons and let loose. The angst was actually on her part praying that Nelson wouldn't find out. On the readers part(for me anyway) the angst was about if Natty was gonna realize when renny pulled her hair back and her head up and she was staring into the space her husband was peeping from if she would see him or maybe later think back on it and have that OMG moment when in a flashback she remembers seeing a pair of eyes peeping around the corner. Right now she considers herself a cheater and has adopted all the shame that goes with that. Maybe Nelson gets a case of the guilt and confesses . Than what happens to the story? It goes to hotwifing? Or maybe she falls in love with renny because something that happens at the beginning was her conversation with her gf she seemed more into what her gf was saying even to the point of giving up their living room camp out to go to the club that old saying “she's just not that into him(Nelson).”This is where I get lost every dam time! …oooh magooo! you've done it again!I got a runaway brain.

  26. btw that darkness is what makes it real for me. the “I cant believe and hate she did that”. mixed eventually with “but i like it” or “im done with him her”.

  27. Well i havent made any other resolutuons that can be easily broken. So went for the easiest one. The only other one is stop looking at porn and thats juat a non starter.Howevwr eating healthier is one i intend to keep.

  28. John C: What was that three book series you mentioned? It doesn't sound familiar to me and I'd love to check it out!

  29. Ha ha, you are free to talk about other authors here! (No shit-talking, only love and respect :)) I'm friendly with a few and exchange e-mails occasionally. John C, you should let us know what the book series is!

  30. Late to the party in commenting on this, but I did enjoy this story and hope we get more eventually. I kind of like the prospect of Natalie going on to have additional affairs without realizing that Nelson knows and is excited by it. That would be different from the other stories: I know that I'm being cucked, but you don't know that I know I am being cucked…or something like that. I have a vision of how that could go, but I wouldn't presume to know how KT would pursue it.If this was just a one-off, it was an enjoyable one. But I suspect we'll see some more of Nelson and Natalie down the road…but after Maggie of course.

  31. Not late to the party, you are just doing what most normal people do when they see something they like, get marginally more excited than before and put it on the list of things to do when you get an opportunity. I miss when I reacted normally to things like a book release of KT's that way, lol. Just having a laugh at my life these days through reading this comment.I think she sprinkles elements of that particular dynamic in every story, but I see your point about it not being a persistent theme from the start. I'd be interested to see if KT goes that route, too! I doubt Renny would be able to maintain Natalie's interest in doing it again without bringing it up again that Nelson watched, though. It was on Natalie's mind too at the end, I imagine it would eat at her.”How could he not wake up … Was he even sleeping when I was on the counter?”I think Renny's story would gain weight in Nat's mind. I can call her Nat because we're buddies, you see.

  32. I'm not really a Patreon kinda person. Plus, I imagine, there is a whole host of problems with providing content that would eventually conflict with my KU agreement.And Patreon seems to come with an implied responsibility and I am wholly irresponsible. I do like the idea, however, and see how it could work, but I prefer the process of writing a book and people buying it, and not making it any more complex than that.I think the kind of reader that would support me on Patreon is already doing more than I could ever hope for: buying my books or reading them on KU, leaving reviews, and coming here to engage in amazing conversations! I'm already more fortunate than I deserve to have the support I do!

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