Watching Natalie Cheat

Just in time for the holidays!

Here’s a little surprise for you to enjoy over the break This one is a real scorcher if you ask me and boy did I have a lot of fun with it. Supposed to be 12k words and, of course, is now 26k words and the characters are begging me to be in a series!

My launch of The Size Anthology was botched due to some hiccup at Amazon, so I wanted to do something short and timely to see if the problems were resolved before I launch the massive Happy Endings novel. So far so good!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas like me, or whatever you may celebrate this time of year (even the Hollywood Satanists)!

54 thoughts on “Watching Natalie Cheat

  1. @mwesseli I agree that is a great story angle. I found Nia's banishment from the family in LHW2 was intense. Remember when Geoff and Odie were in NYC with his family for the book launch, and she was alone in Downsview, texting with them? It's not so pronounced, I guess, sort of subtle, but Nia knew that was punishment she deserved. She was hard on herself in that last book and desperately wanted Geoff back in her life. She hated seeing him with Jenny (and ruined it for him!) and ol' Geoff got a hot one-night-stand in NYC with his dream woman (though Nia doesn't know that). Nia's exile in Universe makes my fingers tingle, but maybe that's just me; her loneliness is palpable.PS I would love to do a LHW2 epilogue where Nia meets Krista and her alpha-female senses just fucking know that Krista fucked her husband and it eats a hole in her stomach, but she has to play nice.

  2. KT, I would love to see a Nia/Krista meeting. I agree, she would figure out quickly that Krista and Geoff had been together, and it would eat her up inside. Especially because deep down she might look at the sophisticated Krista and think: “That's the kind of woman Geoff should really be with.” I don't know how long she could play nice lol…

  3. Yes, Nia is more attractive (in her mind) but would be aware of the power and respect Krista wields and haaate that. It would leave her powerless against her, and have her fantasizing about pulling a 'Maria' on her. Geoff, even the new 'awakened' Geoff, would be nervous as shit in a room with both of them (if he didn't already tell Nia about his night with Krista, and he might), knocking over wine glasses, etc. One thing for sure, [SPOILER ALERT] Nia would take Geoff on a fucking ride that night and remind him who his bedroom boss is, and how much he likes very, very dirty sex, and how good she is at it. In the end, Geoff wins …

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