Maggie Uncovered, Part 2

Well, we know from experience when these posts go too long they get garbled, so let’s move our conversation to a new post …

Before we get started, let’s look at some of my motivation for the Maggie series:

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  1. FYI, the previous season had an episode that was also along the lines of the intense subject matter we all love, but that episode is much heavier and darker. Loved that one more based on my heart rate alone.Season 1 episode 4 is about a couple trying to conceive… what could go wrong!?!

  2. Easy was ptetty good…and I did see the episode from Season 1 where the couple was trying to conceive. And most of it would fit right in a KT story, except its missing one big piece. I won't give it away though.

  3. I was thinking of making a post about this, but didn't have time to write it!'Easy' is my kind of writing. I love this show. First season has that episode you're talking about (that one really hurt my stomach), and they reference it in second season. There's also the planning and execution of a threesome. The second season returns to these battlegrounds, with a full-on interracial hotwifing. Shit, spoiler-alert, sorry. They return to the aftermath of the threesome as well. The writing is at my favourite pace, everything seems tentative and exploratory, no three act bullshit … just very enjoyable.

  4. Hi KT!Is it too late? I would (selfishly) love to read your thoughts on whatever you'd like to discuss of this series. It's one of my favorites too! I did see the threesome episode and that had a similar ping in the stomach, and I love that the focus was placed on the wife's character in that threesome.What made me think of your writing in particular (besides the obvious) were two moments in the second season episode I originally cited. Spoilers ahead: That moment right after the wife's character's romp ended and she is watching the man leave the room to clean himself, and the talk back at home when the husband simply explained his evening as having, “hooked up” with his coworker. Vague, and it makes you wonder what would happen next since the reality of the situation is lost behind the preconceptions of what words he chose.In short, I love this series too because it doesn't spoon feed you everything and it's interesting (except maybe that episode with Dave Franco … dude is too much in that episode, lol). I'd love to hear your take on there not being 'three act bullshit', etc.

  5. Is it me or is everyone getting a big cherry blossom logo over KT'S Post. I have to read email version as logo blocks the part of the post.

  6. I think this comment thread has gone too long—things get wonky after around 200 posts, now you have to load the extra comments, and my icon went megalomaniac on me. Sorry. I'll have to make a third Maggie post, if you can believe it. You folks are the best!

  7. Lol there's only 4 words I can read from there…good thing i subscribed and get the emails. As far as awesome heck we're just moths to the flame.Very intelligent ,good looking and kinky moths.And yours is the brightest flame in the room…

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