Maggie Uncovered, Part 2

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Before we get started, let’s look at some of my motivation for the Maggie series:

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  1. First off it's not me I can't put two thoughts together coherently verbally let alone writing them your work is extemely (and i love it) detailed hat it could never really be interpreted as anyone's but yours. You seem to live for the nuances. This latest Maggie tale is a major example of that. You got so many. details that after how many hundred of thousand words we still have no clue who is gonna end up with who. (Or is with whom see told you I couldn't write) it's the primary reason I enjoy your stories more than any others and it's a very long list of others.I enjoy xlegs stories too he seems to be able to tap into the cuckold angst almost as good as you. But his advantag/disadvantage is using the same two characters based on himself and his wife. (No they aren't in the life style accodsing to him but he is a wanna be.) The benefit is instant charactor recognition and a need for less charactor build up. U could go on and on why I like your stories better than any others. I've stated the point time and again…as have others with whom I totally agree. Keep it coming. (I think I spelled that right 😉)

  2. Yea it was a pivot point for max. The thing about being a cuckold is it only works when the wife/fiancee/significant other. Is still connected to the cuck.. I think max knows Maggie still loves him but she hasn't really shown him. Yes she tries to include him in her trysts every chance she had. But she broke the connection by being more connected to cole. Hence the outburst. About it being the biggest mistake of his life could be simply he thinks he made a mistake taking the ring back…or deeper regretting having giving it to her in the first place or deeper yet reflecting on his sneaking about and allowing Maggie and jay than Maggie and cole to play around for his own selfish kink.

  3. I really try not to make this board a constant stop in my life, but you guys keep reeling me back in. Anyways, look who it is, your friendly neighborhood contrarian 2b2h!First things first … DW!!!!!!Secondly, I agree with you on the fact that Max shouldn't feel like he needs to shoulder all the blame, and that he is partially to blame for things get out of hand, but I think it's more than that. I have so many words on this though I might bore people to tears, but here is centrally my point, the “going too far” is Max's fault too. You guys remember when Max (in the heat of passion) tried to convince Maggie to get Jay to fall in love with her? I do. Let's leave out that he wasn't talking about Cole, that he might not have truly meant it, he never wanted Maggie to fall in love with another man (obviously), all well and good. How are you going to reel back your future wife if you've laid down THAT level of manipulation of other men, as ok?Max is messing up too (who actually asks their wife to do that kind of thing? I mean seriously, Max … ), and honestly, the ring taking could arguably be considered unfair. I mean, up until now, Maggie has had absolutely minimal indication of the actual bad hurt (as opposed to the erotic kind) that Max is through with what she's doing with Cole (and some with Jay), to the point where going nuclear with the ring stealing is almost overly dramatic. Hey Max, here's an idea, if you want your future wife to stop messing around with another guy after you've established that it's okay that she does mess around, start with a thumbs down emoji?Here's an original thought from me, Max has hurt his position to be able to complain about where Maggie is right now because he never allowed Maggie to feel guilty about what she's been doing. It has snowballed to a point where it out of his control, and Maggie never had to feel shame because of Max. She does feel shame because she knows how she is truly feeling, but Max confuses it by egging it on. IIs there a reason why Maggie wanted to get with Jay way back in the beginning other than new experiences? Maybe Maggie never wanted to do this thing for Max and her, she said it was for the both of them, but does she really know? How can any of them figure it out if they never talk it out?I love how, when I think about it, talking it out has been made difficult just by virtue of the circumstances. I fucking love this author so much you guys.And on the tapes – at first I wanted to say that Ken eventually confessed to Maggie that he did destroy the tapes, and that continues to be the most sensible thing to conclude after Maggie asked him, “Did you delete the tapes?” to which he replied “What do you think?”Technically though, he didn't say he did … so maybe he didn't, and mom got a hold of them? I still think Momma Becker would not wait until now to drop that kind of bombshell, that seems like something that would be a '3 o'clock in the morning' type of phone call with her personality …

  4. My thoughts on Xleglover -He was one of my favorites, he is really good at writing to the kink. The beginnings of his stories are scorching hot, and his endings are pretty good too, but they're only pretty good because his middle is soooo drawn out! And, look, I get why, he's writing this out of interest, he's writing to entertain, I think especially it has to do with the fact that he and his wife are kind of co-writers (isn't that right?) so they kind of egg each other on for each other and why bring that to an end if you're having fun right? It just complete dilutes the emotions of the story that absolutely pivotal if Jen has betrayed Mike's trust 30-40 times (I'm not sure if that's an exaggeration), and the best Mike comes up with continues to be, “well okay, but you better not next time!”I've said this before, but as it contrasts with X it is relevant here — X, to me, is a writer who writes sex scenes for their own sake, KT is a writer who (even if she did write it for it's own sake), really makes it a part of the storyline. I don't want frivolous sex, how can it mean anything to us, we lovers of this genre, if it doesn't have value to any of the characters or their arc? KT counted the words of “A Faithful Wife's Falling From Grace” and who among us would disagree that probably only half of them really added value to the story?I feel like an asshole right now, like I said, I get what he is trying to do, but he is NOT KT.

  5. Just because I feel like I've been too hard on one of my favorite authors, I will say one of my absolute favorite stories in this genre of all time, one of my “formative” stories if you will, is the “He Fucked My Girl” series … I love how this is the only time I've ever admitted this to anyone else and I'm talking about it as if it is a story that isn't titled “He Fucked My Girl” … anyways, that story was awesome …… and then he made like three other series building off of that 10 part series that was really well done!Ah, I'm doing it again. Anyways, that series was AMAZING for me. It ties into a personal kink about the hot roommate of a boyfriend (wink, KT). It's in his literotica page if anyone wants to read that.

  6. I still say max.should ignore the meeting request and not attend. But at the same time arrange another. Meeting with his own family and explain how he screwed up with out giving details. And that he needs some time and space to get his head together.

  7. Yea hfmg really set the standard for the whole follow on series. Stop reading here if you intend to read the story..Ending with C&R. The wine cellar had us all in heavy discussion for weeks and was constantly refered back to in later chapters by the peanut gallery. The other pivotal moment at the end whew….wow and wow..than the whole Cali thing which again was being tossed around through the entire series as to what happened there. The great mystery…which to be honest didn't meet the hype we had all set for it. But kept us on edge through AIMH, consequences, C&R , I think there was another one in there but can't remember it.

  8. @2b=2h “Hey Max, here's an idea, if you want your future wife to stop messing around with another guy after you've established that it's okay that she does mess around, start with a thumbs down emoji?”Don't entirely disagree with your points but just want to point out that earlier that morning he told her to be a good girl. And when your fiance is sending you pics of some other guys junk grinding against her pussy, do you really think it matters at that point whether or not Max gives her the thumbs up or down? Genuinely curious what you think about that.Max didn't make her feel guilty but I don't believe ridicule is necessary for two adults to understand each other's boundaries. Boundaries were set — Maggie broke them. Doesn't matter whether or not Max hurt her feelings for it afterwards. My opinion in a nutshell.

  9. WA, yes I think Maggie shouldn't have done what she did behind Max's back. And Maggie should know better, but we're repeating ourselves on this aren't we? Didn't i say that thing about Max even knew she was going to do it again, and like Cole said, “what's really 'being good' to Max anyways?” I'm repeating myself at this point. You're right though, the words were said, “be good” while he was away.My point above though is less about that specific incident and more about how little ground Max has to stand on when he never opened up to her early on and challenged his girlfriend (or himself) on what her being bad means. Or why he instigated it. Had he confronted Maggie on this earlier (insert: the story would suck), he has grounds to stand on. That is my point, in s nutshell.A new thought though goes back to our conversation about “well Max never had a chance to learn what any of this means before Maggie amplified the story.” It's true, and it's also true of Maggie. She is just as clueless as to what this all meant to her she started, but I think she's learned.Max might (read might) have prevented a terrible situation by confronting her about Jay in the beginning, might have needed to break up with her to avoid a calamity, who knows? He didnt though, and the one rule in this story that felt the strongest seemed to be, “always break rules.”

  10. Actually, as for the specific note about why didn't Max start with a thumbs down emoji, my point there is that, at least from Maggie's perspective, Max never let on enough that he was truly hurt by her actions, and that there really should have been a step in between, “could you maybe not?” and “the wedding is off!!!” in trying to convey Max's point. That's why I said the thing about taking her ring might have been an overreaction.As I've already stated though, and I think it's a consensus among everyone here, we're finally glad Max did something that gets to Maggie! So doing what he did was important@DW and it was also a terrific point about Max missing the point about doing what he did and it being a mistake, I said as much in part one of the massive novel that is the reaction to KT's wotk.

  11. Their one rule was to let Max watch. Maggie is the one dipping her hand in the candy jar and in scenarios like this, asking for forgiveness instead of permission isn't advisable. Max shouldn't need to confront her afterwards and tell her she was bad. She already knew. She's not clueless; she was scared of hurting Max throughout this story.What I'm disagreeing with is the notion that taking the ring back as abruptly as he did was unfair. These are grown people, they don't need time outs when they break rules nor do they need progress cards every week to establish whether or not cheating is okay. You say minimal indication, “little ground to stand on”, I say obvious virtues of right and wrong being broken. That scene was fucking legendary and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I think Maggie got exactly what she had coming.

  12. When was “Max should be allowed to watch” the rule? When Max and Cole planned for Cole to seduce Maggie and pretend he wasn't even there? Or when Maggie met up with Jay with only the vague hints that something might happen after Max dropped her off? Or the part when Max agreed that Maggie and Cole have a relationship, without him? That confuses things really quick in any subsequent points about, “please don't cheat when I'm not around.” That has been my point the entire time! Rules didn't mean anything … until they meant something.And I agree with you about the virtues of right and wrong, in a world where cheating is a bad thing to do, but we're not exactly in that world in this story, are we? So, the virtues in this worldview become a hell of a lot mirkier when they've decided to strip away what is “obvious virtues of right and wrong” right?I was about to run down the list of instances where Maggie knew she was hurting Max and even talked to Max about it and he did nothing but instigate more and more! Not talk about how bad it is, not drop the ultimatum, instead he gets her to like doing bad things even though she knows it's wrong (in fact, because it's wrong!) and now he goes right for total destruction having done nothing of substance up until that point? He needed to do something, but it might have been too much at the time, or maybe too late.Maggie got what she had coming, but it is a hollow victory for Max, and MAYBE a touch unfair.But like I said, he needed to do something, and he finally did.

  13. Yeah it gets murky with all that stuff that you described and I don't remember where the conversation is exactly but Max makes it clear early on he wants to be there. The points I was making fail logic after the points you made take place but they don't before then. And before that stuff happens, Maggie already went into the music room without him and already had anal sex with Cole behind his back. That would be the end of the story if I was in Max's position.After those two specific scenes I mentioned, Max's mentality is basically “holy shit who is this person and how do I fix it” mixed with lust. He didn't say anything because he was scared. Minus the lust part, it's not dissimilar to finding out your close friend is a murderer. And he's around you all the time. Assuming you're scared of this person, you don't say “hey man, don't murder me,” just like Max didn't tell Maggie “hey, please don't have sex with Cole while I'm tutoring.” Not exactly 1:1 but you get my point..So he doesn't say anything and now Maggie's actions are harder to clarify if they're right or wrong for their relationship because Max doesn't tell her anything (of substance). So we have to use our understandings of right and wrong in order to judge Maggie's actions. Yes, Maggie's actions were justified after the restaurant scene where she fake “cheated” on Max and afterwards where Max is seemingly encouraging her. But that doesn't exonerate her for her indiscretions in Cole's dorm room. Personally I think that was her greatest crime and was a terrible thing to do. The verdict came much later than I wanted but it still came back to bite her.The scenes leading up to the dorm room scene are great examples of what I was talking about earlier. Max was too afraid to say anything. Afraid of this person she was becoming. And now she's her ultimate form; what exactly happened in that office? Why was she so happy that she rushed to tell Cole? I don't know but I suspect she's now incompatible with Max.

  14. Last thing I'll say that is something I haven't brought up before. Did anyone else noticed how Maggie phrased that she didn't want to break the rule with Cole? She framed it as her rule that she didn't want to break, not Max's. I take that as a sign she did not know if she was breaking any rules with Max.

  15. Max said very plainly what he was afraid of, that they would mock and laugh at him, then leave him behind. Maggie made the rule that he always had to be there if not involved, until she decided on the open relationship in the previous book. Wish washy as Max has been he specifically told her what he didn’t want to happen, she reassured him, then did it anyway. And it was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak.

  16. I'll offer some clarification here (and I don't think I'm giving anything away, these details are in the book, not directly stated but alluded to):1. Max told Maggie to be good while he was gone. He honestly didn't expect her not to have sex with Cole. Really meaning, Don't do anything too crazy. During internal discourse when he is in the hotel room in San Diego he wonders why she's being so weird … the whole time he is away and Maggie and Cole are fishing for permission he doesn't even realize they're fishing for permission, he thinks they're just teasing him.2. Maggie took his words 'to be good' before he left as something of a challenge because they brought up some level of guilt in her because he is going home to his parents. She does have a soft spot for the Maxwells and while she'll get up to all sorts of disrespectful things in the Becker home, the eyes of a loving family like her Max's make her feel a certain shame. Max did say to be good and she fluffs that in Cole's face but her abstinence was more self-imposed. She chastises herself over breaking her own rule at one point …And, ha ha, WA, she didn't have anal sex with Cole, remember—that was just 'practice.' It was for the greater good and proclaimed beforehand that it wasn't sex. So, you know … ah, I guess she lied to herself …

  17. I'm talking about the scenes leading up to the “anal sex practice,” which was a book or two before Max went to San Diego and told Maggie to be good. They all had pizza together then Max had to go tutor some students and left the two of them alone for the evening. I'm probing the scenes before it trying to find some juicy damning evidence of Maggie being bad..Thanks for the clarification, though. Missed the part where Max thought they were teasing him. I guess it's because I interpreted more like torture..

  18. Not sure why my response was separated from this tree but I'd like to add more. I don't think Maggie is clueless. She's aware of her partners limitations and isn't just blindly exploring, having a good time with no throttle to keep her from going too far. She knows. This paragraph is some inner monologue of Maggie's from Secret Maggie, Max is leaving to tutor some students before the dorm room scene:'He kissed her then, she turned his cheek to him. He held her hand and she kissed his mouth. His eyes trembled with all he wanted to say, but his mouth stayed closed. Maybe he wanted to appear that he trusted her. She wanted him to trust her. It was distinctly possible however that he loved the danger. He was thrilled by her hanging out with Cole after what they'd done. If she asked him if this was okay he'd say No, but if she didn't he'd twist and turn not knowing what they were doing without him, and strangely he would get off on it.'Later paragraphs confirm that she wants to have sex with Cole again. She's not clueless about what's going on; she knows Max would say no and decides that her own desire supersedes Max's feelings. She knows that this type of thing isn't a scenario where Max is required to punish her afterwards otherwise her actions are redeemable. She knows you must ask for permission for this kind of thing, not just do it and expect some backlash after the fact and expect things to be kosher. She knows Max's limits but she doesn't ask — decides to use Max's perversion against him and sets the path for what happens next (which was betrayal btw) because worst case scenario, Max will hate it but also love it. Yeah she's not clueless.

  19. Throwing my two cents in ill try not to hit anyone. I still think there was some emotional or mental alteration of Maggie after Coles seduction at the hotel with max in the closet. It seems to me that was at some level an act of betrayal on all their parts planned or otherwise. After this we see maggie More focused on Cole. She sleeps curled up with Cole and back to max a couple of may just be the story teller showing max s angst ..but I also think Maggie has a degree of “if this is what you want be careful what you wished for”. Max and Maggie are still new and inexperienced at this game and cole is, so he's been taking advantage.Now after all that I still can't put a finger on Maggie and say right there she said it did this which means she's this or that…all I can can come up with is she is a knowing and active participant in the game. She knows what she's doing she's not stupid or naive but she also hasn't the experience to know just how bad things could get. she is aware her decisions with Cole will have some impact on max does she really believe he's loving it?..that wouldn't be an assumption i think she would make. Maybe with Coles help it's more like he loves me and he'll be ok with it. Now getting some baser instincts she was primed to cheat on max from the get go. Then max gives her the all clear and she goes way beyond max s expectations.Back to my favorite quote:”What did you think would happen?” So Maggie has more to disclose to me. Something Is missing from her and max and it's more than just lack of communication. Maybe a feeling that max set her up to fail several times. So he deserves this. ColeToo. Idk We won't know for sure til next year.Btw i think max is actually xleglover….lol.sorry couldn't resist.

  20. That mental alteration you mentioned about Maggie is also the same time Max decided enough was enough. Tried to find a way out, eventually went to San Diego, etc. All the reaffirmation from him from this point on is him more or less saying “whatever, do what you gotta do, got things to do, SEE YA!” ..So this mental fog that he's in goes on for a while, he goes to San Diego, and then the Chris Brown scene happens and forces the confrontation.

  21. Yea i used to be on the site and had some.interesting banter with MAB and company. Then the benevolent dictator and I had a falling out of sorts..another words he pissed me off and I left. I had posted my own little story on there too, but the rift was great and I told him to delete my prof and all my posts.

  22. Something else I haven't figured out about Maggie. Even after her brother warned her about Cole she still hit the sack with him…is she brainwashed, brain dead or just hard over heels in love with cole..unable to resist him after a warning from someone she knew had her back.

  23. John, Ken didn't warn Maggie about anything, he just wanted to know if she was making decisions for herself. He even asked her to say hi to cole for him, that hardly comes from a place concerned with impending doom.

  24. While that's technically accurate I was going with this part of the convo:“I want you to go to law school, Maggie. I want you to do it for the right reasons.” “I’m going to law school for me, Ken. Nothing to do with mother, nothing to do with father, or anyone else for that matter.” “Nothing to do with Cole?” She hesitated, the silence drawing long and thin between them. She said, “I might not even go to Harvard.” Though she knew that was a lie. The whole conversation to me was brother looking out for sister. Making sure her head was in the right place and he gave a plug to max but a cautionary inquisitive about cole. That's just my interpretation. When i read between the lines which I'm thinking Maggie can do too. It's do what's best for you not mom dad or Cole. And btw max is a good guy.. So Cole gets lumped in with the other 2 antagonists to Maggie. Splitting hairs maybe just a little but its how i see it. It'll be one of those moments when ken goes “I tried to warn you” It's also telling that Maggie recognises max has problems. Maybe that admission is the downfall for max and Maggie. “He's a good guy with problems”……and what? Of course ken knows the problem is Cole via Max s convo with him. Ah well we need more story to get to the real meat.

  25. We're going to need Maggie Uncovered: Part 3 in a few days it seems…the way its going we're going to need part 7 before the last part is out. I remember being tortured that it took a couple of weeks for the last part of LHW1 and about a month for the finale of LHW2 to come out. Waiting until February for this is gonna be hard.In other news, hope everyone here has a Happy Holidays, whatever one it is you celebrate, and that you're surrounded by family and friends. And hopefully not being cucked out of your place with your wife and kids like Pete Mapplethorpe was in LHW1…unless you want to be cucked of course…then enjoy.

  26. @ jl23 on waitingIt's akin to watching the clock every few seconds waiting for the work shift to end..soooo…I'm at work waiting to get off……Also wishing all a great holiday with merriment and joyful wining and dinning..My last thought for the year(Yea right like I can resist..2b2h understands) on uncovering Maggie..As max is storming away from Maggie and Cole. The exit music begins to play …”let her go” by passenger.

  27. To my Morrisonheads and KT, happy holidays to you all! I really appreciate what JL and John said, I think you all are some awesome people to talk a dirty, dirty story with. It's nice to find a little corner of the internet that isn't rife with trolls (maybe Bradley was for a minute, just kidding, but not really). Especially given the subject matter!Anyways, I can't wait to see what's in store for KT in 2018. Remember last year around this time? We were dying to know what was going to happen with Nia and Rocco, ha!

  28. Next year this time will be saying remember last year we could hardly wait for the last book of Maggie series to come out…world goes around and around. And so does max, Maggie and. Cole. Still holding the resoulution.40/1

  29. A couple of thoughts on Maggie. One has already been talked about, but I don't think it has been mentioned in this light, is it possible that Maggie could be leading Cole on? We talked about how she might not be sure of what damage she's causing, but there are several occasions in this and DM that Maggie didn't say she loves Cole, or that she wants to only be with him, optimg not to go there presumably. But her actions could be interpreted by him as a way of agreeing or warming up to the idea. I think she might be, but maybe not, and she just likes the idea of a man as amazing as Cole being head over heels for her. Who wouldn't right? Except before the ring grabbing, she seemed to be keeping with her high passionate levels without qualifications (i.e. ” … but this is over after the wedding”). I think Maggie will finally be challenged to say how she feels about Cole. I think it's really telling how Maggie thinks of Cole when she is panicked by Jay's attack. Not Max. Was that the context of the situation that had her thinking of Cole?A prediction for what's next. I don't know how this ends, but I absolutely cannot wait. I think there are three major reasons to think Maggie and Max will possibly get back together too soon and then damage will REALLY get done afterwards.1) They have to keep up appearances in a week! Carol and Martin will probably destroy worlds if the wedding is cancelled (or maybe not based on Mom's request to postpone?). Certainly the rationale for why they would need to cancel would lead to some consequences but we'll see!2) Max feels guilty about taking the ring. It probably felt good and he certainly needed to act, but he knows (I'm prepared for another round of 'you're wrong 2b2h') he overreacted taking the ring the way he did. Max will feel bad and want Maggie to forgive that act and apologize.3) Maggie has never made someone else mad at her (until Jay). She will probably do whatever it takes to hear Max say the words that he loves her and wants her back, even if she doesn't really know if she is ready to only be his. The fact that the three of them will be under one roof once more forced to act like nothing is wrong, the heightened sexual connection between Cole and Maggie, the excitement of being bad, and now with literal surveillance on full alert and no one to erase tapes, the last chapter might make for some truly compelling stuff!

  30. Not sure about the not loving Cole I don't remember her saying it or not if she did was it in the depths of passion. But i agree that Maggie could be the master mind flipping buttons and pulling levers. On your points: 1 max should suddenly have a family emergency it will be unable to attend. It may look like an act of cowardice but he really needs time to clear his head and make a plan that works for him..and maybe Maggie too.2. I think your spot on with the guilt and such..where we differ is I don't think it was an over reaction. It was what was needed at the moment. If he feels bad it should be that he let it get to the point of grabbing the ring.3. You're probably right here too she didn't pursue him unless we open next book to find Maggie running down the street half naked after max.Maybe Maggie's epiphany comes in the form that she can hurt max emotionally as much as jay hurt her emotionally.If max goes(Or not) It'll be a blood fest. Mom and dad are wondering why all the kids have such a dour look on their faces. It would be wicked if h doesn't show and mom and pops say..”wheresmax? Nvm. How are you two guys doing? Cole if max gets wet feet you gonna stand in for him??”Parents looking to push max out of the picture…now that would be dirty…

  31. Just for fun:”Cole be a dear go room and get my sweater.?I'm feeling a little chilly””Yes ma'am”As Cole reaches the sweater sitting on a chair next to the bed, the door closes. He turns to see a topless tiger mom “Ahhhh….Mrs Robinson i mean carol..are trying to seduce me? And you look even more chilly “

  32. Just for fun:”Cole be a dear go room and get my sweater.?I'm feeling a little chilly””Yes ma'am”As Cole reaches the sweater sitting on a chair next to the bed, the door closes. He turns to see a topless tiger mom “Ahhhh….Mrs Robinson i mean carol..are trying to seduce me? And you look even more chilly “

  33. 2B, for what it’s worth I do think you are right, in that Max thinks or will think he overreacted. I personally may feel he didn’t, but we saw a glimpse of it in his thoughts at the end. There’s no doubt in my mind that is where he will be going.And despite whatever we, who have experience or maturity or neither, may think or advise these characters are still young and prone to mistakes and hopefully growth. That said I’m betting all three end up at the parent’s house.Will Maggie chase Max or does Max beg Maggie?

  34. I don't think we know what he thinks his mistake was. if he has an immature attitude could be he thinks the mistake was trusting Cole and now Maggie is in love with Cole. Could be his ending his relationship with Maggie was the mistake or was it getting with her in the first place..was it (the mistake) hiding in the close(most likely not). Was it not being “man enough” to defend her integrity with cole or jay. Was it that he allowed another a better(in his eyes) man into his Maggie's life. Was it that he didn't catch up with her after her meeting with the professor. Or was it the ring pull like most of us have been thinking. We could say yes to all of these but as youngin's they don't think past 2 minutes ago. So I'm going with the he should have never let Cole in or trusted him and breaking up with Maggie.As ed says in our maturity we know because we are outside the story. But from their perspective perhaps. As to going to the parents max may think what for They're broke up no max no wedding so someone probably Cole will have to convince max to go..unless max goes all postal and tries to burn both Cole and mags by showing up and calling off the wedding. Doesn't sound like him though. Then there's that dead silence when everyone goes “ok Cole your up next” .

  35. Lol …could it be that sinple?? MAX.burst back into the room Cole is still consoling Maggie. She looks up with hope in her eyes …Cole asks “WHAT do you want now max haven't you done enough?”Max looks at him and her and with urgency says “I need to piss!” Darts for the head almost slipping in the food on the floor..after few minutes of much needed relief …he storms back out, grabbing his jacket on the way. Takes a last look back while Maggie is trying to formulate words continuing the “I'm sorry” mantra. Looks Cole dead in his eye..”you owe me 20 bucks for the lunch!” Slams the door again and much more relieved.

  36. Just wanted to say I got a kick out of WA in this exchange.I'll add, “… and, uh can you not tell your dad about this until after i get my internship? No, you're telling them now? Ok got it.”

  37. Anybody Netflix viewers here? I just watched episode 2 of 'Easy' Season 2, and it featured an open relationship. It was pretty damn good stuff. Heartwrenching but had a nice ending.Just throwing it out there for this lot.

  38. Ill have to check it out. I was browsing NFLX earlier today came across Jennifer love-hewitt stopped in to see what it's about and dam she's hot.. “client list” suckered me right in when she does that female version of “blue steel” you know the one where she looks like she's about to cry..gets all pouty then lays that sweet smile on you.. Bing watching the rest tomorrow… so easy it's pathetic. Lol It's not cucky but has potential.

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