Maggie Uncovered

This is the second last Maggie installment. There is one more story to go!

Somehow the sharing of Max Milton’s beautiful but inexperienced fiancée Maggie has led to a complicated love triangle …

When Maggie’s fiancé told her she could experiment she thought he was out of his brilliant mind. But once she agreed, they began on a physical adventure that has changed her life. Her heart and spirit … she’s not the same girl as when they began.

When they turned to their close friend, and Max’s Best Man, she could never have anticipated the emotions that would spark. Cole was out of her league, and a notorious campus wolf. But being with him intimately, when they were already such close friends, is doing something to her insides.

Max will do anything to make Maggie solely his again. Except telling her to stop. He won’t forbid it. Doing that would make the attraction stronger.

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But he has plans …


  1. I'm not sure the Harvard thing was Coles instigation maybe jay or his dad had something to do with it..the professor and “mary-ann” did have a discussion during jays wrestling bouts. What gets me is these three are all supposed to be real smart. But seems like cole is the only one with experience with emotional drama.Isn't he just looking out for Maggie “he's making bad decisions foe you””Let him go” are those game plans or protective instincts . Both times were spontaneous moments so I'm going with PI because that's his girl now and he doesn't want her hurt. kind of why I don't see Cole as the evil player just a player. He was literally sucked into this relationship so to quote a character from another story by a different author (because I love this quote)”What did you think was going to happen.?”Cole is manipulative he has designs he's not a cuckold he's a dom and Maggie wants to play. So he is doing what his nature tells him. I wonder If he'll give Maggie a safe word.Max seems to be more a manipulator because he spied on Maggie got turned on by the voyeurism and got her into doing more. Maggie just wants to be the rebel bad gurl. What could be badder than dumping your fianc'e for the best man some of that has to be in her head too..a triple fail scenario..but there has to be someone driving this bus …and we will have to wait til next book to discover who..Because KT Morrison has convoluted this plot so well. I don't think anyone can pin it down. Except me its not the skipper(cole) ita not Mary-ann it's not Gilligan,Not the Thurston Howell the third or his wife. Hmmm who am I missing. Oh yea it was the professor with the big dick and he did it in the study. Sorry I'm mixing cross reference from old tv sitcoms to board games I probably sound like an idiot …..well I am so there…told you I had no life.🤣

  2. Ok fair point. I can loosen my stance on Cole a minute. That above makes him no better than Max or Maggie. He loves Max? He could have put his foot down and slapped some sense into him instead of claiming his fiancé from him. He could have told Maggie everything Max had confided in him, if he loved her. In this case he’s just like Maggie, only aware that what he’s doing is going to push Max away. So he can have Maggie.

  3. Yes he should have bitch slapped max and Maggie into next week..but his nature took over instead.It surprises me just how willingly Maggie goes along with it all..makes me think she has a game plan ready to hatch maybe that was the whole.we won thing..Maybe at the moment of most vulnerability she knew max was hurt and tried to deflect with her reveal. Begs the question was Maggie and Cole doing a victory “dance” over what ever they won. Again max left out of the loop.Funny how this is all panning out each is guilty of something each has been a victim of something.

  4. I don't think Cole is an evil guy, and I don't think he set out from the beginning to steal Maggie from Max. And yes, the “wolf” was invited in the house, so what did Max expect? But once Cole decided he wanted Maggie, he was pretty willing to sacrifice his friendship with Max.Yes, he shows a certain level of concern for Max in this chapter, but by the end, I think Cole just sees him as an irritant, a bug to be squashed. Maybe too harsh, but I think his reaction to Max walking in on them at the end is telling. He doesn't see Max as his friend anymore, he sees him as a rival for Maggie. Look at how quickly he jumps in once he realizes what Max is doing. He thinks he's won now, and maybe he has, at least for the moment. I think all the characters here are complicated…but personally for me Cole made the turn to “villain” for me by that last scene (at least if you're rooting for Max and Maggie to stay together, which I'm not necessarily sure I am at this point).

  5. I can agree with that I think 2b2h had it right way back up the blog line that max was as responsible for this mess as any. Maybe more so. Because he took the risk. Yea Cole a.wolf for sure and now protecting his mate. Breeding time is not far off. Maggie being the dirty bad girl ..nuff said.If i wanted a happy endingCole gets run over by a train when he borrows big daddy's car and it suspiciously stalls on the track and seat belt won't unlock…Max gets busted for peeping thru dorm windows and becomes a registered sex offender. Maggie is put in sex addiction rehab by tiger mom. and is in the room next to Harvey Weinstein. Ken finally comes out of the closet is disowned by his parents..he makes a stunning break through in his field. Makes a billion dollars and buys out and ruins his daddy's businesses. Buy his old home and does his boyfriend in the music room…on security cam.Ok.maybe not sooo happy.Real.happy ending is ending up with their true loves …which is what all the debate is about as to who is true and who is fake.

  6. Yeah, I've said that I pretty much agree with this JL further up the thread, but i think that Max as a rival is due to disagreements that Max and Cole have had throughout, aside from obviously mostly being due to Maggie's sweetness.Cole accuses max of ruining the fun at the poirot on wedding planning day, he never quite understood why he just watched them, he got angry when he found out Jay was involved but max made Cole make Maggie feel better when Maggie freaked out from the truth. Finally, he can't believe max doesn't want to beat jay's brains out for hurting Maggie and they ended actually physically fighting.Not all of these are even remotely justified, but when someone disagrees fundamentally with what someone else is doing, especially when it comes to a woman, it's easy to see a rift reach this level. So, again, Cole is bad playing for keeps and keeping from max and maggie what he wanted, but I don't think he's evil, even now, and nobody is innocent.John – those endings are awesome! I audibly laughed at Max being arrested for being a peeping max. And just to be clear, i dont think it's max's fault necessarily that it got this far, but he played a key role and deserves ridicule just as much as Maggie and Cole. I mostly said that because that line of discussion seemed lacking in the blog.

  7. I agree with all that 2b2h the thing that I haven't come to terms with is Maggie. every one owns a piece of this pooh pie. I understand Coles part he's a dom he loves or thinks he loves Maggie and is in protecrive mode over her.Max of course loves her but has a funny way of showing it. He has a real problem and it's called deceitfulnessNow Maggie is an adorable loving girl whose very intelligent. With that IQ level I dont believe she'd buy into Coles BS or Max s for that matter but it seems she has. So I don't get her part in all this just yet. But she owns a huge chunk of this pie too. She said it herself to Cole about jay, and to max about school it was “my decision” and those are just the stand out ones. She was convinced to cheat on max by Cole with Cole and his statement if “you want to get out from someone's control have sex with someone else. ” will probably come back to bite him.. will she go back to Jay or is there another sex partner in the wings …maybe the nerd from the beach party.Although I don't know when she has time for it.One note of self correction. I stated Maggie had said we won actual quote is “I won”. Was there a art contest? Assuming so . Using jays picture.?Or maybe she drew max. We know Coles got destroyed unless there were others.

  8. Max's issue is he just hasn't come to terms with his particular desires. He's still figuring it out, and honestly he's a little ashamed of them and what he's asking Maggie to do. So he thinks the best way to do it is through subterfuge and deceit to an extent. Get Maggie to want it herself, then he can feel good about it. But they rushed headlong into it without really thinking, and it has backfired spectacularly on him. A big reason why he chose Cole was he figured he could trust him…another tragic mistake. Again, I do think Cole went in with the best intentions but he couldn't help himself once he was with Maggie. I also agree with those who say he's not really in love with her. I think they're both infatuated with each other and the great sex (I guess some call it NRE…new relationship energy) but they haven't thought through what being together long term means. And I think it's clear Maggie never contemplated her life without Max…she thought he'd always be there and they'd get married (and maybe they could still play with Cole on the side). Without him, what do her and Cole mean. How do I explain this to family and friends (many of whom have already expressed wariness about her being with a player like Cole).I guess I can see Maggie going one of two ways in the immediate aftermath of this, and either one pushes her toward Cole, at least in the short term. One is she's like Nia, she desperately wants to get Max back but doesn't know how, and clings onto Cole in the meantime. The other is she gets angry at Max for dropping the nuclear bomb and just up and leaving without much thought. After all, he pushed and manipulated her into a lot of this, then instead of talking things through with her just broke off their engagement. This one might make it harder for them to reconcile later on. I still think in either case her relationship with Cole is not for the long term, its her relationship with Max that is the question mark for me.

  9. I don’t know. I’m looking at Cole’s actions in breaking both Maggie and Max. He’s targetd their weaknesses, systematically attacked them, and used them against each other. Unlike the other two we don’t really get to be in his head. As a Wolf, he’s adept at saying or doing the right thing at the right time to get what he wants. I don’t know yet if he’s nefarious or protective, as of right now, with the little tells I think I see throughout, somewhere between the two but closer to nefarious with how systematic he’s been. Only thing I’m sure of, despite his claims and actions, he doesn’t give a shit about Max.

  10. It could be both nefarious and protective depending on his true feelings. If it's real love than protective if it is lust than it's protective in a she's my property kind of way.Either way she's under his sphere of influence now especially Once max ditched her. I think without a doubt someone will try and get max and mag back together either parents siblings or cole…maybe if he sees how devastated Maggie is with out max he'll come around and try and make things right…or worst case try to convince her it a for the best besides she gets the handsomer smarter better off partner. Again we don't really know what Maggie is up too.

  11. Somethings from book 1 “Ima be so bad in ten months you may not want to marry me” Book 2 “Be a man for me max” and the secret society. Cole is in charge of max s bachelor party. HS buddy lee popped Maggie's cherry.Maggie seduced Cole with fantasy Bf named cole storyCole wanted to go to bed Maggie insisted he stay.Book 3Max fears being left out. Laughing at him behind his back and being lied to..(check check and check)Cole pushing max to not ne selfish at church….As far as I got.

  12. Honestly, I still don’t think Max and Maggie are right for each other, as it stands now. I keep going back to this all started with Maggie straying. Max mishandled it all, yes. But Maggie has been consistent in that she can’t seem to stay faithful to Max. He’s just going to keep getting hurt by her unless he comes to accept that she can’t be faithful or she gets it through her head to keep her word. None of that matters if Max is incapable of being honest though.

  13. The idea of “manhood” and what makes a “man” has been a theme KT has explored quite a bit in these stories. We saw it with Geoff when he chose to protect Odie rather than try to pry Maria off Nia when she was attacking her. We saw it with Pete too and we now see it with Max. The women come to question it as well, and it draws them closer to the boyfriend, who they perceive as the “real man” whether they admit that consciously or not.In the end, Geoff and even Pete came to prove their “manhood” and the women find out it takes more than a big dick and an assertive personality to make a “man.” So will we see the same with Max and Maggie?That has me thinking of endings. KT has kind of mastered what I think someone once called the “ambiguously happy” ending. They're happy in the sense that the husband and wife reconcile, but you leave with more than a little doubt if the issues that led to their problems have been solved. So, kind of like real life, which makes them great IMO.But KT has hinted at wanting to do a “darker” ending to a story, and she admitted in the comments at the end of LHW2 that the original ending was quite a bit darker, with Nia actively choosing Rocco and only reuniting with Geoff after Rocco dies. In the end, I liked the ending chosen quite a bit better…I enjoyed the idea of the woman being forced to chase the cuckold and win him back, and to me the Geoff character is maybe the best written cuckold I've ever read. And that changes if he settles for being a “second choice” for Nia.So I wonder now if we're heading to what I'd call an “ambiguously unhappy” ending, perhaps where Max, Maggie and even Cole learn valuable lessons in life, but ultimately decide its best if they all part ways. That's unhappy in the sense that an engagement and long term friendships are over, but you also get the sense it might be for the best and they'll all be OK and move on with their lives separately.Again, kind of like real life. We all think our college or high school sweetheart is the “one” and we'll be together forever, but most times that's not to be. But we recover, go on with our lives, and meet new people and fall in love again.But to be clear, I wouldn't want the dark ending to be: Maggie and Cole go off to Harvard and live happily ever after while Max continues to rue his choices and pine for his lost love. Maybe its my Y chromosome, but I always end up rooting first for the husband in these stories, and want to see him find happiness and peace, however he may come to define it. And in this case, maybe Max finds a way to define that in a way that doesn't need to include being with Maggie. I don't really think Pete found that, but Geoff did, even if ultimately he reunites with Nia. So this is a long way of saying that I hope Max is more a Geoff than a Pete.

  14. Exceptionally well put JL!And you are so very right. And real life is precisely what colors our takes from these stories, how we perceive the characters, and how we judge it all.If I recal rightly, part of Geoff’s growth was finding that inner Alpha and positively channeling it to become a brighter presence in the end. KT repeatedly said he was always a sexy man, just that Rocco and Dino were much more bullish. Geoff though was much more rounded than Max. That has so much to do with the age difference though, I think. Max has shown his own alpha tendencies, but only in anger, frustration, and jealousy and used them to belittle, demean and vent… none of which is healthy. True, Geoff started that way too, and we did not get to really see so much of Max’s actions before he left, but still.Max is still learning. So is Maggie. I’ve been in their shoes and I can say without a doubt that very few people are capable of finding that lifelong love in HS or College and maintaining that love through a long married life.I’m not going to say I don’t hope for a reconciliation leading to that ambiguously happy ending. Though if they don’t get Married does Oxbow go away for Max? Seems to me he stands to lose the most, if not almost everything here.We all see things through “me” colored glasses. It’s why I’m so down on Maggie and why Nia was so hard for me to read. I’m eager to see if there are lessons learned.

  15. Yeah, I don't think Max has the life experience of a Geoff…10 or so years make a big difference for a person. I also guess we don't know enough about Max and what others think of him, particularly women. Or at least I don't recall anything; with Geoff we had plenty of evidence that other women (like Jenny and Krista) were into him; he just didn't really see it because he was so in love with Nia. Again, I think the age of all the main characters play into this story…we make so many mistakes when we're 21…so much of the train wreck that has occurred here I see through that prism.As for the job, yeah that would be tough to take for Max. From all I remember it sounds like his dream job, or at least it did at the beginning. I can't imagine he would want to work with the father of his ex-fiancee though, and who really knows what their dream job is at that age. I don't recall if we learned Max had another passion like Maggie has her drawings…maybe this would be the catalyst to chase that dream though.Who knows…its all speculation until the last chapter, which I fear is a ways off…no much desired status update even right now. Maybe not til 2018?

  16. I guess I'm not really down on Maggie per say, like I said age and inexperience factor into these things. And I really think Max was the one who really pushed her down this road, more than in the other stories. I don't think she would have been unfaithful to him in other scenarios.Nia was a hot mess, but I always had sympathy for her too. Again, her upbringing played a role in how she viewed men, and in the end she found her way. And again I really liked that she fought for Geoff.I guess I was, and still am, most down on Jess of the three. She should have known getting involved with a man-boy like Tyler was never going to work. All the signs were there from the beginning…I don't really think Tyler was fooling anyone like Rocco was.She got swept up in the fantasy and her not so secret resentment of Pete and blew her family up. Not to say Pete didn't play his role in that, but of the three she was the quickest to really even give up trying to fool herself that she was ever doing it for him.

  17. I think in lhw1 that Pete didn't really improve that much it was more like jess settled for him because with him came stability and a home with happy kids in it. Tyler offered some of that but was totally destabilising…in short she went with the money. Interesting tease for the follow up as it seems Tyler may have the financial superiority over Pete..I love a good darker ending as long as it's realistic (again how dare i want realism in my fiction) and fits isn't a last minute fix.. If the wedding is totally called off and non of these kids (to me) see each other again I'll call that awash. But someone one is gonna get immature as the three are they still gotta know right from wrong so we can blame an immature decision on them for there situation but they are aware they are making wrong choices just everyone thinks the other guy or girl is making them …sorta a carch 22 rpund robin style.Cole probably has the best handle on it . For some reason he is sexually and socially more mature than max or Maggie. Doesn't stop the heart from wanting what it wants. Just gives him a leg up on the competition. Good ole max was competing against Cole and didn't even know it till it was too late. He was putting his eggs in the keep Maggie happy basket. Maggie well she's attracted to Coles type a man's man. Unshaven face and all.If Maggie walks away with anyone it probably won't be these two but will be someone we read about not jay or his dad despite my pushing for the dad. 😊So check your secondary characters for someone who might come from behind in this race to the alter.

  18. Interesting point about Tyler from that Easter Egg we got, but my guess is something is amiss with that. I'm guessing Tyler may not be as successful as he appears, or he's achieved that success through less than proper means. But honestly I'd prefer not to find out. I worry about the Mapplethorpes much more than I worry about the Kanes being able to make it work, so I'd rather just leave where we left them. But I don't disagree with you about Jess, I do think she “settled” for Pete in a sense.And I still look at Cole mostly like I look at a Rocco…I think when Maggie gets to his core, so to speak, she won't like what she sees. But maybe people are right and he turns out to be the perfect guy for her. Doesn't feel like it to me.

  19. I agree about Tyler. I doubt it would turn out he's as successful as he says he is, or that if he has success that it would abide by the rules or laws …The Kanes: Rock solid now. But if I were Krista I would watch my back around Nia. Geoff's too honest for his own good and Nia holds decade-long grudges. (Except for Jenny, she'd probably pity her a just a little, not really feel threatened now that it was over …)

  20. That's a good memory, re: the darker ending! I have to say that was about 250k words ago and the story was in the planning. It was darker and more humiliating for Maggie, and (John C will love this) it really did involve Professor Carmichael. He got reduced to bit-player even though he was interesting, but it was Maggie and Cole that changed the story so it turned into what it is now. Not saying the ending won't be dark, just that it won't be what it had been planned …

  21. Please accept my apology for that—I wrote myself a note to be sure to send you an e-mail before I published. I wasn't sure if you were still reading or not, but I thought it would be nice to re-assure you before hand that while tense it would still be a safe read. I subbed the book and then I left town, without internet access, and thought, Ah, I'll do it later. Then turns out you read it right away! I'm a scatter-brain, but you were in my thoughts …

  22. @KT I don't think you've written an ending I didn't like. Which is why I like your work so much more than others. I loved that Geof and Nia were almost done. And it would have been cool if they had divorced, seperated, or just moved on..but the ending that happened was just as cool. It fit and was realiatic. Of course you had to spike me with the near death experience just before the end too..whew that was close. Unfortunately most writers have a canned ending where reconciliation always happens with out a hint of anyone being hurt enough to walk. Ok I get it. It's a formula that works for them but I'm less likely to read any more of their work because of the predictable endings. Point in case one author in his bio said he refused to do anything that ended in a unhappy ending. Ok I think he doesn't get that someone in a three way romance is not going to be unhappy and that it's a matter of perspective. I had no clue what jess was gonna do in lhw1 until she stayed with pete.. I could clearly see the struggle to stick with pete. It seems that Reza may get the girl too. But I haven't got to know Charlie that well…yet.(hint hint nudge nudge). Not that I'm always looking to read a btb. Because I tend to vote for the underdog usually the husband but not always.So in the spirit of the holiday THANK YOU KT for your stories. Don't stop keeping us entertained, both in story and blogging. And a happy thanksgiving to the rest of those who celebrate it.

  23. .I'm going to just accept Cole a as his own unique character who by nature shares traits of the “type”. Not knocking the comparisons but I take each one as the character they are. On Tyler yea i dont think he's got the college degrees to be a success at too many tech type jobs but he could be ground up kind of guy starts as a sales associate at a lowes but quickly works hisWay up the food chain being big strong maybe developes a knack for business. Gets to a position that pays good salary. Wonder if jess will see through it or maybe has her rose colored glasses on.

  24. KT…its funny you mentioned that about Krista. After I read the story, one of the things that stuck in my head was what would happen if Nia ever met Krista. Say she's visiting Geoff or something and Nia is there. Would Nia be able to tell that Geoff had been with Krista? I suspect she would have (my experience is women pick up on such things), and I agree she would have been threatened by it. Krista would intimidate Nia, she's worldly, successful, beautiful, and working with her husband. I bet Nia would make sure she went with Geoff on his next trip to NY….or made Geoff fire her lol…

  25. First to JL – I really like how you logically traveled down the route to establishing how this book will end, and I've been banking KT's comment about how how a future story of her's might be really dark (shortly after making that comment the Maggie series showed up, 2 and 2 together). I agree with the sentiment that it's possible that Cole and Maggie end up together, it's also possible that they have a (far less dramatic, but maybe not!?!) falling out like Rocco and Nia had as well. If the latter happens, then I can't imagine anyone of the three characters in this ending up friends/lovers. Some might disagree, but there isn't a lot of concrete evidence that says that Cole will break Maggie's heart. There are some allusions that it could happen, like Cole withholding his part in The Poirot seduction plans, how he doesn't really listen to Maggie's (poorly argued, to be fair, with a totally mixed message) plea not to apply pressure to getting together, or how (I think) he's letting Maggie think she's so special that he hasn't done this or that thing until her. I think he purposely left the question hanging, “Have you done this for any other girl?” when talking about the facial, which we know for certain that Maggie was making a big deal about for their relationship. Edi and John say there is something in how Jessie is talking to Maggie about Cole, but I don't see that, I think she was just freaking out about the whole situation and see Cole as a man probably about to ruin a relationship, but she is young and learning too, who is she to say anything to interfere with Maggie and Max's plans. Maybe I'm wrong about that though, and she knows Cole is going to break her heart.That said, we really don't have any indication that Cole is going to hurt Maggie, he's already turned down two opportunities (one at least that I can recall concretely) to maintain his reputation, he's a thoughtful lover, gets on everyone's good side (except if you're Jay). I just don't see Cole as being a lock to destroy Maggie.Maybe I'm deranged or too naive (would not be the first time I've been called naive), but I honestly find Maggie and Cole's chemistry to be darkly sweet. This is the honeymoon period, as we've all said, but right now these two seem really good together. We can complain all we want about how the two have come together, who has had to burn in the wake of their coupling, but it is really good stuff.

  26. If the character limits are hints that people need to keep it brief, I fail constantly. I continue …It's true these guys are young and the decisions they've made are as poor, as people in their early twenties are. But some of their interactions, the length of their preexisting friendship, the really sweet things that both of them say to each other at moments, like Cole's genuine love of Maggie's creativity and how he wants to see her succeed, Cole wanting to do whatever is needed to make Maggie happy about being with Cole (I guess that has been spun as a negative thing before, but it could be taken the opposite too), how supportive he is when Maggie is talking to her mother. Or how they are both looking for the other's pleasure and not all about their own. I know that I will likely ruffle feathers ignoring what Cole has done to Max (you all know my defense of Cole and Max's role in those problems), but I just don't think I've seen enough to think he is that bad of a guy.I like Edi's prediction that Maggie used Jay's attack to get under Professor Carmichael's skin, but I thought he was going to say, “in order to get Maggie into Harvard” not get Max into Harvard. I think that's a really interesting way of playing that. Maggie winning is both getting back at Jay, while also getting something for herself. Maybe Maggie's sex with Cole that day was celebratory. Harvard is not easy to get into, so maybe Professor Carmichael wouldn't have that kind of sway, but maybe he does!Happy Thanksgiving to my friends on this board, we're truly lucky to have found the best writer of erotica there is!

  27. @ Edi “Here's a thought” – Maybe that explains why he was holding Maggie's cello like a guitar in the music room? Like Father like son, eh?Nah, remember Atticus is hell of an artist and used to be a nerd. Cole is not that.

  28. As always apprciate everyone's view points opposing or confirming it's always eye opening. 2b2h I see what your saying on Cole with Maggie. I think there's another shoe to drop tho. so far we seen Maggie one chapter after another disrespect, cheat on, coerce him into indesired situations, rubbed his nose in it laughed with cole about his kink behind his back..essentially hitting all max s personal fears. But all the while claims to love max. she is preparing to marry him in some months from now right? So does she love max or not. “*IF *” She loves him does she take his sudden departure as a result of Coles influence than just as suddenly kicks Cole to the curb…even if she doesn't get back to max. Another thing that is interesting is how fast this has just spun out of control from bang to bullets it's been weeks not more than a couple of months have past right? Something was bound to crack..this has really had to been happening way to fast for max s liking even though he created the monster this has become.@KT despite your kicking the professor to tertiarary player I still say she only “won” after giving him underdesk bj. Three fist pumps were, she won, she would celebrate with Cole and she had a gift for max a cell video of her under the desk….ok I can fantasize can't I.

  29. Oh you’ve a fan for life here. Not getting rid of me that easily, no matter how familliar things may seem to me. I’m sure most of that is my own projecting that anything else. But I digress…I may not comment often, unless really inspired. Particularly when a slew of my favorite authors release books within weeks/months of each other… have 12 book backlog right now and waiting to start Branden Sanderson’s latest after the holiday busy season so I can enjoy it. I tend to get engrossed. I want to read and not commentate. I’ve been in that zone since June I think?Of Course Harvey didn’t help matters. But I’ve been reading everything you put out lately. Just so we are clear.

  30. Teehee – not sure if you caught my first into KT universe crossover pontification way back when the series started, but I thought maybe Atticus might return to his alma mater and show off some of his work to current art students at Farmington. I think someone like Finch might persuade our girl Maggie that maybe Harvard law might not be what she wants … lol.

  31. TBTH…I see your points on Cole. For the most part, he's seemed like a good guy, and maybe he and Maggie can walk off in the sunset together to build a relationship. But that doesn't feel like a KT story to me, there is drama ahead for those two. Here's what I would point to.First, Cole does have a controlling side. I think Maggie is attracted to that, but right now she wasn't in a relationship with Cole. How will that feel if he begins to get jealous and controlling of who she sees and where she goes. Maggie did say that she likes that Cole cedes control to her at times when they're having sex; is he willing to do this in other areas as her boyfriend. We have seen him be supportive of her at times, so we'll see.Second, I think the trouble may come from Maggie's end, and her perception of herself and the relationship. I think its clear that even though she was getting pulled away from Max, she wasn't ready for that relationship to end. She needed the emotional support and encouragement that Max provided. With him gone, it could be different. Maybe the excitement isn't quite the same for her, maybe it just feels dirty now. So I could see her begin to pull away, or pull back, from Cole. And I could see him responding badly.But again, we will see. If Maggie and Cole ultimately end up together, I'm fine with that. As long as Max has some happiness as well.

  32. Also wanted to say that KT changing the focus of the story to Cole was another great audible (sorry football term, its Thanksgiving after all). Its a whole new dynamic to have the guy's best friend be the one who gets in the middle of the relationship. It provides a whole new level of emotion and drama that I've really enjoyed. If Jay, or his father, were the focus I don't think it would hit as hard. But having the best friend, and best man be the guy trying to steal the girl packs a lot of punch.

  33. I know there's going to be more, KT probably has me right where she wants me :/ haha. JL, your predictions continue to be solid.I'm not sure if I've said it yet, but the best friend angle is a personal favorite. These stories are all about emotions and scenarios like this and best friends absolutely bring them out.

  34. Couldn't agree more @JL in the whole Cole vs jay and his dad. it was a great call on KTs part to go that way. So much more angst and the sense of betrayal is amped way up when.its someone you know(love) and trust. @2b2h you can change that to KT has us right where she wants us….And it's not a bad place to be….😁

  35. I really like how much KT actually gives a shit about her readers. The following story doesn't have actual real world heartache like like Edi's (not that I know anything more than he divulged here), but i remember i was paranoid about Nia's past, thinking her father or relatives did some really awful shit, but KT set me straight. She might have been secretly thinking, “Really? You're gross, relax!” but if she did she didn't let it on.These books are heavy on emotional power, so knowing she's actually acknowledging the effect she has is special.

  36. you are spot on with everything you said 2B. KT has a way of drawing out the raw emotion. Along with her vivid word paintings of the scenes allowing us to see what she's dreaming up, and it's hard not to get invested.

  37. Couldn't help myself, had to take a peak at this comment section. And my heart rate has already spiked considerably.Gonna keep it short — still disagree with you ToBe=ToHave. Short answer, I sympathize with the quiet, soft spoken character in Max and feel his pain way, way too personally (in real life, thanks a lot KT Morrison!). Socializing is hard! Maggie seems to not care about Max's feelings. The angst I feel for these stories only extends as far as I feel the woman in the story actually cares about her significant other. As soon as I feel like she doesn't — then I feel like she's just a whore and my interest in the story diminishes. The ending to this chapter was vague enough that I don't know where she stands. Was she upset because Max doesn't want to marry her or was she upset because she wasn't going to get married anymore? Well I'm going to buy the next chapter to find out, but the moment Maggie shows signs that it's the latter, I'm going to put the book down. Because I will no longer care about her character. There is no angst if there is no compassion. I'm not interested in the Cole/Maggie love story. Not even a little bit.

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