New Maggie Next Week

I’m so happy to get myself immersed in the quaint Farmingham village world of secret lust. I spent the last week plotting this book and what will be the final Maggie book (sort of!) I love these characters and enjoy spending time with them. It felt so good to ‘hang out’ with them!

So, here’s a preview of sorts. No spoilers, just enough to hopefully spark some fun conjecture. A careful eye might even note a partial page from a new novel called Happy Endings which should be available before Xmas.


  1. I don't think they like that either! Maybe a passport photo. No smiling.Side note: The Reza books … My grand scheme of trying out going wide and experimenting with the 99-cent shorts came to an abrupt end when the publishing company I was using decided to get out of the game. I moved the books over to Amazon myself but their rank and reviews didn't come along. That's why they disappeared for a while and then returned at the back of my queue. The reviews any of you left should show up on them again soon …And Reza will return with one more book I think, but it will be a longer format.

  2. It was already under way (boy, you're psychic!)—and now look at that, it's available today! (Taken series will be coming next month or the one after …)

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