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Pool Party

Pool Party! Such a fun and lively name for a menacing cuckold thriller …

This one should be available very shortly, all going well.

Libertyne suggested in a review that I might like the movie Straw Dogs. That’s an understatement, ha ha. I guess my influences might be showing through. I was exposed to Sam Peckinpah at a very young age by someone who oughtta know better than letting me watch those mean old violent adult movies, but they loved them so much that I, in turn, did as well. I may even have gone on in later life to write papers on Peckinpah; on violence and misogyny, etc. I love Straw Dogs.

Now, Pool Party isn’t exactly like Straw Dogs but if it were to be made into a movie (wouldn’t that be something!) I’d like to see it directed by the ghost of Sam Peckinpah, complete with bandana and ginger ale and brandy.

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19 thoughts on “Pool Party

  1. This sounds VERY interesting. I'll have to get a new F5 key from all the refreshing.

  2. Straw Dogs is a very controversial movie. Especially that scene; you know what I'm talking about if you've seen it. They did a remake a few years ago and not surprisingly that scene was treated quite differently. I'm assuming we're going to see some version of that in the story, so I'm interested to see how you handle it. I'm guessing its more along the line of the original.Sorry if I'm being vague, but don't want to give away the key scene for those who haven't seen the movie.

  3. Can't wait.

  4. Maybe it's the timing of this release, but anyone get a Negan vibe out of Lovelace?Thrills achieved, KT!

  5. Very well written, but not my cup of tea. #dnf

  6. Finish the Maggie series! Please!!

  7. I swear it's the next book. I've been writing it solidly the last few days!

  8. I just hope the story is developing to your liking KT! Ain't goin' nowheres.All the best!

  9. KT When will we see the end of the Cayman Proxy?

  10. KT … I love all these comments and demands for your next book! I better add mine! What's next with Charlie and Reza? We want the next installment of that series!!! 🙂

  11. Hahaha, KT everyone wants everything ever. Better get to it!

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  13. you have a knack for getting me all emotional with your stories. your characters are just so believable good or bad. I love the emotional ebb and flow of sad then excited then sad then back to some degree of center. even though center has shifted quite a bit.

  14. just a note KT in loving everything you much as I'd like to finish the multi part stories im really enjoying all these side shows your giving us. someday I'd like to crawl inside your brain to see how you put your characters together. did I mention how real they seem. I was thinking back to Jess and as much as it offends my family values and my support for the underdog hubby.. as much as I hated Tyler I think some part of me wanted Jess to ride off on the back of Tylers bike. see therapeutic reading is working. ..😁

  15. I will finish the Cayman Series after I finish the Maggie series.

  16. Next Reza is already written, I'm just sitting on it to see if it's where I want it. Probably December …

  17. Thank you John C, you're the best! I love creating characters I care about and then hope others will too!

  18. The cover looks nice. I wish you the very best of luck with the release. I’ll make sure to stay updated on the next Reza. I’m currently on holidays in Seattle, scouring Seattle venues. I love photography and I’ve done a lot of photo shoots in the past myself. Good luck!

  19. My hook is sunk seep, I loved Pool Party and it's twisting pleasure. I really hope we can get more. I hope for a sequel that she describes to him more of the prequel domination and craving for Lovelace…what was her first time with the girls like…how did he make her want them…oh my God…just wondering is driving me nuts…great read KT….headed to Amazon to get some more of your devilish mind….👏👏

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