Reza’s Coming

Surprise! Without warning, here is a brand new book. I had tinkered with it a while back, left it, then last week it all came together for me (nothing like avoiding working on the complicated last Maggie book!)

So it’s the next month and once again the rent is due …


  1. Really enjoyed it! Hope to see another come out. Try to put the theme like sex denial (some humiliation stuff) would all be great. I would like to see more sex happen in the next installment either way.

  2. At first I was a little disappointed we didn't get to see what transpired between Reza and Charlie on their date, but in the end I think it fits the story. We have the same knowledge of it as Jonny does at this point. Is his wife telling him everything, or leaving things out? So not knowing for sure in some ways is as exciting as knowing. Hope we get a third chapter, as we are heading into interesting places. I think Reza is like most of the alphas in KT stories…he ain't the marrying type. But how far is Charlie going to fall before realizing that?

  3. Was disappointed, maybe because I had so much expectations. I was excited at first about the flashbacks. I thought that finally we're going to read about the first sexual encounter between Charlie and Reza, but what we only got was the “audition”. Also, the penultimate sex between them we were only told. All the more detailed sex scenes were between Jonny and Charlie. This kinda bored me as I was more interested in reading the sex between Reza and Charlie. I also find it a bit too talky for a novella. I especially find the almost a whole chapter about Demetrius and Johnny weird and awkward and too long. I hope that the next novella will be to my liking. Also, praying that it's about the reluctant fiancé.

  4. Well I hope the sex between Reza and Charlie gets more explosive and we see things transpire that Johny begins to regret. Agreed that the lack of sex really made it less fun.

  5. I can't get over how amazing of a mind this author is. There's so much packed into this. It's supposed to be a quick read but I love how quickly that plan evaporated, haha, from 40 pages to 80. It didn't feel short even at 80 pages with how much is going on.Couple lines of dialogue that stay with me long after.From Demetrius to Jonny, “Yeah, things you missing too.” Do tell …Charlie to Jonny “You've kept alot from me Jonny. Isn't it obvious now,” uh oh, maybe pirated twilight zone shows aren't keeping her attention anymore? No, they appear to, but still …Charlie to Jonny, “I'm sorry Jonny, I … I asked him to.” Double uh oh.For me, it isn't the sex itself that draws me to these stories, it's the struggle with desires, the breaking of rules, the lies, the truths, the pain of not knowing the truth that make the sex hotter. It needs to be there, but everything up to Charlie coming back home was foreplay.

  6. Thank you! Yeah, it started out as a short and then I don't know what happened. Reza wasn't meant to be a series. I'm working on Maggie. Now that's a series. Reza is just a distraction so I can keep the mind working when I get wedged in Maggie. Now Jonny and Charlie and Reza are getting interesting to me. I personally like suspense and buildup and the whiff of subterfuge and betrayal. Demetrius is a keeper. Great character with lots of potential. Maybe this one didn't have the home run at the end but I sure thought it did, sorry if others disagree. I wanted to hear more from Charlie, I wanted her opinion. It was my way of using Charlie's voice, which is obviously missing, ha ha. I don't like doing male only, it feels weird to me. I wrote a few pages with Charlie's voice but it was giving too much away. I want the point of this book, at least up till now, to be about the mystery and Jonny's wonder and bewilderment. If I continue with Reza I'd like to keep the stories short (good luck with that) and spicy like the first one …

  7. In this story stick with Husbands point of view. I hate it when authors try to incorporate other points of view later in the series as it just ruins it. As for Maggie, can't really get into it as much. Reza is by far my favorite series so far by you.

  8. Thanks KT. I thought that it has already ended as there’s already an epilogue. It’s nice to hear that there might be another with Charlie’s POV. That sounds more interesting to me as I am more interested about her and Reza’s relationship. Also, since it’s an erotic story after all, I also prefer a more descriptive sex scenes. And please consider giving us the first sex between Reza and Charlie preferably in Charlie’s POV. I think that it would be so hot.

  9. KT, I SCORED this week! Was just about to leave for a business trip, logged on to Amazon and to my surprise and without any warning… I got an early Christmas present with Reza part 2! Boom! Guess what I did as soon as I got to my hotel! I LOVE this story (even more than the Maggie story, to be honest). I hope you continue this story, I love where it's going. I agree with most of the prior comments. Keep this from Johnny's point of view. I especially love the angst he is going through, the humiliation that Reza exerts, Charlie admitting to and succumbing to her desires. I have a question for you those KT. And be honest. Don't lie to me, it insults my intelligence (sorry, a Godfather quote)…. Are you SURE you aren't really a cuckold? Maybe a husband with a hotwife? Admit it. Because how else would you know how to capture this this genre better than anyone else. (Please read into this as… I LOVE your work! You're the best).

  10. Lol, I'm sorry, I just don't get how anyone can feel disappointed after the mindfuck of this story. I just reread it and realized I missed a subtle gem of a moment.Reza got Charlie gifts for their date, and after she realized she got shoes, Jonny noticed, “Her fingers worked around like she was counting.”Now what is she counting there? Who knows is ultimately my point and mysteries like this are something you'll only read with KT. That said, my initial thought is she is just working out whatever place girls go in their head when it comes to shoe ownership, a place I fail to understand when it comes to that clorhing item, lol. Points to Reza for obviously making her day with that!Nah, whats more is I think what she's doing is counting the days since her last period, ha! She's making sure it's safe that she's about to give it up to this man who just made her day, probably knowing she's going to have to anyways.There is no other author I legitimately want to read stories cover to cover multiple times than KT, and it's because of stuff like that! It could be nothing, but sometimes details like that are something!This story might be the biggest mystery KT has to date.

  11. I'll add one more bit that the fact that she 'resigned' something after finishing the math she was doing, must have meant she was worried about the number she landed on. Makes what happened later that day that much hotter.

  12. I pretty much agree TBTH…I do want to see the Reza/Charlie scenes, and I'm sure we will if there are more chapters here. But in hindsight I like the idea that we are as much in the dark as Jonny as to exactly what happened, and what are her true feelings toward Reza. Mystery and suspense are good in stories like this, and we certainly have that here.

  13. Why am I not surprised we see eye to eye? You're ultimately making the more accurate point because there's no way KT will leave out ample action for multiple parts, she knows how the bread is buttered. But yeah, was seeing this part through Jonny's only absolutely amazing? Fucking yeah.

  14. I do think Charlie was honest with Jonny about the night. She admits she asked for it and liked it. I don't think she's in love with Reza, at this point at least. And in the moment it brings Jonny and Charlie closer. But knowing KT I think we know this is heading for stormier seas.Also I like your theory on the counting, having just reread it I do think that's what Charlie is trying to figure out. I also don't think Charlie wants to get pregnant by Reza, but what happens when her cycle overlaps the first of the month? Like I said, stormy seas…

  15. Yet another KT story to deep dive, eh? Let's! I think it's more murky than simply, Charlie doesn't want to get pregnant with Reza. I agree that the normal everyday Charlie that she wants to be or thinks she is, etc. does not want that. That is the important Charlie, she is also evolving though.What i love is the often recurring undercurrent in KT's stories with our unconscious, deeply embedded desires that exist in us all, and sometimes, doesnt care about what self we are presenting. Remember that cute moment where Jonny is reflecting on the twlight episode with the woman and the crazy reflection she saw, how he is starting to think there's a different Charlie?I think a deeper part of her DOES want to make a baby with Reza, it just took some alcohol and persistence for that part of her to win out and beg Reza to risk it with her.You're right though about where we're headed. I think the conflict with Charlie, will be her duplicitous feelings with Reza, and the stormier seas might just be when Charlie is able to reconcile with her deeper down desires and maybe sees Reza in a new light.

  16. Awesome! Loved the angst of not knowing what she's doing or where she's at..loved the teasing by Demetrius. At first I thought he was going to bring out a laptop and let him watch what was happening to Charlie without Charlie's knowledge. Liked it this way better. Obviously Charlie is smitten with Reza i see him pulling apart Charlie's marital vows one thread at a time. I do think more happend then what Charlie let on too. She omitted that Reza had seen her that day but told her not to tell Johnny and she obeyed. So at 11 to 12 ish they went to the club if it closes normal hours 2 am there is about 3 hours unaccounted for..even if it stayed open all night that's a lot if playtime not accounted for in Charlie's brief description. I think more happens and she once again obeyed Reza by not revealing everything that happened that night to Johnny. J think she's beginning to like Reza' s higher quality life style.. Maybe more “lunches” in her future.Thanks for the ride KT!

  17. Oops almost forgot an important piece ….loved the back story..their first encounter and now 5 months later after several good boinkings she's koo koo for cocopuffs. Reza stripping her morals away one thread at a time. Just last month she had one in the face and one in the snatch. This month she lies(by ommission) to her husband. Hmmm vert interesting.

  18. Haha, yes! I particularly like how the details surrounding her motivation to shave changed as the truth became known. First, Jonny had to molest his wife even find out about and once he did the conversation went from routine primping and “look jonny, what choice do I have?” to (later on after Demetrius talked to jonny) wide eyed shock being caught saying, “the devil made me do it.”I got a kick at how that shaving conversation was such a dark argument between the couple, when an even more problematic reason for doing it was the motivation. Charlie had to come up with those lies, either on the spot or she worked them out in case hubby finds out she shaved.

  19. I didn't really pay attention to the timeline, damn that's good stuff! What else did they do?Makes this interaction more interesting …”… when he finally put it in me… I really, really wanted it.””Where?””In my ….. ?”Hmm, where else did you want it Charlie? Totally kidding!

  20. I think the request from Reza for Charlie to shave and the fact she didn't tell Johnny are very foretelling and symbolic to the story and where this may go. It shows she will hide things from Johnny. It shows she is submissive to Reza. It shows she is willing to change / alter her appearance to please him. And maybe most importantly, all of this is still turning Johnny on, despite the dangers that may lie ahead. What else will Reza ask or request of Charlie? How far will she go? Can't wait….

  21. So if Reza continues to pull her away from Johnny when will Johnny have that “oh shit!” Moment. Realizing he's just about to lose her. Maybe he'll get lucky with his gaming program score big and have enough money left over to buy out Reza…I still wonder on Reza's motivation. Is he looking for love in all the right places or just looking to turn Charlie into a nympho then add her to the stable. KT at her best again… so many different directions the plot could go and even if she doesn't go any further it's a he'll of a story!@lancer yea she followed reza's instructions not to tell Johnny. Then he starts working on her life choice of marrying Johnny by telling shed never have to go to work if she were his girl shed get a massage and do whatever..@2b2hIt's a personal trigger when the spouse modifies her appearance for her new lover with out checking with the old. It's a step away from and toward something else. Johnny was saying tell me everything I don't think she did..i bet after Demetrius the previous month all kinks were on the table. Maybe some girl girl “dancing”. This is why i love the mysterious missing moments. Allows the mind to play.

  22. I like where everyone's head's at! Just because I think we need to give credit where it's due, because it really contributes to the mystery, we can't forget what Charlie does to show that she is in love with Jonny.Charlie has shown hesitation from the beginning of this story, that means something, she might get lost in the lust of these incredible sexual experiences, but she has not once shown she is totally okay with it, nor forgotten who the man is that she is married to.We've been talking about what she's holding back and what she's lied about, but she did still tell Jonny some pretty devastating things. Jonny might be gung-ho about her rolling around with Reza, but if she felt pretty strongly about Reza, do you think she would have talked about just how much she enjoyed her time with him? Wouldn't it hurt her to tell him that if she thought Reza was taking her from Jonny? Hmm, maybe it's the booze and his enthusiasm that makes it easier, but hey that's something right?At the end of the day (or the next morning as it were), who is she waking up next to? Getting breakfast in the morning and talking about watching old twilight zone shows all day with? We can talk about how deceptive she is with this other man in their lives, and how passionate she is with him, but for all of that she makes sure she looks her husband in the eye and says she prefers him. She might have been talking about dongs at the moment I'm specifically talking about, but hey it counts! I mean c'mon that's about as deep as we can expect in erotic shorts! This ain't your wife's romance short! At least not the one's you know about 😉 .For all the hot stuff that Charlie (and Maggie, and Nia, and Jess … 🙂 ) do with the bull characters, it's more exciting knowing that they have to struggle with a real life love of the husbands/boyfriends/fiances they are supposed to be loving, lol.In my best Michael Myers impression, “discuss!”FYI – KT I know you're reading this, don't believe for a second we haven't forgotten about Maggie, so you can go ahead and finish that book now please and thank you, K, bye! 🙂

  23. I couldn't agree more with KT style of writing. The mystery the drama the angst. She has a very successful formula..its incredible.

  24. I couldn't agree more with KT style of writing. The mystery the drama the angst. She has a very successful formula..its incredible.

  25. Hey, I'm sure you already have enough of your fans clamoring for upcoming stories you've mentioned, but I just wanted to add that I'm still very much looking forward to that bully story mentioned awhile back. You have a singular talent with that sort of theme. Anyway, hope all's well.

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