Owing Reza

Well, I’m trying something new. As well as the series I’d like to bring back the shorts. So take a look at this little doozy when it’s available!

Owing Reza is a 10,000 word cuckold short with domination, some humiliation, and one bad landlord.

Let me know what you think!

47 thoughts on “Owing Reza

  1. Looking forward to this. I'm more into standalone novellas as I don't have that much time to read. Many thanks KT!

  2. Good quick read. Took me a while to remember that Charlie was the girl”s name so I was a bit confused in the beginning. Can't wait to read the next novella.

  3. Great writing KT. Some really hot scenes and character situations. Even though I wish for stronger willed husbands, you certainly do this genre well.I just wish… Guhrka

  4. Thanks, Guhrka—next two books have very strong husbands! Owing Reza is erotic fantasy … I mean, Jesus, Jonny, just get a new apartment, ha ha …

  5. Good read! I only wish the story'd been given more room to breathe. But I'm very excited to hear that you have more (relative) shorts coming up! I'm curious, was this the bully story you'd mentioned awhile back? Also, are you up for giving us any hints as to what's next in the pipeline?

  6. Thanks, Glaucon! No, it's not the bully story. That will be coming soon. Eventually. Story breathing: Writing shorts is a lot different than what I usually do, ha ha. I squeezed a lot, put the exposition into the sex, tried to build suspense, etc. It's meant to exist on its own, maybe I will visit the characters again, I don't know. Shorts are wholly different than series' and novels, and novellas. I like this as an exercise in brevity—and hope it delivers an acute erotic element as well!Here's my schedule as it exists on my computer (and everyone who's been here a while knows this means nothing!): Next week, one novella, hotwife, strong husband. Then a short. Maybe. End of month, the next Maggie. Then maybe another short. Mid-next-month, another novella, hotwife/badwife/slutwife, strong husband.

  7. Thanks for the reply!I can definitely see the efficiency in storytelling employed in this one.Looking forward to your upcoming work!

  8. Not a lot to add to this adventure that hasn't been said. I think it's been made clear that I (along with others) enjoy more of the longer form writing that KT does, and the main reason I like this one is because it teases a lot more to the story, which I know KT's not opposed to revisiting when the time is write. There was a lot of interesting small interactions that left unexplained leave the reader that likes knowing motives uneasy. It was nice, but just makes me want more.I hope this will be a good way of opening doors to new readers!

  9. Yikes, I often slaughter English in this blog, and I apologize for it.time is right*There WERE a lot of small interactions that, when left unexplained, leave the readers that like knowing motives uneasy.

  10. Just finished ..shhh don't tell anyone but I'm at work..hehe..Liked the short but also liked the potential of the story. Stand alone is fine. A prequel would be interesting as well as consequential story lines. Does johnny put up a fight and in what way does he prove he's not a loser(if he can).

  11. Here is my review of this, your newest book. Clearly it wasn't a long book, but I would have loved a little more from the book. I like it more when the husbands are involved or get off (as in cum from the emotions or excitement) of their wives/girlfriends being bad. I guess, although most of these stories are straight cheating, I prefer the teasing. For me, the story would have just started after Reza leaves. And I love the fear of her becoming pregnant when Reza asks if she was safe to cum in or not! (Super Hot Button!) I'm 100% glad I bought this! But I wish this was part one of two chapters. (if not more!)Very hot one shotByNewTypeon August 11, 2017Format: Kindle Edition|Verified PurchaseBut I'm not sure how to feel about this story. It hinted at a longer story where this is only chapter one of it. I feel like I would prefer that. As it's one shot I'm feeling a little bit hollow and wanting. But it's a good wanting. I want more. There is moments in the story of juicy pain and heartfelt internal conflict that is mentioned but never explored.. I'm of an analytical mind that wants the deep mental and emotional exploration. But that's me. I say read it!

  12. I also enjoy depth of plot and charactors. While this short was arousing I found it with alot of unrealised potential. Some of my personal favorites would have been if johnny was sent on an errand when he gets back he has no clue as to what may or may not have happend. Was reza sworn to secrecy?.. also as in Maggie tale enjoy the betrayal at the hands of a trusted friend..and the repurcussions from it. Perhaps a betrayal by charlie. I really enjoy KT's longer stories. Perhaps this will one day become one..?

  13. Not so wishy-washy, a lot more confident, sure of his own abilities, not lacking in prowess, but still bested by another man … a lot more to it than that, but there you go, ha haOh, and you can already disregard that proposed schedule above (rolls eyes at self), this new book is going long!

  14. Thanks for the review RN, those things mean the world to me, honest! And as far as another Reza book: seems likely, and I think you will all like the direction it would take by what you've said, ha ha …

  15. The secret knock is, click buy a silly amount of times, wait a little bit then repeat. I'm glad Amazon doesn't backlog attempted purchases or you would have had probably a dozen purchases from one user.

  16. Nice. Also, I'm patiently waiting for the reluctant fiancé novella. I wouldn't mind it to be a bit longer as long as it's not a serial. Thanks again.

  17. You really should do a multiple part story on these characters and situation. Hot as hell and really fun to read. Personally I'd like to see the wife get more and more into it with the husbands humiliation getting worse. Hate stories with a strong husband.

  18. OMG KT! I bought this several weeks ago but just had time to get to it last night. WOW. This book was fire! LOVED it! You have nailed this genre better than anyone. Like previous comments, I would love a prequel, a sequel, or even a series. Couldn't put it down. I loved the “domination' component, Charlie's compliance, the verbal exchange between Reza and Charlie and that it was all in front of Johny. Keep up the good work KT and I can't wait for your next book.

  19. Oh dang, has the standalone been put on the back burner? If so that's too bad, those are always my favourites.Not that I'm reading too much into a small reordering of progress bars or anything…

  20. Nope, not the back burner—still going strong, still a standalone, just going long and begging for more study. Maggie 6 is superseding it because at least I know the characters really well by now!

  21. Thanks so much, Lancer! I have written out the next in the series, and I will get to finishing it some time soon. I'm trying a different approach with this story, just so I won't seem stale, but it's unnatural. I like to let it sit, then come back an surprise myself with what's already there …

  22. I agree full heartedly. Hope to see more soon. I think more humiliation should be in order with things like the husband having to sleep on the couch while Reza is having his fun at night.

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