Cherry Blossoms, The Novel

Very shortly, the collected LHW2 series will be available as a paperback and as a one-click e-book purchase. It will also be available in Kindle Unlimited for a few months. A reminder: if you purchase the paperback, I’ve arranged that you can then get the e-book for free.

This is a whopper at 300,000 words and formatting it for print was a chore! It tests the limits of acceptable book size, that’s for sure.  I’ve named the novel Cherry Blossoms to differentiate it from the series, and that was always the title in my head. You see it has significance in the story…

I’m excited about this release, and I can’t wait to get my own copy!

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  1. Awesome! This was an amazing story. I throughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I already have the stories in my kindle..but it would be cool to have a copy on my shelf.

  2. I’m late to the party on this one. However, after reading the Maggie and Keely series (only through Part 2 so far) and the first to “Separate Schools” books (all that are available so far) and all three of the Scream Queen books, I find I like this one the best. It took me on a wild and crazy ride, yet in the end I was left satisfied.

    KT, you said in the beginning of this book, you fell in love with these characters after spending six months with them. Your affection showed in every word. I loved your detail and the way you wove all of the characters together. And, yes, I liked the ending.

    Please know, that like all your other books, if you ever chose to revisit these characters again I will be overjoyed. Just, please, be as nice to them as you were in this book.

    Thanks again.

    1. Thank you!

      Geoff and Nia are in a way the couple I most would like to return to, but know how difficult that would be. Not saying never, but if I do I see it in a few years, and we move the time slider accordingly. Odie in high school, Geoff and Nia near forty… I would love to do this, but I have no plans ATM.

      I have to say though, that I love John and Janie too, but my mental health stuttered on that series knowing the bad things I intended for such nice people. I will one-hunnerd percent return to them soon and with a vengeance, its just my heart has to be in place…

      And what about Maggie? Oh, and Keely too. I’m so in love with them. I want to show Max’s rollercoaster ride with Keely so fucking bad…

      Why can’t this be my full time job!!!

      1. Really? I feel like their story is the most perfect I’ve ever done, and I worry foraging into it might ruin what has already transpired. But, yeah, shit, it’s like me saying I really like that comfortable and awesome cashmere sweater that looks so good on me, but I worry if I wear it too much the neck hole might start to sag…

      2. Wow… yesterday was big. Y’all have good ideas! I don’t think the sweater will sag, at all. It will only fit better, no pills, either. Do you think Geoff and Nia learned anything? I mean Nia has a bump on her nose! Oh, horrors! Still, your most touching ending, ever. EVER.

      3. KT, I’m just now seeing this because I didnt set my notifications. I was saying I know your stance on patreons or gofundmes, and I wish you would have a different view on them sometimes. I agree that you should leave Nia and Geoff where they’re at, personally.

  3. WRT Six Weeks:

    Oooooh, you have nasty surprises planned for Janie and John? Who’d a thunk it from KT! Are we allowed to speculate mindlessly on what that might entail? And is there any chance one of us is capable of coming up with plot twists that are more depraved than yours, KT, when it comes to our artistic Lothario and the naive upstate housewife?

    1. Bad things? One has to wonder what you consider bad? LOL! We think what happened to Geoff and Nia was pretty bad. Same thing for Jess and Pete–that was pretty bad. Janie is someone we’d like to see just go wild, but we don’t think she’s naive at all–unlike Libby. We think she’s obsessed with Maceo and will eventually go to great ends to get exactly what she wants. The lack of penetration so far means her motor is running and she’s shifting to overdrive. Or, in F1 parlance, she’s got DRS, it’s open, and Janie’s gonna do some overtaking!

  4. I loved this book. Bought the $35 hardcopy doorstop version, and it was worth every penny.

    I fear I may have read my last KT story, since she seems to have abandoned paperbacks altogether and I don’t do ebooks. So many new titles in just the last few months, but I’m stuck on the outside looking in. Makes me very sad, but at least I will always have “Cherry Blossoms,” “Learning Lessons,” “Happy Endings,” the “Maggie” series, and all her other past paperback releases to class up my bookshelves.

    1. So sorry about that, Joey. I will make new paperbacks, but these days I barely have time to write. I’ve said it before: I like paperbacks of my own books because I buy them! But they do take extra time and there are few else who want them. It’s practically just you and me, Joey! It’s about an extra three or four hours per book because of the formatting, the upload, the making of a cover… But I will make them!

  5. I’ve reread the last chapter of Cherry Blossoms and am trying to understand Geoff’s mindset in asking Nia to stay the night – did he see/glance or perhaps know what the reports were that Nia placed on the table? I can’t tell from the prose as it is not clear – that leads me to think his reaction is based on how good of a person he is knowing Nia is pregnant and wanting to be that/her supporting guy and ensure she stays there in her condition as opposed to leaving at night, in a storm. Or perhaps he suspects based on her reaction that he’s the father or inherently knows what those reports/paper signify.

    I’d really like to understand his motivation and therefore your motivation in his reaction and if he knew when he asked Nia to stay that he was the father of her unborn child.

    Help me to understand your ending and if it indeed was noted/indicated, please direct me to the section or phrasing that explains or provides the necessary clue or hint.



    1. It was important that Geoff invite Nia to stay *before* he knew of the genetics. He wants to get back together with Nia, not just reunite his family (which he, of course, also does).

      It was meant to show that he still loves Nia regardless of her transgressions. The amazing reward for Geoff will be in the next five minutes—already interested in pursuing a relationship with Nia again—where he will see what amazing news Nia brought him. All the heavy weight of her infidelity has been lifted, Odie is his . . . and Nia has been punished.

      He was already wanting to try to be with her again, and in the next moment he’s going to find out he’s Odie’s father and also the father of the baby in her belly. Add that to the fact he was already wanting Nia and now he’s about to have the best day of his life. The slate is wiped clean and they can all start over . . . 

  6. Thank you for the explanation – very helpful and just what I would have hoped. Geoff’s a good guy and truly loves her and will now reap that reward.

    Curious though why this clarity was not provided within the story and left for the reader to surmise or guess about the ending – had you run out of steam or just wanted to leave us to our own thoughts and devices?

    1. If it was clearer would you have thought about it as much as you did?

      Ultimately, everything I illuminated in my last comment is included in the text of the book. By not stating outright what’s happening I’m trusting a reader to fill in with their own emotions using how they’ve perceived the characters thus far in the series. And: your perception of the ending *was* correct.

      After reading 300k of these people I would suggest you know all the characters very well, and know they’ve all changed from page one, what brought about that change, and the hard lessons they learned. You’re an amazing person if you’ve read to the end, ha ha, and I want the reader to walk away with the story cradled in their arms, not to shoot out like a water slide like it was something they rode on.

      The story is complicated, and all the characters have their problems, no one is innocent no one is evil, so it’s not a story I feel like I can just tie a bow on and slap my hands together.

      I’m really glad the story has stuck with you enough to pontificate and worry and reach out!

      Here are the 240 comments and conjecture and arguments the last book spawned on the old website : (although I feel like I might have deleted some of the fighting comments, lol)

      And, no, I did not run out of steam. Universe (the 8th book) was mostly written *before* Eternal (the 7th book).

      1. thank you for again responding to me and even more so by sharing the past blog entries that I’m so enjoying seeing how others were similarly impacted (or not!) by this story. wud u have any recommendations for other like impactful stories you or your peers have written? I love how equally well you write both the male and female voices and like Geoff in Cherry, you give the guy some spine, goodness and the opportunity to save their marriage – well done!

      2. Thank you so much—I love hearing when someone really appreciates my stories!

        The next thing after Cherry Blossoms as far as a complete and in-depth story goes would be the ‘Maggie’ series. It’s about the same length as Cherry Blossoms and even has a spinoff series (incomplete) with all the same characters (The ‘Keely’ series). It’s really heartfelt as well, a love story for sure. Don’t pre-read any reviews or website posts for it though, ha ha!—there are a lot of twists and turns and hard decisions that would be better enjoyed if you don’t see them coming.

        The Maggie series is currently only on Amazon, though that will be changing mid-summer. It’s collected into one package here:

        As far as other authors go, I’m not entirely sure what to recommend. I don’t get much time to read in the genre. People highly recommend Kenny Wright’s Training to Love It books and all the authors at write in the genre very well. I also like Manus Dare, Matthew Lee, and Tinto Selvaggio. Jason Lenov too, and even though he’s not at hotwifebooks, he is with Arnica Butler, who is, and they write amazing stuff. They might have some duos or trilogies, but not the long series like I have.

        There are two website posts I have where fans talk about stuff they like, so if you read through the comments section you might find some gems. And if you post there what it is you’re most looking for, I’m sure someone can point you in a pretty good direction!

  7. Hello Ktmono,

    By chance did you ever write an extended ending to Cherry Blossoms covered Geoff’s finding out or reading the paternity tests; and if so, would you share it?

    I do understand the published end but if you had saved that prose it would be wonderful to read it, capturing how you not only envisioned but expressed what was to come [next] and the dialogue between the two leads.



    1. No, I never did actually. The way it’s written is the way I wanted it to go, and boy, I do remember when I wrote it, how good it felt.

      I’ve recently thought of writing an extended ending, or perhaps a catch up with Geoff and Nia. It wouldn’t be a whole book or anything, maybe just a freebie on the website. If there was a lot of interest, i could be coerced to actually do it. Perhaps on the Patreon first, then later available in the freebie section of the website here.

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