Discovering Maggie

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Maggie’s away from her husband-to-be, staying at her ocean-front home in Rhode Island. The wedding is only ten months away and her mother is helping select her dress.

Ten more months to explore herself and the things she may have missed…but when other men know this, nothing is sacred…

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  1. *twitch* I'm fine, I don't know what *tweak* your problem is…😇Maybe it's Satinder, Cole's roommate, who wins Maggie's heart. Dark horse! Ha! She was so careful not to ruin his Xbox controller, I'm choosing to read everything into that.

  2. Well was gonna keep this to myself but since you put your dark horse in the race I'm voting for Jays dad to be the one that walks away with our girl. He does have an open door (heart) policy for Mags. Although Satinder would be the longer shot. 🤔😁

  3. Haha, Now I'm convinced she's trolling the diehards, I'm pretty sure that the status bar just moved a small increment, just to fuck with heads.KT, gives zero fucks. 😄

  4. Ha ha, the fucks I give are plenty! I updated for myself. Came in here to change the progress bar with a lot of new words done then realized that while I added lots to the next Maggie, I also increased the projected final word count. Disappointed, but I still added the extra three-percent change because it counts as progress!

  5. That's great to hear people people liking my books. I tried to send xleglover a private message over there, turns out I'm a member ha ha, but I've never posted or anything, so I don't think I'm able to send messages yet. Didn't want to hijack a thread about another writer, but I do greatly appreciate the kind words!I waffle on the LHW2 ending as well, but I don't see what was rushed. The end was written at the same pace as the rest of the book, and I think I finished Universe before Eternal even. I was writing them at the same time. Perhaps people mean another word other than rushed. Shitty? Better not (wags tiny fist). I had another ending come to me after it was all over and for a while I thought it was better but now I think I still like it best the way it is. I'm rereading it now (how vain!). Just read the scene with Reggie and barely remembered writing it, ha ha.

  6. I think they mean it felt abrupt. You didn't give us the satisfaction of resolving the story's conflict in a conventional way, or arguably not even unconventionally! You just didnt resolve much! Anytime an artist does that it tends to make people think there should have been more to the story, imo. Maybe in state of mind it made some people think it's rushed?i mean did they ever get the kettle off the stove?!? Did it ever stop snowing!? What happened to Odie and Pippet, did they ever come back in the house!? Mysteries aboundI would love if you shared the alternate ending concept. That's twice it's been mentioned, my curiosity's piqued.

  7. Yeah, I wonder what rushed means. I've heard it twice now. I don't know if the ending being referred to is Universe, or the last chapter on the island. The whole book Universe is an epilog, like 30,000 words gearing down. If it's that I didn't finish the book with more detail about the revelation Nia had for Geoff, then I'm okay with that. That is one-hundred-percent the way I wanted it to end and I can't be shaken off that. I love that I built it up so you know what will happen then I pat you on the butt and say, “You got it from here, tiger.” I mean, if you made it to the end of that whopper (and I love you and thank you if you did!) then you fucking know those characters. Have fun with it. What was Geoff's reaction? Fuck, you know what it is. I gotta tell you? You know Geoff like I know Geoff. Picture it. You think his eyes got teary? I bet they did. Maybe pick Nia up and squeeze the shit out of her? Probably. What would he do with Odie? Hug the shit out of her too, I bet. Run out and pick her up right off the beach with Pippet running around him in circles. What would Odie think of that? Some quip I imagine. She'd have no idea what all the fuss is about. No idea dumb old Dad might have thought he wasn't her father. Probably boop him on the nose and say something heart-warming. But are there missed opportunities? Maybe. I do write fast but I did work on it seven days a week practically for six months, so I spent a lot of time planning what would happen. As far as a missed opportunity I thought about later: I considered that Nia going away to open the box and read the report would end with the stab in the heart, finding out Odie was Dino's. Then the rollercoaster would rise again, finding the baby she carried in her belly was Geoff's. It's pretty good, it has a lot of nice little puzzle pieces that all go together very nicely and they've got a lot of symbolism and karma printed on their surface. It made me mad that I didn't consider it more. But now, months later, I think I like the ending I used better. Sure it may be less dramatic, less sorrowful. But you know what?—I bet you I wouldn't look back on the book so fondly. Bet you I wouldn't consider writing Easter Eggs for it because thinking about the characters would make my tummy hurt. I can't say this enough: Writing LHW2 changed me as a person. Affected me and my personal relationships. Made me emotional like I'd never been before. I put so much into that book. So much research, so much thought and planning. No decision on that book's main points was made lightly or carelessly. Fuck, ha ha, here I am getting emotional again on this … If one didn't like the ending I respect that. If one thinks I crapped it out, that is incorrect. I respect that someone may call it rushed, but I wish I had a better understanding of what that meant. Part of me wants to know so I can be better at this, but the reality is I'd probably just argue, then feel bad later. Wow, all this talk about Geoff and Nia has me wanting to write another epilog.

  8. Don't change your style at all please! Don't treat us like we're idiots and spell everything out, and only end the stories the way you think is right, there I said it succinctly enough I hope. I think you're right that it sticks with me (only person I can speak for) more because you left me to fend for myself. I desperately want to know Geoff and Nia's future, but, you know, the story has to end sometime, and the feeling is quite strong about their future only because of when you decided to end it. If you resolved everything, I doubt I'd ever think about the ending again, to be honest. Thank you for letting us get more a glimpse of what you put yourself through as you write your incredible work, it's important to understand that there is thought behind every word and concept, INCLUDING HOW AND WHEN TO END THE STORY.

  9. Don't fret over it you're a great writer. I love the journeys you take me on. The drama and excitmentnyou build up and then build up some more. In the case of “rushed” …i still believe that's a “I wanted more”. More a compliment than a criticism. stick with the compliment that if xleglover had to be anyone he'd be you. Imitation being the greatest form of praise and all.

  10. Don't fret over it you're a great writer. I love the journeys you take me on. The drama and excitmentnyou build up and then build up some more. In the case of “rushed” …i still believe that's a “I wanted more”. More a compliment than a criticism. stick with the compliment that if xleglover had to be anyone he'd be you. Imitation being the greatest form of praise and all.

  11. Truly spoken above, it really is nice what X said about being KT. And we all want more, which KT confirmed means she did exactly what she intended.She's a force!

  12. Just read all 5 books and I'm gonna rant now because my brain is spiraling and it's all I can do from going crazy. KT Morrison, you are a brilliant author and don't take these ramblings as criticism of you, but of the characters. Trust me, I wouldn't be saying these things if I wasn't completely hooked to this story and didn't loved every second of it.I HAVE to read the sixth book now… That ending was just so horrible for Max (not strictly a horrible ending since it's not over — just for Max). Just like most situations like this, the blame is on everyone involved but Max is certainly taking the blunt of it. Surprise, surprise, he's a beta male and can't speak out for fear of confrontation. The last line of the story gives me hope for him, though. It's hinted at that he's a clever guy given the prestigious school and all, but nothing beyond that. Beyond that, he's been pretty dull. It should have been obvious to him what Cole's intentions were in the second book when Max asked him if he would sleep with Maggie and his eyes immediately lit up and his tone changed from somber (“oh boo hoo, I'm gonna get in my car and leave you guys here because this is making me uncomfortable”) to very, very eager. From that moment, he's been forcing his way into Max and Maggie's relationship with just the most juvenile reasoning. Saying things to console Maggie, things like “WE love you so much, WE care about you so much.” It's so obvious that I question Maggie's intelligence as well. In what universe would suggesting that Maggie should cheat be good bro advice? She was clearly against it (and least vaginal intercourse), hated doing it, cried afterwards and had a pity party. And if she did like it…well how in the world would that deter her from doing it in the future — when they're married? Not really how that works…But here we are and Max feels solely responsible and feels like he needs to let her explore in fear that if he doesn't then he'll lose her. And now she's going to completely switch her education up so she can be closer to Cole and asks if she can be alone with him. Nope. That's one thing Max made clear in their conversation (they're shit communicators like always). Max wants to be there, he told her several times. She cheated twice, though. Holding hands, kissing, cuddling, these things are all cheating to me, even though she seems to only consider vaginal sex as cheating. That night at the restaurant completely 180'd their relationship and by all accounts, it should fail now.Distance is their best chance. Hopefully the intelligent part of Maggie's brain will see through the things Cole says to her. Realize they are empty words. Men like Cole don't immediately force you to cut things off with Jay but then share you with Max. He wants all of her, he's just cunning. Hopefully she will long for Max, remember the time they spent when they were inseparable. That's their best chance. But I don't think that will happen because Max is scared to distance himself from her.But I am open to an alternative solution where Max outsmarts Cole somehow. That would be nice…assuming Maggie doesn't make the “alone time” thing with Cole a permanent fixture.10/10 would get riled up again

  13. I don't think Cole is like Jamie. Similar in that they are talented and beautiful, but Jamie is also loyal, which Cole is not. I would say Maggie is Lady Stark, Max is Eddard Stark, and Cole is Little Finger. “Fun experimenting” would be Robert Baratheon and “terrible decision making” would be the Queen. The white walkers represent their future. KT Morrison is Brandon Stark.

  14. Damn good read WA! – I share a lot of what you were upset about with Cole, but I love how unbelievably complicated that whole thing is and I want to see what you think of some counterpoints to this.'Maggie wants to Cheat' – I agree that Cole isn't necessarily looking out for Max when he is asking to do this, but don't forget Maggie's relationship to them both either. It's a love triangle between the three of them (a romantic form of love now between Cole and Maggie), and so it's difficult to really blame Cole for not justifying in his own mind how this would be good for his friend, Maggie. He thinks she has needs, and Max has already put out to the world that part of him is okay with it, so it's not hard to see the logic leap after those pieces are out there. And here's the thing, Cole was right! If this was about experiences, Maggie sure liked it. Is that Cole's fault then? Truth is a bitch and it hurts, but it's still the truth.I don't think Cole is a bad guy (or at least a complete sociopath), I truly think KT has whipped a complex whirlwind of scenarios that when things play out, make me paralyzed with a lack of critical judgment in a never ending wave of grey area!!!Cole freaked out and almost left after the BJ! I read so much into that reaction. I'm always looking for causes, and what pushed Cole down the path he's on, to me is not Cole's doing. How he's handled it since he started down this road is of course his responsibility too, but it's hard for me to hate on Cole since it's been diluted (you would agree) with the emotional reaction to everyone else too.I have to disagree about Cole's words, I don't think he's full of empty words (yet). We obviously don't know what's in his head, so you might be completely right. I see a guy in Cole who respected boundaries when he had a clear attraction to Maggie for years until his hand was practically forced, I see a guy who actually wants to give Maggie experiences for her sake as well as his own, a guy who wants to have fun and knows when people are having it or what they like, and I genuinely think, cares about his friends and who they are.Cole is flawed in that he doesn't acknowledge what he's feeling about Maggie or Max to others, can't remain committed to his belief that this whole scenario insane enough to realize what he's doing is bad, and is ignorant (at best) to his deceitfulness and how his advice to one friend is denigrating another friend which could be having terrible consequences. telling Maggie that Max is being too controlling, is that a friend's advice to another friend or just plain manipulation for his own relationship goals with one of his best friends and a woman he's committing to? I think he's convinced he's doing it as a friend.I think distance is a great thing too for this, I think the honeymoon period might wear off for the two of them (maybe even sooner than Harvard) and why Maggie chose Max might shine through. Remember how quickly being away from Max brought him to mind at the dress fitting? It's possible Cole could fill that void in her heart, but it's also possible that Maggie just needs to be reminded about the best thing going for her love life. If that thing is Max, of course.I want to see what Max does too! I don't think it goes over well though, whatever it is. I feel like some of things I think Max could do would blow back in his face and might actually be the reason Maggie and Max's relationship breaks apart. I can't wait to find out!

  15. @ worldsapart it's cool having a new reader pop in and chime in with their perspective and opinions. in this case you're confirming what some of us have been thinking too. question i been asking myself is who do I want Maggie to end up with…Max, Cole , Jay (or jokingly Jays dad) . i think Jay really cares about her in a romanitic way but im not sure they got longevity. Cole may love her for a time but i think he'd eventually cheat on her. Max im not convinced hes the best for her either. Although he would provide the best cuckold experience for her long term. Maybe max is the best option of the worst sorts. Welcome to the KT fan club…!!

  16. Hey, thanks for the reply :)I think you're reading too much into the history between Cole and Max/Maggie. He did have clear boundaries before, even went as far to say that Maggie is like a sister to him. We have have secret desires and don't act on them because it's inappropriate. And we are the sum of our actions. But when Maggie became (suddenly!) interested in him on the beach, that all changed. Pandora's box opened and his secret desires and fantasies came to fruition. Sure, he resisted at first. Three years of disciplining your mind to reject those thoughts will do that to you.The issue, I think, is you're trying to bridge the gap between being a friend to Max (saying Maggie should cheat) and forcing his way into their relationship. I believe he is doing the opposite of what a friend would do and is masking it in disguise, taking advantage of the naivety of both Maggie and Max. You think there is truth to his suggestions, because hey, she DID cheat after all. You're forming a connection between the act of cheating and the bond between the three of them when there is no connection.The simple fact is that she just cheated on Max. That's why she was crying. And by doing so, Cole forced his way into this love triangle that they are now in. The road map is clearly presented, and Cole is both the map and the interface.It's easy to overlook Max in this equation because…well it wouldn't be such a titillating story if he was a bit more open about what he wants out of all this. But there were conversations between Max and Maggie that made it clear that Max wanted to be there. Maggie broke that trust, broke Max's trust in her, by not adhering to what was really their one and only rule. The fact that Max foolishly agreed to Cole's suggestion (which makes for a great scene by the way) is irrelevant. Maggie didn't open the closet door because she was ashamed. As if she had been trapped; a deer in the headlights. Human beings aren't this foolish. Max and Maggie's minds are clouded with lust and excitement, which is forgivable. But Cole is intelligent and is thinking clearly. Step 1 was to sexually satisfy her, step 2 was to form a love triangle, step 3 was to wedge Maggie and Max apart, and step 4 is to take her for himself. And all this makes the last chapter very heart breaking for me. Not only did she break their only rule, but now she wants to compound that absolutely monstrous error by spending time alone with Cole. I could forgive the night at the hotel, but not this. Why is she doing this? Because of Cole. If there was a wedge between them before, now they aren't even magnets anymore. The worst part is that none of this would even be possible without Max. Without Max, Cole isn't exciting. He's attractive but without the angst and jealousy, he's just a guy she knows. Eventually she will realize this. I just hope for her sake it isn't too late.

  17. To extrapolate on why Maggie didn't open the closet door and see Max — it was because she was the guilty one. Yes, she was tricked. She was likely also mad at Max for that. But make no mistake, she broke the rules, not Max. When a cop tricks someone into confessing to a crime, you don't write off the crime because the convicted was tricked.

  18. WA – The fact is I might be duped. There's a simple cognitive bias that people have called the Mere Exposure Effect- that just by simply being familiar with something, people tend to start to think more positively about it. If you notice higher in this massive page of text I commented on Cole the manipulator too, we agree on that. I've reread this story so many times that I think I've dulled my vitriol. I was right where you were when the whole thing was fresh on my mind.Still, lol, I think that history does matter. We know of Cole's transformation now that Maggie through his lovemaking into the mix, from friend to lover. We don't know how many countless opportunities Cole may have had in the past 3 years to seduce Maggie from Max. My hypothetical is this, if he's that much smarter than Max and Maggie, such an absolute hunk that he is, an expert with women, and he may have always wanted Maggie to himself, why didn't he try anything for years? Inch and inch his way because his desires continue to eat at him to a point where he messes up and tries to kiss her scrambling for an xbox controller. If his long game was to finally get into Maggie's pants, and she went down on him in Rhode Island, doesn't he cackle with glee that he's finally done it under the watchful eye of a friend? I think history matters because I don't think Cole consciously destroys his friendship with Max overnight.I think there's a cognitive dissonance in Cole's actions, which he has naively tucked away because he thinks he's helping his friends for the greater good, when the fact is he is trying to take Maggie for his own, unconsciously, at least in part. I may be placing too much emphasis on their ages on this, but I DO think these characters are foolish, including Cole. I keep going back to Sharing Maggie and the beach. Cole panics and almost leaves he can't believe what happened. Max was watching them the whole time too, Cole had to digest that he just got blown by a friend while his best friend watched. Max calmed Cole down about what Maggie was doing, and that he was somewhat complicit (though that was something Maggie should have worked out with Max obviously, separate topic, ha!). Having just sexualized his relationship with Maggie, something he wanted deep down, it makes sense to me that a college aged mind might start twisting gears and now Cole is committed to the game of giving Maggie experiences and trying to blow her mind, because hey his friends are on board and god damn it was fun. And Cole knows fun. Why question it? When problems arise just fight like hell to make sure no one complains too much and point to the game as an excuse. He doesn't want to acknowledge the pain he's causing right now because that would ruin a good time, and since he cares about his friends (I believe that he does, or thinks he does), he will hide behind this game as a crutch to protect him from the guilt. He'll ignore his own feelings too, which is why I think it will be really interesting to see if Maggie tries to egg Cole on about Jay. What happens when Cole's pride is hurt, what truth can Maggie drive out of Cole, that maybe even he doesn't realize?I guess I keep going back to intentions. Did Cole intend to hurt Max and Maggie in this? I don't think he willingly did. The fact that he did and is actively working to commit to acts that will hurt Max (and Maggie too) going forward he is still responsible for, but my passionate disdain for Cole dampens a skosh when I consider his intentions, as well as Maggie AND Max's contribution to those actions.

  19. was wondering if we were gonna get any cross over readers from his comments on ohw…prepare to have your mind blown by this author. for me it started with Losing his wife series . I loved hating the villain I hated loving the hero and had the hardest times figuring out which was which. 😊.

  20. ditto. the Cole issue started with a blow job on the beach but was spitting the sperm in the fire an act act of defiance of some sort? or maybe a burnt offering to the cuckold gods?. or just a means to stink up the beach and force everyone inside? oh Maggie what did you start.

  21. ditto. the Cole issue started with a blow job on the beach but was spitting the sperm in the fire an act act of defiance of some sort? or maybe a burnt offering to the cuckold gods?. or just a means to stink up the beach and force everyone inside? oh Maggie what did you start.

  22. Well it's certainly a great cliffhanger. Does Cole want Maggie for himself or does he want to wedge himself into a love triangle (indefinitely)? Does Maggie want to become a lawyer because of the comment her mother made about being an artist in her youth so she can be financially independent or does she just want to fuck Cole with hundreds of miles between them and Max?I can't prove that Cole's actions were intentional or not, not really. It's all conjecture. But I do think that this story ends with Max out of the equation, or Max somehow revealing Cole's intentions. He's gonna have to do what we can't.

  23. Max's future in this isn't even tied around Cole's intentions, either. Maggie is just as responsible for everything happening here and I don't see a happy ending for Max even if they somehow shake off Cole. No amount of crying and apologizing can change the fact that she is just a much different character now. That's why getting married young is usually a bad idea..

  24. no worries we have an excellent team of rabbit hole extractors.. we often hold group therapy in the blog associated to the most recent story posted. feel free to join and express yourself. idk how KT puts up with us…it's like going to a movie after ward discussing what worked and where the sequel would go if there would be one.

  25. Hi, my name is 2B2H and I've been KThead since 2016 … ha.If you like this, you'll definitely love LHW, but I think you'll love everything else she's done too, LHW2 is phenomenal too. Other stories you'll like but she hasn't finish are Caymen Proxy (still finishing up), LHW2, Obsessed ( 'Kobra Khan' has the first two parts included in one!). Owing Reza and Reza is Coming might become a series too, fyi.Her shorts aren't like other authors' shorts, she packs stories in beautifully full of the life you saw in Maggie and they frankly aren't even that short compared to other authors on here! Well worth the read. My personal favorite is Taken 2 At the Combine. I enjoy the idea of one bull complicating a relationship like Ricky, Scott, or Collin has in Xleglover stories.I honestly cannot think of a better writer than KT Morrison and I'm including Xleglover who is one my favorites too. They're different, obviously you can tell, so comparing might not be fair to you, but they are in a similar vein of writing an, to me, there is none better.

  26. well put 2b2h… to pile on the accolades. I've read Dave mcmanus, arnica butler, kenny wright (love the name play on that one) Kristen Mccuran, Max sabastion, and the list continues including collaborative stories between some aforementioned.Most of them have good stories some of which were exceptional for me..but kt consistently hits all my wickets. the spelling the grammar and prose. past and present tenses the characters stay in character until it's time for then not to..and then you know Why they aren't who they used to be. I'm not a scholar but I know the difference between a well written professionally done piece and one like I might write for a high school book report.not to mention the hot action and characters so well developed you feel like you know them personally.I still feel sorry for poor Pete and his train. I feel sorry for Jess too. Tyler..well he makes me think of things like guns, axes and butcher knives used in terrible ways.that's my rabbit hole and no I don't want to be extracted…….. just yet. 😊

  27. Really well put, John C. I liked “characters stay in character until it's time for then not to.” It's usually the scene where this happens that makes or breaks a story for me. Has to be believable, and it definitely is in these stories. I've read the Maggie and Reza stories so far, loved both of them. Looking forward to book #6! Hoping that Max can flex that big brain of his after that last line in the book. It's great seeing these changes in Maggie and how they all tie to her upbringing. Cole seems to be allowing her to push the past into the past, even changing the way she thinks. Loved the scene where she's afraid she's about to be disciplined by her father and then giggles at the thought of Cole smacking her instead. Doesn't even care about walking about the house with him with security cameras everywhere. Publicly gives him head, etc.I think she associates Max with her past and it'll be important for her to realize he's not.

  28. there's a good point we all may have brushed on but hadn't put a good finger on it like that.. I think we discussed how Maggie had daddy issues and how Cole played into that.. but attaching Cole to a future and max with a past is a very interesting concept.a novel and cool observation WA.

  29. To me, I've interpreted some of her affection with Cole to mean she is holding on to the negative feelings she's internalized from her family. That's why she asks if she's been a bad girl, a slut, or if she's been a disappointment. In one way of interpreting that, she's weaponizing how she handles being treated like that by turning it sexual, diminishing it's power. I think it could also be said she is misattributing how bad it felt by having it be brought out in a sexual sense. So it takes a man like Max that let her be herself and work out her problems with unconditional support in order for her to get over how she was treated in the past. Still, people don't necessarily fall in line that easily, people can change, most don't.To me, though I know others might disagree, I don't think I've seen enough from Cole to think he couldn't help Maggie overcome her past, too. I've seen some things though which make me like Max better.

  30. What I mean by 'misattributing how bad it felt by having it be brought out in a sexual sense,' by 'it' i mean getting ' bad girl, spanking treatment,' is maybe it's not healthy she has men (and Max isn't necessarily excluded from this if I didn't make that clear) antagonizing a sore-ish subject in her life. Especially never talking about it! It may be that they are really hurting Maggie, and that's why she could end up running off with someone else, say, Jay? 😁

  31. I can talk myself out of either of these interpretations but here are the two theories (lol what?) on 'Bad Maggie' at this point, in three sentences or less. One theory is a dirty and potentially healthy way of handling how shitty she was treated by smashing all the negative impressions her parents instilled in her with the help people who are truly looking out for her and can facilitate her on this journey. As I said above, mom and dad want to treat her like shit? Well look at what she's doing now. In that sense Max might be helping, maybe both Max and Cole are helping, and, also maybe, Cole might be helping her the most. What's also possible is that Max, Cole, and Maggie are all misinterpreting how Maggie really feels inside about “slutty Maggie.” She gets off on the bad girl treatment because maybe she thinks she's finally being treated the way she thinks she should, like the world is on it's proper axis. Her parents have convinced her of how terrible she is and now someone has brought it to her sex life by talking about how bad she is and she's coming to realize this is the kind of sex she deserves. This interpretation is sad, really dark, and obviously I hope it's not true. In this case, Cole and especially Max are not helping her at all, and when she realizes how painful this is to her heart she might find alternative, and that's where I think Jay might come back.In this same vein comes the Cole=Martin theory – this one is really centered around Cole and Maggie obviously. That Maggie only really thinks she likes Cole because she might be subconsciously drawn to the type of person he is or acting like. Obviously Max isn't like that, and maybe she doesn't like that fact right now, or at least it doesn't turn her on like thinks this other thing does. It's possible she realizes she does not want that kind of patronizing relationship she might start reject Cole treating her like a 'Bad girl' or being dominant all the time, maybe even reject Cole altogether when she starts thinking about him like her father. In the aftermath of that, would she run back to Max? What about Jay?

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