Discovering Maggie

Discovering Maggie is now available!

Maggie’s away from her husband-to-be, staying at her ocean-front home in Rhode Island. The wedding is only ten months away and her mother is helping select her dress.

Ten more months to explore herself and the things she may have missed…but when other men know this, nothing is sacred…

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  1. I try and stay out of these conversations because I would love to get in on them but forget that I might give something away. Just dropping in to welcome WorldsApart! Thank you for reading!

  2. Blurb ahead of the launch: not likely. You hardcore types are apt at deciphering my shenanigans. If I give you a week to strip down a blurb you'll have the whole story figured by the time it's live!

  3. The accolades: Cheez guys, I can't tell you how much that means. Really. Quenched vanity is more cherished than my desire to sell books …It really means a lot, and I hear all the stuff you say, and it keeps me typing. (Or dictating, these days.)Here's a spoiler of sorts, in lieu of a blurb: The next Maggie is around 42k words and it's still not the last Maggie book. One more to go. And I have the ending figured out and am super-stoked.

  4. Wahoo! more maggie,max, Cole and ????..Dr Frank N Furter said it best ..”antici………………………………..pation”@kt accolades you've earned not just given. i don't own a smoke blower.😁

  5. I didn't quite think about it that far but that's what I mean exactly. The character development Maggie has seen wouldn't be possible without Max enabling this side of her. Telling her it's okay to be bad. He's the conduit. I'm just unsure if she realizes this, it's unclear. I'm just gonna cross my fingers and hope Maggie is just “exploring” like they talked about and clever pacing of the storytelling is making the situation look worse for Max than it actually is. Whichever character opens her up more about her upbringing might not even matter, as far as Max/Maggie go.

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