Exploring Maggie

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Maggie warned her husband-to-be. Told him she was no good and she better be watched. Told him in the ten months before their wedding she would be so bad he wouldn’t even want to marry her…

Maggie and Max are separated as she returns to her hometown so her mother can take her shopping for her wedding dress. She’s alone and her scent is out there… Hungry wolves have caught it and they’re on her trail…

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  1. KT's relief valve on my emotional turmoil really helped. Although all of this is just a game for Max, we can only hope he knows where the solid ground begins to change to quicksand. Good luck to Maggie and Max, I hope you make it to the wedding, and hopefully a lot longer.Great job as always KT.

  2. Nice chapter…enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.Though I must say, having sex up against a tree and on top a boulder doesn't sound very comfortable. But don't knock it until you try it, I guess. lol

  3. At first I thought that Max was a straight up stalker, proven to be justified in his actions, but clearly a bit deranged following her to where she was. Then it was revealed Max was dropping Maggie off to her bus. Then I realized, Maggie couldn't have put up more red flags that Max should keep an eye on her, afterall I wonder how she sold the line, “You know that university on the shirt of the man you asked me to have sex with that I parade in, the one I wore when I secretly seduced him in to objectifying me? Yeah, the bus is in that town, want to drop me off 2 hours before my bus arrives? No reason.”So that must explain why Maggie went back to the jeep, why would she return when the intention was to just drop her off. She wanted him to follow her.What I can't explain is why KT hates car stereos so much. Seriously I think only Geoff had a car stereo that either didn't get smashed in, or was otherwise broken. I await the backstory to Cole's broken car stereo.Back to the story – anyone else enjoy the irony of Maggie teasing Max with a lie about getting handsy with a stranger, torturing him with that, while completely leaving out that she was asking for dick pics from very real threats to their relationship? Planning a possible get-together with Jay, and flirting with Cole?Cole is an interesting guy. He is someone who is willing to come clean to his best friend about a wrong that he did by him with his fiancee, a day after sexting her, but what’s worse than the things he did in a blatantly sexual front, were the lovey flirtatious lines that demonstrate an adoration. It’s clear he has an emotional connection, but from his interaction with Max at the end of the story, he might be trying to convince himself and his friend that an act that can really tighten his bond with her is not really what it seems.Hoo boy, what is Max going to do when Cole treats him with respect, and asks for some alone time with Maggie after seeing THAT video? That's what Cole wants to show him right? I wonder if Max talks him out of it, and he obliges to honor their friendship. What does bad Maggie do when she hears about that conversation?And finally, Max, dude, you are killing yourself with jealousy based lust. It's been amplified a thousand fold when you can see the connection she appears to be forming with Jay and right now he's not even trying that hard. Both of them acknowledge a limit. Now imagine Maggie trying to seduce love from Jay, and what he'll do to get her to return it? Don't do it *nodding my head* no one wants to see what'll happen *pops popcorn.*

  4. I was going to make a joke about a typo I thought KT made when she wrote out 'quicksilver' when explaining Max and Maggie's dual fantasy they were exploring, thinking she meant 'quicksand.' Had to redact it because no, she totally meant quicksilver.KT is still flawless!

  5. I'm not sure if Cole is being genuine, deceitful, or lying to himself. I could read what he does at the end as all three. I think its the last one, he doesn't want to admit it, and he'll feel bad if it happens, but he wants Maggie to himself. So he's going to do what he needs to make that happen.

  6. I think you cover all of the ways Cole could be thinking. Genuine Cole has been trying to keep things from being weird from the beginning. He wanted to bow out even after Maggie gave him lip service on the beach. Took Max's pleading for him to change his mind. Even when Maggie was almost convinced it was only Cole that would be leaving her room with her to go to the music room, he doesn't go full bore out the door knowing he has his acquiescent friend's ok, instead decides to play a game of “lock the naked girl out of her bedroom” to get him to laugh. After going back to campus they work out and Cole reassures his friend that he looks good, to not worry about things. Now he is about to come clean to his friend about a wrong he caused him, or thinks he caused him, even though for all he knew Max didn't even know about it.Deceitful Cole passes long soulful stares with his friend's girlfriend, confesses to having had unpure thoughts about his girlfriend and he's wanted it for a long time when they are about to do the nasty, calls her “my Maggie” in throes of passion, demands eye contact when they experience the most intimate connection there is for the first time, ignores the hesitation of his girlfriend to continue without him when they are alone in the music room, tries moves to coerce his girlfriend into playing dirty games coming fully prepared for the game, and convinces her not to worry about letting him know about those dirty games because it's more fun that way.No, I think he's lying to himself, and therefore falling somewhere in the middle. Admittedly I am a little biased by KT's passing comments that might have shone some light on Cole's emotional state, because it seemed murky, but it is there – he's already called her the most special girl he's ever known. Said so as a point of pride for his friend, but now that he's seen her at her most vulnerable, most passionate, most alive, there's no way he's convinced that he would be willing to see that again, just for her sake. Cole thinks they are incredible together, but has to remain restrained until his buddy tags him in. But Cole didn't sign up for this, I think he's torn up inside over it, and is just begging for a reason to let his instincts take control. Then Maggie kisses him – “It's okay, Cole” then Max pleads to him – “Maggie just doesn't want to be curious” and “I want this for her.” It gave him an out. He's possessed with a shield to protect from guilt. When they're alone together, his intentions with her are for “the greater good” now, once he put her heart, mind, and body through the wringer, made himself feel better by saying, “Now, next time (she'll be more receptive) …” And when he goes to confess what he did Maggie, he says he should be alone with her because, ” … I think she wants to.” Admits he does to, but that's not his main motivation.The heart wants what it wants, and Cole is pushing other women away that are throwing themselves at him because his' distracted. Right now I think he lacks the courage to admit what's happening to himself and tell his friend's how he might be feeling. I think this conversation Max and Cole will have is critical. I think they both let their rationalizations win out, comforted by the friendly words they both speak to each other, honest words coming from a bygone time in their friendship where a beautiful girl didn't stand between them, and Max gives in.

  7. Some more thoughts.I hate pseudoscience, and being tricked into believing something because it sounds really convincing if you don’t think too hard on it. To think, “Oh yeah, that makes sense” only to reflect for a minute and question, “wait, what?” There’s a theory in Intelligent Design (I know, give it a second) about something called Irreducible Complexity, and it is the position that since there are intricate systems within organisms today that have many connected and essential parts for those systems to function, then those systems could not have evolved that way. If you can remove one part of a system and the whole thing falls apart, then it must have been designed that way from the beginning. An example the “theory” gives is coagulation of blood. There are dozens of steps that go into that happening, and if anything is missing out of that process, it doesn’t happen.Now the theory is bs because critics have already found possible precursors to many of the systems that Irreducible Complexity posits as evidence, demonstrating that simpler systems became more complex over time, losing and gaining functions that improve how the system works. However, it is true that in a lot of the examples that this blowhard had, the current systems (like coagulation) do fail if not all the parts are functioning.What the fuck, 2B2H? – My point is KT’s stories are irreducibly complex. Take anything out of her stories – any theme, scene, progression of events, cliffhanger, mystery, callback, joke, description, word choice, thought, action, dialogue, object, anything out of her stories, and it starts to resemble the simpler things that I stopped having interest in once I trial and errored my way into finding the right match!Take for instance a point that I've made before – my interest in these stories for the bull and wife’s relationship. I enjoy the controversy … yada, yada. There are (some) authors that write to that niche. There are (mostly) authors that write exclusively about how in love the couple in the story are, even as the wife’s world explodes in the arms of another man. I realize that if I only have one or the other, I’m not interested. Become all about the Bull, and the wife should just leave the husband, and who cares about her. Become all about the husband and why is the wife even doing this? KT stories have so many interesting facets that add up to an amazing complete work. The fact that I keep thinking I’ve stumbled upon what the most important feature is to my enjoyment of her stories is proof I have trouble figuring out what I enjoy the most about them. It probably means I need it all.To use a rephrasing of a concept used in an actual science-based theory – KT’s stories are greater than the sum of their parts.

  8. Ramblings …Anyone else wonder if it's an accident that we’ve only made it through 2 weeks of Maggie’s exploration and yet we have 4 parts of this series? Part of me wonders if that is an important point in this story, that Maggie has transformed in such a way that things have completed turned around this fast! Maybe what Max and Maggie are holding on to is razor thin. The other part of me thinks that KT just didn’t know what she was getting into, that she was intending to write about a 10 month journey, but her characters are too interesting that the story accelerated, ha.I wonder if Maggie’s decision to marry Max was truly borne from the woman that Maggie wants to become. I think about her lack of relationships growing up and how she would idealize them because of her lack of understanding them. She spent the vast majority of her life thinking of love like a romance novel (maybe one written by KT Morrison), and it’s no surprise that when I read again how Maggie said yes to Max, she said, “yes, yes, a thousand times, yes,” I immediately scoff. Am I that cynical, yes, but I think there’s good reason to react that way here. People who use cliches bother me, because it’s an easy way to, at worst, conceal how people really feel, or more likely and I think applicable here, demonstrate that they haven’t really thought through what it is they’re saying. Yes the person can just genuinely believe what they said is how they feel and they just have an easy way to articulate it, but to say something that specific about something so important begs the question, why that choice of words? This is NOT to say that I think Maggie does not love Max enough to marry him, but it does make me wonder if the side of her that made her say yes was truly thinking for herself in that moment. Taken further, it makes me question how much of her relationship has been someone unconsciously trying to make her romance novels a reality with the person they are with, and not someone who truly feels comfortable being in the moment with them. Is it Max that’s helping her out of her shell now, is it the other men she’s been with, or both? Still an open question.Life goals: Get a girl to look at me like Maggie looks at Jay, ha!

  9. Locus of Control -The power that Maggie talks about having over her men is questionable. It’s clear that she held the reins in terms of opening up her sexuality, particularly evident with Max, but it is not yet clear that she truly reins over her romantic sexuality when she is with Jay or Cole. Thinking about how she let curiosity win her mind over when Jay and her started playing around, she ignored (or ceased to think about) the part that thinks it’s wrong not even just because of Max, but because she never did anything like that before. Or how wrapped around Cole’s finger she was the day before and during the wedding planning day. These are examples of a woman who does not have full control over what she’s feeling. That’s typically okay when you have trust with someone, but, important in this instance, someone might get hurt when the thing that Maggie might not have control over, her passion and heart, are not openly discussed. She says it's just sex, but things are escalating.Three things could be happening right now since she is not acknowledging that she lacks control over this situation, 1) it can lead to situations like right now where she feels comfortable withholding things from Max (new to the list, what did Maggie and Jay talk about by the stream!?!) that could conceal a reality that Maggie may be falling in love with other men. Sidebar, of course, Max is partly to “blame” (to the extent that we can blame someone for falling in love) for this, because he has had opportunities to see what could be going on, and chooses to sit ideally by as the proof reveals itself to him.2) She is leaving herself vulnerable to falling further out of control with Jay and/or Cole, and things can get even messier, which I think they will.3) Not mutually exclusive in this, but also worth mentioning, she might want to lose control. Maybe it’s instinct, maybe it’s being courageous, but she wants Cole and Jay to blow Max’s and her mind and is actively trying to put herself into situations where they can do that. That last point will be really important when thinking about what Secret Maggie will have to consider with Max, in future book(s).

  10. Body Language, Educated Guesses, and the Black Box* that is Maggie's Decision Making*There's probably a subconscious reason why my mind is drawn to words that could serve as a double entendre, I should probably ignore that tendency, it's just so fitting though!!!I am wondering if Maggie's initial intent was to have sex with Jay. And since they ended up doing it, if that helped Maggie to broach another barrier. Recall that Max was convinced she was on her knees for the finish (the educated guess), it was Jay that stopped her. Then when it was clear what was going to happen, she shied away from looking at anything or anyone (the body language). A reluctance to admit defeat to her resolve, possibly? Also recall that after some adjustment it wasn't until she heard the words of Jay that she started getting into it. The final straw?Maggie knew she was being watched, knew her husband did not officially permit what she was doing, and she was not really convinced she had sex with anyone else behind his back until that moment with Jay (she grapples with what she did with Cole on the train). That might have contributed to her reluctance, but it seems like Jay helped convince her to put aside her reservations, and now has a precedence for going further with her lovers spontaneously. I am endlessly impressed with everyone of the characters in this story, most of all Max and Maggie, of course. I have no certainty at all about what's next (the black box) and I absolutely love every second of the torturous unknown. Love them all!

  11. Hi K.T. Could you please write more stories with a tempted, almost reluctant virgin heroine? I'm a sucker for those. Many thanks!

  12. Awesome–Thanks, JL23!Maggie kept her clothes on, don't forget–she didn't have bare skin against bark or granite! (that buffer is very important)

  13. Maggie and Max went to VSU together, Max gave her a head start then followed her, playing a game that she was in on…And I fucking hate car stereos.

  14. Holy shit, the size of my head now…Thanks so much for all the kind things you say!And as for the time of the story being so condensed, given the original timeframe of ten months, yes, that is me discovering the nature of the characters as I went along, and having them surprise me. The timeline though, I suppose, will become important too, given the activities and emotions they've gone through…You are spot on with Maggie's decision to marry Max, if you ask me. (Just read it agin and yes, spot on. Except Maggie doesn't read romance as we've come to understand romance, she reads Classics…)And I think Maggie could def draw Max without looking! She loves that guy–he's a handsome dude, and she legit fell for him. Was glad to have him. I could say more but again, you know, spoilers and all…

  15. (To KT's 2nd to last sentence above)Must. Comment. On. Past. Tense.Keep your big head, just promise you won't let it take you from the place that puts these works together, ever!Like Mother, Like Daughter -I think another point worth talking about is how much she kind of sounds like her mother at times when she is talking to Max. You can tell she's her mother's daughter despite seeming much more warm and pleasant. I think it's a factor to deciding how Maggie looks back at what she's doing. As much as we hate to talk about how much alike we are to our parents, it makes us (at least me personally) mad how often our sensibilities relate to them. Mom runs a tight ship, Maggie can fall into that mindset and enjoys a man who can match that precision. If Max keeps his moral, emotional ambiguity up it might turn that efficient side of her off. She would be able to look past that of course, but if Max keeps being afraid of her mother too, that might not be appealing to the other side of her. The side that rejects how disconnected her mom is to her life. Show pride in what Maggie does, without fear of how challenges het mother and Maggie would like that too.On Max's ambiguity – He's in over his head. Max doesn't know what's up or down in this, and as a result is one more heart pumping live show away from probably going into full on meltdown mode. The complete, utter lack of clarity on Max's part, due in part by legitimate challenges he had to face regardless of his ability to prepare for them, i.e. Maggie's inexperience and desirability, are about to get serious.Make him fall in love with you? Max … dude … !

  16. You mean: Was glad to have him?I just meant that when she arrived at Farmingham, insecure but curious, she was genuinely smitten by that cutie-pie Max with his unicorn T-shirt and his stubble. She was glad to have him (introduced into her life). It wasn't a spoiler or anything. Or maybe it was and this is the statement my legal team came up with to throw everyone off…

  17. The relaunch? I'm thinking of bringing it back as 0.99 shorts. Brief sexy soap opera episodes. So I'm republishing the old chapters. They have new covers, but they take a few days to show up on the Amazon product page—though, if you click the Look Inside you can see them that way.

  18. I was making a joke that I saw you referencing O, hoping it was a sign of future plans (new stories). Good to know about your repackaging. I hope it works for you!

  19. Hi ToBe=ToHave. I have read Taken While He Watches on their Honeymoon. I love it, but I am not a fan of multiple partners. I am new to KT's books and reading the synopsis of her books, it seems like that's the only title with virgin heroine. I will check out Obsessed. Most of the plot of your books I like and a virgin heroine will fit nicely. I love a reluctant virgin being tricked or seduced by an alpha (a black guy would be preferable) to have unprotected sex and promises to pull out but doesn't (either intentionally or too caught up in the moment to do it). A number near close encounters before the final sex would be so hot. The encounters progress from simple kissing, petting, cunnilingus, to bj, anal then finally taking the heroine's cherry. For example the virgin heroine can be engaged or have a boyfriend and they are both very religious and don't believe in premarital sex.

  20. Full disclosure, I'm not a fan of multiple partners either. Kind of ironic, eh? Liking a heroine to sleep around … but not too much … ha!Basing off of what you say, I wouldn't have even thought of what KT said but IMO, it hits the nail on the head with Amy. That series is about a number of characters other than Amy and it is in the POV of the bull primarily (although like all books of hers they cover everyone's viewpoint in the third person), but the main conflict of the story is allegedly (a legend at this point given the time between books 😉 looking at you KT, jk) going to be with Atticus (the bull, white) and Amy. Amy fits your bill pretty damn well. Want to help pressure KT to bringing that back with me? haha.Otherwise I like the story you're prescribing.

  21. I would love to finish Obsessed. It's got some of my favourite scenes.I was re-reading it the other night, cleaning it up to re-issue… I love Becky and Steve, I forgot how extreme they were. I know they weren't popular… And Gretch? … The characters in Obsessed are my favourites of any book I've written… But, boy, Amy and Atticus were hot. If I remember correctly, I wrote Taken/Honeymoon after Obsessed and the wife in that book is a cartoon version of Amy. Remember JJ and the strawberry milkshake? Good times.Yes, and I like your proposed premise as well! (It's got me thinking…)

  22. Please do! I'll grant seniority to Caypro 7 for Guhrka's sake (jk i'll take that too!) but i love Obsessed! I remember the scene you recall fondly and I know I've said this before but spa day!? The look on Amy's face as Atticus approaches, “Amy … your bandana?”Gold!

  23. KT when you say Maggie was “in on” the game, you mean she caught on to what Max was doing, right? My reading of the Max's pursuance was seeing what Maggie would do after he dropped her off. I think Maggie set the stage for the game deliberately, as I understand the game that is, just to be clear. Another piece of evidence is the drop off point. She apparently didn't want to be dropped off where her bus would pick her up OR the place that would conveniently let Max find the prop for her roomie. Again Maggie explains … “No reason … 😁.”Sometimes my simple mind needs people to spell things out, and i have to ask because that knowledge affects my understanding of the characters.

  24. My imagining was that they hatched the scheme together, not in detail, but in insinuations, and without a clear plan they drove together to VSU and they parked. As if he were dropping her off. She left the Jeep and he gave her a head start and then he followed her. She knew she was being followed the whole time. Neither of them knew what was going to happen, but they had expectations…

  25. Just finished reading it. Had bought The Book Several Days Ago But Had to Wait Until I Had time And Privacy To Read it. And …..WOW!Lots going on… Maggie is definetly able to multitask. I loved the part where Jays dad was observing Maggie …was he thinking “I gotta shot at that” or “I have to help my son get closer to that ” or “I need to warn Jay about that slut”KT your an amazing story teller. I m looking forward to the next chapter. I think the rpms of the cogs in this sex machine are “maxed out” . All three living sex toys are gonna be crushing so hard that eventually something or someone is gonna break. I see a chastity device in Max's future. Ok maybe distant future but Mags will get him there.

  26. I'm interested in Dr. Carmichael too, I wonder if he might try to use an office visit to try to understand what Maggie's doing with his son and maybe talk some sense into her when he perhaps stumbles on what they're doing.Your thoughts have been interesting on this because I do wonder if he tries to talk up his son and convince her she can do better with Jay. I also think his more mature mind would be skeptical of a girl who's cheated in the past. Cheat before? Cheat again …I don't think he squeals to mom and dad about what she's doing, but if he gets angered by the hurt feelings of his son, maybe he pulls up his old student's registry?

  27. On KT's notes – I wonder what they say about Jay and his father immediately after Maggie/Jay's romp. I'd been thinking there is no way he came back to finish his matches the same after what they did. I have zero doubts that pops would notice his son's typical performance, Maggie, Maggie and Jay, Jay goes on break, Maggie's gone and his son's posture and subsequent performance after coming back and wonder very specific thoughts about what he was doing and their repercussions. Both to him and his scholarship. Nothing more noticeable than a person freshly fucked, especially when their flesh and blood.Obviously Jay must have still taken all comers or else I would think Jay would say something to her via text that night. It's very possible though that losing any matches is the least of his concerns at the moment. His father on the other hand …

  28. Well, his wrestling was done for the day! His dad went to go get lunch with a colleague, Jay showered, met with Mags, had another class then he and his father would drive together to Ogunquit to go and visit his mother. Remember Max (following Maggie after her encounter with Jay) crossing Drillfield noted the exposition mats were already cleaned up.That may have been an uncomfortable drive to Maine for his father, wondering what (or if!) he should say about Maggie…Though, Jay did text her with playful banter that evening (from his mother's house), and even fulfilled Maggie's request for a picture…

  29. I will also be interested in any communication between Jays dad and Max . He was aware of Maggie and Max. And now even more so. Wondering if he'll probe max about Maggie not sure how that happens but would throw an interesting wrinkle in the “game” if an “adult” with authority was making inquiries. I'm still thinking about the shoe that hasn't hit the floor yet with Ken having witnessed his sistets debautory. Ooohh so much intrigue and suspense. Will the wedding go off as planned …Maybe with some modifications made by Cole.Yeeehaaa we got ourselves a gooden! 😆

  30. Heh, I am chosing to read that first line as a veiled way of saying, “Yeah, no, reread that section again buddy” because I totally read Jay' s time with Maggie as in between matches. Don't ask. I thought, wow look at how much appreciation Jay has for Maggie choosing to get showered up, just to have some time with her in between matches. Move along, nothing to see here and thanks for playing.Though the actual stuff you mention that happened after they split up is very thought provoking.

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