Losing His Wife Reissue!

I re-vamped and edited the original LHW manuscript (who put all these pronouns in here!?) and it is now renewed with a new title and all-together in one convenient package. Pete and Jess Mapplethorpe’s story is novelized and re-named— Learning Lessons: A Losing His Wife Novel.

It’s a 160,000-word cuckolding/hotwife epic and if you enjoyed it at the time and wanted to have it as one book, now’s your chance. (Remember the fun some of us all had as each episode came out? Ah, memories…) It’s even available as a 6×9 paperback too (free e-book version with paperback purchase).  And if you’ve never read it, what better way to get acquainted? It’s even in Kindle Unlimited!


  1. Oh, I remember this story!Glad you could pull this off! Really nice feel to the cover, you're a real pro, KT! I've made room on the shelf for dem ribs.

  2. Beyond the synopsis I would say it's a book about a couple who experiment with wifesharing, things progress to dangerous levels that somehow result in their bull staying in their home for a period of time. He becomes a part of the family, in a way, interacting with their children and other family members and the wife eventually has intense feelings for him.Here are the synopses for the original novelettes as they were released:1. A gorgeous mom is convinced by her husband to seek sexual gratification without him. She comes home from her date and talks him step by painful step through her evening while she repays the favour.2. A married couple invite the wife’s boy-toy for dinner. Now they have to convince him to do all the dirty things he’d thought were a secret right in front of her husband.3. A married woman, encouraged by her husband to take on a better lover, has trouble keeping her hands off her new boy-toy. Even when there aren’t many rules her young bull has her so hot she manages to go too far.4. A married woman moves her bull into the house. Her young stud is sleeping just across the hall now. It should be easier to be with him now but it’s not—she’s got a house full of kids and responsibilities but she’ll make it happen. She can’t wait to humiliate her husband, show him the amazing things she can do with her tongue.5. A married woman moves her bull into the house. Her young stud is becoming a part of the family. Now she’s prepared for something more—something a little more intimate, a little more naked. A little unprotected. And maybe even something dirtier.6. A married woman moves her bull into the house. Her young stud is becoming a part of the family. Is she becoming too attached? On a night where she receives a special award she's arranged to receive something else and a way for her husband to watch. She's fasted for two days, she's cleansed; but she's still a little nervous about her first time…7. A bull has moved in with his cuckold couple. It wasn't supposed to be for long, but now it's two weeks past when he should have left. It's Thanksgiving and all the family is coming for dinner. What are they going to think of their young, handsome, and muscular houseguest? How obvious do they have to make this?8. A bull has moved in with his cuckold couple. It wasn't supposed to be for long, but now it's practically Christmas and he's still there. Every day it seems less likely he's going to leave, he's getting more and more comfortable. And the wife? She's being challenged by some strange feelings…9. A bull has moved in with his cuckold couple. The wife has fallen in love with him. She's admitted it to them both. He has told her he loves her too. Now things have got far too complicated. He never should have been allowed in in the first place. The worst that could happen has happened and now the husband is slowly being pushed out of his own wife's life.10. A cuckold's wife has fallen in love with her bull. She's made it final. Now he's watching her and his family from the outside. Watching this young well-built man live the life he should have…

  3. I don't even have my own copy yet! Thanks so much for purchasing—and I don't mind if the spot on your bookshelf is sideways, tucked behind other books, ha ha. Just glad it's there at all…

  4. Amazing!Done. I bought it! I know that maybe the description you added may qualify as spoilers to some but I was hoping for almost as much info to make my decision. Thank you as always!And please keep on writing just as swiftly as the keyboard wings allow! Cheers!

  5. How am I hiding this!? Thing is massive! 😅And how do you not have a copy yet? Shouldn't the author be customer number 1? Ha!I'll tell you how it ends!

  6. I came to this one late. I only discovered your masterful works in 2019. How deprived I’ve been! Or is that depraved?

    Either way, I loved hating Tyler and wanted to wring Jess’s neck for most of the book. Your ending left me hopeful, but disappointed. Half-way endings leave me wanting more from the characters and this ending left me wanting more.

    I wonder what it would be if Pete took Jess back and moved the family to the new job in Cleveland. Of course, Jess would have Tyler’s baby out of the prying eyes of their former community. She could restart her life. However, she has to explain the new baby to the boys and Pete’s family.

    Might add some tension with a new guy to tempt Jess and see what happens to Pete’s new found masculinity. Of course, right now you have bigger fish to fry, but who knows, maybe Tyler could even come along to stir the pot.

    1. Thank you!

      And, boy, do I have a surprise for you—there is a Pete and Jess epilog in the back of the second Maggie book, Sharing Maggie. It’s pretty much like you outlined here, lol!

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