Secret Maggie

The next book in the Maggie series is now available!

Coming home from Rhode Island and resuming classes and resuming their old friendly relationships prove a little awkward for Max and Maggie and Cole. Maggie is unsure yet excited, Max is enjoying the sword point of erotic jealousy, and Cole is worried about feelings he might have about his best friend’s fiancée. None of them know what to do about their emotions and predictably a path obscured in shade can hide chuckholes…

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  1. Conclusion (for now)Maggie’s interpretation of Max’s enjoyment is her most important consideration to date as she continues to grapple with her thoughts, “my fiancee is into this.” Sure she knows that he isn’t wholly into everything she is doing, but there is enough doubt about the limits and about the flexibility of those limits to test them. This is Maggie’s new normal. Let’s say she means it when she says this'll be over with when they are married. For the time being at least, what she is doing is now feels like appropriate behavior in her relationship with Max. I don’t think there is any doubt we are going to see what the limits are for Max, and in that moment we will see if Maggie’s curiosity is driven more internally or one borne of Max and her explorations.

  2. Hey KT, I know you have more than enough on the go, but I hope that idea you mentioned a while back “Reluctant wife, cheating, falling in love, husband not into it, alpha bull who rubs it in” is still lit up for you. You're a quality author for all the reasons that I've mentioned before and I don't know who else could truly do justice to these themes. Hope everything's going well.

  3. Obviously not KT, but I'm just running through the themes you outline and I just wonder, how do you know she isn't giving us this right now? 😉Just saying, that case could be made.

  4. I hope not! For whatever the reason this book is taking a long time. I'm almost done, but it keeps wandering away from me and I have to add more and more. Weird thing is while the book seems huge (maybe the hugest I've done) the word count doesn't show it. I keep thinking my software is messed up, but it's not. ha ha. It's not as long as Tempting or Sharing (for now!) but it feels so much bigger because I tread a lot of difficult ground maybe…Hang in there, I will finish very soon! My goal is to hit publish in the month of June (but please don't hold me to it!)

  5. Kind of, however the relationships in Maggie are far more complicated to nail down one interaction as the driving emotion.It is there, but its not so intentional, but I think the intention can be brought to the surface the more successful the behavior is…ie, the more rewarding it is, the more bold it will become. Or maybe not. And yes, that was ridiculously cryptic.I did begin a fun and painful book that is precisely bullying. Bully the husband, seducing the innocent, unsuspecting housewife. Husband acquiesces. Not a series, definitely just meant to be a 100-pager. It is still a go.My schedule is so wonky, and you can all recognize that by now, ha ha—I was just thinking that this bully story was reminiscent of Size Curious Brat in some ways, then remembered I wrote half of a second part to that story and it's still sitting (forgotten) on my drive…

  6. The accumulating lies are what excite me as a reader (and make Mr afraid for them as an empathetic person). Max has his secrets, Maggie has hers, and now Cole has his. And if Max discovers what happened in Cole's room, the potential wave of betrayal could cost him not only his fiancee but also his best friend–leaving him quite alone in the world. Plus, the secret of Maggie's brother still awaits…. And I hope we haven't heard the last of Jay…I've enjoyed the two Losing His Wife series, but the Maggie books are deeply erotic and compelling.

  7. Thank you so much. The building lies are what threatens them as a couple. I think they have a good relationship but that there are unaddressed individual character flaws that are putting holes in their boat despite the exciting forbidden fun they're having. The things they… Ha ha, just wrote a long diatribe and had to delete it because I realized I was giving too much away! But, yes, the lies are bad…

  8. So I was listening to a song the other day and maybe had KT fresh on the mind when, once again, I connected a song to the storyline of a KT story.Stevie Wonder's 'Maybe your Baby' has been altered now lol. It's not like the theme of infidelity hasn't been tackled by countless artists, and the story that SW writes about is pretty basic, but listening to it at the gym I got a mini chuckle to myself that another of my favorite songs is being viewed differently because of a writer.Does anyone else have songs that remind them of KT's stories and what are the lyrics?Here's some of Maybe Your Baby(from AZ lyrics)I'm feelin' down and some kind of lonely,'Cause' my baby done left me here,Heart is blazing like a five alarm fireAnd I don't even give a careI feel like the world is turnin' on me,My dreams turn to ashes right in front of my face,And I'm gettin' kind of worried,And I feel so out of place,Maybe your baby done made some other plansMaybe your baby done made some other plansI feel like cryin', yeh, yehMaybe baby, baby, babyIn the mornin' when I've got heartache,I can't call up the doctor for help,'Cause the only person that could ever do me any good,Is steppin' out with my best friendI feel like I'm slippin' deeper,Slippin' deeper into myself,And I, I can't take it,This stuff is scarin' me to death

  9. Happy I could help outline the next book! Can't wait to read it. I feel that Maggie and Max are essentially good people and a loving couple. But, yes, there are those character traits that are being teased and let out for air–traits they don't understand yet. Maggie has a pent-up desire to be wild after being kept in Tiger Mom's cage, and Cole seems to know how to unleash her–while also harboring more desire for her than he wants to show Max. And Max has those classic cuckold self-doubts and a weak spine in the face of confrontation. Such a rich playground for your story.

  10. Glad to hear that bully story's still on the radar! I may be in for a bit of a wait, but I am extremely excited to read any further writing from you in the vein of Size Curious Brat.

  11. Submitted this morning. Schedule has been really bad for me—real life hardships getting in the way. This was supposed to be a 50k word book but I keep extending it, and the ending was confounding me. It looked like I might need another two weeks so I published 30k words, which is the size of the LHW2 books.Speaking of LHW2: the craziest, weirdest fucking coincidence—I ended up in Haliburton for Canada Day. Not at Rocco's cottage unfortunately, I was there for not-fun reasons. I haven't been to Haliburton in fucking years and had no plans to be there, then day-of, I end up in Haliburton on the exact day from the LHW2 book Montreal where Geoff, Nia, and Odie go to celebrate Canada Day on the 150. Fucking Universe at work, man…

  12. First of all, woohoo!(?)I'm sorry that life has been getting in the way of writing. I really hope that you can get back to a normalcy you are looking for soon, and not just for writing! I know I'm not the only that really appreciates that you care enough to struggle with the ending, you keep us hooked because the story matters to you. It'll be an awesome day when we find out that it clicked for you.Is/was Next Maggie intended to be the end-end or are you still expecting more? I think you said there is more in another post, but I can't remember if that was pre-SM or not.Happy belated Canada Day! What a funny coincidence, but sorry that it wasn't as fun of a reason to be where you imagined your characters at one time. See any places that looked like they could have a wine cellar in the basement? 🙂

  13. I love this series. hopefully there is more to come! I am hoping that either Cole or Jay make an appearance on the honeymoon!!

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