The Easter Egg

Well, Sharing Maggie also contains a little Easter Egg. A possible chapter in the Pete and Jess Mapplethorpe story.

This was fun for me and it was amazing to return to them. I love this family.

And of course we find that everything is not perfect but that progress has been made and they’re all doing the best they can.

Let me know what you think!


  1. That was some teaser, KT! Is this exploratory? You opened up an old box that we all thought was closed for good, and we barely had any time to reminisce before you shut it back up again.Really, really enjoyed it, but I'm left wondering what for?

  2. Well now, that took me right out of the second Maggie chapter…which I enjoyed BTW. I'll comment on that one later when I have the time.I enjoyed seeing Pete and Jess happy and successful, with their family put back together, until we got that glimpse of Tyler. I knew he would be there as soon as I started reading it, but I wasn't prepared for the “put his life together” Tyler (at least what he's portraying, I wouldn't put it past him to be playing some kind of angle).I've long thought Jess would have taken Tyler back if he returned in those first few months; now that 3 years have passed, would it be different? Honestly, I'm not entirely sure I want to know, because now the stakes are even higher. You have two boys who already saw their parents nearly split up, and now would be old enough to really understand what is going on between their mother and Tyler. And you have a little girl who loves her Daddy, only there's this other guy now in her life and well, its complicated. I guess I'm not sure I want to see this family on the brink of ruin again. It would hurt too much; I enjoy the angst, but I'm not sure I would enjoy this much angst. Just my opinion though; if we do get a full chapter I'm sure I'll read it.But can I scream out to Jess: stay away from Tyler! He's no good!

  3. As an Easter egg, it was definitely soft boiled, making a mess when cracked open. I was hoping that Jess could hold out until she got Tyler out of the house, but couldn't quite get there. Tyler lived up to what I have always thought of him, a low-life who preys on women he can take advantage of. I can only hope that Jess warns Pete about what happened, that is her only chance to deal with Tyler. He might be strong enough to take him on this time if he prepares ahead of time (I would suggest a 9 mm Glock would do the trick).Anyway, great writing as always, KT, you probably can guess I was hoping this would end on a high note, and the next book would bring on the “KT edginess” that we all get addicted to. so, even though the storyline did not go the way I had hoped, I must say it was good work.

  4. I wouldn't consider this as part of the LHW canon. This was more fantasy, that's why I just tagged it on the back of another book. It was totally self-indulgent and I just missed Jess and Pete and I wanted to get in their skin and move around in their new lives. It was amazingly fun for me!

  5. I am really liking the “Maggie” series. But let's talk about that Easter Egg. WHOA! What a nice little cherry on top of the dessert. KT, is there any chance there will be another installment of the Losing His Wife Series where this story continues? There are SOOOO many possibilities. Jess despises Tyler now, but can she resist him (I think not). Would Tyler blackmail Jess, threatening to force a paternity test unless she let him back in her life. Pete is still a cuckold at heart, will he regress and allow those tendencies to prevail and allow Jess to be with Tyler? OR…. was this just a tease? I don't mean for that to overshadow the Maggie series. You're still the best author of this genre, regardless of which story you lead us to. Keep up the great work KT….

  6. New commenter chiming in here. I’ve devoured most of your work in just under a month KT, with LHW1 being the first thing I read after hearing about it quite some time ago in a Literotica comment section so I was glad to see this little snippet pop up. I’m sure it helps that I read it so recently but it’s a credit to the care you take with your characters that I could so easily slip back into Mapplethorpe mode. Would’ve liked to see Jess offer up a little more resistance at this late juncture but I think she would get there if this became a longer form thing. The alternative, that she succumb toTyler yet again, is almost too terrible to contemplate.It also addresses something that rarely gets brought up in these stories, which is that after the villain is vanquished and the hubby sacks up his fetishes don’t just magically vanish. They’re still there. They both still know it and even play with it a bit, although Pete doesn’t verbalize anything. Anyway, count me in as a fan. I like the angst/ life drama aspect of these stories the most (although I prefer a happy ending usually) and I definitely get my fill with your stories. Looking forward to whatever comes next after Maggie, which I see has just been completed.

  7. Thank you so much!I wrote the easter egg quite a bit after I'd finished LHW, and was amazed how easy it was to jump back into their heads—I'm so glad that came across!I feel like Pete's fetish was reduced to a simmer, not taken off the stove—if I were to continue this story I'm not even sure where it would go, but it's sometimes fun to think about.Problem would be that if Jess acquiesced to Tyler in any way I think Pete would pack her shit up. Pete has his fetish but he's not stupid. A further story would have to center on a paternity fight with Tyler, and the scratching at the hardened scab covering the old but exciting wound drives them both into a hot sexual frenzy, remembering all those terrible but salacious things. So >> preparing for and going to court and then at the same time hot passion behind the scenes with a lawyer, or something along those lines …

  8. Throwback Thurs-Monday –

    The recent talk of Jess and Pete had me looking back at this and realizing I barely said much about it other than display some petty, “So what?” behavior. I really can’t believe that my comment was it to this awesome little short story. I think it’s because Maggie was just getting started and I couldn’t wait to keep reading it and focusing on discussing that?

    This is a supremely sad addition to the story (which KT says is not canon so maybe it’s not right to call it an addition). We see a Jess who’s trying desperately to repent for her sins, wanting to be the good wife again. Doing a pretty good job of it, but she has to be reminded of it constantly when she sees Pete’s family who can’t trust her anymore. She’s taken to the role of housewife, which is sad! It reminds me a little bit of Nia, who locked herself in in part because she felt terrible of what she did to Geoff in producing Odele. Better to devote your life to your present relationship and be thankful for it. Bleak! Jessy says she can go back to substituting at any time. Let’s hope.

    Pete is no less sad, in my opinion, guy who is working hard on himself, still harboring jealousies and distrust (with stiffies of course) to whomever Jess meets. I have to think there’s a half truth in his conspiracy that putting another baby in Jess will “keep her in the house,” as he said. Feeling a pressure to put on appearances in his neighborhood because he was afraid of drawing any attention to his family. Lots of heavy stuff weighing on these two!

    Then there’s Tyler. Who does a fantastic Reza impression (I can see where maybe KT was conjuring up that character with Tyler’s boldness, lol). Guy waits for his opportunities to strike based entirely on when he has a chance to go to Ohio for his job, stakes out Pete and Jess’ home, and chooses to strike after his third day of stalking. Fucking barges in and traps Jess in her own home, which is a different sort of feel then the one I felt when Tyler lived with Jess and Pete before. This felt like he was an absolutely unwelcome creep. I felt nauseous when he actually tried to interact with Annie. Who cares if she’s his daughter, or how long it took for him to find out it might be, he had no right.

    But, what is Jess going to do? Calling the cops would work, but here’s this man who is the biological father to your daughter with whom you’ve never told. She might have some small part of her that feels guilty about it, since she was just as complicit in committing the act that made their daughter. Factor in those old feelings they shared at one weird time in her life, and you have the makings of a destroyed woman. I wonder how long it took for her to pick herself off the ground at the end. It probably took Annie to get her to move on with her day.

    I’m sorry I never gave this story it’s proper review, it was truly A+ work!

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