Sharing Maggie

Another story about Max and Maggie is now available. This time we follow them to Maggie’s home and discover a little more about her. Their wedding is in ten months and they go to her house in Rhode Island and do some preliminary planning. Maggie’s parents want to meet the Best Man, so Cole travels with them. Sharing Maggie might get a little complicated when your best friend is involved. It might be the kind of thing you want to stay away from!


  1. Goodness one chapter down and my mind is going on all sorts of tangents. If it weren't Easter I'd think it was Christmas..

  2. Contains Spoilers -Hotwife story observations – One of the things that I’ve noticed in this genre is – the hottest moment with a cheating wife character isn’t necessarily in the first encounter with the Bull of the story, though that is obviously critical. Rather, it seems to be the second encounter that’s the hottest. The first one is intense, passions are wild, thoughts are singular and undeterred, all the doubts and fears of the repercussions can be reasonably ignored because “things got out of hand,” etc. It’s the second encounter that is usually the hottest.I think the reason is the reader is left thinking – lessons weren’t learned, there is something more at play than what anyone cares to admit, there’s more premeditation, any number of things I suppose, though I think those examples I listed overlap. It wasn’t Fire Station 455 where Dino and Nia’s most intense moment happened, but when he visited Nia who was home by herself … hoo, that was amazing. It wasn’t the unseen coupling of Jess and Tyler that set the tone for LHW1, but Dinner for Three. Not because we didn’t get to “see” their first moment together, but because of how much more into it Jess was the second time around.In both TM and SM, it was as if KT escalated the second coupling’s fanfare (although I guess with Jay, what I’m referring to as the “second coupling” is truly the third, but you know what I mean). When someone has enough control to make the decision to cheat twice, it tells the reader a lot. It’s because of Cole’s appeal to make the 2nd night back at home “special” that leaves us wondering what is really going on here? So much happened to drive the story in that time frame. It makes the difference in my opinion.Anybody else hung up Maggie’s question to Cole? “Why do YOU want to do this?” Fantastic stuff KT, you have my attention!RFRKT is a new acronym I’m going to coin for this board, it means “Reason For Reading KT.” I glow ridiculously about this author, so much it deserves a warning, it’s better than constantly saying “Boy I sure like it when …”So, RFRKT – KT adds layers upon layers of intrigue in interesting ways. How did she pull it off in SM? Ken saw the three of Cole, Max, and Maggie, and so what does this mean? Does Ken tattle? What happens to the willingness of Maggie’s parents to support their marriage if they find out? What happens to Maggie’s fathers’ support in getting Max the Oxbow internship and helping his career get off the ground? They won’t like Cole anymore either, so Ken’s knowledge of this could mean trouble for at least their public plans with each other, if it becomes a family intervention.RFRKT – Valerie stopped her. “Oh, not so fast … You don’t want to take him up there.”Maggie – “I don’t?”Valerie – “Not until the day, Miss Becker.”Maggie – “Oh.”Cole – “Let the Best Man take you up there …”That … wow …Last thing – I had visions, an impasse – Max looking to do something that would have normal for the three of them to do together before their visit to Maggie’s Parent’s. He’s not really in the mood (as is his right to feel) to let Maggie and Cole to get together again, just for today, please. But Cole and Maggie look at him, they’d planned separately, or spontaneously thought of another romp, “Please, I’ve just really been looking forward to this.” Yeah … the things she makes us think about!

  3. Still digesting Sharing Maggie….. While I have a hard time with the believability of some of the things that this crazy, funny story has, I like to read Sci-Fi too, and matter transportability and warp speed/hyper-drive defy physics (although things are changing there too), so what the heck.It was a funny story, and again, KT's writing skills made it work.

  4. This chapter was interesting to me…doing this with their mutual best friend is either a great idea, or as KT implies in her post here, its the worst idea. And the way it plays out I can see why she wrote that.I say it could be a great idea if Cole loves and respects Max and Maggie and their relationship, and isn't harboring his own secret feelings for Maggie (and perhaps vice versa). If it was this way, then this could be a very safe way to play without worrying about their relationship.But as it plays out, its clear there is more to Cole's feelings for Maggie, and that's an issue. Even if he doesn't mean to, those feelings could overpower his loyalty and friendship with Max. I guess we'll see, but we've set up an interesting story with our two heroes kind of doing things without really thinking them through. And now we have two men who may be a challenge for Max. Interesting times ahead.One last thing: poor Ken! I don't have a sister, but I could only imagine how horrified he must be. And also, what is he supposed to do? I'm sure he's left with all sorts of questions about his sister and her relationship, but how do you broach that topic with your sister?

  5. This is interesting! I go into these stories attempting to suspend disbelief as I know I'm reading fiction, but I want to believe what I'm reading 'could' happen. I felt that way reading this story. One person's sci-fi is another person's psychological thriller, I guess.

  6. Just finished SM and thought how appropriate the short title is SM as in Maggie loves the sadistic pleasure of seeing max suffering for her. And Max is riding the masochistic knife edge between enjoying it and it totally destroying him. Cole is going to steal her away if max does nothing…. to stop him..I thought tiger mom was gonna turn the best man into “Coleslaw”. Maybe there's still a possibility of that happening. Things that made me uncomfortable (Atta gurl KT); the assumption by Cole that his participation would continue unhindered or with out restrictions as often as “every night”. Max's keeping of not one but now two significant secrets ..gonna kill his relationship with Maggie deader then a depth charge. BUT thats ok cuz Cole will be the to pick up the broken pieces of Maggie.I have so much more to add on this story but I don't want to belabor what had already been said or will be in the next few days..thinking of Max a song comes to mind. From 38 special..”if I'd been the one” I just don't see Maggie giving up the huge orgasms and the big cocks for Lil ole mini-max. I don't see max ever getting used to it. He'll fall off on the wrong side of the knifes edge.

  7. Ok so about the Pete and Jess freebie. OOOH SNAAP!! that's the polite version but you know what I meant. Tyler and Rocco arent cousins are they.:)

  8. Maggie’s POV -I love and need Max’s view in this story, I see the world through his eyes much more clearly than I do Cole’s. He’s who I identify with the most. His character has life, while Cole sometimes feel larger than life, which I want to happen, makes him hard to comprehend. That must have to do with my better connection to Max. That said, these are the quotes that keep this story on my mind. Below contains SO many cuckold triggers to be sure, but how/when they were delivered was … nice. Stripping these quotes from their context doesn’t do them justice, but we all read it and can remember the moment they were read. Of negotiating a repeat of her time with Jay – “They both wanted it but were afraid to admit it to each other, she thought. She may even want something ELSE.”On why she kissed him “She loved Cole like a friend. He was a good guy. Funny and charming, and so handsome. Out of her League.”Why she had to step away during the tasting – “Oh. My. God. This fucking Cole. She had no idea it would be like this. He was hot and he was her friend and having sex with him when you were on a journey of missed opportunities seemed like an obvious sort of thing. She had no idea he could turn up the heat so high. Her stomach was jabbed full with dull tension, he had her aching. Was this what it was like for those other girls he dated?”When she was being carried to the house by Cole – “He was turning out to be far more powerful than she’d ever imagined. More sexy than she knew. Almost JEALOUS feelings rose. Getting mad knowing all those other girls she’d seen him with in the past years had got to know this dirty confident part of him.”The changing dynamics of her relationship with Cole – “Knew he had a hot body. When they were in public she liked to be seen with him, wanted other people to know they were friends. Liked to put her hands on him innocently, Liked it when he played around with her. Just good fun. Couldn’t believe where they were now. Max was allowing something incredible, but it was beginning to appear it might be more than either of them expected.”When the moment of truth arrived, she had to let him know – “Oh, ah-I’ve wanted this for so long …”

  9. Random thought for the night. During Maggie's adventures on campus, she meets a hot Alumni visiting for a showing of his famous work to other art students. A man named Atticus Hawke.And so finally begins Obsessed 3 😇

  10. I think it will be available around the middle of next month. I'm trying longer stories and it seems to be working out. The two Maggie books have been 50,000 words. The LHW2 books were around 30-40,000 words. LHW was 10-15,000 words. Which do you all prefer?

  11. This is an interesting question … my first reaction was to say MAWR WORDS!! But when I think about it, maybe you could really amp up the tension and stir up thoughts in the interim between another releases breaking up your stories like LHW.I imagine you would have probably drawn out conversation if you published a part that ended after everyone went to bed before the wedding planning day, though I can understand why you didn't.I like what you're doing and no matter what, the wait is deliciously painful. So as long as you're satisfied with a release, know your instincts are probably right.

  12. I feel like longer but fewer entries in a series allow for the exploration of complex and novel situations with ample room for build up, while minimizing the risk of unnecessarily retreading ideas and giving you more opportunity to work on different storylines. Of course, you should write however you feel motivated to write and in whatever format doesn't burn you out.

  13. Great points Glaucon! Maggie's most intimate moments with Jay and Cole were made infinitely more impactful because of what preceded them. I enjoyed the journey in each part!

  14. Longer is better. It's the details that make it worth the while. I like the intricacy of how max is going to deal with such an open relationship. So far he's had an input and been into who Maggie goes with what happens when that stops?

  15. As is usually the case in any KT story I read, my preoccupation is around the longevity of the relationship of our two main characters. Below I consider what's in store.Why things are okay – Maggie and Max have been together for four years. Max and Maggie know each other like no one else. Max can read Maggie’s body language and know how she’s feeling just like only an attentive male can do. Maggie has her future husband pegged as well, because she cares enough to know what makes him tick. The kind of history they have has led them to tie the knot.Why things are not okay – Cole’s been right there with them. He knows Maggie very well too. Not the way Max does because Maggie never let him in physically or emotionally like she would her future husband, but now at least one boundary has been crossed, and the passion Maggie had in her eyes at times with Cole made it seem like both. Cole wants to learn and he seems like a quick study. He isn't coming into this with a blank slate either. Max might know Maggie, but Cole might bring more out of Maggie than either of them knew. Maggie could learn to like a man capable of that.What’s questionable – Where does Jay figure into this? Jay and Maggie had fun together. He has already made it known that he wants Maggie as more than a FB. So what happens if Thursday get-togethers stop being enough? Cole doesn’t know about Jay, how he reacts to Jay will be interesting. I could see fun loving Cole thinking that this is another example of Maggie showing another wrinkle he is happily surprised by, but I could also see the protective best friend saying they should really keep him out of this, he wants Maggie (and Max too maybe) to be safe.Why things are okay – Cole might be having a blast with Maggie right now, but he is allowed this because it's safe. Maggie has Max to protect Maggie’s back as she gets to have fun with her new squeeze, while Cole doesn’t have anything holding him back with his best friend okay with them. Her parents don’t care about Cole’s future or where he’s headed as much, he’s just the friend.Why things are not okay – Maybe Maggie is learning to want freedom for more than 10 months. Look at how quickly she is shattering barriers. Her relationship with Cole has changed, how she talks with Max in bed has changed, she’s shamelessly flirting with other men in front of her family, and she’s christened her childhood bed and exorcized her music room. I see this as progression in her character, and it leads me to think she might be reexamining other things she’s imposed as limits.What’s questionable – Max might be changing with her. He was able to overcome his own fear of possibly being caught by Maggie’s parents while showing he’s still fun and interesting by bringing along the raven head. In that moment he was also overcoming his terrible feeling of watching his loving wife give herself to his best friend when he wasn’t there. Maggie sees all this too. He learned to love their moments at the end of the night, but will moments like this wear on him?

  16. Unsurprisingly, I wrote too much for one post.Why things are okay – They're all friends. Cole didn’t want to hurt Max when Maggie came onto him, and panicked after Maggie gave him head. In that moment, Cole could have went all in. What more evidence did he need that Maggie would be willing to do anything? She came onto him and Max just stood there, but despite not having anything to hold him back, he freaked out and wanted to leave. If he didn’t care about their relationships it wouldn’t have taken a heart-to-heart from Max to convince him to stay.Why things are not okay – Cole has skin in the game with Maggie now. Now that they shared intimacy ,he wants to keep it going, perhaps along with whatever boundaries he’s established. Maggie and Cole had multiple interactions that were without Max’s knowledge, including a moment when it seemed like Max wouldn’t show up to the music room. Cole had a friendly intervention with his friend about letting Maggie feel free with her explorations. If Max starts resisting again, does Cole just simply talk to Max about being okay with it?What’s questionable – Max has knowledge that Maggie and Cole do not, about Ken. I’m really not sure what Max’s play will be with that knowledge, but it also reveals that Max won’t sit idly by while things go out of hand. Deception is never good for a relationship’s longevity, of course.Why things are okay – Maggie wants Max with her throughout this. She wants to explore, yes, and to step out on what had been a monogamous relationship, but there’s a reason she needs to have Max with her. She cares about him enough to make sure he is with her at every moment, even when it seems like she’s lost control. Max might not be totally okay with Maggie’s tactics, but he sure doesn’t hate it either.Why things aren’t okay – It isn’t totally clear why she wants him with her. She might be enjoying his presence because she enjoys doing it TO him. Maybe not to Max per se, but he might start to represent someone who’s holding her back. The old guard that kept her in a cage when she just wants to spread her wings, but she left her cage in Rhode Island. Jay doesn’t care at all about Max, what happens when Maggie wants Max in the room with them during their romps?What’s questionable – Maggie likes playful Cole. Cole wants to learn what pleases Maggie. What happens when Maggie wants Cole to play along with Max’s torment? Maggie doesn’t totally understand why Max is into this, and Cole doesn’t totally get why Max likes watching. The lack of unity in this might lead to actions that are inconsiderate and cruel. Cole might want to draw a line there, but RFRKT – lines will be crossed.

  17. KT – because I love to torture myself, has the redacted word from the third title been used (preferably in the context that you are using it in the title) in the first two stories?

  18. I vote for longer as well…I like the added details and character development. Also, this feels like this could be a continuing series with new people and new adventures each time. So the more detail we get for each the better it is for me.

  19. Rocco and Tyler both have moments where they seem sincere and caring, vulnerable even. In those moments, I don't even necessarily think they're faking either, they probably are those things. But it never lasts, for either of them.I think the difference for me is Tyler is much more manipulative than Rocco. Even if its subconsciously, I think he knows how to use his charms to get what he wants. Whereas, Rocco just tries to take what he wants, when he wants it. So in many ways, I think Tyler is the more dangerous of the two. Rocco is who he is, once you figure that out I doubt you can be fooled by him. But Tyler can hold the promise that maybe he can change, and maybe you can be the one who changes him. Danger!

  20. Hey JL, you're spot on about Tyler in the LHW series. At different points in time, even in Live Free, he demonstrated some concern towards Pete, which was completely unprovoked and didn't even seem to be an attempt to coerce Jess into anything. Tyler is flawed, but his good qualities really did seem to make Jess smitten. He wanted Jess, can't really fault him for falling in love with someone throwing themselves at him.That said he was a young LHW, and it sounds like he's making good money now, that's a step in the right direction on adult responsibility. He could use his newly found status to reach Rocco level arrogance and dominance.

  21. Very sound reasoning.I'd like to add one thing to the mix if i may:Will ken be the glue or the glue remover. Will he spill the beans on his “perverted” sister or will he think this is the best time to “come out of his closet “(which ever closet that may be). Will her rebel ways lead to his. How does he feel about Max vs Cole and in a run off who will he side with. (Maybe Jay?)

  22. Love KT and this story but the part where he offered support and she just told him to stop fawning and that she already knew he was there for her, just about ended it for me. As it was, I'm on a break.I guess I like the edge and accept that a few things are going to annoy me but that part went beyond my limits. I know I'll probably come back to it eventually, but it would be so nice to get a stronger response from the male character. I feel like a little exploration of the female's regret and fear at having pushed their guy too far would be an interesting explore.

  23. I get your point but I differ as I see it more like he was in her space. Like a kid clutching your hand in a candy store and jumping up and down going “this one this one and that one” while its normal can be irratating. Especially if it was the kid's idea to go in the candy store. I'm not a fan of the weak male lead either however that's how most of these stories are written and I accept that and look for the hidden strengths if any are present.In short …hang in there will get there together😉

  24. That interaction that mwesselli mentions certainly does sting a little, but I find it to be a realistic portrayal of a couple who have been dating for 4 years. Guaranteed he's seen his future wife act like that before, maybe after an argument with her parents, maybe when she didn't do well on a test, when he'd try to console her and it wasn't what she wanted. They're in a crazy situation but he knows his future wife, and her mind was set. Should he have stood up for himself in that moment? Maybe, but I can understand why he didn't. Like Cole and John points out, Max is the “Wild Man” he should act like it. I'm only half serious because who knows how Max really feels about this given his emotional rollercoaster ride, but decisions have consequences and he made one letting her do this.We'll see how truly wild he is about this.

  25. On the one hand I'm honestly disappointed that you didn't have a good reader experience, on the other I'm pleased that my story could have such an effect.That exchange between Maggie and Max is meant to show the tiger that might be inside Maggie. This is a girl who grew up being called garbage for providing anything other than excellence. She is wounded in her own way.And alternatively, what is wrong with letting your partner know you're annoyed by something? She told him not to fawn, it's ruining her experience. So now he won't fawn. Maggie does love Max, but everyone is entitled to be irritated. She does still consider him. I think a couple engaging in these activities are opening them up to all sorts of problems with protocol and procedure. And it will all be tinted with strange new emotions. Jealousy, lust, anger, irritation, disappointment, happiness, rapture. If communication is greased it should go all right but when is life like that? I think the problems in these relationships are sexy in their own right. Problems are when the heart beats faster and I think that thrill is what entices some to 'sharing' in the first place.I respect where you're at. There are times I'm so sensitive to my stories (and others'—I'm stuck in a Shalamara Jax story because I'm worried about continuing and having my pulse race too fast!) If you recall my post on the first two episodes of Quarry, I have to tell you—it gravely affected me for whatever reason. Couldn't stop thinking about it. Took three months to get over it.I hope you continue with Max and Maggie but, to be honest, it's going to be more of the same, and some of it might be heightened. I do hope you hang in there!

  26. Aw, come on! Trying to predict what's next is, like, 75% of my posts!I'll just have to assume the word is “President.” I'd vote for her.What she we do next madam President?

  27. KT– I don't know if your comment was meant for me or 2B=2H, but the thing I found most incredible was that a best man would have a relationship with the bride to be. I was a best man for 7 different weddings (only had to worry about two of the grooms making it to the author, but both eventually did, one after a man to man talk as I almost strangled him). Maybe I am just a wuss, but I never considered doing something with a friend's fiancee, guess I am just like an old dog, loyal to the end.

  28. Darn, I obviously meant altar, not author…. I don't think KT would be interested, although a couple of the guys were considered hot by the girls in the wedding party.

  29. Wow, that's such an honor to be best man 7 times! Seriously, I'm not sure I'll be invited to any of my old friends weddings let alone be in the wedding party.That said, as honorable as you are Gurhka, imagine you had a long history with the bride to be and you thought she was hot. Lets say you had a playful relationship, that maybe in your weakest moments, caused a fantasy to slip into your mind. Thats just normal, but it plants a seed inevitably. I'll stop saying you because i dont want you to take it personally. Then imagine this girl throws herself onto the best man. Literally grabs his junk with lust filled eyes. Of course theres a reluctance! But she presists and whats this … his best friend is just watching his fiance living out a fantasy of hers and he's okay with it!It's not even dishonorable at that point Guhrka, it's … practically necessary!

  30. It's interesting this relatively new developement in Cole and Maggie relationship.Just a week or so earlier they were busted wrestling around for coles “joystick”.A week later she got it. Their response at that time seemed appropriatly guilt ridden. Now that there's no need to feel guilty maybe it's Cole who is going to explore all those desires he harbored for Mags all those years. As for best man more like worst man but that's what hooks us in. Where will KT take this budding relationship. Was best man at my sister's wedding that was about it. So… way to hold up the torch for us non besties gurk.🖒

  31. Yeah, the Best man part is definitely a complication. A no-no. Forbidden. That's why it's so hot to Maggie. But beyond Cole's matrimonial duties he's a real good friend to her. All three of them are best of friends. That's the lure. Forbidden but safe and friendly. Kind of perfect if she's looking for more experiences (she thinks…).

  32. I think I talked about it before here, It was titled, at one point previously, Literally Jungle Fever. Takes place in 1969, a young married couple, grad students, documenting plants in British Honduras (now Belize) they're lonely and isolated and the wife develops an interest in a local guy, a Garinagu, who's become a friend of theirs…

  33. Ohh gotcha, I tried “summer” in the blog search function and came up with nothing so I thought it hadn't been discussed. Thanks for clarifying!

  34. Actually Glaucon, I think you just got an exclusive, I don't remember her ever talking about the details of that concept, however named! Thanks!

  35. When I joined the navy back when we still had oil fired steam engines. They told us in boot camp. Two important social rules .1 when you go out in a group don't discuss politics sex or religion. You'll anger,humiliate or offend someone.2 go out in even number groups so no one feels left out. So whose gonna be odd man out ? Obvioisly max cuz Cole is so dominant. I like the ken angle too. I wonder what's his view on this. Does he still respect his sister? How does he use his new Intel on her choice of life style however temp it maybe?I also wonder if Max will realise how good Cole is for Maggie and back away from the alter. Seems that if he truly loves her but she's into Cole he'd be promoting it. Will Maggie figuire out that Coles dominant personality may eventually lead to somethings she don't want or like? Which is why she choose Max in the first place. Thanks for the intrigue KT.

  36. I try and let myself be surprised at the arrival. I do like to know when it's about due out though. Acording to KT should be about mid month or so. I like to give authors all the time the need. This one particular series I read, i kept waiting and waiting for the final books to come out. Months turned to years then years into a decade. Turns out author was in bad shape and couldnt write anymore had his wife and another author finish the series for him. So moral to the story; how long can you wait for the next book in a series? 😉(Hint doubt itll be a decade lol)

  37. 10 things I'm looking forward to in this series -1) The changing dynamic between the trio of Maggie, Max, and Cole. Especially interested in seeing what happens with Maggie and Cole (obviously)!2) What happens when Max is in the room with Maggie and Jay?3) What will Ken do with his knowledge about Maggie's love life?4) On a related note, how will Maggie react to Max's secret keeping? For instance, she wouldn't get mad that he was in the closet when she was with Jay the first time, right? That would seem unfair, considering, but the fact that he did hide that whole time might reveal something to her.5) How does Cole react to Jay, and Jay to Cole? How does Maggie feel about those reactions?6) What secrets will Cole uncover from Maggie as he learns what makes her tick? Was Max's long felt fear about Maggie picking Max to appease Mom and Dad be proven or disproven with this 10 month test?7) Somewhat related to the above – what if Maggie starts to feel comfortable with the idea that she IS in Cole's (and Jay's) League?8) What happens when Max goes away for his internship (3 months before the wedding, her explorations should be really peaking … with her future hubby not around, could be trouble!)?9) How cruel can Cole be, truly? (This thought is from a single line from the story, “She realized … he was capable of meanness”).10) How does Maggie react when Cole displays his campus reputation, without her?

  38. I'm thinking longer too. It gives you more room to play with the situations and draw out the sweet agony. It worked spectacularly well in Sharing.

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