Sharing Maggie

Another story about Max and Maggie is now available. This time we follow them to Maggie’s home and discover a little more about her. Their wedding is in ten months and they go to her house in Rhode Island and do some preliminary planning. Maggie’s parents want to meet the Best Man, so Cole travels with them. Sharing Maggie might get a little complicated when your best friend is involved. It might be the kind of thing you want to stay away from!


  1. While we wait for more of that good writin’ it seems to me like it’s time for some theorizing.Clearly, the 100% confirmed title of “(Withheld) Maggie” indicates the series is about to take a hard left turn into legal thriller territory.It’s pretty apparent from the preceding entries that Cole and Jay are not important characters and probably won’t be showing up again. FAST FORWARD 8 YEARSMartin Becker’s knowledge of Wall Street firms and use of same to manipulate Max and his future foreshadows Max’s discovery of Martin and Carol’s history of insider trading and darker deals.Max is caught between corrupt in-laws and District Attorney Ken (Twist! Family drama! Pathos!). Maggie’s torn loyalties likewise leave her with an unclear path forward. Will the married couple be torn apart?But the stakes are raised when Max discovers that chemical runoff from an international pharmaceutical concern has been causing increased male genital mutation over the past few decades. With skin in the game, will Max have the courage and skill to become the whistleblower that cracks this thing wide open? Or will the evil CEO Richard Dastardly get blown by and crack open Maggie? Just joking, obviously there will be no sex in this entry.I look forward to confirmation that I am completely correct in every detail.

  2. LOL dully noted TBTH.. sometimes, like most readers here..the story takes me and i have to take some time to remind myself these are just fictional characters. I was upset that I never got to post my comments on the last few stories…so I am back!;)

  3. So based on that title, either Maggie is living a secret life that Max isn't aware of (endless possibilities), or she has a doppelganger (a “Secret Maggie”)….maybe they know about each other and switch places from time to time, or they're out there living completely separate lives til they run into each one day. Or its something completely different. Lol…I'd love to read the doppelganger version…

  4. Thank you DW!Omg, was it really Real Maggie who came back to the dorm after leaving to talk to Jay? Who kidnapped Real Maggie!?!I for one think it was Dick Dastardly…No one likes Dick Dastardly …

  5. Things That I'm Looking To See Fall Out from:Jay and Cole -I sense Cole is much to dominate/protective to share Maggie with anyone but max.I expect a blow up there or an agreement to do the DP and then move on. But there would be friction there between two hot lovers. Max….eh. he's just a pumped up voyeur. In love for sure but rather watch than participate .Ken and Maggie-Interesting times on the home front. Will he squeal or use the info to blackmail his sister. For what you may ask..? To wash his car for a year of course but I guess she has to buy him one first. Or will he do absoulutely nothing.Maggie and Max-I guess the biggest question would Maggie be happier doing what she's doing with or without max? Will Max fall off the plate and be out of the picture and the story is really about Maggie and newer real love. Or will she continue in the life style with MiniMax.

  6. For fun, assuming KT has been kidnapped, the question is why, and who will be contacted for the ransom. I for one think we should all agree to chip in and get her back!! Has anyone received a ransom demand yet? Perhaps, we should form a posse and travel up north and track Dick Dastardly down and rescue our poor damsel.But wait, maybe KT doesn't want to be rescued just yet, perhaps a deeper plot in all this?By the way 2B=2H, happy belated birthday. Been a bit busy these days.Guhrka

  7. Maybe it's Rocco, for threatening to kill him on a hunting trip. We'll have to pool resources to finish the stor… I mean, get her back.Seriously, we all miss you KT, hope everything is alright! I think im just used to the stage after editing being much more brief but hey it's damn near summer, and it's not like we won't be here when you get back!

  8. No I think its Tyler myself…that guy is up to no good, I know it!But anyway, hopefully it gets published soon.

  9. I want to thank KT Morrison for helping get what I need done this weekend. The possibility of this story's release caused me so much anxiousness I got a lot accomplished. You're such a good Samaritan, KT!Now can we have that book now?

  10. Guys… Man, am I ever sorry for fucking up. I hate missing deadlines and I hate saying I'll do something and then it doesn't happen. I just had a shitty week is all. Life stuff, natural disaster stuff, days long power outages. I don't think it will be less shitty in the coming week either.So, here's the deal. Five weeks is too long for me to not publish. Secret Maggie was a very long book. It had two different titles. It is fully done up to three quarters but I need to edit the ending. I'm going to split it into two books and release one today (or tomorrow, depending on Amazon). The next book will optimistically be out in 2-3 weeks, but pretend I didn't say that.I think I promised Gurhka that CayPro would be a bonus chapter in this book but I'm sorry I wasn't able to complete it and now it's been way too long since my last book…So the bright side is there will be a new Maggie story so very soon! It is a full size story. God, it really has some of my favourite scenes in it. I like it a lot. Almost 30,000 words. Very dirty. Funny and endearing. I love Maggie, I love Cole, and I love Max.Thanks so much for hanging in there with me, it means so much!

  11. I am new here, but much longer! and More scenes! 🙂 I have always preferred to suffer long in reading than suffer long in waiting! (Insert George RR Martin joke here) I am so hooked when reading this amazing series!Maggie) I have been riding this roller coaster with white knuckled anticipation and I can't stand waiting for more to feed my starving heart! I might be *”IN LOVE”* with Maggie myself. I loved her reluctance in the beginning and her eventual *”Remember, you wanted this!”* attitude once the fire are lit and the wheels started rolling! She is a pioneer now and dazzling star of her own epic! I can't resist the urge to re-read them again! I will be lost until the next book comes! Thank you, KT!Cheers!

  12. NP KT! I thought something was going on, but I didn't want to assume! I have it in my head how I think you operate and I overreacted to un-KT-like behavior (the comment I had about your editing period). I'm sorry that it's such a shitty week, I really hope that this week is less-so!Your standard for yourself is great because you have people that love what you do. So to have a six-week standard for stuff that entertains with several rereads is special. For me I need to keep in mind, that is a crazy fast pace.I think you've said already that you think others work harder, but I disagree …

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