Tempting Maggie

It’s time for my next book.

This one is called Tempting Maggie and it’s going to be a standalone novel for now. Could definitely become a series, we’ll have to see. I have written a good chunk of the next part of their story. Let me know what you think of this couple! There’s a lot more to them than what you see in this first book and I’d like you to learn it.

The story: A young couple, Max and Maggie, are engaged to be married. They’re still in college but their wedding is planned for the summer after their final year. The wedding date is just ten months away. Maggie is provided some muscular temptation and the sweet girl falters. Max witnesses this and it challenges him and what he thinks about the woman he’s proposed to. Her fidelity, her sexual history…

I don’t want to give too much away. I like this one. It was a fun break from Geoff and Nia, though it comes with its own set of heart-racing dilemmas. I like how this is a young couple and I like how their relationship is challenged before they tie the knot. They are committed to one another but nothing is set in stone. This strange moment in their time together provides some interesting possibilities.

Fun note—The college they attend is a private liberal arts college in Vermont called Farmingham. Notable alumni: Gretchen Harlowe, comedy writer, and Atticus Hawke, award-winning artist and son of famous musician Ricky Hawke.

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  1. KT– Guess I'll check again tomorrow to see if your latest work is available. Since you kinda know what I like in a book, what do you think I'll say after reading this book? Since I'll be reading it anyway, you'll get to see how close you were pretty quickly.Also, not sure why, but I sense a change in you over the past couple of weeks. Hope things are okay, and things aren't getting you down. Really want only the best for you. Of course, it could just be me and a touch of Spring Fever.

  2. Looking forward to reading it. Can't wait to see what these two from a hippy dippy liberal arts college in Vermont get up to. And I say that with love, as an alum of a hippy dippy (though non-Vermont) liberal arts college.

  3. Sorry, not available yet!I will post in the progress bar when it is publishing…The book is done, finito, ready to go, I'm waiting on something else I'm doing that I want to have ready for when this book publishes. It's a surprise…I think you will enjoy the book immensely but there won't be enough for you to say one way or another if it suits you, hits all your marks. You will be undecided about the characters. This is a complete story, a full-length novel, but there is still more about all the characters to be revealed. And: Any change on my end would be season-related! I need some of my own spring fever…

  4. Less than a month ago you finished a true classic, and now you're donr with another full length novel, and a surpise shortly after.Really glad you're around KT!

  5. This book was plotted months ago, and my word count keeper shows me I started it late January. This didn't come out of nowhere! I was writing parts of it while I was writing the last books of Geoff and Nia.And thank you very much!

  6. So, I can't see anything wrong with letting your fiancee have a 10-month fling with an attractive, intelligent alpha who clearly wants more from her. What could go wrong? :oI like these two, I hope we see more of them. But I suspect they know not what they've walked into, especially Max. Jay is a whole lot different than Tyler or Rocco (I know this isn't technically an LHW story, but I can't help comparing). I wonder how long it would be til Max fully realizes he never should have opened this door. But maybe that door would have been opened anyway by Maggie; at least here he's involved in it. I'm someone who believes your early 20's is too young to commit yourself to someone for life. You're not a complete adult yet, you still have so much to learn about yourself.Not to say it can't work, I know someone who's been with the same person since 7th grade, and they've been happily married for 15 years. But that's the exception to me, so my gut tells me that there's not going to be a wedding in 10 months time for Max and Maggie. I do hope we get to find out though. If we're voting, count me as one who wants to see further chapters of Max and Maggie. But those storm clouds, I can see them forming in the Atlantic….

  7. Discommode, your killing me with your command of the English language, if Joyce wrote erotica his surname would be Morrison, splendid word craft and a fantastic story line, hopefully you can follow Max and Maggie in their journey through life

  8. No surprise, another great book. I’ve been reading your works for a while and they are probably the most consistently high quality and emotionally comprehensive (and consequently impactful) stories in this genre.One of the (numerous) strengths in your writing is the time and attention you pay to the build-up. I especially enjoyed the sketchbook as a creative way to introduce the conflict.I’ve been curious about one thing for a while. It seems like the vast majority of these kinds of stories involve consensual “cheating” where both partners in the relationship are at least initially on board. I understand that gives a writer and a reader a different (and admittedly more complex) realm of emotions to play around with, but it seems like an entire genre of books about wargames instead of wars if you see what I mean? I absolutely do not mean to knock the trend at all, I’m just curious as to your thoughts.On that note I wonder if you’ll ever revisit the sort of dynamic seen in “Size Curious Brat” where the activities of the female partner aren’t reeeeeally condoned by the male (at least for the lion’s share of the book) and/or where the hypotenuse has a pre-established and bully-like relationship with the male protag? Shameless plug for my own preferences I know, I just wonder if your personal developing style is drifting away from including that tone.

  9. I don't care if you had planned working on this novel when you were writing CPro, I am just impressed at the speed with which you put out your quality.

  10. Another great book indeed. Parts were very difficult for me, just as KT was kind enough to warn me they might be. There are indeed some parallels. As I said though I find it amazing that you had so much of this done when I told you my tale. Still, enough is different enough not to set me off, so to speak. But enough is also similar enough to bring back feelings. So, I am going to sleep on this. I will be more in depth tomorrow.

  11. Really enjoyable concept. It wasn’t too long ago that I was finishing grad school, so reading stories that take place in that time period, is something that brings out still fresh emotional experiences. I placed Maggie in my dorm room, though mine definitely did not have closet space … wow, they spoil their kids at Farmingham!Maggie and Max have been presented with the patented Morrison challenge, so it is now time to speculate on how well they handle their attempt. Then, just as now, it makes sense why they’re on this journey. Leaving aside how Max found out about Maggie’s interest in Jay, it makes sense why he would convince himself that he let her pursue it. After all, he sees how she looks at him, the mystery and intrigue would never go away throughout their marriage if she doesn’t explore that feeling. I can see why he would think that way, it would be an asshole move as a fiancé to deny that her feelings for someone else didn’t exist, and he’s letting her take that thought to its logical conclusion.That was the step down the path, and as we all know, there’s no going back. She liked that experience, a lot. As JL mentions, Jay is a really awesome man that they’re involving in their relationship, which is obviously why Maggie is so attracted to him. Here’s a man with so many likable aspects, except maybe that he doesn’t respect boundaries in her relationship, but to be fair, he has been given signs by the lovely Maggie, whom I absolutely adore, that she is into him. Wearing nothing other than the shirt (well nothing except lingerie the first time around, that needs to be stated for this story, ha) of a man with whom you’re purporting to only want to have a professional exchange, couldn’t raise enough flags saying “she’s into me.” Then came all the subsequent long swooning stares, comments of adoration, and attention to detail, it’s easy to feel liked in Jay’s situation. That feeling of female adoration tends to make blood travel in certain directions…I don’t think it’s wrong for Max to let Maggie explore this feeling, he’s another man who gets off on his (future) wife’s happiness, however reluctant she is to feel that way in the moment. It’s just not something that is going to be easily stowed away in their metaphorical attic in the future now that everyone knows how complicatedly good it felt. Maggie should like Jay, that cannot be considered Maggie’s fault in this, and what’s also important to consider is, as I muster an excuse, if she starts to love Jay, even maybe more than Max … she is young! JL makes a good point also that late teens/early twenties is often too young to make the lifelong commitment Max and Maggie are making to each other. There are a lot of fish in the sea, and neither of them have really explored that. Do any of these amateurs know what love is?I’m curious about Cole. He’s Max’ best friend, fine. Maggie’s like a sister to him, okay, that’s a nice thing to say. Dude is a casanova though, Maggie is entering an exploring phase, he’s had threesomes before, does Maggie get curious? Cole is safe and is someone she’ll always be running into during her explorations with Max and Jay, Max has connected jealousy to sexuality, and felt jealousy for a moment when Cole and Maggie were innocently playing around, he might learn to explore that jealousy/sexual connection in that context, too. That might be serious trouble for everyone involved.Ok ok, I hope they do. 🙂

  12. No!Sorry, I had a plan for how I would release Cayman Proxy but I wanted to try it first with the 'surprise' I mentioned. It didn't work out. Complicated dumb self-publishing stuff, but it might give me trouble in the future releasing it in Kindle Unlimited.The 'surprise' will be at the end of the next book, and Cayman Proxy will have to wait until it's totally done before I can release it unfortunately…And sorry to all for my abrupt absence. A family emergency took me out of town but I am back at the old virtual typewriter now!

  13. I like them too. I will continue their story. Expect a book soon that will outline their next adventure. Strangely enough, on the coast of (kinda) the Atlantic…This could be an LHW, but I didn't brand it that way because they weren't yet married. No harm in seeing similarities. God, I hope there's a wedding for these two. I'm a romantic.

  14. Avid Joyce reader! I do love words and get a great thrill from getting in a good one. Sometimes because it doesn't fit and sometimes because there's just no other word. Favorite so far was parergon in Universe. There's no other word. No thesaurus look up.And if Joyce wrote erotica it would be in fart porn. You should read his personal correspondence!And thank you for the kind compliment. That thrills me. I don't deserve such high praise, ha ha, but I will say that I put forth a genuine effort. I want to be good and I want to be better…I'm always trying…

  15. Thank you so much. I do like the build up and I think I've been paying more attention to that recently. It gives the payoff a bigger scale.I don't want to go to much into my theories on the wargame vs war idea. I think it's a business decision for a lot of writers. In every erotica niche there are writers who care about the subject and there are writers looking for the market. Not saying they're not good writers. Just that they know cheating housewife does not sell as well as hotwife. So they write what they know will be bought in higher numbers. The market is full of patterned stories meant to be bought and thrown away. Then there are the writers who are in this niche because they like it or are fascinated by it. They're probably more likely to take a risk. Write longer stories, alternate scenarios, dastardly endings. Again I don't want to say too much before sounding accidentally arrogant! I like this genre because of the emotions. Out of all the erotica you could write this one exists the most in the mind, in my opinion. I find it exciting and fascinating because of that. It challenges men in their real world evaluation of themselves. it runs a whole gamut wider than that too, I know. But it has female passion which I really dig. My favorite parts are when the female gets the man that sets her on fire. I love her happiness in that moment. It's like a romance novel. Then there's shame, humiliation, suspense… Golly, it has everything.And yes, I am toying with a short story that just lit up for me and will probably be a novel. Reluctant wife, cheating, falling in love, husband not into it, alpha bull who rubs it in. I have too many stories on the go!

  16. Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you. There was eerie congruence in a Stephen King sort of way. Differences too and that's good. Next book we're going to see this couple off the campus…

  17. Love the new look! I appreciate the new placement of, everyone's favorite, the status bar. No longer do I need to oscillate between mobile and regular site view! 😀Glad to hear you're well!

  18. Thanks. Good to hear you are well. Looking forward to how you handle the Cayman series, I think it will get a lot ore interest this time around. Also, saw some of your comments on Shalamara's site. I like her work, but I thinking would probably have guessed that by my comments over the past year (s?). :)Best of luck, Guhrka

  19. Yes, it was a bit of a surprise ending for me. I do like like her style for her male characters as she sets them up to stumble into a cuckold situation, and the reactions they have are easier for me to find believable. Certainly not the traditional hotwife/cuckold characters most writers in this genre use. I did find it refreshing. I would like to hear any opinions you might have on any of her books you have read.

  20. Hey Guhrka, I appreciate you wanting to hear my take, I wish I had more for you than I do. Basically I agree with you on the believability of not just her male characters and the hotwifing/cuckolding scenarios, but I would extend that believability to all of the characters, from what I've been able to read. She is one of those must read writers in the genre for sure. I just wish she was a little edgier, even if she keeps me on the edge of my seat because of how real she makes everyone seem.Good to see two of our favorites are talking! Makes me think, KT, do you talk to other writers and collaborate ideas often?

  21. My kindle tells me I'm at 39 percent done and I am well hooked on this story. Please continue it. Your characters seem very real to me. They are naturally flawed like all of us. They have to live with consequences like us. You've managed to tap into my brain and hit all the right buttons ….not the left ones just the right ones..rrr.I rrally hated Tyler and was hoping Pete would snip his bikes break line. I felt bad for Jess because i didn't think she was that into it then she was forced into it then had to accept her part in it as well as the consequences of it. Of course Rocco Jeez I thought he was gonna kill her lol. Nia another perfectly built character with those nasty little flaws. Of course Geoff was just an innocent by-stander…not. Now comes Maggie and Max. I can say I've done the closet thing sorta. It was fairly angsty. Angst what small word for such significant emotions. Sounds like a European dish. ” I'll have the the angst..make it well done.”So hoping to follow Maggie and Max to see if the grow old together or not. I enjoyes all your longee stories single books not my thing i like to gst emersed. Loves the GCP LHW1 and 2. So carry on cochise.

  22. Just finished Maggie and wow! When's the next book due out?I can't imagine her not going through new relationship emotions with Jay. She'll fall in love with him but I guess the bigger question is will she fall out of love with Max? It will be interesting to see if Cole makes a move on Maggie too. Make a serious play for her. Sort of an improved version of Max rather then the contrast of Jay. I find that my favorite stories have a lot of detail and conspiracies against the hero. It would be interesting if Jays purpose was to help dear old daddy score a co-ed. Or get daddy to help him make Maggie fall in love with jay And daddy to that end makes Maxs life a bit of hell. Over load him with studies maybe make him attend a madatory lecture in England for a couple weeks or something just to seperate him from Maggie. I'm interested also to learn what Max's research will turn up on Jay. Loved the story let me be greedy and say in my best Peter Lorre accent…”gives us more”:)

  23. I talk to Shalamara privately. Just a mutual respect, friendly sort of thing. I'm far too difficult to collaborate with, ha ha. I am in writing groups with other writers, and I know some of the other hotwife writers superficially.

  24. Max and Maggie will continue! We get to learn a lot more about them in the next book. Especially Maggie. You'll see who she is when she's at home, as they say. Meet her parents. Get to understand the way she is. And how Max cracking open her box may lead to trouble!

  25. Thank you!You're pretty astute and I love conspiracies as well. We all have conspiracies against each other, it's so very human. I really enjoy examining my characters and how they relate to each other and determining what it is they would want.The next book takes them off campus and into their home lives. I'll say more shortly. I'm very near done and I hope to have it out before Easter…

  26. John, I think we will see Maggie and Max testing Cole related waters. After all, Maggie's parents want to meet the best man, and we are learning that the next book will take place visiting home … related? I think (hope) so.This book series is exciting!

  27. Tobe, nothing like a good act of betrayal to turn up the angst a notch or two. I especially enjoy the sudden loss of control like Nia and Rocco at the weddding. OMG KT Stabbed Geoff and I in the heart with that one. I absoulutely love the shocking suprises that really change the way the charactors feel about one another.

  28. Oh, I was aware. I put (heyo!) then took it out because I didn't want everyone to think I was that juvenile. However, I have to admit I am 🙂

  29. Predictions based on flimsy evidence. One premise – I think Cole travels with Max and Maggie home, because, as I mentioned above, Maggie's parents want to meet the Best Man. I think Maggie starts to look at Cole a little different as they have to stay in close proximity to one another on their visit, especially now, because Maggie is just starting to enjoy a new level of closeness when good looking men are in her presence.I think Max and Maggie are both torn, but the parts of both of their mutual enjoyments win out (stating the obvious), but how the decision to let Maggie indulge in some Cole shaft mining is ultimately justified in each other's eyes I'm not sure …What? that just fell out of my head I swear … well you come up with something better then!For his part, I don't think Cole wants anything to do with that. I believe he doesn't want to think of Maggie in that context out of respect for Max. Maggie is going to come on too strong to resist though, out of her own motivation to explore an attraction towards him, due in no small part because of Cole's good nature and respect for her future husband and resistance to her advances, to say nothing about what else he has going for him, and because she'll have that portion of support within Max to help fuel her. I have to say, that would make for a really interesting change of pace in KT's stories, a reluctant bull.Random shot in the dark, what if Maggie's parents like Cole better? I feel that thought right in the gut. I get the impression, based on how they are portrayed, that Maggie's parents are black and white about what they want for their daughter, if Cole bonds well with his parents, they might start to put their eggs in that basket. “You know Maggie I really like that boy, Max never played sports did he?”Yep, right in the gut.

  30. One of the aspects of this life style that I enjoy in all the stories I've read on it . Is the amount of communication and trust required to make “it” work.With so much understanding needed it inevitably leads to a miscommunication of some sort. Someone isn't on the same page as the other. That's the gut wrench for me. When the other catches up will they be angry,turned on, confused or ambivalent. I like when a miscommunication results in one party thinking there is a conspiracy or betrayal in progress. (Especially if there really is one) So I'm looking forward to Max saying ok to the Cole thing Maggie saying. Ok to the Cole thing then Maggie falling in deep infatuation with either Cole, Jay, or both and not telling Max that she's been seeing him or them on the side. I could see Maggie reconsidering a long term commitment now that she's had some fun time.

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